Tyler joins me for an attempt at the Friend Yoga Challenge where we proceed to ABSOLUTELY CRUSH every pose and also my spine.
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Автор LittleBear ( назад)
my cheeks hurt so from laughing so hard,which cheek?,you decide ;)

Автор Harry Day ( назад)
what i noticed from this video, does mark have a botty. HE DO!

Автор Marshall Lee ( назад)
I know this has been commented on before, but I'm just going to say HOLY CRAP MARK WAS THE LACK OF JOCK STRAP ON PURPOSE?! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL YOUR FANS?

Автор Punkle Sans ( назад)

Автор Mayor Wendyle ( назад)
TRUE STORY: originally Mark was going to make this video with Yamimash but he didn't want any fangirls to explode.

Автор LPS Muffins ( назад)

Автор Deverey1 ( назад)
What is the name of the video are 1:35?

Автор Debbie Allen ( назад)
Lol so funny🤣

Автор Leah Copsey ( назад)
I wished they KISSED

Автор Kubik Kidz ( назад)
For some reason when Tyler said " interlock legs through crotch . " i lost it

Автор undertale lover ( назад)
XD im laughing so hard at 2:14

Автор Arekusandoria Bun ( назад)
that video 😂😂😂😂

Автор Brianna Jones ( назад)
I've never felt a heel come so gently down on my balls- Markiplier 2017

Автор Neon Adobe ( назад)
Mark, can you explain the fact of why you have a.. uh.. *"bulge"*?

Автор That One Fangirl ( назад)
"Why are your ankles sweaty!? Why are your *ankles* sweaty?"

Автор Leonard Dörksen ( назад)
wait how old is mark again?

Автор ExhaleMedia ( назад)
Can you plz do something with aphmau plz plz plz!!!!!!!!!

Автор J- dog ( назад)
Holy crap I didn't know that markaplier was flexible

Автор Elizabeth Kaufman ( назад)
Wow mark is pretty flexible

Автор Gyro Time ( назад)
Mark you are as flexible as a stix

Автор Sterling Smith ( назад)
this shit is fahggotted as fuck

Автор Random Commentor ( назад)
The bond of these two friends can last an eternity. (Please read in a Markiplier storytelling voice.)

Автор Jaxine Dunn ( назад)
"Its like when bane breaks BACKMANS BACK"
Markiplier 2017 XC

Автор Lemon ( назад)
Score: Friendship/Grizzly Bear

Автор Miranda Rose ( назад)

Автор Skeeter 01 ( назад)
I for one would very much like to see more of this. who agrees?

Автор Charlotte S ( назад)
he needs to do this with jack

Автор Nyles Head ( назад)
Mark be bending over backwards for his fans.....*LITERALLY

Автор Andromeda Cross ( назад)
Why are your ankles sweaty?!

Автор Face Nugget ( назад)
Yogaplier is arising!

Автор Lps Lolbit ( назад)
Marks so flexible he's retaliated to a pretzel

Автор Eyelessme 1683 ( назад)
10:54 needed to put his feet a tad bit lower b/c he was little bit to far down the spine.

Автор Asylum ( назад)
"every part of me is sweaty"


Автор luanlion ( назад)
I laughed so hard

Автор lord of Dodson ( назад)
this video should be called: laughter and sex poses

Автор Emily B ( назад)
I laughed so hard during this, oh my god

Автор Ariana Solace ( назад)

Автор BossCost man ( назад)
go to 0:40 then go to 1:55 right after

Автор Jacksepticeye Fan ( назад)
doesn't everyone love marks cute but funny laugh

Автор Happyfuz1 Hi! ( назад)
The second I saw the intro, I knew I would regret watching it....NOT
Don't judge me

Автор Nalu 4ever!!!!! ( назад)
Do more

Автор Iasaneli ( назад)

Автор Cheeky Little Monkey ( назад)
Patiently waiting for that pole dancing.... But bring Ethan for that one.

Автор izzy chan ( назад)
I was thinking that for the next challenge they should draw animals

Автор Doctor_crazy 13 ( назад)
Narrator : Here in the Natural habitat you can see how Nature's Elephants Mate together

Автор Michelle Mikaelson ( назад)
does this count as a exercise video?

