WhatsEatingYou S01E01 Adrienne and Danni

This riveting series examines the frightening and often misunderstood world of eating disorders.

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Автор Cherry Blossom 13 ( назад)
Not available in my country! Which it was.

Автор iceskater983able ( назад)
Please make this video playable again!!!

Автор DiiN0S4UR ( назад)
consider things from her view. Sorry, pressed post before I was finished,
lol. This isn't an attack on you or anything, I've just been in her shoes,
and maybe if you understood why she was acting the way she was it wouldn't
upset you.

Автор DiiN0S4UR ( назад)
She's in denial, that's all. She'd rather be angry about it than sad, so
that's why she comes off that way. I used to be a lot like her in the early
stages of my eating disorder. Everyone handles suffering differently. Try
not to let it anger you and maybe 

Автор EliteGamingHD ( назад)

Автор Alina Fischer ( назад)
And Danni makes me really angry, bulimia is hell and she talks about it as
if she doesn't care or even seems to be "bragging" :/ it's upsetting

Автор Alina Fischer ( назад)
They didn't fire her bc of her mental health, they fired her bc they were
scared that she would collapse, maybe even on stage, i wouldn't want to be
held responsible if i was her boss! dancing that much just is way too much
for her body at that weight

Автор Kristina Avery ( назад)
The dr should have shared what Danni is doing to her esophagus...how much
she is damaging it.

Автор Beatrice B ( назад)
Adrienne getting fired was a good thing. It seemed like she wasn't taking
it serious until after that happened.

Автор Hayley Croke ( назад)
I'm all for Adrianne and her recovery, but being a dance teacher for little
girls is a horrible idea >< not at all what she and the impressionable
young girls need. 

Автор chaskacheese ( назад)
uhh she said "enough to eat...if you're a gerbil." meaning, no she doesn't
think it's enough to eat.

Автор kimberly ( назад)
It does seem like Danni is overreacting, but she wasn't. She felt

Автор Bailey Hadeland ( назад)
I hate that Danni girl. My life wasn't bad by a long shot, but not being
cheerleader captain was NOT the most traumatic thing I went through. You
had a charmed life, princess. Your brother's the one who suffered.

Автор Tams C ( назад)
respect for danni's therapist

Автор fulllblownrose ( назад)
Yeah sure, cheerleaders "ego boost" at sporting events, but it's also a
competitive sport in it's own right. There ARE world championships for
cheerleading. It is a 'real' sport. I can't stand it, but that doesn't make
it any less real, and it doesn't make it any less athletic. The Olympics
aren't a good measure. There are IOC recognized sports not in the olympics,
and olympic events that are no longer sports, like tug-of-war.

Автор lc 11 rs ( назад)
Danni is a little brat.

Автор Barbara Cohen ( назад)
those wernt happy endings.... 

Автор Merliahhh ( назад)
Call it whatever you want, but until you've lived through it yourself or
seen someone you love go through it, you don't get to say what is and what
isn't. I used to think it was some excuse for shit too once upon a time. I
guess karma got me, huh?

Автор SambucaLovesCaz ( назад)
Woah! Her mother says she should be able to eat two more pieces of
broccoli!! WTF?So good that Adrienne replies "So you think that's enough to
eat?" The poor girl is just affirming in her head what she's always
thought, that her mum honestly believes that eating two pieces of broccoli
is enough to be well.Ignorant mother is definitely sustaining Adrienne's

Автор SambucaLovesCaz ( назад)
Sorry I meant Dannie's therapist.

Автор SambucaLovesCaz ( назад)
Doesn't anyone else see how thin Adrienne's therapist is at 27 minutes?
They argue and argue and her therapist is so transferring her problems onto

Автор SambucaLovesCaz ( назад)
Can you fix osteoporosis?After a 30 year ED I've never been tested for it,
but I stubbed my toe and it broke my whole foot.Is it treatable?

Автор SambucaLovesCaz ( назад)
How can her mother (after her ED history) say she has no idea why her
daughter has an ED?

Автор Theecouponcat ( назад)
Kayla's comment below is triggering to those of us who have struggled for
years, obviously she doesn't have an Ed unless its wannarexia

Автор Kayla Rawr ( назад)
Danni looks fat-ish fo me though...

Автор CarynAmber ( назад)
I was ip with Adrienne last Sept. She's a genuinely kind person. I was
discharged before her, but I heard she left against doctor's advice shortly
after. She was here in Illinois and missing her family terribly. She was
trying very hard to get better. I remember her talking about her fiance and
how she wanted to get better and get married.Seeing this video today
saddened me.I didn't know she was in a feature on E! when I met her. I
didn't get to trade contact info. I hope you're okay, Adrienne.

Автор CarynAmber ( назад)
Dani looks like she's taking it as a joke when the doctor is going over her
health issues.

