Mikma and eye floaters

If this happens to yoy see a doctor

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Автор Robert Smith ( назад)
Eye floaters, for most people, are benign particles that float around in
the vitreous or gelatin-like fluid within in the eye and are considered
normal for most people as they age. You do make a point, however, if you
have accompanying eye flashes with the floaters. In that case, you're
correct about seeing a retinal opthamologist as soon as possible. Aside
from that, floaters, for most people, are considered normal, especailly as
you get older.

Автор connect4glyn ( назад)
i just started geting flashing lines yesterday,rushed to hospital,not torn
retina thankfully,nice video , how did your husband get on ?? 

Автор mikal qualls ( назад)
@BeastRedDawg7 um im 13 and i just got them in june and its august 2 so i
still have them and idk wht to do so plz help 

Автор BeastRedDawg7 ( назад)
i went to the doctor because when i looked this problem up..i came across
torn retina websites..and i was really scared and nervous...but my doc
tolled me i just had a lot a floaters...

Автор side2 Side ( назад)
From the first day i felt this floaters when i was staring at a white wall
i thought of going to a doctor, so i got my appointment and went there, he
check my eyes up and said it's normal and ur eyes is healthy but it's a
cause of lower vision. i never felt that im going 2 stop there, so i went
to 2 more docs, & it's the same! i checked the internet and few said that
it has to do with liver and diabetes, i checked that too & sure it was a
bit high, fixed it but still the same!!

Автор exklim ( назад)
hi thanks for your respond , can you please ask hem how much they charged
him? i need to know so maybe i can pay mine

Автор exklim ( назад)
hi i have a cuestio for you ,, its your husband ok ? how much did they
charge hem??? and can he see better?

Автор Somalistar7 ( назад)
exact same thing happened to me

Автор ChrisPlugged ( назад)
I have them. You'll be fine

Автор alhayjaa ( назад)
I am happy for Bill, say hi to him and I wish you both great days. I
beleive Bill reading a lot so do I. but I decided to read less this year.

Автор alhayjaa ( назад)
Hi, The Dr. today assured me that is nothing wrong with my Retina. He put
some sort of eye drops in my eyes, then my eye pupils expand like crazy :-)
and he saw the floaters. He was saying it's small floaters and may
disappear with time. I asked him if its good idea to remove them by laser,
the answer was big NO, its only worth doing a laser sugary if the floaters
are big or in the middle of the pupil where it's effect the vision he said.

Автор alhayjaa ( назад)
@Fringe111 Sure I will do, Will you please update us what happened with
Bill after your vedio, I hope he is feeling well now? Alaa

Автор alhayjaa ( назад)
I am 25 years old male, I saw the first small floater at age 18 which was
associated with nearsighted, as usual the doctor said ignore the floaters.
I did Epi Lasik surgery and got my super vision by getting rid of the
nearsighted. Today I have two floaters in my right eye and one in my left
eye. Add together is a party in my eyes. I am going to see the dr. after
tomorrow (05th 01, 10). Will keep you posted.

Автор SNESguy ( назад)
I have floaters, I'm 16 years old. My mom said its nothing wrong, everybody
have it. But I have them almost a year. so annoying. Sometimes I cry, yes
its true. first time whenI saw them, I was scared. do they dissapear?
please reply. They are not dangerous right?

Автор ARandomCanadian ( назад)
Squiggly line, you are forgiven

Автор Irondo11 ( назад)
You should RUN to a MD if you have ANY problems with yours eyes. Even if
you lose some sight one just one, you lose significant depth of perception.
I used to enjoy perfect sight. No more....sob !

Автор Casper Locs ( назад)
wow that is weird because I noticed they got worst the more I started to
drink those monster energy drinks and I drink them everyday, but im going
to cut down its just that they are so addicting and i dont know how to
stop, I want to stop drinking them. do any of you see the floaters as you
are on the comp or watching tv as far as when they pass through your field
vision, it makes a blur on the screen, thick floaters.

