Greenhouse Seeding machine, Evergreen Vacuum Seeders ~ In Action!

Watch how fast and easy this vacuum seeder is to use!

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Автор Rusty Barr ( назад)
Great product. Works well just as described in the video. Sowed 300k seedlings in 4 days

Автор JustACavFan ( назад)
You can email seedlings@canby.com for more info or to place an order. Thank You!

Автор Gayla Giles ( назад)
You can get this from Stuewe and Sons. They have nursery containers for tree seedlings and more. Go to www.stuewe.com. From vegetable to tree seeds, this seeder is a great asset to any greenhouse.

Автор Cave Man ( назад)
Where do I get one? need one

Автор Daniel Winnie ( назад)
We use our new seeder for tree seeds using the 198 and 240 large styro blocks. It does a good job of singular seeding even on Western Red Cedar. It's fast and accurate, and sure is labor saving. Thank You, John, For All Your Help.

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