Автор CarynAmber ( назад)
I miss her so much. Tell her Caryn says hi. She probably won't remember me.

Автор bruca lalla ( назад)
What's the shit Danni's eating at minute 4.9???looks creepy!!!

Автор cassandra mason ( назад)
adrienne is the sweetest person you will ever meet. shes still in treatment
and she is very determined to do it for herself this time. i know she will
recover. she has a very strong family around her that would do anything to
keep her alive. 

Автор rockpriness1 ( назад)
Danielle is such a bitch and Adrienne is so sweet

Автор Takht ( назад)
shut up, this is todays way of getting away with a freak show. in the old
days ud just go to the carnival and the ringmaster would be the host

Автор tntgirl56 ( назад)
is she still alive? do u know what she is doing now? 

Автор Brooke Paulsen ( назад)
My mother worked at the treatment center that Adrienne went too. She is
honestly the sweetest girl ive ever met and she loved to bake for others
(makes the best cookies!!). So sad to see someone so beautiful be taken
over by this disease. Much love. XOXO

Автор hvorblevdin ( назад)
You don't have to speak from experience : ) and you're right... starvation
has that effect - on anorexics, POWs and whoever else goes without
nutrition for long enough

Автор Jessica Leila ( назад)
Adrienne's sister kinda annoyed me. I don't like when people think theyre
helping by saying snooty critical things like 'who goes to a restaurant and
orders apple sauce pffftt' rather than something that shows that the person
suffering is important to you and you want them to be healthy and happy 

Автор Jessica Leila ( назад)
Im sure there were more underlying issues that caused it. That was probably
just the straw that broke the camels back...even though it sounds silly.
Its kinda funny what seems like a problem when you're that age 

Автор katie anna ( назад)
so u became bulimic because u didnt get cheer captain what a fucking joke 

Автор Deadgirl ( назад)
adrienne lost her job as teaching dancer...and thats it? what happened to
her, did she recover? the video didn't give much info about her in the

Автор Archangel Michael ( назад)
I'm not speaking from experience, but anorexia at the extreme end will
absolutely result in brain damage. When you're not ingesting nutrients,
your brain lacks fuel to function correctly. Once articulate people become
barely able to string a coherent sentence together.

Автор Archangel Michael ( назад)
I don't think that's accurate. I'm coming to to terms with the fact that I
probably have an eating disorder, but I don't blame anyone else for my
problems, I blame myself. Of course, everyone's different.

Автор Sunn Shine ( назад)
Thy body tracing thing the girl did was pretty shocking

Автор Vesukia Sky ( назад)
Omg freaking yes! She's so sweet! :3

Автор Robert Harper ( назад)
Especially when she's eating that sandwich, she's adorable. I really hope
she's improved her diet since the show ended.

Автор lovingmomof2 ( назад)
Please post other episodes

Автор Annietje01 ( назад)
What are you thinking? "Hey most people who watch these kinds of shows will
have eating disorders or problems thus will probably want to loose weight
so it will be a good business for me to advertise of loosing fat of your
body?" Eating disorders are serious illnesses and can be deadly don't you
have any shame for doing this advertising here?? 

Автор Joseph Benny ( назад)
If you seriously want to burn up fat fast, you should google Lean Body
Blaster. They will help you get the body you deserve.

Автор bruca lalla ( назад)
well,adrienne finally lost her job as a dance teacher...and then?what
happened???i found a video on yt about her in treatment,but I can't watch
it in my country :(

Автор Cheeseandpepstyle ( назад)
why don't they give them healthy food first instead of the fatty foods they
are so afraid of

Автор hazel caneper ( назад)
If I saw you in real life, i'd want to get away from you as fast as
possible. Obviously you do not know anything about eating disorders. I
think you should research eating disorders.

Автор Binod Thapa (विनोद थापा) ( назад)
It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when these other people
accomplish it so easily using Atomic Fat Loss (Google it).

Автор Mai Jacobson ( назад)
it affects BADLY of your brain. its so sad. I know it- i have it. its not
her talking. its her sick brain talking. she had no energy to think due to
not consuming food. so certainly shes by far NOT dumb. its not a disease of
dumb people. 

Автор MissZillaable ( назад)
Adrienne comes off dumb as a fucking post. I don't know if it's the
starvation affecting her brain or if she's just stupid.

Автор Gymnast4life143 ( назад)
for you picking up a fork and eating is easy. people who have an eating
disorder dont do it to be thin or to get skinny. They are extemely
depressed. whether they have been abandoned, abused, they family is split,
WHATEVER it is, they are depressed and has led them to feel as though they
are not worth it. that is why they choose not to eat. SO they can be worth
it and be perfect because todays society tells us that skinny is perfect. 