Автор MulleDK19 ( назад)
Also, according to chinese medicine, there's an energetic system within the
eyes that constantly tries to break down the eye floaters. Cleansing the
liver should speed up that process. Though, it's important to eat the right
nutrients, to regain balance. Even though doctors says nothing can be done,
I'm sure than a healthy diet can decrease the number of floaters.

Автор MulleDK19 ( назад)
Well, according to chinese medicine, eye floaters are an indication of
congestion in the liver, kidney and colon. Congestions in those three
organs are definitely affected by sugar, smoke and alcohol. My eye floaters
appeared shortly after I began eating candy, and cola each day, which was
caused by a depression I got.

Автор ///Marty ( назад)
I Have Eye Floaters Too And When I Went Yesterday To My Eye Doctor He Said
That My Retina Is Ok,But I Have Very Low Blood Pressure And Because Of That
I Have Them,But I Dont Know I Have Them Since Last Month,So What Do You
Guys Think Is This Really The Problem...!?

Автор Casper Locs ( назад)
I been drinking a lot of those monster energy drinks like almost 2 a day,
and yes ever since that, they got worst. can it really be sugar related? i
started to smoke like a few months ago too.

Автор Casper Locs ( назад)
thank you, im going to see a docter any docter i said because my docter
wont be in next week and i dont care who it is as long as its a
opthomoligist, they got worst. just scares me so much that I live in stress

Автор MulleDK19 ( назад)
I see them rarely... Mostly when turning my eyes. It doesn't happen a
lot... It's small bright dots like stars on a night sky. Appearing for a
split second. Have you been eating a lot of candy, cola? Smoking or
drinking, etc.?

Автор Casper Locs ( назад)
how do the flashes look? is it just in the dark? or do you get it just at
any ole time? i need to know so if i do have a detached retina i will go to
the er, i have many floaters that have developed since april and got worst.
docs say my retina is ok but still im so worried.

Автор Casper Locs ( назад)
my floaters have got worst, i see alot and most of the time now they are
smashed together, and it effects when i try to read on the computer, docs
say my eye is fine but i still get depressed and thinking im going blind.

Автор Casper Locs ( назад)
yes, your lucky i see them while im on the computer alot! and when i watch
tv, i cant even read stuff at times cuz the brown mixed floaters are very
bad. they make a blur

Автор MulleDK19 ( назад)
Depression causes imbalance of one or more neurochemicals in our brains.
This affects our vision. Some medical professionals believe that over time,
the brain can actually learn to ignore eye floaters and prevent them from
being seen. If the brain can, in fact, learn over time to ignore eye
floaters due to changes in brain chemistry, managing depression becomes
extremely important so as not to cause an imbalance in these important
brain chemicals.

Автор MulleDK19 ( назад)
I'm pretty sure the reason I got eye floaters in the first place, is
because I have a severe depression. It might not be directly related, but
it made me eat a whole lot of candy, and drink like 2 liters of cola every
day. That's not the best thing you can do. From a Chinese Medicine
perspective, floaters are an indication of congestion in the liver, kidney
and colon.

Автор greenorange75 ( назад)
Women don't get floaters?

Автор MulleDK19 ( назад)
If the brain can, in fact, learn over time to ignore eye floaters due to
changes in brain chemistry, managing depression becomes extremely important
so as not to cause an imbalance in these important brain chemicals.

Автор MulleDK19 ( назад)
While a definitive link between depression and eye floaters has not been
established, the link may be in one or more of the many neurochemicals
within our brain. Some medical professionals believe that over time, the
brain can actually learn to ignore eye floaters and prevent them from being

Автор MulleDK19 ( назад)
Did your husband get over it well?

