Evanescence - Fallen (Full Album)

Aqui la lista de canciones que trae el album!!

0:00 - 3:55 (Bring Me To Life)
3:55 - 7:11 (Everybody's Fool)
7:11 - 10:46 (Going Under)
10:46 - 13:52 (Haunted)
13:52 - 17:32 (Hello)
17:32 - 21:49 (Imaginary)
21:49 - 26:22 (My Immortal)[Band Version]
26:22 - 30:44 (My Immortal)
30:44 - 34:52 (My Last Breath)
34:52 - 38:40 (Taking Over Me)
38:40 - 43:18 (Tourniquet)
43:18 - 48:46 (Whisper)

Aqui pueden descargar el album "Fallen" completo: http://depositfiles.com/files/dutxjzjqx

Просмотров: 8204525
Длительность: 48:47
Комментарии: 3271

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Автор Alina Elicheix ( назад)
sisisisisiisisisisisisisi holaa

Автор Jess Knot ( назад)
😍 😍 😍 Evanescence boom pra krll 😍

Автор Alexi Angelino ( назад)
Captures my soul. Love you Mom... you love me. .still...4 ever.

Автор Britney Sheffield ( назад)
making some better music for the millllllllinium ayyyyhashtag where the
fuck are they now, chilling

Автор timothy jouvenaar ( назад)
love this album <3

Автор MegaLisa830 (1927 лет назад)
Gah! I love how much these songs remind me of Jack from 'Bioshock 1'! ^_^
And of course, his relationship with Atlas too! :D Friendship, strength,
comfort, etc! <3 And my version of Jack always saves the Little Sisters,
always! <3 And 'My Immortal' is all about Tenebaum's relationship with
Jack, and the Little Sisters! <3

Автор Deepflow Darkflow ( назад)

Автор Heath Collins ( назад)

Автор Danny Avidan ( назад)
Chin Chin Ore wa

Автор Karen Grisales ( назад)
Cómo se llama la última que suena?

Автор Jê Bittencourt ( назад)
Alguem da turma aqui??? o/

Автор B Mann ( назад)
This Song Kicks ASS.,

Автор tpellman ( назад)
Uh.. I have a CD titled Fallen which has a very different song list.

Автор Destinie Hall ( назад)
She is The Best

Автор Destinie Hall ( назад)
I love Evanescenc <3

Автор Leandro Sagui ( назад)
eu curto tds da evanescence

Автор Leandro Sagui ( назад)

Автор Madeline LPS ( назад)
One of my favorite albums <3 The only other person who is equally as
amazing as Evanescence (I know this is a band and not a person, but the
other singer is just 1 person) is Melanie Martinez.

Автор Edinalva Cassiano ( назад)
Eu aqui #Kelly Mendes Nobre curto muito

Автор elizabety florecio ( назад)
evanescence u live in my heart

Автор Call of Duty Lord ( назад)
Been a while,i clicked on this video randomly like ''Who's this?...*Bring
Me To Life starts* OOOOOOH this band''

Автор Michelle Wilson ( назад)
fantastic song,deep,dark,not a good idea for troubled people thou,unles
there all dark

Автор Nayasha Baksh ( назад)
u know what's my joy, not listening to her for days and then start
listening to her back again. BEST FEELING. love u evanescence. love u amy

Автор Kercia Bernardo ( назад)
Uma das minhas paixões é essa banda maravilhosa Evanescence ... Muito foda
as músicas 😍

Автор Zealious_ ( назад)
0:51 the beginning of rap metal

Автор Alex Salazar Martinez ( назад)
This reminds me of cod zombies EE songs

Автор dylan loy ( назад)
i love your songs

Автор Tiffany Ly ( назад)
Yessssssss I love Imaginary!😆

Автор Tiffany Ly ( назад)
Linkin park is also very good too! New divide and Numb are great! But I
love Evanescence more^^

Автор ariel duarte ( назад)

Автор Metal Pothead ( назад)
gj Evanescence

Автор Metal Pothead ( назад)
Bring me to Dick
Everybody's Dick
Going Under Dick
Haunted Dick
Hello Dick
Imaginary Dick
My Dick [Band Dick]
My Dick
My last Dick
Taking Over Dick
Dick Whisper

Автор Ana Carolina Barros Mattiussi ( назад)

Автор Belen Iparraguirre ( назад)
me gusta desde que era pequena yo lo escuchaba y mas por mi hermana

Автор DjBranco ( назад)
Within Temptation is also very good

Автор Brice Gauthier ( назад)
nice l.a woman

Автор i7887 ( назад)
holy shit this album sucks... they had one "okay" song

Автор nhonho ( назад)
ouvindo em 2015 . setembro.

