How to download free games onto your mobile phone ! (Sony ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, LG and more ! )

http://www.youtube.com/user/justCobraa - My new account
Website: www.mobile9.com
I've had a lot of complaints about some things so heres the answers:

I can't find my phone:
Pick the closest phone to yours

Where do i save the file?:
To your app/ games folder

extra help: DONT extract the file using winrar,
This site is kind of old so theres a big chance your phone wont be on the list.
This can also be done with other things such as photos, videos and more.

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Автор kimps 128 ( назад)

Автор freeaworld ( назад)
cant i just download on desktop and transfer? does it have to b
app/gamesfolder? ill try transfer from destop see what happens? ty

Автор Nelko Hadzic ( назад)
my google chrome cant load site help pls

Автор Serxhio Mn-Destroyer ( назад)

Автор Fixie Karat ( назад)
try this if you want to download free game for your mobile ---> mob.org

Автор Fixie Karat ( назад)
useless.. doesnt work bad :(

Автор MrJudin ㋡ ( назад)

Автор joseph kurian ( назад)

Автор joseph kurian ( назад)

Автор ClearKillz1 ( назад)
2 years ago holy shit fuk

Автор Habibur Rhaman ( назад)
p[ ] ]]] ] ]'

Автор IAmArdSir ( назад)
dosent work i copy dhe file and paste to other and when complete i see if
the game is now ready to start the game isnt on home screen

Автор 132GG ( назад)
An updated video for this site: youtube.com/watch?v=toL7tpSM0tc 

Автор ar lind ( назад)
mine is a .jar file how does it work with that 

Автор Gamerang xoTJ ( назад)
does this have virus?

Автор kyunghyo park ( назад)
Give the link

Автор Shahrul Akmal ( назад)
i cant enter the mobile 9.com 

Автор funstream666 ( назад)

Автор imad temlali ( назад)
Song Plz 

Автор GrafDeLaFeri ( назад)
Hey , EvilLemonProductions, i dont have usb and can i do it with bluetooth
and if yes how?

Автор joecesar renomeron ( назад)
dude ur video is kinda pretty poor quality so what do i have to cop again
the winrar or the executable jar file it has so many things in it

Автор FunTimeGamer ( назад)
Yes i just tried it and it works

Автор EPICXVIDEO ( назад)
hey my phone doesnt have an app/games file that comes up on my computer
what do i do?? 

Автор joecesar renomeron ( назад)
do this work if used bluetooth i have bluetooth in my laptop so can i ?

Автор Jimmy Tan ( назад)
theres no nexian

Автор Drew Van Voorhis ( назад)
what if u dont have a games/apps folder?

Автор JD Joey ( назад)
the Datei don´t will on my Nokia n97 mini??? Help..... Sorry for my english

Автор CpTexasNinja ( назад)
it says unsupported file type, i got a samsung evergreen, and the
downloaded game is a .jar file

Автор Edon Bytyqi ( назад)
why do you use Internet Explorer ??????????????

Автор Song ( назад)
u live at ireland ?

Автор ThatEpicGuy101 ( назад)
@evilemon productions how about a theme? i downloaded a theme but my
problems are 1. i don't know where to put it 2. i dont know how to activate
it please reply

Автор ThatEpicGuy101 ( назад)
@Evilemon productions u said to not extract the file with winrar, so how do
i open it then? pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase reply

Автор Nats Gopall ( назад)
i cant. i have downlord and save to my pc but i can not copy it

Автор 2aznable ( назад)
I did what you said and it said its unsupported and the game is for my

Автор aceofspaids98 ( назад)
to bad my attention span is less then a walnut, but im sure its a good vid

Автор Flip Stone ( назад)
please help me :)) i cant seem to find the game in my phone :)) and its
sony ericson :)) please tell me where i can find it ^^ thank you :[]

Автор Flip Stone ( назад)
mines sony ericson and i cant find it in my phone :l someone please help me

Автор David.H ( назад)
i downloaded some game and it got like 10 files and 1 html file... my phone
cant open any of the 10 files only the html but it shows a weird text...

Автор Brian Anthony ( назад)
how do i play the gamesi have a lg cu720 shine and u dint know how to play
the games

Автор gobxxx ( назад)
i have a problem once i download itt asks me a serial number helpp

Автор Yhanikka Marcera ( назад)
needs internet on phone dang

Автор Ray Cañoneo ( назад)
bdway my phone is samsung galaxy mini.... pls ive been searching for
already 3 days now.. 

Автор Ray Cañoneo ( назад)
bdway my phone is samsung galaxy mini.... pls ive been searching for
already 3 days now.. 

Автор Ray Cañoneo ( назад)
the file's APK... what should i do with this.. pls help

Автор BlaDe0ner ( назад)
hey guys just go here and do some offers and u get games, xbox's ps3 all
kinds of stuff Microsoft points rewards1(dot)com/483261

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@96ericayala I'm almost certain it wont be charged :)

Автор Jimmy Empz ( назад)
It actually works omg lifesaver! THANX!!!!! 