Автор MulleDK19 ( назад)
I only had 1 before the eye doctor. Afterwards I've started to see a ton. I
also read about someone else who didn't have any eye floaters, and he had
an eye examination, and afterwards he had floaters. It's pretty bad that
you get a life-ruin DISEASE just by having an eye examination -.- Though..
The reason I got them in the first place, I think is because of a

Автор MulleDK19 ( назад)
I don't really know if it's actual flashes... It's very very rare I get
any, but it's just for a split second like a little star on the night sky.
That's it. And unfortunately the dilation thing eye doctors gives you seem
to cause floaters.

Автор MulleDK19 ( назад)
I got floaters about 6 months ago... From having 0 the first day to having
1 the next day. I also started having some flashes. I kept going with this
for 3 months, until I read that it could be serious. So I had an eye doctor
check me, and he examined me for like 30 minutes with tons of lights and
loops, and whatever. No tears or anything. Everything looks fine.

Автор Justine J (631 год назад)
A Laser procedure can be uncomfortable. You have nerves in your eyes and
when the laser hits a nerve there is pain. When you are being lasered in
the periphery there are more nerves, but you are givin drops to numb the
eye. Some people have floaters with no sort of problems. Flashes usually
indicate the vitreous comin loose from the retina and pulling.

Автор Justine J (667 лет назад)
It is normal to see intermittent floaters with no problems as well as
intermittent flashes. You should still be dilated and examed. If you see a
whole shower of floaters it is important to seek medical attention asap.
You have vitreous in your eye and as you get older it shrinks. In about 5%
of people it can tug and pull at the retina. This may cause a retinal tear
or detachment. unfortunatley this is unavoidable.

Автор Sincerely John ( назад)
Hey! I have these floaters too. Did your brain adjust? If so, how long did
it take. Thanks for such an informative v ideo. :)

Автор polarlarve ( назад)

Автор Ryan Melling ( назад)
i have eye floater time to time i went to an eyedocter and its nothing

Автор polarlarve ( назад)
I have some eye floaters... I am scared if it starts to pop up some more.
god, I dont wanna have all my eyesight blocked by floaters

Автор Justine J ( назад)
I work for a retinal specialist. Floaters, flashes, and a dark shadow or
curtain coming from your peripheral vision needs to be checked right away.
The floaters and flashes are warning signs for a vitreous detachment,
retinal tear, or retinal detachment. The shadow or curtain usually means
retinal detachment and needs surgery for repair. Good thing you went when
you did having a tear and lasering it is much better than a retinal
detachment. Feel free to ask me questions

Автор Moetsky Tiano ( назад)
hey try everyone could c floaters check this out draw a triangle with 3
dots stare at the top dot and look at the other 2 dots with out turning
your eyes away from the first dot like focus view its called the third eye
and i have learned to c wat i want and even slo down idk how but i can and
and im looking for pepole just like me that could control wat is call the
horus soul in ancient times i feel the doctor took away a gift from your
husband but try that out

Автор Michael Myers ( назад)
thx for deleting my comments

Автор matacheandrey ( назад)
i've started to see little floaters 2 years ago..and to see black dots 1
year ....but now i see more floaters and more dots....( if they were before
i have laptop i didn't realise ...but i see them beacuse of white pages on
the internet ) i will check my eyes and tomorrow and share the results

Автор matacheandrey ( назад)
well i have floaters since i have a PC ....and i see black dots in my eyes
....when i look at the sky they appear more and more ....is this a serious
problem????? now i see 6-8 black dots and very much floaterss....please
respond me (srry for my english) with respect! andrei

Автор pontiachotshot ( назад)
well i got my exam today ! and she said that my retina's are fully attached
and i have healthy eye's she said they look great ! she did a sh*t load of
exams ! yellow dye with blue light.... ETC, i said that my eyes have been
dry and she reccomended Fish oil in vitamin form ! she said that it will
give your eyes better moisture, so im doing 4 pills a day, as for the
floaters, well she said that she didint see any floaters at all ! LOL she
said that its tiny blood vessels ! she said im am ok !