Автор Dubby Pup 899 YT ( назад)
this is hilarious

Автор Gab P ( назад)

Автор graceeGamingYT -.- ( назад)
when mark said it was photoshoppedits not because i can do it all you need to ave as a very flexible back like me :)

Автор Vintage Pickle ( назад)
I like how your rubbing your butts together

Автор Brianna Beer ( назад)
R.I.P Mark

Автор nolan dumas ( назад)
best yoga video on youtube xD

Автор Kurliz Makara ( назад)
0:08 please, if you're reading this turn on CC(close captions)

Автор Miya Smart ( назад)

Автор Abby Senese ( назад)
WTFuge! 😨

Автор Bella Carinci ( назад)
Is this called broga because bro and yoga

Автор クレム クレム ( назад)
Il y a toute les langues à part français

Автор Carter Profico ( назад)
they shouldve named it breaking markiplier

Автор polar Noodle ( назад)
one thing: mark's butt
like if u agree

Автор hannah usher ( назад)
who else wants to see the gymnast of 10 years do this challenge

Автор Beth Marshall ( назад)
Step on a crack and you break Markipliers back!

Автор CutePuppyLovers33 ( назад)
¢~ ~¢
•. •

Автор SIR STOOPID ( назад)
"it's like when brane baked backman's back!!"

Автор Why Not ( назад)
leave a like cus why not. septipliers not dead

Автор *Emo_ Jackson* ( назад)
At 3:42 Mark's a** shook as he was getting off of Tyler

Автор guido lin ( назад)
8:20 "i feel it ,i feel it on my nuts" markinoo 2k17

Автор Unicorn Donuts ( назад)
From the first few, all I was getting from it was that yoga is another way to look at ur friend's butt
...........just saying..................

Автор StupidKitten95 ( назад)
I love the "this guy loves cats" shirt!

Автор Eva Jones ( назад)
would be able to do friendyoga again lime almost making a friendyoga part two type of thing. That be awesome to see you guys show us you amazing flexibility.😊😊😊

Автор Elenore Green ( назад)
The sub titles says sex poses instead of yoga... 😂

Автор Se Kirk ( назад)
Do one with acrobat Ethan

Автор Se Kirk ( назад)
I never realised how flexible mark is and hence they both are

Автор matthew blackwell ( назад)
anyone else see mark's impressive bulge or is it just me

Автор Saga Söderhäll ( назад)
Tylers pants are so....

Автор Shea Waite ( назад)
"That's not the way legs go, is it?" says markiplier... markiplier.

someone will understand what I mean

Автор Masyn_Playz_MC ( назад)

Автор Coopleaplay ( назад)
8:09 just listen lol

Автор crissy4445 ( назад)
I like how mark naturally arches his back on all fours like I do stripping 🙃 good booty man, nice form 👌🏻

Автор Hannah Summers ( назад)
Ur soo flex Abel mark

Автор Abbey Bancroft ( назад)
6:34-6:49 just listen with your eyes closed

Автор Don_Liz ( назад)
relationship goals.. 😍

Автор jinxgirl5 ( назад)
Oh my XD I think I could do some of these, it's just I'm tall and I don't move my limbs very fast for fear of bonking into stuff. I'm decently flexible, but I have little upper body strength. I doubt I could do any of these without someone incredibly strong to compensate for my lack of strength XD

Автор Saina morales ( назад)

Автор Saina morales ( назад)
I am cracking up at the image in my mind about mark getting crushed completely when the other guy flps on top of him😂😂😂😂😂

Автор hrs ( назад)
Same mark.

Автор ShadowWars 101 ( назад)
⊙ω⊙ such great teamwork

Автор Puffyfishy ( назад)
wonder how many of those tweets were sex poses XD

Автор Lynnsey Mcgill ( назад)
next time my friend is over we are doing this xD

Автор Sushi Cat ( назад)
Nailed it?

Автор Katie Dunbar ( назад)
myler vs septiplier i vote septiplier

Автор Dylan Partridge ( назад)
this is so entertaining

Автор Gopher Dude ( назад)
7:40 Only Mark can do it...

Автор Vebjørn Midtbø Nilsen ( назад)
This is so random😂

Автор Riku Yoshirou ( назад)
Am I the one who ships them?

Автор Alanah Smith-Timberlake ( назад)
when they get to the part about Tyler's ankles being sweaty, I was crying

Автор zoid berg ( назад)
this was made on my 🎂 day

Автор Lc_crnn ( назад)
Mark: no pls no

Автор Neva Seleš ( назад)
😂😂😂 they are so funny!

Автор Neva Seleš ( назад)

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