Masterminds - Making Millions (1 of 3)

Steven Jory was the most successful counterfeiter England had ever seen. Starting in the late nineties, he flooded the British market with fifty million pounds. A master of counter surveillance and isolating his accomplices from each other, Jory turned his fake money empire into real millions for himself.

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Автор tyler henry ( назад)

Автор stomme osman ( назад)
wich type knife he used?

Автор 3DrAgSwAg ( назад)
Genius :)

Автор Reckyz Rose ( назад)
This is deep

Автор TheVoodooLion ( назад)
as usual it was greed that got him caught in the end, like most criminals.
i believe there is millionaires out there who made their money through
illicit gains and stopped when they reached enough, so they may never be
caught now. they were happy with a couple of million not tens of millions.

Автор Rechard kk ( назад)
Common folks must "earn" it via "hardwork". Bankers print it out thin air
and wipe their asses with fiat paper back by thin air. Now they have better
solution, digital number via electronically transfer. They don’t even need
to print it anymore, they made it up via pressing a few buttoms.

Автор Rechard kk ( назад)
Fuck off, when the Centre Bankers do it, its call the great stimulus QE
package. When Wall Street requested the gov to do it, its call the too big
to fail bailout. When common folks do it, it criminal offense. One set of
rule for the elites, another set of rules for the common people.

Автор Iclickudrop ( назад)
Guys, there is NO way this is a cop.

Автор Global Monetary Reset HQ ( назад)
The federal reserve is the greatest counterfeiter of all time

Автор James Bond ( назад)
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printing company,we produce the highest quality of euro &u.s. dollar
banknotes... we sell them (strictly) for projection
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not be used (against the law)

Автор sizwe christopher ( назад)
I whant 2 start a counterfit business anyone whant 2 join in email me at

Автор Laz N ( назад)
the question is: why he fucked it up

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Автор Charles Williamson ( назад)

Автор Charles Williamson ( назад)
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Автор TheRocking37 ( назад)
I have a question, have you thought about this thing called the Intellitus
Cash System? (go search google). My mom says it gets people lots of cash.

Автор LtheYAK ( назад)
murdered?? ..

Автор ze62948 ( назад)
the real masterminds are still out there

Автор pedlo pazuzu ( назад)
if they were indeed masterminds we would still be wondering how they did
it... or even better we wouldnt even knew its happening...or it happened..

Автор racingfanz ( назад)
and yet united states of America paper money is accepted the world over but
British money is not.you try to spend it here in America and we will refuse

Автор sheerhades2 ( назад)
6 Years 4 fake perfume

Автор sheerhades2 ( назад)

Автор Alisher Usmano ( назад)
I KNOW RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Alisher Usmano (1519 лет назад)
it was not six billion, no way thats over exadurated by far!!!! 100 mill at
most man how could this guy buy so much paint imaginan how many bills he
would print it would rock the british economy to the core man I'm guessing
like he printed 50 million around if not less, where would he put all that

Автор johnnyjr2345 ( назад)

Автор TrollMastaProduction ( назад)
A Freudian Slip on your part. At least now I know what sexual orientation
you are. This is your conscious' way of coming out of the closet.

Автор johnnyjr2345 ( назад)
Cuffs realy? Comment Fail. You tried to sound like a cool cowboy spoiling
the plot, but you ended up sounding Broke Back Mountainish. lmao

Автор TrollMastaProduction ( назад)
Where are you guys meeting? I'll bring the cuffs. It'll be a really fun

Автор MrZilchZilla ( назад)
Actually he never had real currency.

Автор energymc22 ( назад)
Locked up years ago! This is ancient...

Автор johnnyjr2345 ( назад)
I'm in. I'll bring the printers.

Автор LuciusLongnius ( назад)
so im watching this haha and why isnt he locked up? ohh whats that ? he has
money oh ok got it!

Автор criminal268 ( назад)
what you got

Автор Burbank Callero ( назад)
I'm down with the counterfitting money

Автор GTR915X ( назад)
haha you'd be suprised if i tell you about the australian

Автор sacofwine ( назад)
"The pound is the hardest currency to counterfeit" ??? lol please... these
guys have obviously never picked up Australian currency im willing to bet
that is 100X more hard to counterfeit.

Автор Jack Ross ( назад)
HA ! What a legend. This dude is what ALL crims aspire to be but never make
it. For your average crim to mimic what this dude can do they would need to
be reborn with a whole new set of genetics. I too have got a sure way to
make a fast mill. Anyone wants in, let me know (I won't accept just anyone
though) It's legit and plausible but most importantly, it's legal.

