3 HOURS of Relaxing music " Beautiful Piano "

3 HOURS of Relaxing music " Beautiful Piano " . Positive music for Stress relief , Sound Therapy. Piano music is so relaxing and meditative. Enjoy Calm music for Meditation, Sound therapy, Zen meditation, Massage, Sleeping Music and Relaxing. Just imagine...
Used track:
Take Over Control - Relaxing Mix (Classical Piano) by PianoJukebox is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence (Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0))
Changes - original music was looped to 3 hours version

Background: "Highland Spring" © Digital Blasphemy (http://digitalblasphemy.com/) -- Used with Permission

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Автор Natalie Elliott ( назад)
It's so peceful thank you

Автор mrknotthall ( назад)
same damn tune over and over. WTF?

Автор Sakhalin ( назад)

Автор Jake Ketter ( назад)
name of the song???

Автор Christian Ballard ( назад)
Is the first song Afrojack - Take Over Control? I was listening to this and
humming that song along with it and it fits perfectly. :O

Автор Preston Productions ( назад)
I thought it wasn't going to be relaxing but I listened to it for a couple
seconds and it was really relaxing and stress relieving :)

Автор Fistomefel Smeik ( назад)
I Love this Musik its so beutiful i just want to help other people and be a
good human

Автор Fistomefel Smeik ( назад)
I Love this Musik i dont if i want to cr🙃

Автор Alriefky Walangadi ( назад)
I want to thank the youtuber for posting this video because today my wallet
was lost i was very angry until i manage to listen this beautiful music i
know it may be silly to comment this but still thank you.

Автор Miguel B. ( назад)
I purposed to my wife while i placed this song in the background. i have
the empty house we were going to live in filled with roses and a trail lit
with candles to the center where i was on one knee. .... later did i
realize that i purposed to my wife with "take over control" by Afrojack in
the background. haha good piano though.

Автор Rinto Harianja ( назад)
Beautiful Music

Автор Marcus Terry & Zephaniah P ( назад)
Ohhhhhh I get it, the closest tree you see on the picture is different than
every other tree, like when people are different than other
people.....right?! Idk whateves

Автор Ashley Cooke ( назад)
this music is so relaxing

Автор Ceo ( назад)
Take over control instrumental. Boi it's so easy.

Автор Ceo ( назад)
That skull is in the middle.

Автор - lpsmcg ( назад)
so good!!!!!! i sleep all night now before this video i stay up like 4:00
AM and im 11. i love it♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!

Автор Subjohny ( назад)
Sorry but all melodies sound the same.... :(

Автор LYSA OTTERBEIN ( назад)
This song made me cry thinking about my memory's

Автор JacobCw YT ( назад)
WHY DOES this song make everyone all sappy its justa song no special
meaning behind it

Автор XSnackX S ( назад)
ya des francais ?

Автор Renata ( назад)
music to my soul.....

Автор CutiePlays10 ( назад)

Автор PianoPlayer300 ( назад)
Since I'm using YouTube (2008), this is the only comment sections that has
no hate... Amazing

Автор Dorin Boldișor ( назад)

Автор jason smith ( назад)
Sounds like a Rihanna song.....

Автор Wing Erra ( назад)
I feel at peace listening to the gentle tone of cello and piano It calms my
soul of all the tough and aggressive days I've had

Автор Fox Girl ( назад)
😇Nice I love it😍

Автор GameSmashDash ( назад)
This sounds like garabage, I'm sorry but the notes don't really feel like
they have any flow of connection, it sounds like you keep playing the intro
of the song over and over just varying speeds. I mean hell you have to have
a consitent rythm that isn't the same each time but simillar and keep a
flowing pattern like a river but not as volient as a river and be brisk and
soft as if this is frail as glass.

Автор Suma's Kitchen ( назад)
Love the music I will use this music in my cooking channel guys please
check out youtube channel:)

Автор Foureveryours 190 ( назад)
frist or second one i think its called love s.....no its not😞😞😞

Автор Kaj Siegler ( назад)
Its this song: Afrojack ft Eva Simons - 'Take Over Control' 1 billion times

Автор Annette Youngkin ( назад)
what song is this?

Автор Cyan_ Mitality ( назад)
omg I finally found it I've been looking for this song forever for like 2
years my 4th grade teacher used to put this on and it soothed me I loved it

Автор koriio ( назад)
relaxed me so much... lots of family issues... it calmed me.

Автор Tiffany Lum ( назад)
Wonderful song !🎶🎶🎶🎶💗

Автор Piano's Finest ( назад)
When your reading comments but you should be doing homework...

Автор Manny Marrufo ( назад)
The most relaxing music for miditating and realizing what all we got, what
is most important in life. You and your love ones like your kids and the
one. Mom Dad and sisters. Never forget where you come from ,from nothing to

Manny Marrufo. to all a good night.

Автор Faded Honor ( назад)
They played take over control at like 1m xD

Автор Nanci Garcia ( назад)
trying to relax

Автор Jordan The Poet ( назад)
Who else listens to this daily, and never gets bored.

Автор Elizabeth Lindgren ( назад)

Автор Elizabeth Lindgren ( назад)
My grandpa's funeral song ... I am so sad now... THANKS ALOT YOU STUPID

Автор Edin Heideveld ( назад)
i love it!!!!!

