Chanting Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo for peace

This is moi chanting diamoku by the spot where I had a serious car accident, to release the trauma and apply the secret of positive manifestation to my life on all levels! Onward and upward always! I try to chant everyday for my human revolution, this is my secret and is the law of attraction in action. The organization I am a member of for this Buddhism is called Soka Gakkai and is dedicated to world peace (kosen rufu). See www.sgi-usa.com for more info!

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Автор Dan Downing ( назад)
Of course perfection is the goal, however we all learn at our own pace. The
Lotus Sutra is relatively easy to memorize but I think it can take
lifetime(s) to comprehend. One who stumbles at recitation does not
necessary mean they do not comprehend the sutra. The fact that someone has
reached it shows a long journey. Intention is the key. My two cents worth,
thank you.

Автор lookseeworld ( назад)

Автор Liam Edify ( назад)
A mmia mi pari na ciota

Автор mjdph95 ( назад)
Wouaw bravo,par coeur en plus,bonne continuation.

Автор Debra Thiel ( назад)
go get on with youre badself goodjob

Автор Dwayne Sean Williams ( назад)
love ur video. am new to this and i wanna learn more

Автор Sidi Haroun ( назад)
issai usally means one year old does it mean it here in this sense?:)

Автор Sidi Haroun ( назад)
@mandalula im sorry if i sounded offenive i didnt mena. I actually thought
you chanting was quite beautiful.:)

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@aftereffects00 Thank you for your kind comment ~ I have posted another
more recent one too!

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@Morgainell hahaha~ My uniquness is my power Im a singer so I willl sing
song it ALL Day long. My VOICE, my individuality is the power in my prayer
and no comment organization or ANYTHING can take this from me! U dig? Peace
be with u Morgainell and May U GAIn compassion and realization, depth of
meaning and purpose through your post <3 light~*

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@slashthegreen Thanks for your kind comment ~ We are all unique individuals
and can use this constructively in chanting , singing , living :) Infinite
love and gratitude!

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@cuchulain55 yep I practice everyday , this video was from quite some time
ago, i do have it memorized now. But hey, This is me, its how i do , keep
on hatin' and criticisin if that's ur thing ~that's bout how far it will
get u though. PEACE! I think you should be motivated by lovingkindness,
compassion and love!

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
Respond to this video... Gratitude for your kind comment ~ U 2 R very sweet
and I wish you only the best on your path and personal human revolution!~
Love Peace and Harmony ! I Am doing It ALL~ Simultaneously ;)

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@nichirenista Thank you for your kind comment ~ U 2 r sweet and I wish you
luck in your personal human revolution~ Love peace and harmony to U ~ I am
doing it ALL~ simultaneously ;)

Автор Sidi Haroun ( назад)
i think you should practice so you can memorize it all by heart. And why
are y rushing it and speeding up?

Автор Dina Gomez ( назад)
COMO PUEDO INICIAR CON EL BUDISMO, he leido bastante y he escuchado algunos
cantos a Budda, y definitivamente es muy relajante y energizante para mi,
podria alguien decirme, como puedo hacerlo? GRACIAS

Автор tangoazul2009 ( назад)
Muchas gracias :-D

Автор Slash ( назад)
nice video.. i love it

Автор ForeverpraisingJAH ( назад)
thank you, this is a wonderful nam myoho renge kyo!!!!!!!! you are a
beautiful person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Skjoldur Eyfjord ( назад)
thanks for shering

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@natsumikang This is the way I learned it from Japanese practitioners. Yes
I am well aware of the language of the sutra, and NO you are incorrect ! It
is not is sanskrit which was the language of nobles and scholors but rather
the common language so that all may understand .because WE ARE ALL ONE..
Call it a cult and hate if you desire , but you speak out of ignorance and
fear and this only brings negativity to you ~ peace

Автор Natsumikang N ( назад)
@mandalula why in Japanese accent? cult? buddha is an indian and the
original sutra is in sanskrit you know.

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@jan7955 Blessings to you as well ~ I am posting another soon!

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@ELVIS525 Thank you ~ I love that great mantra of compassion as well! Love
and light <3

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@natsumikang can you translate please?

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@dearjony hahha I love you and I haven't met you yet - bjork

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
@johnnyfly91 theres always a new chance , with every breath ~ post another!
I am posting another soon!

