DoD Leaked Video: Drone Spots Enemy Planting IED,Doesn't Tell US Convoy Approaching,Soldiers Killed


A DoD video was leaked online today, drone footage depicting an insurgent planting an IED, then, after an unspecified amount of time we witness a military vehicle getting demolished by that same IED -- so, apparently no warning was issued to protect anyone.



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Автор zzaa2691 ( назад)
Clearly not filmed from a Drone (or any other aircraft).  To call the poster stupid is an insult to stupid people everywhere. 

Автор Brandon Strain ( назад)
This video was actually taken by a Taliban sniper cam and that truck was a British mine sweeper dumbass.

Автор funshootin1 ( назад)
gotta be honest..those trucks are pretty tough ..good chance they survived.

Автор Jeremy Jackson ( назад)
drones and ground forces cannot talk to each other unless they know the freq the other is using. They may have been trying to hail them, yet the truck may not have known due to his/her call sign not being called. Now bring in tech that is in developement (F-35 that no one seems to want, but the US Forces)...and they would all  be on the same visual/radio system....

Автор John Daniel Evans ( назад)
I believe the people on the ground there have every right to defend their country but those sick bastards just let our poor dudes get blown away! OMG  and I know they are in constant communication with troops in convoy's and they could have and should have warned them. looks like they set our dudes up and then watched them die, and may have cia agents paying the dudes to plant the IED's. God will take care of the evil who ordered this! Thanx   LSN   peace!

Автор ( назад)
Obviously a "truther" posted this vid and did the voice over. Cos we all know that "truthers" are so stupid, they cant figure out "drones" dont hover in teh same area for 24 hours.. lolz

Автор clinine mills ( назад)
How do you know anyone died? The video shows no casualties. Also its common practice for insurgents to plant IED's in the same spot. The whistleblowers are coming out of the woodworks, all saying they are patriots..yeah right! Going to the media is one thing, but releasing thousands of documents onto the web for anyone to get a hold of is treason. 

Автор Jaime Andrade ( назад)
So you blame obama? Wen obama pulled troops out of there already?

Автор Rc4 ( назад)
This kind of videos reminds me a game Battlefield when I'm with the squadron, and a bird shitting fire appears! someone here knows what it feels? feels like injustice ... big injustice ...but here is true omg...

Автор bullboo1 ( назад)
The Taliban are not on their own turf they come from Pakistan and other countries. A drone may film this action but they cannot contact a truck or unit as they do not have their freq. Special Forces also operate their own missons and watch IEDs get set and say nothing as the cannot compremise their mission or the distance is to far to do so. People think the military are all on the same frequency/radio channel and all our units and personnel communicate. This is not true and on convoys we have different mechanism to jam most radio and cell phones incase the enemy uses them to set of bombs. I am no way saying its ok to let us military die. I am just stating the truth, I was woudned sevral times and now handicapped for life and medically retiring in like 4 days...I do not think this shit is ok but our governement has our special forces doing some really fucking hookey shit running black ops.

Автор Michael Duer ( назад)
And you know they died, how exactly??

Автор Anthony M ( назад)
Hey Daboo7, piece of shit! That so called whistle blower who released this video is a liar! First and foremost, that isnt drone footage. It is a camera on a blimp that is up in the air. I know where this video came from, Afghanistan, because I was at the FOB near where this happened. The unit that you see in the trucks knew that there was an IED in that road. The reason he hit the IED was because of bad communication on the part of the camera operator. So stop saying the president let this happen and all that crap. Don't claim you know what what happened on the ground, when you OBVIOUSLY dont! This video was released by the unit that was in charge of the camera and the troops on the ground. So again, stop acting like you have insight that no one else has! You are a no body..........

Автор higherkite ( назад)
Who cares if its a drone or not. Dude got it wrong but one thing I would like to point out is: This guys heart is in the right place. If there are decisions being made which cost American or Allied lives, I would want every PATRIOTIC American do the same he is doing and not worry if it is a drone or not.

Автор Joey Kush ( назад)
Okay maybe this isint a drone but that is a US military vehicle and we did nothing to stop that bomb and even if its not a us vehicle we still did I nothing about this and that right their is sick

Автор David G. ( назад)

Автор Dardania Lion ( назад)
I do not think they knew it. Maybe they lost communcation with that truck. You never know.

Автор Cyberat Rodent ( назад)
The military has procedures to advance and disarm IEDs, with or without camera footage. It is the violations of DoD regulations and SOP that gets our people killed by IEDs. Zero tolerance, no excuse, bring the leadership to justice. And NO, you do not drive around enemy terrain as if you were here at home.

