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Длительность: 11:11
Комментарии: 2001

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Автор Star Child ( назад)
ERASED is going to look great if this is the resolution they will be using to film it!

Автор Lehcim XUOR ( назад)
Thank you very much for this wonderful trip from my chair.....

Автор かわいい女の子 ( назад)

Автор delapaz152 ( назад)
cosmos music

Автор Ольга Вебер ( назад)
Beautiful, gorgeous, bewitching, to tears

Автор Mike Fada ( назад)
Really neat footage, i am considering a follow me drone to record some running footage. Great editing also.

Автор Just try and remember the good times... ( назад)
:( why do so many videos tease us with great soundtracks and music but never mention them anywhere?

Автор Catherine Brown ( назад)

Автор Jack Quinn Dennis ( назад)
Due in Maui for two weeks next Feb, just means I gotta figure out how to get the drone over there, maybe ship the batteries UPS???

Автор vivichabot ( назад)
Je reste sans mots... touchant et émouvant... Bravo!

Автор Thomas D ( назад)
What is the music at 5:50?

Автор F3RNyyy ( назад)
so if i use 5 seconds for an intro, only footage, will you put a copyrightstrike or nah?

Автор Stanley Ribeiro ( назад)
Lindas imagens. Gosto muito da resoluçÃO
em 4K

Автор Jérôme Prost ( назад)
beautiful :):)

Автор Tyler Goudeau ( назад)
Great video. I love how you always got the lighting right. Do you use filters or luts?

Автор Nick Marshall ( назад)
Those last 2 shots were worth waiting for. Insanely beautiful footage.

Автор Un Indien Dans La Ville ( назад)
Wow that's awesome!! Can I please use some of your footage for my intro on my channel? I'll sure mention you in the description of the videos I'll make.

Автор Nici Stolariková ( назад)
I fall in love with Mother Earth 🌏❤

Автор Alexandr Kopeykin ( назад)
It`s very good work. I never saw these place with this side, with the drone side. It`s wonderful, when you can see by others eyes. And I can say you are talanting people. Thank you. You gave me astonising evening and mood.

Автор SKYDRONAUTS ( назад)
STUNNING!! Every minute of it!

Автор Tjeng Kon Tet ( назад)
Amazing places..💖👍

Автор Paul Dolgov ( назад)
Beautiful, but no artificial black bars please, many people have 21:9 monitors and Youtube supports that.

Автор Joe Majury ( назад)
Beautifully shot. I love Drone Photography, it is opening up a whole new style of filming, you can get into every nook and cranny that wouldn't be accessible on foot.....and finally, as well as it being great footage, the music was spot on. I want more, I've subscribed.

Автор Fi Ka ( назад)
Wooow Awesome *_* Amazing :D <3

Автор General4 Star666 ( назад)
Jurrasic Park movie locations and water world.

Автор Darren Woflanger ( назад)
very cool, I like the soundtrack

Автор Sharon Jiang ( назад)
Woah these shots are just unreal - Incredible footage. I recently uploaded a drone vid :) Still trying to figure it out.

Автор BL Meyer ( назад)
do you sell any videos?  TFS

Автор jeffbrent ( назад)
AWESOME !!!!!!

Автор Tyler Michael ( назад)
blew my mind mate. great work

Автор Sorin Sim ( назад)
Sawyer this film was truly inspirational, I enjoy this series much more than your vlogs and you have earned a new subscriber!

Автор mimi koteng ( назад)
great cinematic footage. to improve the cinematic feel. do slow down and and longer scene to capture the feeling. it creates that shorter cinematic feel longer.

Автор HJCF0520 ( назад)
I feel like I'm on Disney's "Soarin". With the music and slow camera movement. Excellent, beautiful footage.

Автор Chillout Lounge I Mindfullness/Relax/Sleep ( назад)
Awesome Drone Footage

Автор ChrisCherokee ( назад)
This is fucking awesome!! Thank you so much for this. It's pretty much a form of meditation.

Автор Adrian Ri ( назад)
Truly breathtaking views. TY!!!!

Автор HarleylovesmisterJ ( назад)
This can literally be in a big movie as like the intro or something 😩

Автор Aman Gala ( назад)
This is the best drone footage video I have ever seen! Kudos to the creator! :)

Автор Alex Calish ( назад)
Wow! Amazing Footage. I hope to get something similar in Maui. Great skill.

Автор Jessica Joy ( назад)
Wow thanks for the inspiration! Beautiful video :) Greetings from Hawaii!

Автор Terry Temple ( назад)
What a Wow piece of Artistry....Thanks👊

Автор maximilianboo ( назад)
Music is from Cosmos

Автор A3I7 ( назад)
this relaxing vibes !!

Автор Lytho ( назад)
For a better experience watch in 144 p

Автор Attraction Tube HD ( назад)
Cool! I would love to visit Hawaii and film it in 4K

Автор Kayla Lavalle ( назад)

At 6min 24sec -look at the hole in the clouds and observe the tiny white dot and it's movement. It looks like it goes through the clouds. Pay close attention, because it ends at 6min 27sec.

