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Автор monty s (15 дней)
unless you have seen a friend of yours die in combat (which i have ) i
would think you should take a minute to think about what your saying and
besides that is not a american made truck it looks like a russian built

Автор Eric Peloquin (21 день)
Liar. This is not drone footage. A drone that doesn't move and is in the
precisely same location throughout both videos. Not to mention the fact
that this doesn't even look like an American vehicle. It would be nice to
get the truth about the video, because it sure isn't happening on this

Автор Brian Griffin (1 месяц)
This guy is the very definition of a Mook. 

Автор colliecandle (2 месяца)
Whorecrack Insane Shitbama

Автор VoodooMan (1 месяц)
This is not filmed by a drone! Stop confusing the people with fakes like
this ! And the commentator is soooo stupid ! ... ""makes me sick"" indeed

Автор illdisposedme (1 месяц)
lmao this is not a drone ffs 

Автор Serg Revolvera (1 месяц)
That is actually an MRAP, its designed to resist ied's so its likely that
they all survived. No one died.

Автор Bob Seger (1 месяц)
Who are you? Are you for real. Ready or not, but what country are you
from? I hate Obama but, this is not his fault in any way. Listen, these
Taliban are only wanting to get the USA out of there so they can continue
with their agenda of evil. Do you get that MORON. If you feel so bad for
those ARABS/MUSLIMS go over there and help them. You would last
maybe...MMMmmm... a day...if that. You are a miss-lead idiot of the first
order. OH YEA, how does his have anything to do with Benghazi? I can't
believe how stupid you are? R U REALLY THIS DUMB?

Автор Bleed4RWB (1 месяц)
That is not an RPA hud lol, idiots.

Автор Cyberat Rodent (7 дней)
The military has procedures to advance and disarm IEDs, with or without
camera footage. It is the violations of DoD regulations and SOP that gets
our people killed by IEDs. Zero tolerance, no excuse, bring the leadership
to justice. And NO, you do not drive around enemy terrain as if you were
here at home.

Автор ابو خالد الرويلي (9 дней)
There are people who consider trade war and their interest continuation of
these wars and every country in the world has this sample of human beings
and should say no to wars and killing innocent people everywhere in the

Автор Thor Jørgensen (12 дней)
Taliban fighting for their country.. Yeah... I suppose that's what they
indoctrinates you to..
Except when a local citizen steps on or drives over one of these.
Guessing this is Afghanistan.. I'd let the Afghan army take care of the
"fighting for their country", not Taliban.

Автор orion silveira (1 месяц)
beautiful i liked.......bummmmmmm look mom i can fly......

Автор James Jacobs (1 месяц)
Lol this wasn't a drone video. It was a video camera set up by a terrorist
trying to make a trophy video.

Автор Buzz Werd (3 месяца)
You get a fuck of a lot out of that video, don't you? Right down to comms
and orders.

Автор Gary Bell (2 месяца)
A drone hovered there for 24+ hours just filming, this is an obvious fake,
this is probably a Taliban hand held video and then some arsehole overlaid
drone graphics, if that's what they are over it. If it wasn't a fake and
the drone went home and then came back the next day then it is evidence of
poor communication at best and to think that a drone operator would sit
there waiting for an American truck to be blown up only reflects on the
sick operator not the President of a country, where are peoples common
sense, this is the same insane logic as 9/11 conspiracy mongrels.

Автор theLEGOjosh (2 месяца)
they might of been told, they might have just thought it was in a different
place or they could have found one earlier and thought that was the one.

people like the idea of controversy

Автор inagod (5 месяцев)
Where's the transcript?communication on the battle field fails
sometimes,,nobody likes war,we should get out,but ,did you family die in
the World trade towers.People jumping ,hundreds jumped rather then burn.

Автор chi bio (26 дней)
@LeakSourceNews i must say we can just easily say what we think for
ourself/opinion is right like you did on video. but how about you put
yourself first on the shoes of victims, and familes of the victims on 911
bombing before you speak??? 

Автор Burke Rhodes (1 месяц)

Автор Jason Trevis (3 месяца)
It is humanly impossible to view all the footage taken by the gathering
equipment in use. Unless of course the US government mandates that every US
civilian has to view at least 2 hours of video each per day and report on
what they saw.

Автор JP Swiss (5 месяцев)
Does any one know the Original OP? I couldn't catch this ass clowns name.
He deserves to be squashed.

Автор Sallie Dodd Butters (4 месяца)
OUR OWN DRONE allowed our troops to be blown up !!!!!!!! Hmmmmmm....can I
throw up now? Pass this on ....that could have been OUR sons or
daughters in that truck...24hrs AFTER the bomb was discovered by the
drone....WTF folks !?

Автор Frank Munson (1 месяц)
This footage is not from a drone, another blame it on the blk guy comment,
Obama this Obama that, whose side did you lean towards during Bushes WMD

Автор Cyberat Rodent (7 дней)
That is an act of treason and it is all too common a practice in
Afghanistan, not for the price of a truck, but to show casualties, a reason
for DoD to demand maintaining the war.