Автор Cyberat Rodent ( назад)
That is an act of treason and it is all too common a practice in Afghanistan, not for the price of a truck, but to show casualties, a reason for DoD to demand maintaining the war.

Автор ابو خالد الرويلي ( назад)
There are people who consider trade war and their interest continuation of these wars and every country in the world has this sample of human beings and should say no to wars and killing innocent people everywhere in the world

Автор broman700 ( назад)
You make me sick with your propagana video. You are FOS!

Автор Thor Jørgensen ( назад)
Taliban fighting for their country.. Yeah... I suppose that's what they indoctrinates you to..
Except when a local citizen steps on or drives over one of these.
Guessing this is Afghanistan.. I'd let the Afghan army take care of the "fighting for their country", not Taliban.

Автор monty s ( назад)
unless you have seen a friend of yours die in combat (which i have ) i would think you should take a minute to think about what your saying and besides that is not a american made truck it looks like a russian built truck

Автор Eric Peloquin ( назад)
Liar. This is not drone footage. A drone that doesn't move and is in the precisely same location throughout both videos. Not to mention the fact that this doesn't even look like an American vehicle. It would be nice to get the truth about the video, because it sure isn't happening on this site.

Автор Blair Cuthbert ( назад)
buddy you are so lost and mis-lead it is sad to see. Educate yourself and read a book or the newspaper and stop pumping your anti-american bullshit

Автор El Chapo ( назад)

Автор chi bio ( назад)
@LeakSourceNews i must say we can just easily say what we think for ourself/opinion is right like you did on video. but how about you put yourself first on the shoes of victims, and familes of the victims on 911 bombing before you speak??? 

Автор Daniel Morris ( назад)
Beautiful love it Alhamdulilkah you yanks the true terrorist's

Автор youngblood40570 ( назад)
the narrator is a joke a repuplican bitcth.

Автор Burke Rhodes ( назад)

Автор Bob Seger ( назад)
Who are you? Are you for real.  Ready or not, but what country are you from?   I hate Obama but, this is not his fault in any way. Listen, these Taliban are only wanting to get the USA out of there so they can continue with their agenda of evil.  Do you get that MORON. If you feel so bad for those ARABS/MUSLIMS go over there and help them.  You would last maybe...MMMmmm... a day...if that.  You are a miss-lead idiot of the first order. OH YEA, how does his have anything to do with Benghazi?  I can't believe how stupid you are?  R U REALLY THIS DUMB?

Автор orion silveira ( назад)
beautiful    i liked.......bummmmmmm    look mom i can fly......

Автор Frank Munson ( назад)
This footage is not from a drone, another blame it on the blk guy comment, Obama this Obama that, whose side did you lean towards during Bushes WMD campaign

Автор Brian Griffin ( назад)
This guy is the very definition of a Mook.

Автор illdisposedme ( назад)
lmao this is not a drone ffs 

Автор Serg Revolvera ( назад)
That is actually an MRAP, its designed to resist ied's so its likely that they all survived. No one died.

Автор James Jacobs ( назад)
Lol this wasn't a drone video. It was a video camera set up by a terrorist trying to make a trophy video.

Автор VoodooMan ( назад)
This is not filmed by a drone! Stop confusing the people with fakes like this !  And the commentator is soooo stupid ! ... ""makes me sick"" indeed !

Автор Bleed4RWB ( назад)
That is not an RPA hud lol, idiots.

Автор 1954murphy ( назад)
This video is such a crock!

Автор colliecandle ( назад)
Whorecrack Insane Shitbama

Автор Southmead Lad ( назад)
Is that Bush doing the v/o????

Автор Charlie Jones ( назад)
this is not true.. its very racial against our great president

Автор James Androusky ( назад)
I am a military vet and participated in OIF 5 through OIF 6 and the only thing I have to say about this video is you jumped to the idea of the troops getting killed in this vehicle that was hit. The particular vehicle in this video that was hit is called the buffalo, and it a vehicle designed for direct hits like that. just saying. Google the EOD buffalo and see for your self. Clearly the vehicle is destroyed, but the $400,000 is a little on the cheap end. They are a bit more than that. I do appreciate your heart in the way you feel about this video though.

Автор Stuart Mason ( назад)
Why dont you keep your opinions to yourself! Your a freekin idiot!

