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Автор Amelia Barnes ( назад)
Lol cuz disturbed defo makes ur hair have more volume .. nah just gets you
down with the sickness 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

Автор nigelsewell ( назад)
please do a video of people that do home decor hauls.... that would be
you give me life girl, been going through a tough time and u keep me
laughing thanks☆♡☆♡☆♡☆

Автор Isabella Moloca ( назад)
I like your stupidities

Автор Such Panda ( назад)
subscribe to me

Автор Myia Morash ( назад)
im going to use these hacks lol

Автор Dis Mah Derp Face ( назад)
I simply CAN'T be the only one that has actually done the hair as floss
thing in the past.

Автор BJ Gaming ( назад)
17 days thats picific me 17 days 10 hours 12 minutes and 5 seconds that is

Автор Louisa ( назад)
I would give liza a like just for still making videos I love her so much

Автор Nico Nico ( назад)
2:25 true af

Автор samara alasssaf ( назад)
1:40 why you say that about harry😢😕😠

Автор Mary somo ( назад)
Omg why do I always watch ⌚️ hahaha Lizza over and over again

Автор N Williams ( назад)
same bro

Автор NerdyGal ( назад)

Автор Terrie Grace ( назад)
okay, I'm very interested in these and I'm looking forward to trying them
thank you.

Автор Abigail Mcconnell ( назад)
I love ❤️ u I'm a 9year GIRL

Автор Lwiri ( назад)
She stole hlega glasses

Автор lee rina ( назад)
am literally crying of laughter😂😂😂😂

Автор Islander People_RULE123 ( назад)
When she was like "thumbs up if I'm right *ting*" when the ring came I
liked at the same time😂😂😂

Автор itsoceanx ( назад)
0 seconds into the video and already hits that like button..

Автор Emerald Prince ( назад)
She's so pretty.

Автор Liz Scully ( назад)
lmao you sprayed so much batiste I thought I smelled it

Автор edmar lunar ( назад)
are u insane?

Автор Lili Kallas ( назад)
Fuck yah disturbed!

Автор Marissa Phan ( назад)
Until you look borderline racist

Автор Rindetta ( назад)

Автор Eli ( назад)
Subscribe to my channel and like my fricken video

Автор Luna Lovegood ( назад)

Автор Britany Martinez ( назад)
I am

Автор Karla Gallardo ( назад)

Автор Gabbie Bray ( назад)
Beatuy Hack 12
R.I.P. Head Phone Users

Автор Chloe Weller ( назад)
"Mixes with mac lipstick"

Автор Rock Goddess ( назад)

Автор Destiny Magadan ( назад)
This video is so funny!

Автор Destiny Magadan ( назад)
This video is so funny 😂😂😂

Автор Destiny Magadan ( назад)
Love this video

Автор Alyssa Adelstein ( назад)
Please can you make a expectations vs reality videos

Автор Our Journeys ( назад)
I am watching this in 2017

Автор Jose Manuel ( назад)
this is funny

Автор Jose Manuel ( назад)
I'm watching in 2017

Автор Cinnamon Elliott ( назад)

Автор Melissa Melissa ( назад)
When bubba Sparks came on

Автор Stratiatella Meow ( назад)
I need the song from the "volume for your hair"- hack!!!!

Автор TheShadowGirl 0706534 ( назад)
Don't like the coments that say who is watching In 2017 because they just
want likes

Автор Anne Bertucci ( назад)
Your videos are so cool

Автор Gabriella Jones ( назад)

Автор gianna calabro ( назад)
the things things liza does for us lol

Автор draw whatever ( назад)
2.40 she uses lipstick to mix it! 😄😍she bæ

Автор Glenda Jones ( назад)

Автор Cindy Bradshaw ( назад)
new sub! love ur vids and ur just too adorable. I would so claim u as my
daughter lol

Автор Chibi Sanyo ( назад)
Wow, you have 6 million subs, but 13 million views on this vid! That's
awesome, Liza~ Love ya!