Автор E Hora Da Loucura ( назад)
Amo ^.^

Автор victor rios ( назад)
i love you Evanescence

Автор Kyrie2186 (300 лет назад)
love the whole album

Автор Andra Ion ( назад)
Anyone heard this song in 2015?

Автор Gimpy ( назад)
I just wish "Bring Me To Life" and "My Immortal" weren't overused by every
teenager who wants to make an anime music video. I forgot just how amazing
this album was.

Автор Your Karma ( назад)
Still listening in 2015

Автор Dorival Faria ( назад)
ok legal

Автор shohai r5 ( назад)

Автор Ronica Colon ( назад)
Love her music <3

Автор Gigi Mariano ( назад)
brasileira aqui 🙌🙌

Автор CANAL DO GRILLO ( назад)
canal comedia com videos muito louco

Автор Madeline LPS ( назад)
Haven't heard this album in a while... I regret it :(

Автор Akrolatronic Fantasic ( назад)
Bring me to life , bes song ever.

Автор sy gomess ( назад)
muito bom amo de mais. se estou triste só ouvir essa bela voz e essa
guitarra que some tudo.

Автор Bob misch ( назад)
Can't wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Jose Ramirez ( назад)
so cool

Автор Vernon Lawson Jr ( назад)
i love her voice

Автор Marcie Abadeer ( назад)
when i was 5 my parents divorced and i found out about evanescence and it
helped 10 years later I'm still listening i grew up around evanescence!!!

Автор wendy ramos ( назад)
Buenisimas todas

Автор Alexia Morales ( назад)
its been 6 years.....

Автор Diedy Lmt ( назад)

Автор OnurCan Koçak ( назад)
listening these songs is like to be in a dream

Автор Anne Dempster ( назад)
It's like she can see into my soul and write songs about what she sees. She
is amazing!!! I'm sure a lot of people can relate to her music.

Автор Alexandria Redbird ( назад)
My favorite song by Evanescence is Everybody's Fool. I love the meaning
behind it.

Автор Leith love ( назад)

Автор William Serpa ( назад)

Автор Tony Monroy ( назад)
jealous bitch

Автор Emilie Nutella ( назад)
j'adore évanescence....

Автор Vine Sararit ( назад)
This has been one of my favorite album all these years.

Автор Alaa Ossman (1424 года назад)
gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood muisc

Автор omer khdaeir ( назад)
جميلة جداعلى هيك الأغاني

Автор Isa Lopes (639 лет назад)
hahhaah ç.ç

Автор Nikki “Kawaii Weirdo XD” Jacobs ( назад)
I like all of them, but the band version of my immortal is better. :U

Автор R. Huggins ( назад)
Incredible voice!

Автор Rodrigo Augusto ( назад)

Автор Krystal Evans ( назад)
This is awesome. How did u make it?

Автор Rodrigo Freitas ( назад)
Só eu que fico me achando o demolidor com essa musica ?

Автор Edward Cullen ( назад)

Автор Rafaela Ataides ( назад)
<3 <3

Автор Mayyim Ruach Hayyim ( назад)
Loving kindness for Evanescence - Asherah

Автор Fahad Alawlaqi ( назад)
i came form 2015 looking for you baby

Автор Stephanie Wilson ( назад)
Oopps messed up a little on that last comment. I apologize I'm sleepy. O.o

Автор Stephanie Wilson ( назад)
I absolutely love Evenescence!
^.^ You've helped me grow and continue to grow as a person.

Автор Elias Bonete ( назад)
brasileiro presente aqui kelly

Автор Baran Korhan ( назад)
super good

Автор Olga Radulovic ( назад)
best album ever

Автор ‫אורטל אדרי‬‎ ( назад)
שיר יפה

Автор Natalia&Mariana ( назад)

Автор Mega Craft ( назад)
fucking awesome haunted

Автор Bilgenur Bozkurt ( назад)
Hiç Türk yok mu burda aq

Автор Daiana Sibar ( назад)
I love her voice!

Автор Jovani Santana ( назад)
Este álbum es mi favorito :) me trae buenos recuerdos.

Автор PRESTON PULLEN ( назад)
this song is cool and it makes me sad and I'm single 13teen and I bet u
don't care my number is 7033464806 k umm I'm a girl name Is angel

Автор luciano santos ( назад)

Автор Reginaldo silva de lima ( назад)
sem palavras para descrever esse cd.

Автор Willy Milano ( назад)
Metal cristiano , guacala

Автор jaqueline gatinha ( назад)
bom maximo esta musica perfeita

Автор Ridgestar-chan ( назад)
I really like "Tourniquet".

Автор Kares buster ( назад)
you should listen to Wakaa Flocka!! Hes music is calling us

Автор Happy Lng ( назад)
I wish they made more songs

Автор guilherme domingos ( назад)
To contigo kelli

Автор guilherme domingos ( назад)
Foda demais

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