4k Hawaii Drone Footage

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Filmed entirely on the DJI Phantom 4

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Длительность: 11:11
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Автор EmpyreanView ( назад)
great video ill subscribe, I have a couple of Hawaii and the lava flow
there. please check them out and subscribe. I need subscribers!!

Автор Pasquale Marongiu ( назад)
paradiso terrestre fantasticao.

Автор Erin Breanna ( назад)
This is sick oml

Автор Mario Rocha ( назад)
Ty. when i whatch your movies, i can imagine me flying.

Автор Pokeman Catcher ( назад)
Looks amazing never been to Hawaii :D I want to go

Автор コタニ カズヒロ 小谷 和弘 ( назад)
I found a UFO flying through the screen !!!!!! Please check time 5:19.
Something black is flying right to left with unbelievable velocity!!!!!!!

Автор HINDI YOUTUBE BOX ( назад)

Автор Andrew Aden ( назад)
sir, what is the color profile u used?

Автор SmikleHouse Productions (joshsmikle) ( назад)
does anyone know what video frame size this is?? I NEED TO KNOW!!

Автор Ken Egger ( назад)
This is a wonderful vide. It made me very happy to see such beauty. Thank

Автор mel nope ( назад)
Im curious to see how some like beat heavy intense music would do while
filming a landscape. Like how would you do the cuts to make it all fit.
Because people always opt for classical or instrumental and then the shots

Автор SoloJodaShow ( назад)
Very good man, i love your video

Автор Mircea Costiniuc ( назад)
amazing shot !!

Автор Spoon Legend ( назад)
What Is 4k

Автор Brian Reid ( назад)
How did 191 assholes thumbs down this?!This is so great! Awesome footage
sawyer! Great music selections too! Awesome to see what you can get out of
the phantom 4. 👍🏻

Автор Swagat Suryawanshi ( назад)
Lol I was searching for HD videos and enjoyed this. Then in the end saw
it's from Sawyer and then realized it's the same Sawyer from Joey
Graceffa's videos a long time back. LOL didn't know Sawyer did this.

Автор Joe Vlog (Joe Vlog) ( назад)
Holy cow sir, these videos are awesome!!! Truly inspiring! Thank you!

Автор 其實 Erpc ( назад)

Автор Joseph Ruiz ( назад)
What quality 4k was this and was it 24 or 30 fps?

Автор My3dviews ( назад)
Nice, but not a fan of the over wide aspect ratio. Would have preferred to
see it either full height or close to it.

Автор Dear_Chasey_Lain ( назад)
wonderful movie and music

Автор philtangerine ( назад)
in...CRED...i...BLE! Thanks so much for posting.

Автор Tyler Tierney ( назад)
the part at 2:03 , is that on the big Island, I remember hiking on a place
like that, do you know what that location is? I can't remember.

Автор Johnny Piersol ( назад)
Amazing!!! If you don't mind me asking, where do you get your music? or how
do you download it I should say? Just curious because I just started
filming my own drone videos and am trying to find a good place to get
music. Thanks

Автор john lemmer ( назад)
Beautifully done!

Автор Refeci Music ( назад)
crazy footage <3 love it

Автор Vanessa Mc Donald ( назад)
I want a drone soooooo bad

Автор TAG LiNE ( назад)
very beautiful, thank you.

Автор Run&Tech Channel ( назад)
come to my channel to see a lot of nothern italy footage..

Автор Anshuman Pradhan ( назад)
Just Breathtaking! This is the best of the best drone shot videos I have
ever seen.

Автор Carlos Takahashi ( назад)

Автор Jake Santos ( назад)
Hey pretty cool clips bro!

Автор Rey Rod ( назад)
Amazing work I appreciate the effort that you put into this. Thank you

Автор Perth Drone Photography ( назад)
I'm a new youtuber that post drone footage and i will soon be going to
Hawaii to get some great footage like this. So if u like drone footage hit
me up on instagram and youtube
Insta- Perthdronephotog
YT- Perth Drone Photography

Автор Елена Власова ( назад)
Частичка моего сердца осталась на Мауи.

Автор Justin Ross ( назад)
Excellent work! Nicely blended and the music also follows.

Автор Jose Rodriquez ( назад)
nice shots. I'm new to drones, love it...

Автор Kevin Doyle ( назад)
Come for the footage, stay because of the music

Автор Pau Robert ( назад)
Very Nice Video!!! What drone do you use? Thank you!!

Автор Luke Schumacher ( назад)
Is this music from Star Trek ?

Автор Serlon | Youtubeur Québecois ( назад)
Great video but the quality is too low

Автор LaRon Stewart ( назад)

Автор David Raborn ( назад)
Naked guy on motorcycle....cool.

Автор Spaced Monkey ( назад)
DUUUDEEE that first shot is perfect in everyway possible.

