Evanescence - Fallen (Full Album)

Aqui la lista de canciones que trae el album!!

0:00 - 3:55 (Bring Me To Life)
3:55 - 7:11 (Everybody's Fool)
7:11 - 10:46 (Going Under)
10:46 - 13:52 (Haunted)
13:52 - 17:32 (Hello)
17:32 - 21:49 (Imaginary)
21:49 - 26:22 (My Immortal)[Band Version]
26:22 - 30:44 (My Immortal)
30:44 - 34:52 (My Last Breath)
34:52 - 38:40 (Taking Over Me)
38:40 - 43:18 (Tourniquet)
43:18 - 48:46 (Whisper)

Aqui pueden descargar el album "Fallen" completo: http://depositfiles.com/files/dutxjzjqx

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Просмотров: 2,798,460
Добавлено: 1 год
Длительность: 48:47
Комментарии: 1592

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Автор Markelle Glidden (4 дня)
This is very helpful to see the tittle many people don't do that often so
thank you

Автор Mick Benson (5 дней)
I love evanescence there my number one favorite band of all time if anyone
thinks they suck then they need to get checked because they are an amazing

Автор Vegas Rains (17 дней)
Bands/Artist's I like:
Black Eyed Peas
Linkin Park
Metal Mulisha
Sleeping with Sirens
Ty Dolla $ign
Sage the Gemini
Five Fingered Death Punch
Gorrilaz ( just had to lmao )
Wiz Khalifa
Breaking Benjamin
Fall Out Boy

Автор amyroselovessonic101 (19 дней)
Love you Amy Lee :) <3

Автор Syko (21 день)
Recently watched Ergo Proxy ...
i was wondering who Re-L Mayer reminded me of ...

Автор ILuvFriedChicken2000 (26 дней)
Amy's voice is like heaven <3

Автор Andres Diaz (1 месяц)
i love Evanescence and Linkin Park are the two best in rock

Автор James Miller (1 месяц)
Her voice is simply amazing....

Автор Ming Mei (1 месяц)
An album so perfect that not even they could really do it again.

Автор michael geithmann (1 месяц)
wowww. She has an amazing voice <3

Автор noah james (1 месяц)
who ever hates her music, doesnt know what music is

Автор cool62736 (3 дня)

Автор Anett Mezei (4 дня)
i love evanescence <3

Автор Jobton008@gmail.com Mc Mago (4 дня)
Evanescence e foda porraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Автор eduardo Gotchic (6 дней)
her voice is so beautiful and angelic

Автор ody fresco (5 дней)

Автор Ben Anderson (5 дней)
7:11 and 21:50

Good song

Автор Baby Yeyna (9 дней)

Автор Aurea Starborn (9 дней)
I used to love this album and could listen to it continuously for years. A
bit of a pity that they do not make music like this anymore; they have
evolved and followed a slightly different musical direction (no longer as
"gothic"). Maybe that is better for them (the songs on "Fallen" lacked a
bit of complexity), but the old stuff was still so awesome back in its
days. Surely an album I will not forget as I get older.

Автор Angy Jonas (9 дней)
48:46 min. de perfeccion! ♥ ♥ ♥

Автор Ingrid fernandes de souza (10 дней)
evanescence d+

Автор Adelina Sarah (7 дней)
Love this!!!! <3

Автор Alex N (8 дней)
Tourniquet \m/

Автор Mariana de Oliveira (7 дней)

Автор MR DJ LUNY (10 дней)
41 & Mayday Parade & Dramarama MR DJ LUNY 2014 

Автор Wellington Marques (9 дней)
sou gay kk

Автор rafael ribeiro (13 дней)
wesome amazing

Автор Sehara Martinize (11 дней)
I love it!!

Автор Grim Reaper (21 день)
430 ppl thought dislike was dis i like

Автор Raven Paw (27 дней)
omg thans for the hole albam omg i love her ^.^

Автор yanni stubbe (28 дней)
i Always loved her songs my fav is the first one

Автор Misty Pritchett (1 месяц)
How lame...didn't add the bonus track. The rest was great quality and
everything. Thanks. :)

Автор Primerafin (13 дней)
Just amazing, love Evanescence :)

Автор Spencer Wong (1 месяц)
Ahhh so this is who did Bring me to Life. Snazzy. Good stuff

Автор Bondo Munk (25 дней)
Only complaint is that Imaginary should come right after Tourniquet, as the
ending of it goes right into the beginning of Imaginary. Besides that,
thanks for sharing! :)

Автор Saron Amarasingam (1 месяц)
Fuck u GEMA

Автор Hitomi chan (22 дня)
looks like re-l from ergo proxy o:

Автор Michele Picc (15 дней)
nr 1...

Автор Rute Santos (1 месяц)
very beautiful

Автор brian pintos (27 дней)

Автор Zarzar Swift (1 месяц)

Автор guilherme grou (1 месяц)
mtttttt dahora !!

Автор Rotty N' Scotty (1 месяц)
These are all out of order, not gonna lie, that messed with me for a

Автор garrett johnson (1 месяц)
this is awesome

Автор luna moon (1 месяц)
weird how i still like this lol

Автор Francis galvão (18 дней)
I Love Music U.u

Автор Dzaf Redz (27 дней)
Finally someone who can sing without getting half naked for us to enjoy her

Автор Nick prosser (1 месяц)
pretty sure this is just one long song

Автор Thiago Lucena (1 месяц)
very good... i'm i love music

Автор Victoria Wandschneider (1 месяц)
13:52 everytime I fell new in love with this song :'(

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