Автор Gymnast4life143 ( назад)
your right, you can tell them to stop, but its not that easy to just stop
doing something that you have grown on. if someone told u to stop writing
with your good hand and start using ur bad hand, it would feel weird right?
and take some time to get used to. but over time its gonna be alot easier.
This is just like a person with an eating disorder. you can tell a person
to change but it isnt so easy when you have been doing it one way for your
whole life.

Автор selenite1 ( назад)
How is Adrienne supposed to afford treatment for her disorder if she gets

Автор Valentine Damour ( назад)
"you just felt me go up against your body" ER OK. 

Автор Dinesh Panday ( назад)
They laughed when I told them I would lose weight with Cosmos Fat Loss, but
then I showed them the results. Google Cosmos Fat Loss to see their
reaction. (It was epic!)

Автор porcelain100 ( назад)
yay adrienne's family is from stl! :D now i like her even more 

Автор Bad Misty ( назад)
I love Adrienne, but Danni is annoying. Adrienne needs help and had a
genuine problem, Danni is just a whiny attention-seeker who found the
perfect way to achieve it. 

Автор selenite1 ( назад)
Always the invasive shots of ED sufferers in their underwear/getting
dressed/undressed. It's bizarre how we non-sufferers express disgust over
their bodies yet at the same time want to see their bones, see them purge,
witness the most dramatic of their ED behaviors.

Автор Hope Nitters ( назад)

Автор Jess Ayling ( назад)
what does it say about her at the end? D: 

Автор Kimmehface ( назад)
Option three: you are too uneducated to understand the medical definition
of "disordered behavior". Plz work on your comprehension and critical
thinking skills. Also, there's really no need for such derogatory language.
Plz work on your interpersonal skills as well because those are lacking. I
do agree attention has a part in ED because I think in some ways it is a
cry for help but mostly it is a cognitive and behavioral disorder that is
very difficult to overcome and not as simple as stopping.

Автор Kimmehface ( назад)
keep fighting...you're important and you'd be very missed...hope you are
doing ok

Автор Kimmehface ( назад)
I feel like Danni's trigger was not getting cheerleading captain and even
though that sounds shallow I think it was more like the straw that broke
the camel's back...she just really feels bad about herself for some reason
and it's so so sad. It's even sadder that her eating disorder is making her
feel even more ashamed and guilty. She's stuck in a cycle and even though
she is very immature and self centered I do not blame her because it is
clear she's severely ill

Автор Kimmehface ( назад)
haha nice comeback

Автор Kimmehface ( назад)
it is a difficult sport that requires endurance, strength, flexibly, and

Автор Kimmehface ( назад)
cheerleading is competitive in some countries and it can be really serious
stuff with a lot of training and sport injuries as well

Автор Andrés Vidal ( назад)
Esta subtitulado en español?

Автор Sean Donovan ( назад)
At the begining where they had the people write down what was in there
minds, I would write down "I LIKE PORN"

Автор Sugar Shoujo ( назад)
The second girl is so annoying, I don't get why she's on the show or in
therapy if she's just going to resist it. Adrienne went into treatment
against her will/judgement and didn't even think she had a problem and
managed to have a better attitude than that girl. Tbh, she strikes me as
quite spoiled and as an attention seeker.

Автор Kris Marlboro ( назад)
Some people r so ignorant an ED is a mental illness u dont choose to have
it you are born with it in your brain if it tuns in your gens then u have a
higher chance of getting it its like cancer yes i said it its the same
cancer is a disease and so is depression and eating disorders i have an ED
im a guy and it pisses me off when ignorant mofos say people with EDs
choose to do it no we dont so u can go fuck off

Автор ununhexium ( назад)
there's nothing wrong with the therapist. the problem is with danni. she
refuses to face her issues. come on, it's so clear in the video. 

Автор morgan jenkins ( назад)

Автор Tsarevna Hilda ( назад)
Well, we will never know then. 

Автор princessadelaide ( назад)
i believe that trying to tidy up such a complex illness by trying to find a
specific "root of the disease" is beyond naive.

Автор bowie heart ( назад)
Wow! never thought ignorant people like you still walked the planet, check
yourself into a eating disorder unit and see how u think they develop

Автор Ee Synopsis ( назад)
does anyone else think Adrienne is as cute as a god damn button? yes she
needs to gain weight for health reasons, but her face, personality, and
mannerisms make me squeal. 

Автор Merliahhh ( назад)
Maybe that's because outside events trigger them? I mean, do you think I
look at food and DECIDE how to feel? If I could, I wouldn't make myself
scared or anxious about it. Do you think I woke up one day and decided to
develop and eating disorder? Let me guess, you're one of those people who
think eating disorders are all about being thin? Sorry to burst your
bubble, but they're not. They're about more than that. Losing weight is
just one part of it.