Автор Vikram Thapar ( назад)
@5:23 in england armed police is only used to combact armed suspects and
normal police does not have guns so its not a proper reconstruction

Автор B4PH0M3T ( назад)
I dont think its brainwashing LOL you have no proof of that so why would i
try to argue with it?? And Malcom X was a horrible representation for black
people, all he wanted to do was have a community of blacks nothing but
blacks, made for blacks, and and made BY blacks, NOBODY WANTS THAT, we want
to be equal with everyone else here not seperate ourselves creating even
more problems between the normal African American and the Bourgeoisie's.

Автор TheUnknownGrower ( назад)
so you think rap music is no brainwashing?and that black culture was not
shaped by hollywood and rap?to get kids into prison as slaves?im not
against blacks....im against todays black culture....they should look up to
malcolm x and martin l.king and the black panthers....not 50cent.rap
culture is cultural engeneering....even if its sounds cool.

Автор B4PH0M3T ( назад)
LOL wow i didnt realize you had this unrealistic thought about black people

Автор TheUnknownGrower ( назад)
lets say they always act like stupid clowns....loud mouth posers.and frank
lukas was mid level dealer compared to today...they are tradinging in
metric tons today.and nicky barns and frank lukas were known to everybody
in harlem.i dont call that succesfull.successfull dealers stay UNKNOWN.and
no1 dealer is cia and us government anyway.the whole black culture and rap
is just brainwashing to lure kids into criminal lifestyle and slavery...in

Автор B4PH0M3T ( назад)
LOL That's pretty dumb i mean theres tons of black criminals who have taken
it far past whites or anyother race for that matter.....Ever heard of Frank
Lucas for example?

Автор TheUnknownGrower ( назад)
blacks are not as intelligent as whites so they are always low level

Автор theisoganders ( назад)
THIS show should be the one called "criminal minds" hahah...:P

Автор BigMintsBrainbox (1701 год назад)
@HOMEnHIGH cause masterminds commit white collar crime

Автор BigMintsBrainbox ( назад)
lol, i actually would say based o testimonials from mates that british
pound sin'y the easiest to counterfeit but it passes easiest

Автор HOMEnHIGH ( назад)
why are white criminals called masterminds..?

Автор thebabydeno ( назад)
@kevinkards1 why the fuck would you wish death on some1? yhur a dumb ass
god is gona get you for that!!

Автор StarryKid06 ( назад)
@GCarty80 We do-- United Statesian. It's pretty awkward to say though.

Автор George Carty ( назад)
@StarryKid06 I meant "not from the United States" -- it's a pity we don't
have an English word corresponding to the Spanish "estadounidense"...

Автор StarryKid06 ( назад)
@GCarty80 Canada has ceased to be part of North America?

Автор joseph t ( назад)
"they can bailout a small country with that kind of money" but not enough
for 1 of the CEO of (AIG, Bank of America,Lehman Brothers...)Wall Street
bonus scandal.

Автор George Carty ( назад)
@ThisIsAndrewSteele Actually "Masterminds" is a Canadian series, not

Автор energymc22 ( назад)
@kevinkards1 Jory died in a heart attack after a car accident in 2006

Автор Stewie Griffin ( назад)
lol love how the Americans have put there own twist on this, since when do
English coppers point guns? lol

Автор Frustrate ( назад)
2:55 with CC "this is really fingernail"

Автор EnterTheTerrible ( назад)
@eliteinventor lol

Автор InvinsableEggroll ( назад)
The question is... HOW DID HE DO IT?

Автор eliteinventor (565 лет назад)
what mastermind he went to jail

Автор Team Spyderco ( назад)
@darkjeshush BNW wtf chinese counterfeit BMW?

Автор Chuna Fish ( назад)
How is he not Asian? My uncle from Shanghai is a millionaire, but he still
wears a Polex Presidential, drives a BNW 760Li, and wears a Zegma suit to
work. He is a partnership managing director at Goldmon Sochs, lives in a
penthouse overlooking Centrel Parc, and also owns a beach house in the

Автор FC Dunav ( назад)
Thank you for the upload!!!

Автор toweronepower ( назад)
2:45 LOL

Автор john derbyshire (819 лет назад)
more my channel for more great vids

Автор Oscar Malisz ( назад)
6 years for selling Fake perfume? WTF?

Автор Blix Exx ( назад)
Yeah that is outrageous. Nobody died from perfum and 6 long years!