Автор Aurélie M ( назад)
C'est quoi ce truc qui tourne en boucle ? Toujours le meme morceau pendant
3h, il s'est pas fatigué celui qui a mis ça en ligne....
Always the same thing ! The same item turning circle!

Автор Caleb Park ( назад)
i cried so hard instead of relaxing it's such a 👍 great tune🎸😘☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Автор Jing Liang ( назад)
Believe me you'll find happiness someday, keep trying.Please.

Автор Jing Liang ( назад)
Your life comes from the death of others. Don't give up, life is precious.

Автор Tran Truong ( назад)
Ahhh so relaxing😌💆🏻

Автор Pekka Marttinen ( назад)
beautiful music

Автор Alekzandra Molina ( назад)
i've been coming here every time i have a hard time with life . i lost my
cousin in a motorcycle accident 6 months ago and lost my brother 8 years
and have a Anxiety Disorder and this calms me down so well :) thank you

Автор Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Fans ( назад)
Nice one ....

Автор Anat Clem ( назад)
Mooi hoor

Автор DanTdm cool boy ( назад)
it really helps me fall asleep

Автор The_Cupquake 1 ( назад)
perfect for my guinea pig

Автор Revampedharpy09 ( назад)
my process for calming down:
step 1: put this music on
step 2: load up minecraft and play it till im calm (i dont actually play
minecraft normally that much, i just find that its good for helping me calm
down, i guess theres something therapeutic in the game's creative mode for

Автор 곰돌씨 ( назад)
awesome! i like it!!!!

Автор BubbaJay24 ( назад)
I could listen to this all day, I mean, It's just so crazy how much certain
music can help you concentrate. Especially during finals week XD

Автор Konfetti Schnipsel ( назад)
Wonderful :)

Автор Strawberrysunset23 ( назад)
isn't the same song playing again and again?

Автор KnightofWU ( назад)
So, am I the only one who noticed that this is just a piano version of Take
Over Control by Afrojack (ft. Eva Simons ) repeated over and over for three

Автор Katarína Pašková ( назад)
like and suscribe

Автор Kristen Marie ( назад)
Who else is counting down until Christmas vacation?

Автор sarianne davidsson ( назад)
thank you ever so ! greetings from Helsinki Finland xxxx

Автор Rifal Amin ( назад)
i listen this when my mom sick :(

Автор Jordan Renae ( назад)
i have horrible insomnia and this helps me fall asleep so easily. love it

Автор Sharon Wagstaff ( назад)
I use to not sleep as my heart kept stopping as I got worried but this
helped a lot thanks

Автор Melandy Ratih ( назад)

Автор genavieve rodriguez ( назад)
love you songs

Автор กัลยรัตน์ พิมพา ( назад)
Thanks a lot!!

Автор DanTdm cool boy ( назад)
this really help me when i am happy and awack i play this for the baby and
i fall asleep with the baby

Автор DanTdm cool boy ( назад)
this really help me when i am happy and awack i play this for the baby and
i fall asleep with the baby 😴😴

Автор DanTdm cool boy ( назад)
this really help me when i am happy and awack i play this for the baby and
i fall asleep with the baby 😴😴

Автор kandy Marroquin ( назад)
this song my teacher puts it

Автор Mahir Anowar ( назад)
Imma study the shit outta this bitch

Автор Wai Lana Yoga Fans ( назад)
Good one...

Автор Swavor Gang 16th ( назад)
Love it!!!!!!

Автор Regina Rex ( назад)
Dora anyone know Joe si the real song called?

Автор DikoObraZ ( назад)
Same song for three hours, are you serious?

Автор hydra175 redlost ( назад)
I just love this music keep it up😄😄

Автор Jake Ketter ( назад)
what's the original song to this piano music?
I'm pretty sure I've heard this somewhere..

Автор Thrash ( назад)

Автор Manuel Allen ( назад)
la escucho para dormir

Автор Princess Faithful ( назад)
beautiful and peaceful,It makes me and my family asleep

Автор TakeMoneyHome Gaming ( назад)
when my mom heard dis she cried its sad

Автор Elheythem Lamamri ( назад)
am i the only one who doesnt cry when he watches these dumb sad videos of
"u re gonna cry"lol but i swear im a good guy

Автор Tom Thomas ( назад)
This is crap my friends compared to NIN Ghosts

Автор Blanca Karina ( назад)
i love it

Автор teddy d (songsmadeforyou) ( назад)
does anyone else see the Skull in the middle of the image?

Автор Samantha Silva ( назад)
Gostei da música me faz um pouco cauma 😴

Автор Lilli-ann Stafford ( назад)
BSE best song ever

Автор L_S_W squad :] word ( назад)
the is so peaceful it made me cry

Автор Israel Gonzalez ( назад)
this is just what I need to relax after a stressful day.

Автор Lauana F ( назад)
I get irritated when I pay attention that the music is repeating all the

Автор FreeKick Funnies ( назад)
lol I'm listening to a calm song yet I'm drawing a battle

Автор Lhar AP ( назад)
I read all share comments, i inspired in every words that shared not only
for one person, it just for all the readers. Thank you so much to this
beautiful piano positive music for stress relief, sound therapy.

Автор Carrie Stimpson ( назад)
This is the perfect background music for my 5th grade classroom. It helps
my students to focus and they love it!!!

Автор Steve Saliba ( назад)
Try it while diing sports its awesome

Автор Levi Games ( назад)
calm music best ever

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