How to escape education's death valley | Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson outlines 3 principles crucial for the human mind to flourish -- and how current education culture works against them. In a funny, stirring talk he tells us how to get out of the educational "death valley" we now face, and how to nurture our youngest generations with a climate of possibility.

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Автор Mai ryuzaki ( назад)
im still very greatful to my highschool teacher for showing me this video
because i have come back to it so many times. One of my favotite ted talks.

Автор CulturalCompass ( назад)

Автор Shiloh Friend ( назад)
Brilliant! The line about suffering from childhood is so spot on.

Автор Trevor Ji ( назад)
최근에 '인벤톨로지'라고 발명학에 대한 책이 나왔는데, 부제에 '눈엣가시들의 역사'라는 문구가 돋보이더라.... 언제나 교육은 우리의
창의력을 존중해줄까....

Автор Redbatcave ( назад)
We waste more time in our education system taking map tests twice a year
parc testing. Replacing teachers with subs so they can go to meetings.
Students just want there teachers in the classroom.

Автор New Think ( назад)
Don't teach what to learn rather how to learn and how to think

Автор St e ( назад)
Great speech, we need leaders to be and to think like you, Sir Robinson

Автор D Poet ( назад)
Educational Revolution <3

Автор Numi Who ( назад)
Good Quotes:

On education: “It is not a cost, but an investment.”
On high school drop-outs: “It costs a lot to mop-up the damage.”

“Education is based on conformity, even though each of your children are
vastly different.”

“If you set kids down to do low-grade clerical work, don’t be surprised if
they start to fidget. They are not suffering from psychological conditions,
they are suffering from childhood.”

“Teaching is a creative profession, not a delivery system.”

“I had an old friend, very old in fact, he’s dead – that’s as old as it
gets, I’m afraid...”

He suggests individualized education, but even that fails in an inadequate
philosophical environment that has not progressed beyond subjective values
– meaning the entire problem is philosophical (everything always gets back
to philosophy) (hence my developing an objective value-based philosophy,
and a new philosophical landscape around it, which would not only guide
education but motivate students).

“The problem with education in America is the ‘command and control’ system”
where bureaucrats remove teacher and student discretion.”
“Learning in America is like sailing into a headwind (the current ‘system’)
- it gets done in spite of the system.”

“Death Valley isn’t dead, it is dormant, waiting for the right conditions“
(an analogy for our student population).
“Great leaders know that.”

“Benjamin Franklin said there are three types of people in the world, those
that are immovable, those that will move, and those that are movers, and if
we can encourage more movers, that would be a Movement, and if the Movement
is strong enough, that would be a Revolution, and that’s what we need.”

My Conclusion: If you have not adequately philosophically answered the
Greatest of the Great Questions of Life, that of “Why bother?” then nothing
you do will improve education or human life on earth, or our chances of
survival in a harsh and deadly universe (just to give you a clue).

Автор Teach the Teacher ( назад)
I love this video, thank you, I'm going to share this on my channel and
with everyone I think it will help.

Автор C Higs ( назад)
Robinson makes great points, ones with which many people agree. To get from
where we are now to an improved version of the system that adheres more
closely to what Robinson is saying, what action should be taken to make the
actual change? Because change won't happen without acting upon good ideas
such as the ones discussed in this talk.

Автор Lechuque ( назад)
Venus Project is the only solution

Автор Rob Fowler ( назад)
In a pervious lecture,. he mentioned that a degree used to mean a
guaranteed job and it no longer does. He forgot to mention the cost of a
degree has risen man times what it should be and once was. Is there a
connection there perhaps? Oh wait. That's right. We Americans don't
understand irony.

Автор kaxitaksi ( назад)
16:35 The analogue with Death Valley is genius and describes our whole
society which is a Death Valley in many ways and could be transformed
positively if just give people the chance. This is a great speech!

Автор Instinctual Rationality ( назад)
It would have been soo good if I was born in his family. He is one of the
very few who actually "Thinks" about stuff.

Автор Kylo Ren ( назад)
So wait we need to take government regulation out of something??? Like
it can actually be a bad thing? Who would of thought

Автор Namlee Jo ( назад)
Love my parents mom and dad a lot of homework thank you

Автор CoolDrool666 ( назад)
I agree that childrens' creativity should be allowed more room and
attention in the classroom. However, and I think Robinson touches on this
in the talk, I think the key is to inspire critical thinking in children.
Education as it is today in most parts of the world, as far as I know,
doesn't really do this until the university level (and kids are capable of
such thinking at a much younger age). If we not only say "listen kids, this
is how it is", but also give them the tools to view information critically
and as something that is not absolute, I'm hopeful that creativity would
follow naturally and that it would lead to a more empathetic world, less
filled with fear and hatred.