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@tolhcc Im pretty sure its supposed to be 

Автор Tolis Koutromanos ( назад)
PLZ HELP ME when i download it shows me that this is a rar file!? wtf?

Автор DJDaizee Lopez ( назад)
it really works thank you

Автор Andekr9 (496 лет назад)
The song name is Artist :Billy talent Song name : Fallen leaves

Автор Joseph Aziz ( назад)
dont work wtf 

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@EmoDeathStar121 The first song is Billy Talent-Fallen Leaves. The second
song is We dance on, by N Dubz

Автор PhyscoGoth ( назад)
what is the song called

Автор Edgar ( назад)

Автор Alan1060 ( назад)
@smailijsbins This website mainly works for phones that dont use apps, I
think it says it does but it more likely wont, sorry

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@47CutieGirl Read the descrition like it says in the video, im pretty sure
you dont

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@SteamEqualsFAIL I dont think so, just when it asks you to save, save
straight to games folder

Автор HasisMies ( назад)
how do i put the game to the apps or games folder?

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@SteamEqualsFAIL Im really sorry i dont know what you could be doing
wrong.... You seem to be doing it right.. Maybe try just saving straight to
your games folder, instead of to your desktop and dragging in... And maybe
try with a different game? Hope this helps

Автор Jeyatharusan Uthayakumar ( назад)
my phone is not there.

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@spawn0553 yeah too new i think. my advise would be to pick a phone similar
to yours. hope it works :)

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@GameCuber1321 did you extract the jar file in winrar? i dont think youre
meant to.. just save it to your app folder /games folder without extracting
in WinRAR, (on mine when you go to play it it does somethin to extract it
itself i think) 

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@ngjinghun N-Dubz - We Dance on ft.Bodyrox i think. and sorry about your
phone problem, just maybe did you not put it in the app / games folder? if
not its probably not your fault ... this video is very old so it probably
doesnt work on much new phones

Автор ng jing hun ( назад)
and what is the 2nd song's name i like it 

Автор ng jing hun ( назад)
i have sony ericsson xperia x8. when i download the file into my phone,i
cant find the game. got any idea y? 

Автор HasisMies ( назад)
i have nokia X3-00 and when i downloaded the game its a jar file i
extracted it and theres a lot of class files and one mf file i can't
install the game or something and i cant put it to the games folder. i have
downloaded: metal gear solid guitar hero world tour peggle fullscreen NOTE:
i have 240x320

Автор Alexz Pattinson ( назад)
@EvilLemonProductions thanks! :)

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@AlexzPattinson Track ID i think

Автор Alexz Pattinson ( назад)
do you know what app it is that you hear a song and it tells you the

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@Nak0s69 well it should show in the vid how to download it, if you cant
find ur phone try a similar ond to it by the same brand... and save to the
games folder or application folder i think? hope this helps :)

Автор philandjayboy ( назад)
send the via bluetooh easier

Автор 04angelbydeath ( назад)
@EvilLemonProductions nvm

Автор 04angelbydeath ( назад)
@EvilLemonProductions wat do u save it as?

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@TheOutkastkid im really sorry i don't know :( all i would think is to
maybe pick an LG closely similar to your phone... :| I don't know if
that'll work though, sorry

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@nurulainol fallen leaves by billy talent

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@MetalGearAndOcelot umm,, im not sure i havent done this in like a year,
but i think you put it in the Games folder on your phone along with your
other games, thats what i did...

Автор cutemomo216 ( назад)
thank muacks

Автор Donut ASMR ( назад)
Thanks !!!!

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@Nikola24able should be in a big green rectangle like in the video at 1:28

Автор Nikola24able ( назад)

Автор lwyoke ( назад)
Tq very much... it work...

Автор lwyoke ( назад)
Tq very much... it work...

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@jshifty69 well if you can fit the transfer cable to your phone id say u

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@Jonicster did you pick your phone brand/type?

Автор josh shiffer ( назад)
i dnt suppose u can do this using a mc? 

Автор Jay Nathan (Jonicster) ( назад)
dont work 

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@LinellinTan umm... the website in the video...?

Автор Linellin Tan ( назад)
@EvilLemonProductions can i download it online? if so, where?

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@LinellinTan well, like ... dont really know wat you mean but, like im sure
theres some 3d games use the search for what you want?

Автор Linellin Tan ( назад)
@EvilLemonProductions i dunno. anykind. well i've downloaded several games
and played in on my vivaz but the game is just not fit maybe it only takes
1/4 screen and it's too smalll.. i wonder if i can get more games like ssx3
or the other 3d games?? thankss

Автор Ang Vigilante ( назад)
what is the filetype?

Автор EvilLemonProductions ( назад)
@LinellinTan theres like 1000 games u can get which game r u talkin bout?

Автор Linellin Tan ( назад)
is the game in 3d or 2d?

Автор IFearILess ( назад)
how do u save it in that file type ?

Автор Pdogccc ( назад)
sweet man!!

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