Автор pontiachotshot ( назад)
Iam 22 and one day floaters just appeared in my eye's my grand parents have
glucoma and my mom had a tear in her retina, so im going to get checked out
on thursday. im scared to death, but im going to Grand Rapids opthamology
in Michigan so i will post a update after i get back.I dont have any
flashes, in my vision, so thats good because forsure that would mean a

Автор ParamoreFanDavid ( назад)
Hiya i'm the 16 year old who commented a couple of months ago I went to the
hospital and had some checks and they said that the jelly in my eyes is
moving and changing which is why i can see the floaters. He said its not
uncommon but it really shouldn't be happening untill 3 times my age but he
said just carry on as normal and if they get worse to go back but they said
it will most likely clear up when ive stopped growing.

Автор dermot mcdaniel ( назад)
relax liammunky,, there no harm i hav them for years u just get used to

Автор The Vicarious Project ( назад)
Hi I'm 16 years old and I have those things since 3 months. I play
Ice-Hockey for 9 years now and I will have my first practise(this season)
next Week. And I do not know how I going to play Ice-Hockey again,if I see
those floaters. I m really confused beacuse I'm only 16 years old and I
Don't want live like that forever. And I don't want to give Ice-Hockey up
beacause Im good at it and I love the sport. sorry for my English thx

Автор ParamoreFanDavid ( назад)
Hi i went to the appointment and the doctor said i had 2 go 2 the optitions
so i did and they put drops in my eyes n had a look and i had the pressure
test and they said they couldn't see anything but they were very concerned
so i have been refered 2 the eye hospital and have my appointment in 3

Автор Forados ( назад)
Fringe 111, was that YAG laser in your husband's case? It's much safer than
vitrectomy. I've had floaters for more than 20 years, and they constantly
growing & changing in size. What causes them? The gel inside our eyes is
also changing, so why not to suppose to just drink clean water and eat good
food? What else cure? No more McDonalds (in fact i've never eaten there cos
we dont have em), just good water. What do you and doctors think about at
least stopping the progression of floaters? Tnx

Автор ParamoreFanDavid ( назад)
Thank you SO much for telling me about this. I hope your husband is well. I
have had them for 4 years and i just cannot get used to them. I'm 16 and
have now booked an appointment first thing tomorrow.

Автор Skrebs ( назад)
no.... im not sure if ive got used 2 them but i think there starting to go
... is it possible for the to go?

Автор Skrebs ( назад)
im not sure if ive got used 2 them but i think there starting 2 go im my
eyes ... is this possible.. (i 1st started seeing them about 4 months ago

Автор Y2Kstephen ( назад)
went to see the eye docotor yesterday my eyes are good, just eye floaters
no retinal detachment and yea... the same thing we expected, he told me
there is nothing i can do about it, the eye floaters will only get worse
over time, and my brain will adjust to them eventually

Автор Y2Kstephen ( назад)
thx :) i alredy accept the fate that i will have this eye floater for the
rest of my life, now i just hope it wont get any worse anyway, i will
update u after i see the ophthalmologist

Автор Y2Kstephen ( назад)
i called a few ophthalmologist today, but all of them need family doctor
referral (stupid system in canada) so i went to a family doctor right away
he told me it should be just some normal eye floaters cos if its some
serious eye problem, it would had happen in days, but since i have them for
3 months already... so... anyway, he refer me to an ophthalmologist, but
the soonest appointment i can make is 2 weeks later so i guess there is
nothing i can do now but to wait... sigh

Автор Y2Kstephen (1800 лет назад)
i am 26 i have eye floater in my left eye for about 3 months... its getting
worse lately at first it just like a little line shape and now its like a
little cobweb shape i thought its common so didnt bother to see an eye
doctor... but now i guess i should go find one immediately tomorrow

Автор Skrebs (1321 год назад)
im 14 and ive got them, ive had them for about 3 months now :(

Автор Daniel Lay ( назад)
aww sorry to hear about ur husband. good to hear his ok now. im 16 and ive
got floaters for about a couple of months now. and there is 2 groups of
them, and i believe there are like almost over 100 floaters. ive been to
the specialst twice and said no renal detachment. but it seems to be
increasing. wat should i do ?