Автор TheMxwhip ( назад)
@ShoveTyranny yes please do i once saw that episode its one of my favorites

Автор linandyl2000 ( назад)
Need to watch my video and you will find a better way to make money...

Автор imsosilky ( назад)
the question is.... how can I do it??

Автор bookwormbandit ( назад)
Maybe the Guadeloupe defense would have resulted in a different outcome.

Автор Equity213 ( назад)
"They couldnt put up with a bit of competition". LOL no kidding.
Counterfeiting is wrong because it dilutes the money supply and steals
purchasing power from other people. So how is it any different when the
central bank prints money and dilutes the money supply? It has the same

Автор nimmy yousaf ( назад)
1 of the dangerous man in engalnd loool

Автор Ryan Chan ( назад)
best show next to chuck

Автор Babania1 ( назад)
i think i bought a couple of grand of these notes myself in 1993/4 they
were excellant forgeries, had no trouble spending them!! Fuck Bank of

Автор sfholton ( назад)
Good screw the bank of England and the fed there the freaking crooks

Автор MONOPOLY35 ( назад)
@kevinkards1 The law says that the maximum possible sentence for
counterfeiting is 15 years. It used to be that counterfeiting was
punishable by death. However, mankind was desensitized into lowering the
maximum sentence over the years.

Автор iaindavidjones ( назад)
R.I.P Steven. You are missed. :(

Автор Boris R. ( назад)
@runescaper128 yeah his name is Wesley Weber, i found that episode a few
months back but its gone now :(

Автор Damon .K ( назад)
3 bankers dislike this video;)

Автор Jimmy Darmody ( назад)
Did he say he got 6 years for those fake perfumes?

Автор sheemsheem ( назад)
This was obvious Mi6 and CIA government work :)

Автор OmfgFernando ( назад)
those two thumbs down were from steven jorys parents

Автор Dj Next ( назад)
@Ingle92protege right interesting. i hate the polymer notes we have btw.
just doesn't feel like money. i love the pound notes.

Автор KingofStarfox ( назад)
Most crimes I say 'sure they're brilliant and you gotta respect their guts
and brains, but really you could make more just by learning how to play the
stock market'. But in this case 6 billion in fake money?? Okay, now that's
worth risking jail for! This guy's amazing.

Автор Dj Next ( назад)
@djnextone then again i'm sure someone will get the polymer sooner or
later. matter of time.

Автор Dj Next ( назад)
1:20 - i very much doubt pound is world's most difficult, at least not
since AU removed all paper money and small bills. the pound note is still
paper. AU polymer bills would be harder i bet and there are no small

Автор Dj Next ( назад)
@KennTollens i know what the hell are they doing? apparently there's many
episodes, 100+. i want them. NOW!!!

Автор KennTollens ( назад)
I want to buy this series, but can't find it anywhere on DVD and have only
found a couple episodes online

Автор The7legacy . ( назад)
I love the opening music!!!!!!!!!!

Автор AntiSharkSpray ( назад)
Wasn't there another counterfeiter in Canada on this show? I wanna watch it

Автор MONOPOLY35 ( назад)
What makes these shows even more intriguing is that the big time criminals
get caught because of sloppiness, an over the top lifestyle, and greed.

Автор uzipolo ( назад)
there is a DVD from Sony Classic called The Counterfeiters is a true story
of Salomon Sorowitsch a swindler who made a name for himself as Berlin's
"King of the Counterfeiters." he is arrested and placed in a Nazi
concentration camp. With the German army on the verge of bankruptcy,
Sorowitsch makes a deal in jail in exchange for a comfortable bed, good
food and fair treatment, Sorowitsch, along with the other hand-picked
specialists, must counterfeit bank notes to fund the Nazi War effort

Автор uzipolo ( назад)
@3:47 ...the question is...How did he do it?

Автор Defuf ( назад)
There's one with a Indian Guy in the late 1999's In Toronto Ontario (
Rexdale ) Steeling cars from toronto pearson airport and shipping them
world wide forgot the name to it tho

Автор kilo gee ( назад)
ya great show, very simple to understand

Автор MarkMillionaireGuru ( назад)
Hi MstrMndsTV I have just been watching your video and I must admit it
really is very good. I really enjoyed watching it. Already looking forward
to more of the same in the future. Cheers to your success. Mark McCulloch

Автор Green Plasticbag ( назад)

Автор killaz4life24 ( назад)
wow he made em change dey money lol

Автор 262nd ( назад)
same hear i love these show!

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