S + KClO3

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Автор Oanh trần ( назад)
vnamese !

Автор Huỳnh ThếSơn ( назад)

Автор Kikyou sama ( назад)
3S + 2KClO3 ->3SO2 + 2KCl

Автор Sam Lu ( назад)
@vvvReVoluZZeRvvv Vietnamese man :))

Автор Kikyou sama ( назад)
sulfur reacts with potassium chlorate the test tube contains solid
potassium chlorate burn the test tube above an alcohol burner until
potassium chlorate melts add a small quantity of sulfur powder to the test
tube. we can see sulfur burns giving a blue-violet flame and simultaneous
release a opalescent fume. put a litmus paper soaked with distilled water
on the top of the test tube, it becomes red. products of the reaction are
potassium chloride and sulfur dioxide.

Автор frzferdinand72 ( назад)
Lol, silly english-speakers, thinking the internet is exclusively for

Автор Thang Loi Pham ( назад)
Translation: Reaction of Sulfur with Potassium Chlorate. The test tube
contains solid Potassium Chlorate. Heat until the solid melts. Add a small
amount of Sulfur into the test tube. We can see that the Sulfur burn with a
blue flame, releasing a white fume. Place the moist blue litmus paper on
top of the test tube. The blue litmus paper becomes red. The products of
the reaction are Potassium Chloride and Sulfur Dioxide.

Автор Diamond Dalson ( назад)
Vietnamese of course, me myself a Vietnamese, so I can understand anything
they said !

Автор Neil Poss ( назад)
@vvvReVoluZZeRvvv I don't know for sure, but I'd guess it's probably
Vietnamese, maybe Thai...

Автор spotlightman1234 ( назад)
@xCaRaMelLix sulfur dioxide and potassium chlorate also tiny trace amounts
of sulfur trioxide

Автор TyBydlakuTy ( назад)
@Peterditaa Widać jesteś za młody, ZSRR było głównym dostawcą broni dla
Wietnamu w swoim czasie i można było język poćwiczyć z sojusznikami ;)

Автор Peterditaa ( назад)
@TyBydlakuTy Почему нет, вьетнамский. Я не понимаю.

Автор TyBydlakuTy ( назад)
@Peterditaa ucz się języków ciapo

Автор Krindol ( назад)
@vvvReVoluZZeRvvv That's because it's not Chinese... It's Vietnamese.

Автор xCaRaMelLix ( назад)
Can you tell me who are the producs of this reaction?

Автор mewrox99 ( назад)
Sulfur in molten KClO3. KClO3 + S is considered dangerous enough not molten

Автор Hydroxybenzeen ( назад)
It's safer to place the test tube under an angle of 45 degrees.

Автор Tankerrob ( назад)
Bac Si di di mau

Автор leihoa ( назад)
its veitnamese, you ignorant morons (and no, I am NOT vietnamese, I just
like to learn about the world, instead of playing dumb games).

Автор hhmm89 ( назад)
wat is da language russinese?!

Автор SuperAllol ( назад)

Автор vvvReVoluZZeRvvv ( назад)
What a f...ing language - sound like chinese played backwards - lol!

Автор antiswattt ( назад)
haha funny language xD but anyways plz try red phosphorus i wanna see if
red phosphorus reacts with molten kclo3 qx blood will also be great thanks

Автор ther0flcopter ( назад)
thats a nice blue flame!

Автор Peterditaa ( назад)
speak english please!

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