Автор Kenza Leclerc ( назад)
every input taste contract abroad demonstrate move around.

Автор 최영승 ( назад)
I'm from South Korea. As he says, We spend a lot of money and time in
education and think of it as an investment. But, the purpose is to help
students to get high scores on standardized tests , especially " Korea
College Entrance Exam". So, we evaluate teachers based on the number of
their students who have succeeded in entering so-called "prestigious
universities". I'm sure we don't educate students, but train them to be the
best test-takers. It has nothing to do with "discovering creativity and
distinct talents in each of us"

Автор Bruce Porter Sr ( назад)
I'm probably older than he is, and I'm a HS dropout. I existed in
school....just barely. Made it through 10th grade and left. I survived by
reading. Some of my teachers made a deal with me, I could do anything I
wanted if I didn't disturb the class. That was ok, but, they really could
have helped me if they had suggested the books I read instead of letting me
just read books that I could read in an hour that were fun, but provided no
real education or stimulus. So, I ended up getting a BS, have more than
enough hours for a masters with no reason to get it. Still don't have a HS
diploma. And home schooled my 6 children.

Автор Katerina Zissouli ( назад)
Great video! Thanks for sharing!

Автор mariam ahmedzein ( назад)
I loved it once when my friend called from the states to ask about a
pumking recipe, it was great, and thought it was the begging of admitting
that so much happened since I got married. but he knew, it was serious, and
we knew everything about this pumking in the world of essentials! The only
time he got immpressed with what I was saying was when he heard me saying
to sister in laW, about Codak they could be offered jobs to that number of
people. She said they were 1 billion! He was laghing in tears sitting far
on the couch!! He was emmbarrsing he heard it but she had this habit of
telling thing about education when it was killing!

Автор mariam ahmedzein ( назад)
I loved the way the full version of cooking programs developed on our
public TV, it was aired only on weekends. My Ex. husband would go out for
the day, Saturday and there is a simple meal on the table, nothing too
fansy. He would too surprised how the Phone chat line stopped on a weekend.
He tried that for a few weeks, quietly, then he stayed home for one
weekend. He sat at the TV, and there was the WOLD of update on name of
programs and their pick and never forget that contest around north america
that lasted for weekend and tomatoe desert won at the end. It was very
tragic and he though it was telling everything about what was happening.

Автор Q0ET9U ( назад)
I find it strange that in an earlier video he talked about how schools are
killing creativity. Now he's saying students dropping out of schools is a
bad thing. If students drop out, then aren't they free to go pursue their

Автор Lawrence Carson ( назад)
Everyone watching this should copy this URL ...and then email it to 10
teachers ... and the board of educators in your local school district. It
is our responsibility to do that. If we could literally sacrifice the lives
of 50,000 young men in Vietnam ... or who knows how many in Iraq or
Afghanistan then why cant we sacrifice just two hours to do this and get
this man's wisdom back into the culture of our country.

Автор orangeflip ( назад)
this guy is pretty funny

Автор Matt Butcher ( назад)
Why don't they film a fantastic lesson then and say do it like this....

Автор Matt Butcher ( назад)
Did you ever notice that they tell us to engage kids and how do they tell
us? By lecturing... do what I say not what I do

Автор greeny309 ( назад)
gotta love that guy!

Автор Jennifer Farley ( назад)
How did I miss discovering this gem of a man? This is fantastic.

Автор Majestic Winter Flap Flap ( назад)
This is TEACHING in my school.... Teacher puts a presentation sais coppy
this and goes on phone/PC.. and thats all nothing else at all

Автор Bob Troller ( назад)
Brilliant talk!

Автор Andrew Ens ( назад)
So what do I do now that I know that my education system is trash ;-;

Автор Michael Silvia ( назад)
Ken Robinson hits every point dead on...

Автор Arcticnerd ( назад)
So I just came from a different TED talk that went on about how critically
important science and scientific thinking is for the modern world. I agree
that our education system is a mess but I think we need to educated kids
more in the stem fields.

Автор edgarfig369 ( назад)
Well said

Автор 90009kitkat ( назад)
I wonder what King Robinson would think of Sudbury schools... xD I think
he'd like them :)

Автор Alexis Rojas Cordero ( назад)
No necesariamente por forzar un niño desde los dos años, se desenvolerá
mejor en la vida. Hay que dejar que la mente del infante prospere. Jugando
también adquiere conocimientos. Los países escandinavos colocan sus niños a
la escuela a los 7 años. No a los dos.

Автор An Vi ( назад)
I don't get the joke in which he said "Many states in America... I was the
only person there". Can anybody explain that pls?

Автор Mervyn Sookun ( назад)
Einstein hated school but was a voracious learner ...

Автор ruoweii ( назад)
the government needs to see this.