Автор luke mckee ( назад)
was a spoofff

Автор tony blouch ( назад)
This is a total lie. The poster has an agenda. He is either Taliban Tim or a brainwashed repub voter. Either way = Making up lies for personal gain. ((( wake up ))) ~ These are training videos made to test and improve the armor on vehicles. Bush Admin was soo busy stealing all our money and never cared to provide our military properly. OBAMA , when elected,Ordered testing and retrofit of everything to end the carnage taking place. and NO more of stealing the money our military needed. That is why the deaths and injured dropped by 90 %. GOD Bless the Great President of America ~ Obama  

Автор rob macdonald ( назад)
Definitely an EFP as you can see it's offset from the road and basically demolishes the vehicle.  Think of an EFP as a cannon that uses explosive force to deform a copper plate, could be as small as a baseball, and send it faster than the speed of sound at the target.  there is NO Armour that can stop it to my knowledge, and as can be clearly seen in the video, the effects are horrific.  The projectile is moving so fast the gases behind it heat up.  Scary stuff.

Автор Jason Trevis ( назад)
It is humanly impossible to view all the footage taken by the gathering equipment in use. Unless of course the US government mandates that every US civilian has to view at least 2 hours of video each per day and report on what they saw.

Автор luke mckee ( назад)
the trade towers was a fake

Автор Buzz Werd ( назад)
You get a fuck of a lot out of that video, don't you? Right down to comms and orders.

Автор Scripzing ( назад)
More likely the footage is from an stationary OP

Автор mike doyon ( назад)
is it proof that it is a drone?..looks like it could be one of those blimps, which means its shittier, could have sent them a text on bft

Автор Sallie Dodd Butters ( назад)
OUR OWN DRONE allowed our troops to be blown up !!!!!!!!  Hmmmmmm....can I throw up now?   Pass this on ....that could have been OUR sons or daughters  in that truck...24hrs AFTER the bomb was discovered by the drone....WTF folks !?

Автор Bullseye Lashley ( назад)
This is war! Get over it! Ignorance

Автор djcp3333 ( назад)
Fuck you +Real Muslim American because we go over there after the atrocities committed on September 11th, 2001. You want to dub us illegal crusaders and wanna be war heros? Well fuck you. Because unlike you...we're not pussies. We believe in something. Its something called justice and freedom. And guess what brother...a foe wants to challenge our beliefs and attack us because their "Ideas" and "belief's" ....guess what man...we do not play that shit. They want to die and we will happily assist. Maybe next time you should pick a fight with the worlds most superior military.

Автор Godscountry ( назад)
Where's the transcript?communication on the battle field fails sometimes,,nobody likes war,we should get out,but ,did you family die in the  World trade towers.People jumping ,hundreds jumped rather then burn.

Автор Bisma Fiaz ( назад)
this shows how much Americans are afraid of Muslims, who are yet to take over this world... these things are nothing to us. you assholes.. 

Автор Mynameis Gilgamesh ( назад)
Since the camera angle was precisely the same, the range was 5Km, the elevation was about 5000 feet.  I deduce it was video feed from an observation dirigible, not a drone.  Also, you don't know if "They just sat there and witnessed"  Thats a vile and unsupported comment.  More likely the truck had a cell phone scrambler on board, or had no radio comms at all, or was from a unit that was not on the same net etc etc etc. The commentary on this video is done by a leftard with no background in what he is talking about.

Автор CageKicker ( назад)
Drones move move they fly this video is stationery this camera is not moving

Nice assumptions with out any proof.    

Автор JTreehorn502 ( назад)
Truth is, you are a fucking idiot. This could be in Mexico for all you know. Quit crying about things you don't understand.

Автор MrBiker5000 ( назад)
Spreading "the word" is one thing...lying, like you is another...

Автор MrBiker5000 ( назад)
So Obama watched Omygazi on live feed huh? That's been debunked, that makes you a liar with no cred...

Автор Matthew Carlson ( назад)
OP is a fucking idiot. Even if what you say is true, you are completely ignoring the fact that the convoy was likely jamming radio communications. Why would they do that? To counter cell phone triggered IEDs but this one was likely wired to a remote. The drone operators under jammed comms cannot contact the convoy

Автор Jordan Boggs ( назад)
Thats war for you

Автор Valentin Diaz ( назад)
please don't talk shit about barack husein obama

Автор dieselscience ( назад)
NO, Obama changed the ROE. You have some reading to catch up on, that is if you read.

Автор sponge me ( назад)
the truth is innocent civilians are killed on a daily basis,women and children murdererd in afghanistan,why dont you show a video of that ?

Автор egruter89 ( назад)
i just dropped my cereal...its obamas fault... so sick of everyone saying its obamas fault u really thing obama is sitting there watching a drone of the Benghazi attack? attacks like that happen every week on us embassies you are so dumb its not funny

Автор Gary Doss ( назад)
We have no clue as to the specific details of this event.. Our war is lost over there. The last thing we need is some asshole casting aspersions on events he has no definite idea about.

Автор StraightUpLazy ( назад)
They are killing people in another country.
That is not innocent

Автор D DEY ( назад)
The video itself does not tell the whole story. Filling in the gaps with assumptions will not tell the whole story either.

