polish aluminum valve covers

let me know what you think. also I do a lot of work on car so if there is something you would like to see i can make a videos on it. I make a lot of " Do It Your Self videos"

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Автор rstreets ( назад)
No too impressed with the final result. 95% of polishing aluminum when
you're starting from a rough condition is sanding, not polishing. You start
with an appropriate grit and work your way slowly through finer and finer
grit until you get to at least 2000 grit. At that point, it already looks
pretty polished. Then just a quick buff either by hand or with a buffer and
it'll look awesome but trying to polish out scratches by buffing really
doesn't work.

Автор Dad mee ( назад)
We're u doing acid while you were making this video?

Автор DJDevon3 ( назад)
Mom's aluminum polish? Your results are great. The commentary... not so
accurate. You've proved you can polish aluminum but the way you got to
those results was more inefficient than it could have been. I'm sure you
learned a lot during the process of making this video.

Автор DJDevon3 ( назад)
"Just 200 grit sandpaper will make this shine like a beauty". It most
certainly will not. Your polishing wheels are so caked on black because
you didn't even try to get it sanded to a shine first so all that oxide is
coating your wheels. Yeah you'll get there eventually but you'll gum up
plenty of wheels before you get there.

Автор Jesus Alonso ( назад)
Looks so good. How long did it take :)

Автор yellownp22541 ( назад)
Very nice, keep up the great work. how about a list of the brushes and
polishing materials?

Автор Robert White ( назад)
you do realize you're supposed to replace the cover gasket every time you
remove the valve cover from the head right?

Автор MrmaesxD (717 лет назад)
Nice job man ! Gonna give this a try.

Автор All2skitzd ( назад)
Be careful about using any random degreaser with aluminum parts. Certains
kinds will stain the aluminum pretty bad and can happen pretty fast
depending on the strength and how long it sets. If it smokes its eating at
the aluminum. 

Автор mitchell lawrentz ( назад)
Where did you get the bit for the drill

Автор Slammed4drEGlol ( назад)
Ahahahaha just replayed him sayen get some hoes about 10 times

Автор andrew salas ( назад)
stupid chiwawah

Автор James Hunter ( назад)
somebody who drove a honda must of pissed in your kornflakes.....if
not,come see me with a bowl and ill help ya out:) fuckin haters lol

Автор juggnautbitch ( назад)
except that the surface underneath the factory high temp coating is
extremely rough and needs to be sanded down starting with 400 grit moving
up to 1500 for a mirror finish.

Автор Bill Martin ( назад)
Hey Man .........Thank you for your help. Much appreciated, now I now how
to proceed with my valve covers. Thanks again! Bill

Автор FOX STANG ( назад)
it's not moms..lol...its mothers polish

Автор alex hall ( назад)
still looks swirled as hell after the polishing. why? Because its been
sanded with 200g paper then directly polished after that, cant polish 200g
scratches period. Want perfect results go buy a $10 can of aircraft
stripper, and that old paint and grime will litterally melt off. Without
any sanding polish from there with the same steps and you'll see the real
mirror effect you want. Good job man keep it up and you'll perfect it no

Автор Zander Nicholas ( назад)
and, um....

Автор dustintucker2 ( назад)
I think you missed the "polishing" step.. that thing is dirty

Автор dustintucker2 ( назад)
be. sure. to. use. carpet. or. you. will. have. oil. leaks. all. over. the.
place. lol great. nice video been trying to figure out how to get some of
my stuff to shine. thanks!!

Автор SilentOneCorajuda13 ( назад)
I meant what is the name and model # of the polishing kit?

Автор SilentOneCorajuda13 ( назад)
What is the name of the while kit? Interested.

Автор Joshawa Gardner ( назад)
Just thought I would share this for those of you arguing about Honda
engines. "Having a 10 second Honda is like coming out of the closet. You
might surprise a few people at first, but in the end, you're still gay."

Автор 5cylcoupe ( назад)
Muh dick with aids

Автор Daven Sheng ( назад)
Your dog like to polish his stomach too

Автор K_esco ( назад)
nice job man thanks for the tips apreciate you taking the time to make this
ima try it right now

Автор Devon MacPhail ( назад)
Yup. I own one.

Автор silentchaos1 ( назад)
lol 26 hp loss?

