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Автор Sara Vandekerckhove (5 месяцев)
Not available in my country! Which it was.

Автор iceskater983able (1 год)
Please make this video playable again!!!

Автор bruca lalla (2 года)
well,adrienne finally lost her job as a dance teacher...and then?what
happened???i found a video on yt about her in treatment,but I can't watch
it in my country :(

Автор Sugar Shoujo (2 года)
The second girl is so annoying, I don't get why she's on the show or in
therapy if she's just going to resist it. Adrienne went into treatment
against her will/judgement and didn't even think she had a problem and
managed to have a better attitude than that girl. Tbh, she strikes me as
quite spoiled and as an attention seeker.

Автор CarynAmber (1 год)
I was ip with Adrienne last Sept. She's a genuinely kind person. I was
discharged before her, but I heard she left against doctor's advice shortly
after. She was here in Illinois and missing her family terribly. She was
trying very hard to get better. I remember her talking about her fiance and
how she wanted to get better and get married.Seeing this video today
saddened me.I didn't know she was in a feature on E! when I met her. I
didn't get to trade contact info. I hope you're okay, Adrienne.

Автор cecil3doll88 (1 год)
thats what I'm woundering too

Автор nuxitinez4 (2 года)
Woow *-*

Автор Nicole Bexs (2 года)
you know what? fuck off

Автор Aimi Whittam (2 года)
The cancer analogy wasn't relevant but the OCD one from the other comment
was on point...Its a deep psychological problem that goes way beyond
wanting to look slim because people with ED's never look thin to
themselves. Its so irrational and you know it but you seriously can't
stop...I even get scared just looking at food because i read that your
brain releases insulin when you see food and makes you put on weight faster
when you eat. Ridiculous and sad i know, but i can't stop those thoughts.

Автор CrunchyNutCracker (3 года)
i don't know, i get what you mean but i think danny has grown up with
people giving to much of a crap allowing for her behaviours i would think
that a change of scene and character would be what she could benefit from

Автор porcelain100 (2 года)
yay adrienne's family is from stl! :D now i like her even more

Автор Fatima Zahera (2 года)
the real stupidity is u. so ur saying if a blind person cant see where they
are going and they are forced into a world where they have to be alone and
see everything they are stupid? because its nearly the same scenario

Автор Ann sophia Tychsen (3 года)
i think dannis therapist is pushing to hard, and it makes danni shut down

Автор Robert Harper (2 года)
Especially when she's eating that sandwich, she's adorable. I really hope
she's improved her diet since the show ended.

Автор Camille Noone (3 года)
"I feel really healthy" yes, it's probably why your are in this show -_-"

Автор Adı avendator sepultura (2 года)
Im from Afrıca and fındıng enough food ıs a daıly struggle for a lot of
people. Ive been ınvolved ın raısıng money for charıty there and I cant
ımagıne what starvıng people would make of seeıng these people.

Автор Le Abreu (2 года)
Cheerleading isn't pathetic it's a sport. And it's a lot harder then it
looks. If they didn't have brains they wouldn't of thought about joining
the team. keep YOUR pathetic opinion to yourself.

Автор Nicole Bexs (2 года)
excuse me i do know... my sister has eating disorder. so stfu

Автор Fatima Zahera (2 года)
You are right Lysette1291, it really does apply here, thank u :)

Автор SassaFrass Mitchell (2 года)
You are a sick fuck for posting that here.

Автор xxSammyxJonesxx (3 года)
I understand why Danni gets so upset with her family at dinner. I think it
was mostly her mom that made her so upset anyway. My mom is fake happy when
other people are around and even if no one actually did anything to me it
pisses me off really fast. And my mom knows it. Then she plays the ''I'm a
victim card'' if I don't act fake happy and freak out when other people are

Автор CarynAmber (1 год)
Dani looks like she's taking it as a joke when the doctor is going over her
health issues.

Автор Gymnast4life143 (2 года)
for you picking up a fork and eating is easy. people who have an eating
disorder dont do it to be thin or to get skinny. They are extemely
depressed. whether they have been abandoned, abused, they family is split,
WHATEVER it is, they are depressed and has led them to feel as though they
are not worth it. that is why they choose not to eat. SO they can be worth
it and be perfect because todays society tells us that skinny is perfect.

Автор Sunn Shine (2 года)
Thy body tracing thing the girl did was pretty shocking

Автор Kimmehface (2 года)
haha nice comeback

Автор Bad Misty (2 года)
I love Adrienne, but Danni is annoying. Adrienne needs help and had a
genuine problem, Danni is just a whiny attention-seeker who found the
perfect way to achieve it.