Автор Michel Angielczyk ( назад)
ok i'll get it checked next week thanks. I might need glasses too so I
wanted to go anyway lol...

Автор Michel Angielczyk ( назад)
I've seen floaters since i was very little everytime i looked at the sky,
only that i didnt know their name until a couple of days. I've also seen a
small black dot when I shake my head to the left I cant really describe it
but i had this since i was very little and my vision since good to me.
anyway should i go get checked?

Автор clockworktim ( назад)
Yes wastewaterboss4, I would go back to him if they came back. No, it did
not hurt- was just totally alien sitting in the chair, having him train a
laser in my eyes. You adjust to the experience & Dr. Geller is wonderful. I
would be glad to elaborate further if you wish. You do have to take a nap &
be in a dark environment for about 6-8 hours afterwards because your eyes
are dry & the dilation- naturally- makes you highly light sensitive. I also
had to de-stress because I'm that way.

Автор clockworktim ( назад)
Actually I was born in NY State- Rochester, bopped back & forth to
Brooklyn. I miss NYC, too. AND, I also lived in Los Angeles! (my crazy tour
around the country) I've lived in Chicago for years. Funny, you move
somewhere & then (if you had good memories), you can long for where you
just left. Again, I miss the peace & quiet of Fort Myers, the utter
quietness of the area at night. I worked in Cape Coral for a while & know
that place is growing into a family community. Peace to you, too.

Автор clockworktim ( назад)
Thanks for the response. Eyes, you know? How much we take good sight for
granted. Again, thank God the lasers worked for your husband's retinas.
Your brain does adjust, somewhat, to floaters. I've had them for 8 years
now but rarely think about them in a bothersome fashion. Even Dr. Geller
told me he had floaters. He said some people are more wired to be haunted
by them than others. The best of luck to you & your husband. I miss the
tranquility of Fort Myers, I'm back in a HUGE city (Chicago).

Автор clockworktim ( назад)
Thanks for your thoughts. Dr Geller told me I'd never fully get rid of all
of them & he was right. You cope, you know? I no longer live in SW FLA &
don't know Dr Crowley, unfortunately. Glad your husband's retina treatment
worked. Thankfully I did not have that. Please tell me, was it painless &
relatively trauma-free? The thought of eye surgery makes my skin crawl- had
a hard enough time getting in the chair for my floaters. But that turned
out okay, got used to it (several treatments each eye)

Автор clockworktim ( назад)
Dr. Scott Geller in SW Florida (Fort Myers) worked on my eye floaters in
2002 & 2003 & helped me quite a bit. He never fully eliminated them from my
vision, but his laser broke them up into smaller pieces where they are now
less intrusive. Fringe111, I pray your husband is better & no further work
will be needed on his eyes. I'm sooo sensitive on this topic as I am a
professional artist & these floaters drove me crazy. Now with the smaller
ones I've learned to live with them & move on with life.

Автор Kristian Svane ( назад)
I am 16 and have had them since age 11, although they've been getting worse
for the past few years. Eye doctors couldn't see anything.

Автор coaldust01 ( назад)
So right to stop you lot worriying, my floaters, are buggers right acrross
my vision, Now listen ! hypochondriacs pay attention !, cos i am one, and i
went though to much worry, so listen, from one worryer to another, please
listen, I have bad floaters, Told no sighns of detachment or tears !. So
that means yours are most likey nothing to worry !, hope i helped
!!!!!!!!!, fringe, i wish your husband god speed

Автор coaldust01 ( назад)
anyway, no sighns of retinal tears or detachment !, So if your so woried
you cant sleep !!!!!!!!, behave, In unlucky cases as poor Fringe111 they
mean as she said. and by god i hope he recovers, cos i was in the same boat
s him, kacking my pants !