Автор fomegszakito2 ( назад)
peace peace peace

Автор Jeroen Kumeling ( назад)
Thank You very much

Автор nichirenista ( назад)
you are very sweet. good luck with your life. whatever you do.

Автор Toby Wiltshire ( назад)
you are a true bodisattva.........nam-myoho-renge-kyo

Автор joshenell299 ( назад)
i love it made me happy :P

Автор j. dupre ( назад)
at least she's trying

Автор aya bira ( назад)
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Just beautiful!! I'm so gladyou expiated that karma and
survived to make more great causes!!! THANK YOU you just got me to do part
A :-) I have a wicked hard time sitting down to chant, sometimes chant
along w cats on youtube........CHANTING ROX!!! Try it y'all.....such a gift
to humanity..

Автор johnnyfly91 ( назад)
man you obviously dont know shit about true biddhism. this practice is a
pillar to help people grow and believe in themselves not to keep any one
down. one of the tenants of true buddhism is that everyone is the same.
cause its the truth. dont get wrapped up in negative dialogue with us we'll
spin your fucking world around and make you realize shit you never knew
about yourself, and obviously you're too ignorant and sad to understand why
thats a good thing.

Автор johnnyfly91 ( назад)
i totally wish i wouldve been more passionate in my chanting vid. i love
it! great job!

Автор Natsumikang N ( назад)

Автор ELVIS525 (391 год назад)

Автор lavender880 ( назад)
Sheldon66, You speak from inexperience. I have been Buddhist for over 25
years. These chants have helped me immensely in my life. It has been a
strong vehicle to my personal happiness. I realize that religions can get
dogmatic and charismatic, thereby giving the impression of fanatical
behavior...but if this mantra is embraced on a personal level, it is far
from being a cult.

Автор kokoshmusun ( назад)
That is pretty cool.

Автор Toblach1975 ( назад)
infinite love and peace

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
The true spirit of this Buddhist practices flourishes every day , every
breath with those who are dedicated to the universal law~*

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
Thank you , I am considering making another video~ I am glad that it has
made you happy, for this is a major focus of my life, a part of being a
universal servant of humanity!

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
Thanks for your comment- Love and light~*

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
Infinite peace, love light, gratitude, and harmony now and forever!

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
Infinite love and gratitude! I am working on my posture and practice
everyday ~ Blessings!

Автор superjoe70 (571 год назад)
i like this woman chanting. she makes me happy.

Автор sontjeboy ( назад)
Dont need to offend her ! She treis to do her best , so we have to
appreciate that. those who reach an hand to the buddha when he is in need,
are the pioneers of an better society. Namyoho Rengue Kyo and be a good
freinds for the freinds of the buddha. XXX

Автор CPTGipsy ( назад)
thank you... nam myoho renge kyo for you.

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
I see the infinite in all things and believe we can reach oneness with the
universe, sky, nature.. to have such a practice shows i have culminated it
from within, yet in releasing ego i know it is not all about me.... thanks
for your comment and may your buddha nature too overcome.

Автор LIFESKEY ( назад)
I congratulate you for your obvious sincerity...

Автор LIFESKEY ( назад)
That was indeed a very unique gongyo :o) You appeared to be looking up at
the sky as though you were praying to something outside of yourself. This
is where NMRK is different to conventional type prayer. When we chant or do
Daimoku, we get the best result when we chant to bring forth and manifest
our Buddhahood from within, rather than seeing it as something outside of
us. The difference in benifit is like the difference a waiter gets in tips
compared to what his boss makes. :o)

Автор francorueiro ( назад)
Great Girl.....very good!! PEACE FOREVER!!

Автор koaloaloa ( назад)
You are Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. So, faith, practice and study are the most
important part of changing your karma. Don't slouch! PEACE.

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
Thank you SGI brother for your kind comment! Love peace and harmony 4eva!

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
THANKS for your positive comment.. Infinite Gratitude, love, light,peace
and harmony 4eva!

Автор Manda Pendleton ( назад)
Gratitude for commenting on my video..I need to learn how to edit them.
This one was taken past easter morning in the spot where I had my car
accident in 1999. More to come! xoox

Автор Letters to a Nichiren Buddhist ( назад)
thanks for a lovely video! :)

Автор catandpiddle ( назад)
good girl!

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