Автор Steve M ( назад)
This narrator is a complete idiot

Автор ALAN MORGE ( назад)
So what if he was planting an I.E.D. Watch some of the Apache gun camera footage.

Автор Caleb Mandrake ( назад)
Opening your mouth does not equate to the truth being put out there.

Conjecture = Judgment based on inconclusive or incomplete evidence; guesswork

Автор pangratata ( назад)
These guys are defending their life's? Whoever it is speaking in this video is an uneducated idiot - let me tell you something: the people in this video deserve to be blown up by drones. They are evil to the core, and the outlook on life is disturbing.

Автор Batt Mann ( назад)
Do you really think Mr. Obama gives a rat's behind about the military?

Автор ALAN MORGE ( назад)
He could have been planting some flowers, Its there land. A lot of innocent people have been killed by those drones.

Автор Jeremy George ( назад)
You a fucking idiot who has no clue what you are talking about. Go serve in country, in combat, and learn something. You have no clue how far off you are in everything you said. Being a Marine, I'm embarrased for you but happy to protect even our countries biggest dooshbags and would do it all over again.

Автор eagle0468 ( назад)
Comms wouldn't be down for 24 hours. And why would the US military film a terrorist planting a bomb, then film it killing American soldiers the very next day? This video is pure bullshit. It wasn't filmed by a US drone, it was probably filmed by an Iranian or other Arab country's drone and leaked as a US drone footage. It's called misinformation Mr. Narrator. Use a little common sense.

Автор Jay G ( назад)
cant believe you idiots are saying the guy commentating on it is in the wrong, what planet are you on? are you brainwashed? they men killed in this clip shouldnt have been there in the first place,THERE IS NO REASON TO BE THERE apart from the fact it creates profit!! He's right in what he says, this could have been avoided but someone somewhere will make money from selling another piece of equipment, F**KING WAKE UP!! If the guy commentating on this reads this, your in the right dude dont stop!!

Автор Heisenberg ( назад)
wtf you idiots one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter... you (Americans) are the one in their country so if you guys gtfo they country there wouldn't be soldier deaths

Автор Dave Johnson ( назад)
commentator is a fucktard - go there and talk them into surrendering

Автор Pink Nightmare ( назад)
Haha YES another american scumbag dead !

Автор G3m1nu5 ( назад)
The MGRS coordinates in the video indicate that the aircraft was over Afghanistan... specifically near Acekzi Gharbi. MGRS = Military Grid Referencing System. You can find Lat Long converters for free online that are compatible with Google Earth. To the defense of the military, comms could have been down, BFT could have been down... welcome to war where bad things happen.

Автор Kille78 ( назад)
wow dude you are so full of fucking shit its not even funny. Stop spewing garbage about things you know absolutely nothing about. YOU are part of the problem in this country and people like YOU are the reason the rest of us get screwed over in the end

Автор ThePocohontis ( назад)
I think a lot of people are misunderstanding the videol.

Автор sherman squires ( назад)
any body else think that guy sounds like g bush jr?

Автор klk1900 ( назад)
i flew H-60's in Afghanistan now i transitioned to USCG and fly 60's for them. but this happened to us a a lot i actually landed on an IED with 8 SF Delta guys on board luckily our rotor wash destroyed their pos blasting caps on our approach and mangled the wires. but they had video of them planting it and the reason we didn't get the info.is it was a CIA Drone and we still seem to have a kink in the Intel when it comes to them if its usaf drone we get the msg STAT. so i never expected anything

Автор John Miller ( назад)
You are right, this IDIOT RedNeck has no clue what's going on.

Автор robby vert ( назад)
Us army was to careful, because they afraid shoot the wrong people, specially ied planter, i see another video they take along time before kill them

Автор ronnie b ( назад)
Anyone read a single sign on the side of the vehicle hit?? didnt think so. this could have been one of any 1000 different people but thier depicting it as american. laughable

Автор Kamao Na Bakal ( назад)
ouch.... i thought America is in generation 5? even in a split of seconds you can contact them....

Автор rizza david ( назад)
stupid ass,no one died there.....first go over there and then lets talk......

Автор palov vidaurrof ( назад)
Hello. Do you have a better explanation for what is seen on the video? May be the time lapse was minutes, not enought to contact the vehicles?

Автор Jason Garnett ( назад)
Blame it on chair force they control the drones

Автор Jihad Countermeasures ( назад)
I guess they disposed of that one, the hard way.

Автор Daniel Plowman ( назад)
So this is Barack Obama's fault? Thumbs down on this idiot.

Автор Ralph Braseth ( назад)

Автор Thomas Mc Grory ( назад)
Well what else was it, seems clear to me!

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