Автор Samuel Chopard ( назад)
Wow! That's really an amazing footage, well done!

Автор s kitchens ( назад)
Beautiful, thanks for sharing

Автор Fred Wilson ( назад)
This is the best drone video I 've seen yet, beautiful effects and
background music

Автор jra2k1 ( назад)
Is is this at 24fps or 30fps?

Автор pepper195213 ( назад)
Watched this all the way through. Beautiful!

Автор Gene Belcher ( назад)
What should I get? DJI Phantom 4,Bebop 2, or DJI Mavic I'm thinking on
getting the Mavic.

Автор Nik Fahmii ( назад)
subahanallah! this was soo breath taking😍

Автор Todd Lancour ( назад)
Just got a Phantom 4.... What Video editing program do you use. Amazing
footage !!

Автор - グルゼオン ( назад)
うわ すごい綺麗‼️

Автор Dave Rose ( назад)
Whatever you do for a job quitYou have a real talent don't waste it

Автор Dreamerm6 ( назад)
Crazy beautiful!

Автор Rey Situmorang ( назад)
I enjoyed this vid. I wished i have a nice drone like this .

Автор NightFury 7.0.7 ( назад)

Автор NightFury 7.0.7 ( назад)
In the beginning I thought it was a Alice in the wonderland Preview

Автор Dwayne Davis ( назад)

Автор Robbie O'Brien ( назад)
Can I ask what video editing software you used?

Автор Zach R ( назад)
Man this is beautiful footage thank you for making this it puts me in a
much more peaceful happier mood

Автор Danny Swallow ( назад)
You should be v proud of this

Автор Captain HerpaDerp ( назад)

Автор BAROLO dog ( назад)
Masterfully done, sir! 👍

Автор chutton888 ( назад)

Автор Alex Bell ( назад)
I just made a video of some footage I got If anyone who is good with this
stuff could give me some feedback that would be great.

Автор Dan Films Extra ( назад)
very nice, I would like a 16:9 though.

Автор Carrie Densley ( назад)
Beautiful editing, footage and music. Thank you

Автор godisgoodallthetime ( назад)
Playing on my 47" lg led 3d TV paired w a realistic receiver and 7 band eq
powering 2 cerwin Vega vs 120s

Автор Tommy Hathcock ( назад)
Good Grief.... it's beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I will never be able to
go see that in person. Thank you....

Автор AmAz Solstice ( назад)
Wow...You went beast mode in Hawaii!

Автор Manny G. Forever ( назад)
These are breathtaking!! Wow!

Автор Luka Ljubicic ( назад)
Stunning pics

Автор Anna's Eating Show ( назад)
i love this!

Автор William Cole-French ( назад)
And to think I have a $80 dollar drone

Автор Thomas Ellis ( назад)
What drone do you have?

Автор leo chou ( назад)
nice, and i like your music

Автор Hypsan ( назад)
A quality drone resistant to wind.....a 4K camera.....and the
ultra-important GIMBAL mount, and it's the stuff of Hollywood without the
$2,000/hr helicopter. Very nice editing! Soothing soundtrack. I forgot
about my day-long headache for 11 minutes! Thank you, Sawyer!!

Автор Riz Rahman ( назад)
is this the phantom 4 pro or just the phantom 4?

Автор fastdak25 ( назад)
The music that starts at 02:10 I thought was from the movie Contact.
Shazamed it and of course it's the Cosmos theme. Then I remembered that the
same dude did both soundtracts (looked it up when Cosmos with Neil first
aired cause of how similar the music was to Contact's)

Автор Pooly Goliath ( назад)

Автор Pooly Goliath ( назад)

Автор Pooly Goliath ( назад)

Автор Pooly Goliath ( назад)
One by one

Автор VisualVibesProd. ( назад)
love it !!! :)

Автор william Griffin ( назад)
i watch lots of drone videos.. this was one of the best Ive ever seen.. wow
just wow

Автор Andrew Andron Droneguy ( назад)
Nice video! What's the music, please?

Автор YouTubertz ( назад)
wow i wish meh games looked like this

Автор Mike Thompson ( назад)
This was a very beautiful video it brought back wonderful memories. Thank
you very much.

Автор Mike Thompson ( назад)
My wife and I have been to Maui. Especially Hana Maui, it was so beautiful
there. The road to Hana was quite amazing

Автор TheGamingAlien ( назад)
never knew my laptop was 4k

Автор abdellahalsaidi RBLX ( назад)
LOL My phone max quality is 480p.

Автор MrNinja Rocket League and more ( назад)
I felt like it was movie

Автор TAPP Channel ( назад)
great footage out of Hawaii. Good job

Автор Robert Rainey (Bearclawws) ( назад)
Was this Maui? Looked a lot like it. Great video!

Автор M ( назад)
we have a beautiful earth

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