Evanescence - Fallen (Full Album)

Aqui la lista de canciones que trae el album!!

0:00 - 3:55 (Bring Me To Life)
3:55 - 7:11 (Everybody's Fool)
7:11 - 10:46 (Going Under)
10:46 - 13:52 (Haunted)
13:52 - 17:32 (Hello)
17:32 - 21:49 (Imaginary)
21:49 - 26:22 (My Immortal)[Band Version]
26:22 - 30:44 (My Immortal)
30:44 - 34:52 (My Last Breath)
34:52 - 38:40 (Taking Over Me)
38:40 - 43:18 (Tourniquet)
43:18 - 48:46 (Whisper)

Aqui pueden descargar el album "Fallen" completo: http://depositfiles.com/files/dutxjzjqx

Просмотров: 8613252
Длительность: 48:47
Комментарии: 3418

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Автор Vengeance627 ( назад)
Never really listen to Evanescence but goddamn man this is good.
Edgy, but good.

Автор Alex French (1822 года назад)
ah momories! still brilliant amy lee is so talented.

Автор JOHN ANDERSON (1067 лет назад)
I WILL ISIST.............

Автор i Brandingo ( назад)
one of my favorite albums of all time

Автор David Gomez ( назад)
el orden estamal

Автор Libby Anderson ( назад)
this cd is amazing. l love bring me to life and the video for it.

Автор ElWindowsTutorial ( назад)
one of the best album ever!

Автор 65K ( назад)
hello song from the dark

Автор 65K ( назад)
hello song from the dark

Автор 65K ( назад)
this girl very cold lol

Автор Manoel Cesar ( назад)
FODASSO , um classico já ....... , fora os olhos ipnotizantes , oh mulher
linda PQP

Автор Nina Hennen ( назад)
Bring Me To Live

Автор Cara Phillips ( назад)

Автор Eduard Prada ( назад)

Автор Gustavo Miranda ( назад)
Acordei com a musica Everybody's Full na cabeça.. 2015 super aqui \o/
Saudades dessa época ..

Автор Heroesmario ( назад)
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The 10 Commandments
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3. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
5. Honor your father and your mother.
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the double commandment of love
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love your Neighbor as youself''


Автор Eduardo Reynoso ( назад)
just tie 2 your ear's !

Автор Broken Girl (282 года назад)
Dear everyone who feels the need to hate on Evanescence, Kindly fuck off.

Автор Garnet Fusión ( назад)
Es increíble qué tipo de música es

Автор Mr. Burnzy B (1295 лет назад)
Who's watching this in November 2015?!?

Автор Mer Feraine ( назад)
mi papá regaló este disco a los 5 años. Me la pasaba practicando pasos de
ballet con esto, me aprendí las letras y eventualmente era una gran
diversion para mi cantar las canciones mientras bailaba ballet. Hermosos e
inocentes recuerdos de una infancia algo retorcida
ahora empezando la adolescencia, todas las letras tienen sentido, e incluso
me identifico con ellas. Gracias Evanescence y Amy Lee, por hacerme sentir
tanto con su música.

Автор Adrian Gonzalez ( назад)
does listening to this make me gay because everyone at school makes fun of
me calling me a faggot for listening to it

Автор wildeath ( назад)
pas mal le dernier XD

Автор TheDemyxLover ( назад)
Re-listening to this while I'm trying to deal with my dysphoria. I'm so
glad my dad loved this band and showed them to me in my pre-teen years(like
11-12) ......(btw I'll be 19 soon)

Автор bruno oliveira ( назад)
Evanescence <3 :3

Автор Pegasis Rage ( назад)
I've been listening to this since I 5 I'm 16 now

Автор Cole Kjeer ( назад)
This came on today when my phone was on shuffle.
this is nearly 2016, mind you.
the memories.

Автор (MrSniper)+ From Mars! ( назад)
Little Rock pride!

Автор avaris1280 ( назад)
these songs arent in the correct order Xp

Автор Brigitte Brigitte ( назад)
album savelife

Автор Pedro Borba ( назад)
Melhor álbum de todos

Автор dibuseng dikgoele ( назад)
This is a great album.

Автор Rebel Wolf Lord ( назад)
She's Hot!!!

Автор Sandrine Couture ( назад)
j'adore... Pour se vider la tête rien de mieux.... kiff grave

Автор Ricardo Frigo ( назад)
Otimo album.

Автор Alyssa Pierce ( назад)

Автор Peter Johan Mikkelsen ( назад)
Why isn't there more of this kind of music

Автор Simoes Lopes e muito mais ( назад)
top de maissssssssssssss

Автор Evenilson veve ( назад)
Infância boa! ^^

Автор dalibor milovanovic ( назад)
+xxXBlueSparkle223Xxx I love Evanescence to!

Автор Aaron claxton ( назад)

Автор Nayara Souza ( назад)
Perfeição define!

Автор Julia Drew ( назад)
cadê os Br? evanescence na veia dos Br

Автор Grace blue ( назад)
I usually listen to this when I am sad or deppressed which is often

Автор Ehlena Tuck ( назад)
This is saving me. This is the darkest part in my life, and I'm only 14. I
was definitely born in the wrong era/generation. I wish that I could listen
to Evanescence everyday...*sigh*. This is the only thing that keeps me from
going insane in my inside out life. Thank you so very much for posting this
beautiful album!! I'm definitely subscribing. 😉

Автор Ehlena Tuck ( назад)
"Bring me to life" is now my favorite song. This is now my favorite song.

