Chanting Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo for peace

This is moi chanting diamoku by the spot where I had a serious car accident, to release the trauma and apply the secret of positive manifestation to my life on all levels! Onward and upward always! I try to chant everyday for my human revolution, this is my secret and is the law of attraction in action. The organization I am a member of for this Buddhism is called Soka Gakkai and is dedicated to world peace (kosen rufu). See www.sgi-usa.com for more info!

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Автор Dan Downing ( назад)
Of course perfection is the goal, however we all learn at our own pace. The Lotus Sutra is relatively easy to memorize but I think it can take lifetime(s) to comprehend. One who stumbles at recitation does not necessary mean they do not comprehend the sutra. The fact that someone has reached it shows a long journey. Intention is the key.
My two cents worth, thank you.

Автор lookseeworld ( назад)

Автор mjdph95 ( назад)
Wouaw bravo,par coeur en plus,bonne continuation.

Автор Debra Thiel ( назад)
go get on with youre badself goodjob

Автор Dwayne Sean Williams ( назад)
love ur video. am new to this and i wanna learn more

Автор Sidi Haroun ( назад)
issai usally means one year old does it mean it here in this sense?:)

Автор Sidi Haroun ( назад)
@mandalula im sorry if i sounded offenive i didnt mena. I actually thought you chanting was quite beautiful.:)

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@aftereffects00 Thank you for your kind comment ~ I have posted another more recent one too!

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@Morgainell hahaha~ My uniquness is my power Im a singer so I willl sing song it ALL Day long. My VOICE, my individuality is the power in my prayer and no comment organization or ANYTHING can take this from me! U dig?
Peace be with u Morgainell and May U GAIn compassion and realization, depth of meaning and purpose through your post <3 light~*

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@slashthegreen Thanks for your kind comment ~ We are all unique individuals and can use this constructively in chanting , singing , living :) Infinite love and gratitude!

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@cuchulain55 yep I practice everyday , this video was from quite some time ago, i do have it memorized now. But hey, This is me, its how i do , keep on hatin' and criticisin if that's ur thing ~that's bout how far it will get u though. PEACE! I think you should be motivated by lovingkindness, compassion and love!

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
Respond to this video...
Gratitude for your kind comment ~ U 2 R very sweet and I wish you only the best on your path and personal human revolution!~ Love Peace and Harmony ! I Am doing It ALL~ Simultaneously ;)

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@nichirenista Thank you for your kind comment ~ U 2 r sweet and I wish you luck in your personal human revolution~ Love peace and harmony to U ~ I am doing it ALL~ simultaneously ;)

Автор Sidi Haroun ( назад)
i think you should practice so you can memorize it all by heart. And why are y rushing it and speeding up?

Автор Dina Gomez ( назад)
COMO PUEDO INICIAR CON EL BUDISMO, he leido bastante y he escuchado algunos cantos a Budda, y definitivamente es muy relajante y energizante para mi, podria alguien decirme, como puedo hacerlo?

Автор Slash ( назад)
nice video.. i love it

Автор ForeverpraisingJAH ( назад)
thank you, this is a wonderful nam myoho renge kyo!!!!!!!!
you are a beautiful person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Skjoldur Eyfjord ( назад)
thanks for shering

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@natsumikang This is the way I learned it from Japanese practitioners. Yes I am well aware of the language of the sutra, and NO you are incorrect ! It is not is sanskrit which was the language of nobles and scholors but rather the common language so that all may understand .because WE ARE ALL ONE.. Call it a cult and hate if you desire , but you speak out of ignorance and fear and this only brings negativity to you ~ peace

Автор Natsumikang N ( назад)
why in Japanese accent?
buddha is an indian and the original sutra is in sanskrit you know.

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@jan7955 Blessings to you as well ~ I am posting another soon!

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@ELVIS525 Thank you ~ I love that great mantra of compassion as well! Love and light <3

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@natsumikang can you translate please?

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@dearjony hahha I love you and I haven't met you yet - bjork

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@johnnyfly91 theres always a new chance , with every breath ~ post another! I am posting another soon!

Автор Jeroen Kumeling ( назад)
Thank You very much

Автор nichirenista ( назад)
you are very sweet. good luck with your life. whatever you do.

Автор Toby Wiltshire ( назад)
you are a true bodisattva.........nam-myoho-renge-kyo

Автор joshenell299 ( назад)
i love it made me happy :P

Автор j. dupre ( назад)
at least she's trying

Автор Aya Kab ( назад)
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Just beautiful!! I'm so gladyou expiated that karma and survived to make more great causes!!! THANK YOU you just got me to do part A :-) I have a wicked hard time sitting down to chant, sometimes chant along w cats on youtube........CHANTING ROX!!! Try it y'all.....such a gift to humanity..

Автор Natsumikang N ( назад)

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
The true spirit of this Buddhist practices flourishes every day , every breath with those who are dedicated to the universal law~*

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
Thank you , I am considering making another video~ I am glad that it has made you happy, for this is a major focus of my life, a part of being a universal servant of humanity!

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
Thanks for your comment- Love and light~*

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
Infinite peace, love light, gratitude, and harmony now and forever!

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
Infinite love and gratitude! I am working on my posture and practice everyday ~ Blessings!

Автор sontjeboy ( назад)
Dont need to offend her !
She treis to do her best , so we have to appreciate that.
those who reach an hand to the buddha when he is in need, are the pioneers of an better society.

Namyoho Rengue Kyo and be a good freinds for the freinds of the buddha.


Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
I see the infinite in all things and believe we can reach oneness with the universe, sky, nature.. to have such a practice shows i have culminated it from within, yet in releasing ego i know it is not all about me.... thanks for your comment and may your buddha nature too overcome.

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
Thank you SGI brother for your kind comment! Love peace and harmony 4eva!

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
THANKS for your positive comment.. Infinite Gratitude, love, light,peace and harmony 4eva!

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
Gratitude for commenting on my video..I need to learn how to edit them. This one was taken past easter morning in the spot where I had my car accident in 1999. More to come! xoox

Автор catandpiddle ( назад)
good girl!

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