Автор Nichole Lasater (2 года)
Whoa there. I have an ED, and I'm in recovery. I binge and then starve, and
if someone tells me just to eat, or worse, stop eating during a binge, it
doesn't help. I love the support, don't get me wrong; but it's not that
easy. Its a bit like an addiction. You can't just tell an alcoholic to stop
drinking and expect them to say, "Oh, right, it is hurting my body. I'll
pour this out."

Автор Archangel Michael (2 года)
I don't think that's accurate. I'm coming to to terms with the fact that I
probably have an eating disorder, but I don't blame anyone else for my
problems, I blame myself. Of course, everyone's different.

Автор Alexander Lougher (2 года)
Man, read my last comment. You are mentally limited. You have not used
logic or shown an inability to understand basic English. Really, your
mental retardation isn't so bad as you aren't aware of it. Enjoy it, but as
you've found, most wont waste the time on you.

Автор nerdstark666 (2 года)
well i think this show is full of drama

Автор nerdstark666 (2 года)
why the fuck she wears this headband?

Автор EliteGamingHD (1 год)

Автор SambucaLovesCaz (1 год)
Woah! Her mother says she should be able to eat two more pieces of
broccoli!! WTF?So good that Adrienne replies "So you think that's enough to
eat?" The poor girl is just affirming in her head what she's always
thought, that her mum honestly believes that eating two pieces of broccoli
is enough to be well.Ignorant mother is definitely sustaining Adrienne's

Автор Tsarevna Hilda (2 года)
Well, gymnastics, diving, figure skating, and swimming are real sports but
they're competitive and they'll give you awards for your performance.
Cheerleading, is not competitive. In cheerleading you just yell out support
to the real athletes. So its just like boosting up the athletes and giving
them encouragement. Also, cheerleading is not in the Olympics nor it
doesn't host world championships. The rest of the real sports that I
mentioned to you have been existing for thousands of years.

Автор kkid28 (2 года)
I was absolutely horrible as well. I had more angry days than good days,
but everyone who worked with me was completely understanding. I was
constantly in a rage & pushing people as hard & as far as I possibly could,
pushing their buttons in order to make them give up on me & throw me off
the service so I could just be left alone with my Anorexia where everything
felt safe & comfortable. The more I pushed the more resilient my nurse, Dr,
dietitian & psychologist were & they never gave up on me.

Автор MsLoleiro (3 года)
Sometimes it's about being a good kind of patient or being in the right
state of mind, the people that go from therapist to therapist usually do so
cuz they won't commit to anyone or any kind of treatment entirely, always
finding excuses for why 'they' can't help them. But really therapists are
just a tool that will help YOU overcome YOUR issues. Therapists aren't a
magic pill.

Автор hazel caneper (2 года)
If I saw you in real life, i'd want to get away from you as fast as
possible. Obviously you do not know anything about eating disorders. I
think you should research eating disorders.

Автор SambucaLovesCaz (1 год)
Sorry I meant Dannie's therapist.

Автор Jessica Leila (2 года)
Adrienne's sister kinda annoyed me. I don't like when people think theyre
helping by saying snooty critical things like 'who goes to a restaurant and
orders apple sauce pffftt' rather than something that shows that the person
suffering is important to you and you want them to be healthy and happy

Автор catbooty (2 года)
That's why this disorder is so misunderstood unfortunately.

Автор Tsarevna Hilda (2 года)
But the question is if eating disorders are a product of nature or nurture.
Which means whether your born this way or if you were raised to be like
that. So which one do you think it is? In my opinion, I believe its a
nature because its how you were born. So what are we gonna do about it?
That why is so difficult to overcome them. because how are you gonna
abandon a natural instinct that is in your blood.

Автор ShinyLunaToneLover (2 года)
Where can I find episode 2?

Автор princessadelaide (2 года)
i believe that trying to tidy up such a complex illness by trying to find a
specific "root of the disease" is beyond naive.

Автор Daisy Anon (2 года)
incapable of logical though man any more simply is your play-ground insults
I laughed so hard. Morons trying to sound smart are so fucking funny.

Автор Valentine Damour (2 года)
"you just felt me go up against your body" ER OK.

Автор DiiN0S4UR (1 год)
consider things from her view. Sorry, pressed post before I was finished,
lol. This isn't an attack on you or anything, I've just been in her shoes,
and maybe if you understood why she was acting the way she was it wouldn't
upset you.

Автор nyccarini (1 год)
shut up, this is todays way of getting away with a freak show. in the old
days ud just go to the carnival and the ringmaster would be the host

Автор rob fischer (2 года)
obviously not or i wouldnt be reading ur bitch ass in the comments

Автор SambucaLovesCaz (1 год)
How can her mother (after her ED history) say she has no idea why her
daughter has an ED?

Автор Mélissa N (3 года)
Guys like girl with a heart. Stop discriminating skinny girls, especially
when tey're ill.

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