Автор Gwen Church ( назад)
love you Amy !

Автор Queen Of The Static Opera ( назад)

Автор Anynha Oliveira ( назад)
top de mais 🎵

Автор patrick grondines ( назад)
this album was so damn good when i herd it the first time.

Автор Criss Cross ( назад)
Thank you for posting this beautiful album.

Автор Peter Minarik ( назад)
I haven't listened to Evanescence for a long time. I've just done so and I
still love them. :)

Though this album feels a bit weird, not the way I remembered it. I've
checked and it turned out the songs are not in order they are on the
official album.

Автор Shannon Stigall ( назад)
Her music producer is on my friends list, searching for NEW talent. Im the
creator of BadGirlz on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/ModelzBadGirlz I
have been promoting Amy Lee for about 6 months now.

Автор Alejandro ceron delgado ( назад)
el link para descargar el album esta caido... puedes suvirlo porfavor? :C

Автор Eliel Bastos Ferreira ( назад)
"Bring me back to life," rescue me from thee fund, deliver me from the dark
basements of your insane pettiness, and makes me see your smiling face

Автор Vlog David ( назад)
Excelente álbum! Amy Lee canta muito!

Автор Akiles Baeza ( назад)
gibe de pussy b0ss

Автор Benharroch Noemie ( назад)
Wow ça me rappelle beaucoup de souvenir j'adore toujours autant cet album

Автор Ken Simmons (POGL) (926 лет назад)
The whole album she's just looking for someone to talk to. What a painfully
beautiful journey it is.

Автор Matheus teudoro (1283 года назад)

Автор Mc Nathy ( назад)

Автор ydhaiani alves (481 год назад)
Este CD é d+

Автор Black Root ( назад)
like man vlw essa vai para minha index heueuehe

Автор Lee b_73 ( назад)
My Immortal gets me everytime :' (

Автор Talinso Cristian ( назад)
som top ✌🎶

Автор Talinso Cristian ( назад)
som top ✌🎶

Автор Danut Pop ( назад)

Автор Eduardo Hernández ( назад)
Ufussss My Last Breath 30:44

Автор Eduardo Hernández ( назад)
Tremendo Album recuerdos del Segundo Año! que delicias de Olores del Año
2002! Sobre todo Diciembre que delicias quisiera volver de Nuevo a ese

Автор Arramis Scott ( назад)
I always have extreme outrageous thoughts listening to her songs....
I love it :))

Автор Noelia Killjoy ( назад)
my fav songs off this album: Going Under, Haunted, Imaginary, My Immortal

Автор Lumey Dump ( назад)
Amy Lee has an angel voice.

Автор Jessica Moreira ( назад)
melhor de todos... 😍😍😍😍😍

Автор Phoebe Wagoner ( назад)

Автор larrisrael ( назад)
Used to listen a lot that cd in my discman 12 years ago. Now i'm 27. Still
doing it. (different way obviously) xD

Автор Pascale Nuisette ( назад)
j adore tous ces album.... gothique j ai ete gothique dans l ame.... j
adore tourniquet, bring to me tous ses albums Amy Lee , sublime

Автор Carolina Hernández Valdéz (Kaori Blog´s) ( назад)
+ KevinMing11 gracias...

Автор Carolina Hernández Valdéz (Kaori Blog´s) ( назад)
Demasiado Brutal que rico escuchar buena musica y de la mejor...

Автор adriane meira da silva ( назад)
Brasil Rock

Автор Alina Elicheix ( назад)
sisisisisiisisisisisisisi holaa

Автор Jess Knot ( назад)
😍 😍 😍 Evanescence boom pra krll 😍

Автор Alexi Angelino ( назад)
Captures my soul. Love you Mom... you love me. .still...4 ever.

Автор Britney Sheffield ( назад)
making some better music for the millllllllinium ayyyyhashtag where the
fuck are they now, chilling

Автор timothy jouvenaar ( назад)
love this album <3

Автор MegaLisa830 (1927 лет назад)
Gah! I love how much these songs remind me of Jack from 'Bioshock 1'! ^_^
And of course, his relationship with Atlas too! :D Friendship, strength,
comfort, etc! <3 And my version of Jack always saves the Little Sisters,
always! <3 And 'My Immortal' is all about Tenebaum's relationship with
Jack, and the Little Sisters! <3

Автор Deepflow Darkflow ( назад)

Автор Heath Collins ( назад)

Автор Danny Avidan ( назад)
Chin Chin Ore wa

Автор Karen Grisales ( назад)
Cómo se llama la última que suena?

Автор Jê Bittencourt ( назад)
Alguem da turma aqui??? o/

Автор B Mann ( назад)
This Song Kicks ASS.,

Автор tpellman ( назад)
Uh.. I have a CD titled Fallen which has a very different song list.

Автор Destinie Hall ( назад)
She is The Best

Автор Destinie Hall ( назад)
I love Evanescenc <3

Автор Leandro Sagui ( назад)
eu curto tds da evanescence

Автор Leandro Sagui ( назад)

Автор Fluttershy Gaming ( назад)
One of my favorite albums <3 The only other person who is equally as
amazing as Evanescence (I know this is a band and not a person, but the
other singer is just 1 person) is Melanie Martinez.

Автор Edinalva Cassiano ( назад)
Eu aqui #Kelly Mendes Nobre curto muito

Автор elizabety florecio ( назад)
evanescence u live in my heart

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