Ships Engine

Watch Ships Engine 2 for more! A quick video of an Engine on a 300m, 5000 TEU container ship. You don't really get the impression of how loud or big it is from the video!

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Автор javad riahi ( назад)
How a huge engine???
How they built it???

Автор Warsito Hartanto ( назад)
besar dan mantap ya?

Автор Mahesh Dhamapurkar ( назад)
well maintained engine

Автор Dan McLambert ( назад)
Nice Video.

Автор Adudollah ( назад)
good, clean engine room, congatulations!

Автор Adudollah ( назад)
Nuts and bolts in crankcase are secured with binding wire, tricky job with
oily sweatslippery hands after 15 hrs of hard work. Apart from that a nice
engine :) 

Автор Gohot229 ( назад)
I imaging that the Titanic engine room guys thought they had harnessed the
worlds most power. And no doubt it was impressive, but we all know what
happened. These are little cities and worlds unto themselves. Almost
undreamable in size.

Автор kukumberrr ( назад)
i've been there about 6 years ago :P

Автор grasscutter88 ( назад)
I wonder if that thing shakes like crazy on shutdown like a diesel normally
would on a pickup truck or eighteen wheeler. 

Автор Trevor Nelson ( назад)
Thats going on my Hyundai.

Автор car guy ( назад)
the engine is so massive it seems each piston has its own head cylender
interesting i wonder if they would take this approach with a normal car

Автор Dav123xyz ( назад)
So you finished fiming about the start of the prop shaft?

Автор Leo Vliegenthart ( назад)
Great engine looks like a S/K90MC-C any how nice view

Автор tupsumato ( назад)
As scott93257 said most were diesels, but steam turbines were also quite

Автор AggemamManden ( назад)
Sounds good and as a 2-stroke low speed engine should sound. :)

Автор AggemamManden ( назад)
LOL! Not quite...i hear fine. :) No, it was other more serious reasons, but
that's another story.

Автор Nza420 ( назад)
parokj -- they had smallblock chevy engines in the 50s

Автор Aivis Jansons ( назад)
I quit sailing for other personal reasons. But this engine sound just rips
my heart out of my chest. Really miss that too. Chears!

Автор Bevoin1970 (551 год назад)
I thought exactly the same thing, it was spotless...... 10/10

Автор AggemamManden ( назад)
I stopped sailing as a marine engineer some 9 years ago because of medical
reasons. I generally never comment on anything in here, but the sound of
this engine, most at top level, hit something in me! I love that sound. I
sometimes used to use no ear protection and just listen to the engine
sound. Love it. :)

Автор 3mate1 ( назад)
Now thats what I call a clean Engine Room... My hats off to your Wipers.

Автор Mystic god creation ( назад)
0.0 looks awesome

Автор Leo Vliegenthart ( назад)
If you want to see how to repair injectors like these see on fuel repair

Автор cosast54 ( назад)
congratulations ! very clean

Автор gav152 ( назад)
works between 30-110 rpm, normally the rpm was about 90.

Автор pelagic6 ( назад)
Awesome, what kind of RPM does this engine get?

Автор gav152 ( назад)
Zim Pusan, so yeh, definably sister ship. No bad ships like, everything new
and sorted out, so fuck all work to do (like a cadet would do anything

Автор ricturtle ( назад)
each cylinder has about 3 injectors planted around it

Автор wysoft ( назад)
Some do. This particular engine is cam driven, though most large marine
diesels have cam lobes driving per-valve hydraulic pumps. The valves are
then operated by hydraulic action. When the cameraman goes downstairs and
immediately turns around, you can see the tubular housing which contains
the camshaft.

Автор Menkent Dk ( назад)
Actually he didn't go down to the crank case, only to the cam shaft deck :D
The crank case is 2 or 3 floors lower!

Автор Menkent Dk ( назад)
Looks like a 12-cylinder engine. Displacement I don't know, but it puts out
about 75000 horsepower. Check my videos for more.

Автор gav152 ( назад)
that sounds sarcastic..! yeh man, was an ace night, have to do it again
sometime man!

Автор boo66 ( назад)
An fair impression of the size is given when you went down stairs from
cylinders to crankcase!

Автор Stephen Fox ( назад)
WOW! that engine is super awesome! :D Twas an awesome hogmanay dude!

Автор gav152 ( назад)
Actually, there is a 'Dead Man Alarm'. Once the system is switched on,
whoever is down there has to press a button every 20-30 minutes. This
resets the alarm. If they don't press the button, the alarm will go off
after awhile, alerting the crew that someone maybe injured. It all depends
on whether the person can be bothered using the system though.

Автор salemcripple ( назад)
seems to me they would make you wear safety "locaters" for that same
purpose. You know like hikers and skiers have. Fire fighters, a police use
them as well. All you do is pull the pin, then it sets off an alarm in the
other units, as well as a homeing becon. Not only tells others that youre
hurt, but lets them know where you are.

Автор DoubleM55 ( назад)

Автор gav152 ( назад)
dunno about ghosts, but i suppose it would be kinda scary if you were down
there alone and you injured yourself badly. In the engine room, no one can
hear you scream :)

Автор biscuitownz ( назад)
like scary as if all alone and ghost ya something like it

Автор Delveaux ( назад)
Compressed air.

Автор DoubleM55 ( назад)
OMG! How does this thing starts? Engines in cars starts on battery, but how
to start that giant?

Автор gav152 ( назад)
yeh, its quite noisy. what do you mean scary? like ghosts or somethings?!

Автор gav152 ( назад)
this engine has a camshaft. its rather large!

Автор joaocoupe ( назад)
Nice video of new MC engine with Alpa Lubricator...I work service the
controls on a daily basis.

Автор morphix007 ( назад)
not a single worker down there, times have changed sicne titanic

Автор Joshmcfee ( назад)
This was a UMS ship, so didn't need any after 6. I went down to take the
vid at about 9, so was the only person down there. Naughty,naughty,did you
inform the bridge???Or were you duty??

Автор douro20 ( назад)
If I am correct this engine doesn't have a timing cam, but rather
hydraulically operated exhaust valves, which are controlled by a computer.

Автор biscuitownz ( назад)
is it noisy and scary down there with noone

Автор gav152 ( назад)
This was a UMS ship, so didn't need any after 6. I went down to take the
vid at about 9, so was the only person down there.

Автор Jayc2400 ( назад)
hmm... were are the rest of the watchstanders? or are you the only one?

Автор gav152 ( назад)
ZIM lines. American/Israeli company, managed by Zodiac maritime. Not the
best company in the world..

Автор eddie sitompoel ( назад)
What fleet you are? OOCL, MSC, Loyyd?

Автор gav152 ( назад)
yeh, mite have to take out a seat or two...:)

Автор Renato Donadio ( назад)
What type of engine? Sultzer Wartsila Common Rail?

Автор gav152 ( назад)
yeh, you can take out the piston's etc and it will still go, you can also
shut down each piston so it's not firing. During slow running (30 rpm) half
the cylinders are shut off to save fuel.

Автор Dan Schroeder ( назад)
Must be some serious torque in that engine

Автор gav152 ( назад)
About 95-100, the slowest it can go is 30 RPM

Автор Dan Schroeder ( назад)
What sort of RPM is that that engine turning?

Автор gav152 ( назад)
yeh, it is. i think the type was 9k90 mc-c

Автор TAK Gwi iL ( назад)
I think that's maybe MANB&W isn't it?

Автор Tekontug ( назад)
Thanks for the memories. I'm an ex seagoing engineer. Pity you didn't take
video further down to crankcase level.

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