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Автор tyler henry (7 месяцев)

Автор stomme osman (11 месяцев)
wich type knife he used?

Автор 3DrAgSwAg (1 год)
Genius :)

Автор Reckyz Rose (1 год)
This is deep

Автор MONOPOLY35 (5 лет)
What makes these shows even more intriguing is that the big time criminals
get caught because of sloppiness, an over the top lifestyle, and greed.

Автор hustling0109 (1 год)
stephen jory is dead now tho and dont forget he war the fake purfume king

Автор LtheYAK (2 года)
murdered?? ..

Автор Team Spyderco (4 года)
@darkjeshush BNW wtf chinese counterfeit BMW?

Автор Alisher Usmano (2 года)
it was not six billion, no way thats over exadurated by far!!!! 100 mill at
most man how could this guy buy so much paint imaginan how many bills he
would print it would rock the british economy to the core man I'm guessing
like he printed 50 million around if not less, where would he put all that

Автор BiggieSmalls11111 (3 года)
LOL wow i didnt realize you had this unrealistic thought about black people

Автор GTR915X (2 года)
haha you'd be suprised if i tell you about the australian

Автор LuciusLongnius (2 года)
so im watching this haha and why isnt he locked up? ohh whats that ? he has
money oh ok got it!

Автор Bishal Palpali (2 года)
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Автор MrZilchZilla (2 года)
Actually he never had real currency.

Автор InvinsableEggroll (3 года)
The question is... HOW DID HE DO IT?

Автор johnnyjr2345 (2 года)
I'm in. I'll bring the printers.

Автор johnnyjr2345 (2 года)
Cuffs realy? Comment Fail. You tried to sound like a cool cowboy spoiling
the plot, but you ended up sounding Broke Back Mountainish. lmao

Автор FC Dunav (4 года)
Thank you for the upload!!!

Автор thebabydeno (3 года)
@kevinkards1 why the fuck would you wish death on some1? yhur a dumb ass
god is gona get you for that!!

Автор HOMEnHIGH (3 года)
why are white criminals called masterminds..?

Автор sacofwine (2 года)
"The pound is the hardest currency to counterfeit" ??? lol please... these
guys have obviously never picked up Australian currency im willing to bet
that is 100X more hard to counterfeit.

Автор Rechard kk (1 год)
Common folks must "earn" it via "hardwork". Bankers print it out thin air
and wipe their asses with fiat paper back by thin air. Now they have better
solution, digital number via electronically transfer. They don’t even need
to print it anymore, they made it up via pressing a few buttoms.

Автор Mike Sullivan (6 лет)
I concur...thanks much!!

Автор EnterTheTerrible (3 года)
@eliteinventor lol

Автор Laz N (2 года)
the question is: why he fucked it up

Автор George Carty (3 года)
@ThisIsAndrewSteele Actually "Masterminds" is a Canadian series, not

Автор BiggieSmalls11111 (3 года)
LOL That's pretty dumb i mean theres tons of black criminals who have taken
it far past whites or anyother race for that matter.....Ever heard of Frank
Lucas for example?

Автор TheVoodooLion (1 год)
as usual it was greed that got him caught in the end, like most criminals.
i believe there is millionaires out there who made their money through
illicit gains and stopped when they reached enough, so they may never be
caught now. they were happy with a couple of million not tens of millions.

Автор TrollMastaProduction (2 года)
Where are you guys meeting? I'll bring the cuffs. It'll be a really fun

Автор killaz4life24 (5 лет)
wow he made em change dey money lol

Автор john derbyshire (4 года)
more my channel for more great vids

Автор iaindavidjones (4 года)
R.I.P Steven. You are missed. :(

Автор criminal268 (2 года)
what you got

Автор sheerhades2 (2 года)
6 Years 4 fake perfume

Автор Jack Ross (3 года)
HA ! What a legend. This dude is what ALL crims aspire to be but never make
it. For your average crim to mimic what this dude can do they would need to
be reborn with a whole new set of genetics. I too have got a sure way to
make a fast mill. Anyone wants in, let me know (I won't accept just anyone
though) It's legit and plausible but most importantly, it's legal.

Автор OmfgFernando (4 года)
those two thumbs down were from steven jorys parents

Автор Jimmy Darmody (4 года)
Did he say he got 6 years for those fake perfumes?

Автор kilo gee (5 лет)
ya great show, very simple to understand

Автор Boris R. (4 года)
@runescaper128 yeah his name is Wesley Weber, i found that episode a few
months back but its gone now :(

Автор Defuf (5 лет)
There's one with a Indian Guy in the late 1999's In Toronto Ontario (
Rexdale ) Steeling cars from toronto pearson airport and shipping them
world wide forgot the name to it tho

Автор Green Plasticbag (5 лет)

Автор sheerhades2 (2 года)

Автор BigMintsBrainbox (3 года)
@HOMEnHIGH cause masterminds commit white collar crime

Автор nimmy yousaf (4 года)
1 of the dangerous man in engalnd loool

Автор theisoganders (3 года)
THIS show should be the one called "criminal minds" hahah...:P

Автор Rechard kk (1 год)
Fuck off, when the Centre Bankers do it, its call the great stimulus QE
package. When Wall Street requested the gov to do it, its call the too big
to fail bailout. When common folks do it, it criminal offense. One set of
rule for the elites, another set of rules for the common people.

Автор djnextone (4 года)
@djnextone then again i'm sure someone will get the polymer sooner or
later. matter of time.

Автор toweronepower (4 года)
2:45 LOL

Автор energymc22 (3 года)
@kevinkards1 Jory died in a heart attack after a car accident in 2006

Автор johnnyjr2345 (2 года)

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