Badass footage by the way!

Автор Pao Xiong ( назад)
@ 2:10 it's the music from Cosmos

Автор Serena Richelle ( назад)
absolutely stunning video!

Автор Bonnie Hörk ( назад)
Perfection, so deep joy and peace from watching, thank you!

Автор Andrew Wang ( назад)
Honestly the best experience is at 144p

Автор Adam Black ( назад)
omg yes, a drone w/ a ppg!! you're the man!

Автор PintoBlades ( назад)
Wow, that was awesome! TALENT

Автор Bill Ross ( назад)

Автор Elizabeth Saucier ( назад)
nicely done

Автор Mike Heneka ( назад)
Alau Island

Автор Misumaru Shimomura ( назад)
・Wonderful 4K drone video・・・I like Hawaii.

Автор ItsTotallyClaudia ( назад)
Your editing and cinematography skills are BEAUTIFUL 😍 I'm obsessed

Автор Tomzgames ( назад)
looks amazing. too bad i dont have a 4k monitor

Автор Rebecca O'Neal ( назад)
The landscape is amazing! Very well put together, look forward to seeing more!!

Автор Dominik Broulik ( назад)
probably best drone shots I have seen on Youtube... Check out my drone videos! :)

Автор Heather Murphy ( назад)
That is a beautiful video!

Автор Marco Mateo ( назад)
Great video! Did u use any lens filter for any of the shots?

Автор israa shahin ( назад)
that was awesome😜

Автор OFFICIAL V1 RNH Technologic ( назад)
the video start like scary movie

Автор pigpog2307 ( назад)
Absolutley fantastic photograohy !!

Автор marimo chan ( назад)
Amazing!! Can you link the artist's music? Thank you

Автор Lenin Quintanilla ( назад)
what frame rate did u use on this video?

Автор Chaz C ( назад)
I'm in "Awe" after viewing. Beautiful cinematic filming with the flow you would expect from a pro. Added this to my YouTube "Drone Cinematic" {playlist which are few} showing the Best...

Автор mahmanduj apa ( назад)
Like It!! Thanks!

Автор jdj9 ( назад)

Автор Troy Noffke Travel ( назад)
Really amazing video Sawyer, very inspiring to me

Автор Lorenza Audria ( назад)
its like footages to "The Lost World" film. haha incredible! have never imagined if Hawaii has wonderful green valley. Really love your footages filming.

Автор MistressWiccan ( назад)
Stunning thank you!

Автор Thunder Perseus ( назад)

Автор Steve Captures ( назад)
Awesome video man.....keep it up!! You are truly an inspiration!
It would be amazing if you could check out one of my videos as well and leave me some harsh critics :)


Автор Rayneika Hunter ( назад)
Wow, Awesome video!!!
What video editor do you use? I notice after editing my videos, the quality is TERRIBLE..

Автор Dru Sal ( назад)
One of the most beautiful places I've been to... definitely have to make it back to Maui with a drone!

Автор Travis Fanning ( назад)
What are the songs in this? I would love to use them!

Автор BRILLION ( назад)
Our planet is so beautiful.

Автор Derry Washington ( назад)
I can't stop watching your videos. Good work man....

Автор Jim Kelleher ( назад)
Thank you!!

Автор Filip Todorovic ( назад)
There is no fucking skill to these pictures wtf.

Автор KRISTIEN A ( назад)

Автор TheWebStylist ( назад)
You just fired me UP $IR to bring my Phantom DJI Pro out of the trunk (with my too fired up forward flights without really grasping 100 the flight controls mine in it's 3rd trip took a hard dive/busted some of the rubber shock/ 4 legs)
AMAZING Skills man!!

Автор KennyB123Fly ( назад)
Absolutely Beautiful Man...Thanks 4 the Awesome Views & Vibes...See Yaw, Kenny B.

Автор Daniel Handojo ( назад)
check out my cinematic videos on my channel!! thankyou guyss

Автор Afonsö Marqūes ( назад)
What a magic Place! I hope to go there sometime! Cheers from Portugal!

Автор Miss TravelTheWorld ( назад)
So amazing, your video makes me wanna go back to Hawai'i!! :)

Автор R T ( назад)
this truly is breath taking. thank you.

Автор Steyrshrek1 ( назад)
Nice cinematography.

Автор Derick Moncado ( назад)
Cosmos Soundtrack <3

Автор Beauty And The Beats ( назад)
O lord, can I please use this footage for my beat videos? I'd be a very very happy woman. Greetings from The Netherlands!

Автор Serkan Demir ( назад)
What filter/overlay do you used?

Автор sayerman ( назад)
Amazing footage! Was this graded?

Автор Eduard ( назад)
This is beautiful! And excellent music choice.

Автор Gekthegecko ( назад)
Cosmos soundtrack <3

Автор PapaPosadskiy ( назад)
Очень красиво !!!

Автор Skip-Built, RC. ( назад)
Awesome and Breath Taking. Excellent videography and editing

Автор John Espinoza ( назад)
Fucking Awesome...

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