Автор coaldust01 ( назад)
very wise words from Fringe111, If your worried at all about your floaters,
go get a dialated exam where they will take a look into the back of you eye
and tell you if you have anything to worry about. on that note those that
are worriying very much and i understand because only a week ago i got my
dialated test, i was shaking i was so scared. I have about 4 floaters in my
left eye, and about 6 floaters in my right eye, and when i mean floaters, i
mean floaters, go right accross my vision etc

Автор tarantino1983 ( назад)
i have many floaters...and i am only 24...only 24!!!!1!!why?why?my life is

Автор fehquig ( назад)
Mail. Don't talk to me about mail. I'm still getting through my email while
I should be editing. I hope Bill's OK by now. Talk to you soon, Joy...

Автор andymooseman ( назад)
Never fear, i'm still here :)

Автор Ladypn N ( назад)
Have I been MIA? I'm sorry!! I'm working on better time management so I
don't miss my friend's work on here! :)

Автор UpDownMostly ( назад)
You know it's so strange. I have had floaters for quite some time --
gradually you know. Not like coming up right away or anything. Doc says
"it's normal and OK". So go figure. But I think maybe Bill's came on
quickly? right? Anyhow, I still think it's excellent advice when it comes
to your eyes. Big hugs to you -- well I'd hug Bill but I don't know him
that well. :)

Автор stagism ( назад)
According to some of the medical papers I have read in most cases eye
floaters(spots) are not a serious danger and can be ignored. There are of
course exceptions, especially when you are getting on in years. I'm sorry
to hear about Bill, if I couldnt read I would go stir crazy.

Автор Ladypn N ( назад)
I'm sorry to hear about Bill, Joy. But happy he's gotten treatment and will
pray for his full recovery! Vision is something we oh so easily, take for
granted. Until you lose it, and can't read, can't drive, can't watch TV
even if you have the time... It was so good of you to share this as an
important lesson!

Автор mikma ( назад)
shhhh don't tell you tube that this is here they will take it from you

Автор djonova ( назад)
So sorry to hear that. Hopefully everything turns out OK.

Автор Rhonda9 ( назад)
This was very important info to share. Thank you for taking the time to do
that. I can't believe that something so common could cause such a severe
problem. I just wonder why this isn't stressed to people. Hope your husband
is doing better now. He will have a lot to catch up on!

Автор Steve Miller ( назад)
Lab equipment blew up in his face. He's all right, but still recovering
from the eye damage.

Автор Steve Miller ( назад)
As soon as someone says "floaters" I shit... after my brother's injury...
I'm all over the eye doctor. hope he recovers soon.

Автор achampag ( назад)
wow thanks for telling me! sorry to hear about your husband! i hope he is
better soon laser is surgery is tough and painful, i know =)

Автор Illuminatta ( назад)
Wow! Who-da thunk it. I'll keep that in mind. And, yeah, it's amazing how
far behind we get when we don't come here several times a day! LOL!

Автор MadBadVoodo ( назад)
Great video Joy! I know tomorrow will be a good day!

Автор The Real Jimmy Hens ( назад)
I hope he is ok, man, my eyes hurt sometimes when I am online all day. My
doc moved me to bifocals. Now i feel old.

Автор Sikskillz84 ( назад)
Thanks for the notice.. I really appreciate it.. Even though it doesn't
relate to me. At least I'll know

Автор Elaina43 ( назад)
You are scaring me! The hubby has had floaters for years and the eye doctor
always says "No biggie." I guess if things change dramatically and/or
quickly for him, we will have them re-checked. Thanks for the heads-up.

Автор andymooseman ( назад)
Thanks for the advice :)

Автор txnrobin ( назад)
maybe an acute change in floaters is key? i've had them all my life (was
told like y'all, it's normal). sometimes they are maddening, other times, i
barely notice them. interesting tho. good luck to bill, hope his check-up
gives him the green light to carry on as usual, and not require any further
procedures. and, btw, mikma was here ;)

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