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Автор RepairClinic.com (1 год)
The only tool is the one to get the nut off. Spanner Wrench 1021707 once
the nut is off there is no other tool to pull out the inner tub. You can
try putting a small piece of 2x4 on the top edge of the tub and hit it with
a sledge hammer or another heavy object on opposite sides to break it
loose. Be careful not to hit the tub directly it will damage the tub.

Автор mach5jeep (1 год)
My tub seems to be seized to the drive block. It doesn't just lift off and
I can see the drive block lift slightly as I lift the tub but it stops
moving after about 1/16 of an inch.

Автор Jenn Graham (2 месяца)
I've had problem with my Whirlpool top load thumping at the start of the
spin cycle. I've tried replacing the counterbalance springs and footings,
as recommended by your website diagnostic tool, but the problem still
persists. I just had a repairman here to do recall work on my range and he
took a quick look at the washer. I'm pretty sure he said I'd need a new
basket drive (something about pins wearing and basket slipping) at around $
235, but the video for that doesn't mention the issues I'm seeing/hearing,
whereas this video, replacing the drive block, does address the problem of
thumping at the start of a cycle. In your opinion, which sounds more
likely? BTW, thanks for the helpful videos!

Автор Kitty wayne (3 месяца)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор RepairClinic.com (1 год)
After the nut is removed the tub should come off, there is nothing else
holding it on. It may just be stuck on the drive block. You will need to
push and pull hard around the outer edge of the tub until it breaks free.

Автор RepairClinic.com (1 год)
You may have to alternately push up and down on opposite sides of the top
of the tub to get the tub to release. Once the tub is released it will pull
off the block. The block may stay in the tub and come off the spin tube,
that is ok you will just have to knock it out after the tub is removed.

I've pushed, pulled, and lifted the tub but nothing is happening! What else
could I do? What is causing the tub to be stuck? I'm getting very

I'm lifting, pulling, and pushing the tub......nothings happening!!! What
else can I do? What is causing the tub to be stuck?

I'm back even more frustrated....is there a tool I can buy to remove the
tub? I've used wd40 and that's not helping either.

Автор uawsux (1 год)

I'm trying to take out the tub but it's not coming out. What should I do to
get it out? FYI: If I spin it to the right, it spins but if I spin it to
the left, it locks. 

Автор alfredo NM (1 год)
my washer tries to spin but makes 2 noises, the first is the mechanics
inside trying to spin the washer but it halts like 2 seconds later and it
stops and then the timer keeps buzzing, i've removed the motor to check to
coupling and it was alright, so then what could my problem be? brake?
transmission? clutch? or anything else? 

Автор janet abramson (2 года)
Thank you so much for this

Автор RepairClinic.com (2 года)
It's called a spanner wrench. You can purchase it from our website (link in
the description). It is part #1021707. Please let me know if you have any
other questions.

Автор RepairClinic.com (2 года)
The tub block is actually stuck. You may need to get another person to hold
the cabinet down while you lift. A mallet can be used to tap the center
shaft and loosen it as well. Those plugs act as a lint filter.

Автор Fresno backpacker (4 года)
perfect instructions - so I bought the parts from you guys and the washer
runs great - thanks, you've earned some customer loyalty here

Автор RepairClinic.com (2 года)
It could be. I would suggest using the repair help section of our website
to diagnose your problem (link in the description). If you enter your model
number there you'll have access to model, part, and symptom specific repair

Автор Angel Alamo (1 год)
I change the clutch once and then the wacher started to smell like rubber
berning can you tell me something about it

Автор Mark Wymer (1 год)
You can use a hammer and a brass rod and just tab it briskly and it will
spin off. Using some lubricating oil may help but you shouldn't need it.

Автор elchalo66 (3 года)
thank! it is very helpful .

Автор carlos andres (2 года)
good day friend would like to know who has the key name you loosen the nut
holding the drum which had 4 notches which use at minute 2:11. thanks

Автор Alfred Sanchez (2 года)
I checked the website for my maytag but it doesn't mention anything for a
drive block nor a knocking noise! Thanks for the reply

Автор RepairClinic.com (1 год)
We recommend using the repair help section of our website (link in the
description). If you enter your model number there you'll have access to
model, part and symptom specific repair help. We hope this helps!

Автор RepairClinic.com (2 года)
Are you using a spanner wrench like we do in the video? I would recommend
searching online for tips on removing the nut.

Автор Alfred Sanchez (2 года)
if the washer knocks and slows down during spin cycle could that be the
drive block, it will get up to a certain speed then it will knock again and
start all over.

Автор RepairClinic.com (1 год)
An improperly installed or worn clutch can definitely produce a burning
smell. This is typically coupled with a scraping noise.

Автор tweedie005 (2 года)
the nut on my drive shaft is seized. Any ideas on getting it loose?

Автор George Robledo (3 года)
thanks for this clinic really it helps, so ilustrative good explained !
congrats !

Автор Sonja P (3 года)
thanks this was so useful I took my washer apart to repair it and forgot
how to put it back together the directions were very well
demonstrated......even for a girl like me. LOL

Автор RepairClinic.com (2 года)
If you look under "making noise" you'll see the symptoms. Really, in the
end, washers making noise are going to require you to disassemble it and
take a look around.

Автор RepairClinic.com (2 года)
If the drive block is worn enough the tub won't spin. The best way to tell
what state the block is in is to get into your washer and look at it.
Compare it to a picture of a new drive block and assess how worn it is.
Hope this helps!

Автор billybob4017 (1 год)
i need help with an old washer that makes a lot of noise while in spin
cycle Kenmore heavy duty 60 series!

Автор Bob G (2 года)
How does the block fail? Btw "tub nut" is now my new favorite word. :)

Автор canyonman1963 (2 года)
Typical failure results in the center of the drive block rounding out, to
where the square notches no longer hold it in place on the brake and drive
tube, so compare that part on yours to the new one to see if it needs

Автор Josue Sanchez (2 года)
amigo no puedo darme de alta para recibir infortmacion

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