Автор Blair Cuthbert (22 дня)
buddy you are so lost and mis-lead it is sad to see. Educate yourself and
read a book or the newspaper and stop pumping your anti-american bullshit

Автор apii henry (1 месяц)
this was filmed by the terrorist u fool..

Автор Chris Lashley (4 месяца)
This is war! Get over it! Ignorance

Автор peterson goanue (23 дня)

Автор tommy boy (3 месяца)
hey NASIR go fuck yourself you fuckn camel jockey ... the commentator was
being sympathetic with the guys plants the i.e.d he said there tryn too
defend there land with all they have .. he's SAYING THE AMERICAN

Автор Matthew Carlson (5 месяцев)
OP is a fucking idiot. Even if what you say is true, you are completely
ignoring the fact that the convoy was likely jamming radio communications.
Why would they do that? To counter cell phone triggered IEDs but this one
was likely wired to a remote. The drone operators under jammed comms cannot
contact the convoy

Автор Valentin Diaz (5 месяцев)
please don't talk shit about barack husein obama

Автор Charlie Jones (2 месяца)
this is not true.. its very racial against our great president

Автор Mathieu Morin (3 месяца)
Dont think this is a I.E.D but more a E.F.P by the destruction of this

Автор luke mckee (3 месяца)
was a spoofff

Автор tony blouch (3 месяца)
This is a total lie. The poster has an agenda. He is either Taliban Tim or
a brainwashed repub voter. Either way = Making up lies for personal gain.
((( wake up ))) ~ These are training videos made to test and improve the
armor on vehicles. Bush Admin was soo busy stealing all our money and never
cared to provide our military properly. OBAMA , when elected,Ordered
testing and retrofit of everything to end the carnage taking place. and NO
more of stealing the money our military needed. That is why the deaths and
injured dropped by 90 %. GOD Bless the Great President of America ~ Obama 

Автор Jordan Boggs (5 месяцев)
Thats war for you

Автор mike doyon (4 месяца)
is it proof that it is a drone?..looks like it could be one of those
blimps, which means its shittier, could have sent them a text on bft

Автор Mynameis Gilgamesh (5 месяцев)
Since the camera angle was precisely the same, the range was 5Km, the
elevation was about 5000 feet. I deduce it was video feed from an
observation dirigible, not a drone. Also, you don't know if "They just sat
there and witnessed" Thats a vile and unsupported comment. More likely
the truck had a cell phone scrambler on board, or had no radio comms at
all, or was from a unit that was not on the same net etc etc etc. The
commentary on this video is done by a leftard with no background in what he
is talking about.

Автор Daniel Morris (1 месяц)
Beautiful love it Alhamdulilkah you yanks the true terrorist's

Автор youngblood40570 (1 месяц)
the narrator is a joke a repuplican bitcth.

Автор James Androusky (3 месяца)
I am a military vet and participated in OIF 5 through OIF 6 and the only
thing I have to say about this video is you jumped to the idea of the
troops getting killed in this vehicle that was hit. The particular vehicle
in this video that was hit is called the buffalo, and it a vehicle designed
for direct hits like that. just saying. Google the EOD buffalo and see for
your self. Clearly the vehicle is destroyed, but the $400,000 is a little
on the cheap end. They are a bit more than that. I do appreciate your heart
in the way you feel about this video though.

Автор Bisma Fiaz (5 месяцев)
this shows how much Americans are afraid of Muslims, who are yet to take
over this world... these things are nothing to us. you assholes.. 

Автор vullom29 (5 месяцев)
Drones move move they fly this video is stationery this camera is not

Автор Scripzing (4 месяца)
More likely the footage is from an stationary OP

Автор Stuart Mason (3 месяца)
Why dont you keep your opinions to yourself! Your a freekin idiot!

Автор rob macdonald (3 месяца)
Definitely an EFP as you can see it's offset from the road and basically
demolishes the vehicle. Think of an EFP as a cannon that uses explosive
force to deform a copper plate, could be as small as a baseball, and send
it faster than the speed of sound at the target. there is NO Armour that
can stop it to my knowledge, and as can be clearly seen in the video, the
effects are horrific. The projectile is moving so fast the gases behind it
heat up. Scary stuff.

Автор mikeymayhen (5 месяцев)
it was scumpy and nadeshot little fuckers gettin real .

Автор Abdulraheem Green (don't google my name) (2 месяца)
I'm really not surprised.
The Mujaheedeens before they go out to defend their religion and land, they
pray and ask God to blind the sight of their enemy. Now this doesn't mean
that the enemy is going to go blind, it just means their enemy won't see
what matters.

Автор MrBiker5000 (5 месяцев)
Spreading "the word" is one thing...lying, like you is another...

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