Evanescence - Fallen (Full Album)

Aqui la lista de canciones que trae el album!!

0:00 - 3:55 (Bring Me To Life)
3:55 - 7:11 (Everybody's Fool)
7:11 - 10:46 (Going Under)
10:46 - 13:52 (Haunted)
13:52 - 17:32 (Hello)
17:32 - 21:49 (Imaginary)
21:49 - 26:22 (My Immortal)[Band Version]
26:22 - 30:44 (My Immortal)
30:44 - 34:52 (My Last Breath)
34:52 - 38:40 (Taking Over Me)
38:40 - 43:18 (Tourniquet)
43:18 - 48:46 (Whisper)

Aqui pueden descargar el album "Fallen" completo: http://depositfiles.com/files/dutxjzjqx

Просмотров: 10043760
Длительность: 48:47
Комментарии: 4044

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Автор shnoogums1 ( назад)
jesus christ evanescence thats a lot of views. definitely the best girl
rock group

Автор Jordan Lucas ( назад)
my favorite song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😢😢

Автор Michael Marinho ( назад)
Amy Lee Y LOVE YOU FOREVER ! <3 <3 <3 <3

Автор Hector Moran ( назад)
Very passionate message and vocals!, great job

Автор María Eugenia Escribá ( назад)

Автор María Eugenia Escribá ( назад)
the best

Автор Amy Song ( назад)
Siempre escuchaba este álbum cuando tenía como diez años y en ese tiempo no
sabía nada de inglés pero las cantaba igual. Ahora después de años vuelvo a
escuchar las letras y las entiendo y es como escucharlas por primera vez,
es una sensación extraña. De todas formas las voy a cantar mal como siempre
lo hice.

Автор Jessica Crazy ( назад)
very nice!

Автор foxy the fan ( назад)
the second one is my favorite

Автор Renato Viveiros ( назад)
algo massa legal e único que só evanecensses tem literalmente fodastico

Автор Renato Viveiros ( назад)
algo massa legal e único que só evanecensses tem literalmente fodastico

Автор Daniel Rogers ( назад)
i hate the 1493 that dislike this

Автор Hetor Petor ( назад)
la puta madre que los pario propagandas de mierda

Автор 483L. Mk ( назад)
Evanescenve é mt loko ,som de invadir a mente ... big montro .... curto mt

Автор 3Dpixel.be ( назад)
remoce this fucking spam

Автор Kai Harras ( назад)
Evanscene album cover reminds me of Ergo Proxy

Автор Nanda tudo mais ( назад)

Автор Joseph Villegas ( назад)
this is the best she can do

Автор And W ( назад)
Check us out if you're into electronic rock/metal

Автор Beatriz Duarte Horta ( назад)
Evanescence eh vida ❤

Автор wiwied rahmah Sutedjo ( назад)
Like song thanks 👍👍

Автор GameBox Creator ( назад)
her face reminds me of my friend Emily

Автор Hevellyn Amanda ( назад)
Essa música é boa demais♥♥♥

Автор Sangofem ( назад)
My last breath and Whisper are my favourites from this album

Автор Hayden Lape ( назад)
Been listening since 2009 I'm 17, still into all the old stuff pearl jam,
red hot chili peppers, seether, breaking Benjamin, three days grace,
skillet, can keep going those just off top of my head.i hate music now.

Автор Bogdana Tomova ( назад)
nostalgia hit me hard :D i remember this being my favourite song when i was

Автор Janete neves Teixeira ( назад)
continuar assim

Автор Janete neves Teixeira ( назад)
Muito bom

Автор ƬψƬ Kirita ( назад)
mds :3 fã desde quando lançou '-'

Автор Play Game Off Totoriais ( назад)
musica muito foda a primeira

Автор Nikola Milanović ( назад)
Am I the only one who gets goosebumps whenever Amy sings? o.O
Such an amazing band, OMG !!

Автор Kasia :c ( назад)
Najlepsza piosenka EVER <3

Автор Flynn the Wood-Elf ( назад)
has anyone here ever read My Immortal (the Harry Potter/Twilight fanfic)?

Автор James Harris ( назад)

Автор Takanashi Yomi ( назад)
i used to own this album, and my version had a different version of
"Whisper", without the awesome choir must say i like this one more :)

Автор Niña Emo Pokoyo ( назад)
she sings Super is the best ... besides this his songs are fabulous

Автор deon carter ( назад)
yeah this songs out of place

Автор pnp you ( назад)

Автор Andi Pramono ( назад)

Автор Al DiVito ( назад)
Such a beautiful voice!

Автор agustian permana ( назад)
cing cang keling manuk cikleng cindeten, blos ka kolong bapa satpam

Автор MadMike41 ( назад)
This album sounds so amazing in 1.5x speed haha! Try it!