Автор peladetoparati ( назад)
ohhh ok i came back to this video to find out more about the polishing
compound and someone say in the comments harbor freight so thank you a lot
u save me time cause i was looking for this products everywhere

Автор JDM-House ( назад)
have you tried blue magic

Автор Zac burrows ( назад)
Thumbs up if you hate people who ask for thumbs up...Waite a minute :/

Автор opie7afe ( назад)
that's not a clay bar, a clay bar removes above surface bonded contaminants
from car paint, what you are using is called a rouge compound. learn proper
terminology before making a video, it helps other users so they know what
to look for...

Автор Devon MacPhail ( назад)
It did produce 106hp new, now its probably more like 80.

Автор shergernetic x ( назад)
Damn that's clean nice job

Автор Mazmac24 ( назад)
Harbor Freight!!!

Автор OH4Racing ( назад)
Ridiculous that's nice I'm trying to polish mine but I'm using mothers mag
and aluminum polish cream I guess I need the bar cuz it's nothing like ur

Автор tomuchchocolatemilk ( назад)
how long did this all take so i can plan my day a little better?

Автор kpertchik ( назад)
nice job.

Автор goigoitoy ( назад)
i want to make love to you

Автор Eric Cliffton ( назад)
That bar is called rouge, the "brushes" are called buffs.

Автор WowMike2002 ( назад)
All those many hours of work for the engine.. and you still only have 90 hp.

Автор clemente guzman ( назад)
thumbs up for dogg

Автор Greenmonoluche ( назад)
Good job but if u used finer sand paper it would look even chrome

Автор eric31291 ( назад)
nice job but im pretty sure if you get the green compound youll get even
better mirror results

Автор joeshmo14760 ( назад)
Haha "black granite stuff." And that isn't clay btw, it is compound.

Автор anthony marshall ( назад)
Nice job and very helpful video

Автор MrnoWun0 ( назад)
dont got to home depot they rip you off. lmaoooooooooooooo

Автор Michael Freeman ( назад)
where did you get the brush. or at least, wut is the name of the brush??

Автор luis84346 ( назад)
Nice man I got a civic too n I want to get the valve cover like that nice

Автор Ethan ( назад)
Cool vid bro, so much better than all the guys on here doing crappy red
crinkle paint jobs. I like the crinkle paint, but everyone does red, and it
always comes out really shitty.

Автор Jonathan Jones ( назад)
HOLY SHISH-KABOB looks good man!! I wanna try this.

Автор Nick Brugato ( назад)
first thing you want to do is get some hose

Автор Andrews brothers ( назад)
acorn nuts.

Автор gav240z ( назад)
looks good mate. Going to try polish my Mazda RX-7 FD's intake manifold
like this.

Автор Jafromobile ( назад)
stopped by 'cause your video linked off of one of mine... The mother's
polish... If it didn't work out, you're doing it wrong. It's actually one
of the best, but it's not something you can make a great shine with. It's
only meant for maintenance. If you're only sanding to 220 grit (I go up to
at least 600), you should at least start with the black rouge. It will save
you a lot of time. The white rouge is a finishing rouge. Mother's
hand-polished after that and it will really pop.

Автор Justin Walker ( назад)
thats dope

Автор Pacificx209cali ( назад)
does the mothers kit include the round brush,clay bar and tips?

Автор Andrei Gonciulea ( назад)
Yes it's mothers polish.

Автор yingyangtuner ( назад)
nice,did you mean mothers aluminium polish?cant find moms that moms polish.

Автор Paulina_007 ( назад)
how long did it take u to do that?

Автор a7axl ( назад)
would be best to get that cover in a vice my friend :) would hate for it to
shoot off the table and hit that yapping wining bitch of a dog on the head

Автор Andrei Gonciulea ( назад)
Yeah that's the place. It's only like 20. The wax come with the pack.

Автор Andrei Gonciulea ( назад)
I have a 18w.

Автор Ruben Lomeli ( назад)
where did you get that bar of wax?? harbor freight maybe?

Автор timothy mosley ( назад)
nice job i was going to repaint paint my b16a2 valve cover but after seeing
how easy it is im im thinking about just polishing it plus i already have a
dewalt drill

Автор B.J. Davlin ( назад)
How many RPM is the drill you used?

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