Автор Gracie Smith ( назад)
I just noticed..she said do you wanna know the "secrets" of being
beautiful? Well no one knows, I don't know ask "Victoria." I never noticed
she was quoting Victoria's Secret

Автор Ivelisse Lopez ( назад)
I have watched all of Liza's videos

Автор Kristina Alic ( назад)

Автор Alva Wedenlid ( назад)
Luuuuuv your shirt Liza❤❤🦋

Автор Lucy N ( назад)
Hogwarts t-shirt says everything about this video❤️

Автор Shan Thorpe ( назад)

Just found this channel ! havent even finished watching the video BUT HACK
#5 2:26 TO 2:47 (I JUSST DIED!!)

Автор Marija Miskovic ( назад)
Can't wait for the 7million subs special :3

Автор Lion pie ( назад)
who's watching in 2017?

Автор Antonia Van Der Vliet ( назад)
my 3 yr old nephew whatched this and laughed his but of

Автор Jessica Gegan ( назад)
She deserves all the subscribers in the world ❤️

Автор Alex Amy McAvoy Lambert ( назад)
Daily positive <3 love Liza ))

Автор Galaxy Arctic wolf ( назад)
am i the only one who thumbs up before lizza starts her intro and knows it
will be already funny XD

Автор zen milk ( назад)

Автор Dianna O ( назад)
I don't get why people dislike her videos their amaze balls 🤣

Автор TheDuck BobThatDabs ( назад)

Автор Sensei Kensy ( назад)
Savage lol

Автор WorldOfGamersT T ( назад)
Who is watching this in 2019

Автор Sparkle7 ( назад)
"And a blackberry because your not racist" what ever happened with white
berry's 😂

Автор ken collins ( назад)
Thanks for the P.O box #. Don't worry I won't send you poop.

Автор Larry Shipper ( назад)
laughing aloud bc of jokes thx

Автор Bethany Dean ( назад)
I love u❤ because your the only you tuber who's intro I can watch without
skipping it

Автор Mini Cookieswirl c ( назад)

Автор Kirra Rich ( назад)
I think your hilarious 😜

Автор Sweet Girl ( назад)
5:27 though

Автор Zahra Husseini ( назад)
I love reading people's comments
there're so much fun to read😃😃😃
if you love reading comments then
like this comment 😙😙😙😙

Автор Violetrose ( назад)
Damn! all those likes!

Автор Lps Tali ( назад)
omg she wears a hogwarts shirt i love harry potter

Автор Rachel Forester ( назад)
Well you already have my thumbs up

Автор PandaBubblez210 ( назад)
Into sooo funny

Автор Sophie Kelley ( назад)

Автор Annaleys Duran ( назад)

Автор Grandmixerezd ( назад)
Really David's hair 😜😝😄😅😆

Автор little princess ( назад)
I haven't been on Lizza so long I forgot how funny she was so I laughed so

Автор Maskofphantoms AJ ( назад)
Watch as someone actually does these

Автор Natasha Hernandez King ( назад)
Bruh!! She is so relatable! Ahhh!!! I love her so much!

Автор Hammie TV ( назад)
can I actally do these hacks xD

Автор Monica Mata ( назад)
soooooo 867k people thought she was right at the beginning

Автор Victoria Wells ( назад)
Lol my name is Victoria I think u said Victoria

Автор kari reuter ( назад)
Who's watching in 2017 like this comment

Автор Carla Miller ( назад)
I love your booty hacks

Автор Kristall LP ( назад)

Автор Sidhuz_05 sidhu ( назад)

Автор Jessica Taylor ( назад)
Who's Victoria

Автор Mia Conover ( назад)
You r so funny 😂

Автор Bailey Stevens ( назад)

Автор kennedy lesaine ( назад)
im done I laughed too hard

Автор Haylie Santana ( назад)
I love you lizza

Автор Kim lokward ( назад)
5:21 RIP headphone users

Автор Junior Fortes ( назад)

Автор IzzyWarrix ( назад)
I can imagine going to Lizas house and seeing eyebrows on every door 😂

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