Автор Aimi Whittam ( назад)
The cancer analogy wasn't relevant but the OCD one from the other comment
was on point...Its a deep psychological problem that goes way beyond
wanting to look slim because people with ED's never look thin to
themselves. Its so irrational and you know it but you seriously can't
stop...I even get scared just looking at food because i read that your
brain releases insulin when you see food and makes you put on weight faster
when you eat. Ridiculous and sad i know, but i can't stop those thoughts.

Автор Merliahhh ( назад)
It's not hard to tell a sufferer to stop, that's right. But for the
sufferer to do as she or he is told... yeah. It's not possible. There may
not be a person holding that gun to their heads, but in their minds,
someone sort of is. I suffer from an eating disorder and I am extremely
scared of eating. I either restrict or binge and purge. Do you really think
I wouldn't stop if I could? It's not easy, it's not a choice and it's an
illness. Would you tell a cancer patient to just stop being sick?

Автор acefireburst ( назад)
When she said she had a muffin top, I literally lol'd.

Автор katie sitton ( назад)
theres update videos on eonline.com :)

Автор TANYA FREW ( назад)
good one.. 

Автор Tsarevna Hilda ( назад)
But the question is if eating disorders are a product of nature or nurture.
Which means whether your born this way or if you were raised to be like
that. So which one do you think it is? In my opinion, I believe its a
nature because its how you were born. So what are we gonna do about it?
That why is so difficult to overcome them. because how are you gonna
abandon a natural instinct that is in your blood.

Автор Tsarevna Hilda ( назад)
Well, gymnastics, diving, figure skating, and swimming are real sports but
they're competitive and they'll give you awards for your performance.
Cheerleading, is not competitive. In cheerleading you just yell out support
to the real athletes. So its just like boosting up the athletes and giving
them encouragement. Also, cheerleading is not in the Olympics nor it
doesn't host world championships. The rest of the real sports that I
mentioned to you have been existing for thousands of years.

Автор therachelreview ( назад)
I live in Australia and was a cheerleader all throughout high school on the
school team and also a separate competitive team, there are state and
national competitions here too. It's not just in the U.S, and saying it
isn't a sport is like saying gymnastics isn't a sport. It isn't just
dancing with pompoms - it takes discipline and training just like any other

Автор Tsarevna Hilda ( назад)
Cheerleading is only exclusively known in the U.S. So if you go abroad,
people would probably raise their eyebrows if you mention "oh, and I'm a
cheerleader!". Its better to play and do a real sport than to be yelling
out phrases and showing your holocaust-victim body.

Автор lovingmomof2 ( назад)
I wonder how they're doing now a days. I hope they're doing alright

Автор nuxitinez4 ( назад)
Woow *-*

Автор Bethany Hilton ( назад)
Some people might suggest they were born that way and where always more
likely to develop eating disorders than other people.

Автор Nichole Lasater ( назад)
Whoa there. I have an ED, and I'm in recovery. I binge and then starve, and
if someone tells me just to eat, or worse, stop eating during a binge, it
doesn't help. I love the support, don't get me wrong; but it's not that
easy. Its a bit like an addiction. You can't just tell an alcoholic to stop
drinking and expect them to say, "Oh, right, it is hurting my body. I'll
pour this out."

Автор Daisy Anon ( назад)
And that's why it's an eating disorder. You think if they could just eat
normally, they would just eat instead of getting a feeding tube stuck into
their stomach. It's the same as any other phobia, but it's with food. You
can't tell an OCD "washer" to just stop washing their hands, just like you
can't tell an anorexic person to just eat the food.

Автор Daisy Anon ( назад)
incapable of logical though man any more simply is your play-ground insults
I laughed so hard. Morons trying to sound smart are so fucking funny.

Автор Daisy Anon ( назад)
I feel bad for your sister.. She probably has to deal with you fucking with
her head and making her feel depressed, if you think she's doing it for

Автор catbooty ( назад)
That's why this disorder is so misunderstood unfortunately.

Автор Raphael Mendes ( назад)
Oh my god. I'm just like Danni. I lost something like 40 pounds and I'm not
happy about my weight still... Everyday I over eat and then run to the
bathroom and purge. Even if everybody says I'm too thin I don't give a shit
and I still think I'm too fat. I always was fat, and suffered a lot of
bullying. I weight everyday and if I gain 1 oz. or whatever I freak out...
I even stopped drinking water because water is heavy and will make me
heavier. How the fuck can I stop thinking about weight????

Автор Fatima Zahera ( назад)
You are right Lysette1291, it really does apply here, thank u :)

Автор Adam CC ( назад)
I love how Danni thinks that 45 is at the end of your life. If she keeps
this up perhaps it will be for her. For most life doesn't even start to get
interesting until 45, lol. :)

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