Автор Anomalous ( назад)
2002 edgy kid music

Автор Claudio Domingos Nunes da Silva ( назад)
A porra dessas propagandas é que irritam. Tá louco.

Автор Alek Hunter ( назад)
Ergo Proxy ?

Автор aidan m ( назад)
I just remembered that the singer is the same singer from Cryoshell.

Автор Muscle4LifeX ( назад)
I remember when this album came out. Every single person I knew bought it,
and rightly so. One of the best cd´s from 2003 - 2016.

Автор Pedro Henrique barros. Henrique 1996 ( назад)
muito linda essas músicas da Rainha do rock amo ela

Автор Kyle Manocchio ( назад)
Fallen > Evanescence > The Open Door

Автор Jethro ( назад)
Por que o pessoal gosta de Evanscence?

Автор Karen Julieth Santamaria ( назад)
la mejor :)

Автор Nolan Harmon ( назад)
thank you for putting this on YouTube

Автор constanza,myriam ocampo ( назад)
😍que bonita cancion

Автор Evandro Santos ( назад)
The best album of story!!!

Автор Matheew Moraes ( назад)

Автор Nesriiine Nouiiraa ( назад)
her picture remind me of Amira from bahamut rage Genesis *-*

Автор Amanda Williams ( назад)
Been a long time coming. Don't no why I never looked you up on line before.
Just wanted to thank you for your work. It has got me through many hard
times. I work at a mental health facility for kids in maintenance. Yes I
get involved in the worst of the worst situations and has helped me through
a divorce with 5 kids. Guess she went for the money incited of the
happiness. Thank you for your work! FYI don't take anything for grated. We
dated 5 yrs and married 20. Enjoy tour kids! They are what matters in the

Автор Judy Ratliff ( назад)
wake me up!!

Автор Janette Freeman ( назад)
love the album

Автор júnior sousa ( назад)
esse cd e muito paia .forró e muito melhor!!!

Автор elisabeth m ( назад)
en boucle

Автор Metaleuh du13 ( назад)

Автор mohoono ( назад)
big music for internet forever " bring me to life"

Автор Wolfblade ( назад)
i loveyou and i love you. i don t wanna live on this polanet any more

Автор Vester Outdoor ( назад)
so beautifull

Автор Rikki Johnson ( назад)
hot song aka babby gril

Автор Fabiana Fontela ( назад)

Автор Bonnie Kirk ( назад)

Автор anto soppeng ( назад)
I like it

Автор Emochick 99 ( назад)
Tourniquet= My life in a nutshell

Автор Zecdri ( назад)
✞☩ ✞ Si les gusta Evanescence pásense por mi canal, hice un cover de una de
sus canciones, espero les guste, y si es así no olviden suscribirse :D
Saludos. ✞☩ ✞

Автор Delina Muruchi ( назад)
not fusion

Автор xXRed WishXx ( назад)
bring me to life is such a dark song.

Автор Joselin Ramirez ( назад)

Автор adamgh0 ( назад)
I've always liked Amy's voice on this album because she rarely, if ever,
uses any vibrato in her singing. It's what makes her singing on this album
as smooth as glass.

Автор aki bono ( назад)
perfect debut album, not a single bad song on it and they didn't even have
to try it

Автор Rafael J. De Paiva ( назад)
Best album ever!!

Автор Davila Silva ( назад)
Thank you posting this beautiful album.😍😍

Автор Serenity Shaheed ( назад)
your the best I listen to your songs to sleep sometimes i❤yu

Автор Shawn Shoptaugh ( назад)
Tracks are very out of order.

Автор Carol Freitas ( назад)
amo muito

Автор Kelly-Anne Munn ( назад)
love this album 😘😍 she has such an amazing voice

Автор JayBlueAfterglow ( назад)
I haven't listened to this is so freaking long. Thank you for the upload
here bro, made my whole day finding this!

Автор Marcos batista ( назад)
cadê os br em 2016

Автор Sverre Kolman ( назад)
Shit... This is f*cking amazing!!

Автор vioxyde ( назад)

Автор Romina Bisio ( назад)
simply amazing!

Автор Renan Maziero ( назад)
cs 1.6 4life!!!

Автор majiito ( назад)
tengo este disco y están mal ordenados los temas

Автор Mina Cas ( назад)
my fave is tourniquet and its the best thing to listen to while doing

Автор Mina Cas ( назад)
awesome pawsome

Автор Simone Andersen ( назад)
This is the only album in my entire life where I've liked every song.
Greatest album of all!

Автор Motörsen ! ( назад)
Thanx for uploading in this good Quality! One of the best Rock Albums of
all Times!!

Автор Paloma Vieira ( назад)
muito legal ne gente

Автор emo one Shaw ( назад)
love this

Автор marcia gallardo ( назад)

Автор Kelgers B. ( назад)
Ow the edge

Автор Chris Lund ( назад)
English is such a dead language, the date on the web is China, they control
with the weight of look.

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