Автор Angel Vera ( назад)
education is definitely an issue in the united states. my daughter is 10
and i had to teach her about the difference between countries and
continents. she didn't even know Mexico was a separate country from the
united states. So i started asking her what she learned each day after
school, and she would ALWAYS say math for at least half the day then 15
minutes of reading then more online math. ridiculous. plus the fact that
her curriculum is now common core, so i can't really help her with her
homework because they use a different method of learning math. she used to
be excited about learning but now she has reservations. she had been
programmed to think learning is boring and tedious work. I fear for her
future in school so now i am taking proactive action to make sure she is
well rounded in her education

Автор jal em ( назад)
They put me in special-ed so they could make more money off of me. And
special-ed was them taking me out of class, putting me in a closet by
myself, and leaving me there for hours or all day. They refused to feed me
the extra food that they were throwing away, because I didn't have the
money to pay for it. Then they told me over and over again how great
America is and how evil the rest of the world is. Something HUGE needs to
change. I say we need (Universal Basic Income). It's just my belief.

Автор Carl Olson ( назад)
I have to disagree on the ADHD thing. I have ADHD, it's not just boredom
and normal childhood behavior. I can barely get anything done. Anything
that does not interest me I do not work on for longer than a few minutes. I
will do literally anything to avoid work, even if it makes me miserable,
even if it makes me hate myself. Even when I know I am ruining my life,
losing large sums of money, losing the people I love, I do not do anything
about it. I understand how ADHD must look to normal people, but it's not
all fun and distraction and randomness. It's a real problem.

Автор Shu Bethune ( назад)
majestic vs. jest vs. jet, "Secrets of Words --by Shu" Amazon

Автор 0333aaa ( назад)
Teaching history before economics and psychology is criminal.

Автор Le Klinch ( назад)
I can't take this clown seriously. Sorry.

Автор Justin Dettloff ( назад)
3 years later and our focus is still on the damn tests.

Автор king ( назад)
*The educational system is a system of enslaving the mind of teenagers with
lies and untruths in every facet of the eductional system. Creativity and
personal development in its widest range are being surpressed and elements
like compitition, career and financial status are dictating the system*. I
am not saying that those aspect are wrong, they only could be more in the
middle range instead of being the main aim of the system. The school system
is mind creating other mind, to glorify the mind is good in a sense because
the mind brought us almost everything we have now, but people/students are
so much more then their mind. If we dont watch out we become mentalslaves
of these kind of institutions without even knowing it, that is wake i must
wake up and tell you the *truth about the nature of the mind and life in
general*. It is the only way to overcome the mental prison, thus the *truth*
explains how life works in every facet, it explains the nature of
everything, including the *truth* abou the mind. It is the only knowlegde
that really is important. Google *TruthContest click on the earth icon and
read the Present*

Автор scott cance ( назад)
Damn where's all the american freedom in the education system?

Автор Jacob Allen ( назад)
Let the teachers decide how the schools should run!

Автор بتول العوامي ( назад)
we have to make this man the international minster of education , the world
would be a lot , lot better

Автор Daniela Mirela Popescu ( назад)
La muuuulţi ani de ziua EDUCŢIEI! Să reuşim să dezvoltăm ceea ce este mai
bun în fiecare copil, după ce descoperim, fireşte!

Автор Chris Ripplinger ( назад)
Very engaging and funny presentation, but ultimately he just spouted some
theories that are popular enough people applaud. I'm not saying he's wrong,
I'd just like some data to back it up.

Автор Leonardo C ( назад)
Muy bueno.... !
Las charlas de Ken Robinson son geniales.

Автор NO NAME ( назад)
Anyone else get depressed to thinking that this system he's talking will
never actually happen

Автор wwwvik1 ( назад)
Sir, you are not right about Finland! Sounds like "positive propaganda" I'd
rather draw your attention to the beginning of your lecture i.e. Irony and
Americans. The same can be said about Finland!

Автор Kenza Leclerc ( назад)
acceptance angel wisdom roeks association.

Автор Jamaal Jones ( назад)
Teachers... The real reason of writers block

Автор abdullah al mahmud ( назад)
The twin are not completely same. sorry i am not opposing but adding a
skipped notion. i respect you. you are genius.

Автор Zilhah Hadad ( назад)
whatever it takes to get to whatever available sad?

Автор Sunny Soleil ( назад)
Having spent some time studying learning models, this guy is like a breath
of fresh air. We're so stuck in old systems originating in the Prussian
model [designed to create fodder for their biggest export - mercenary
soldiers]... Every child is unique and has unique gifts.. He says
everything I've felt for so long... My new hero!

Автор Reza Badei ( назад)
I love Sir Ken Robinson's thinking ! Respect 🙏🏻

Автор Brook Bowen ( назад)
I don't believe you can't discuss changing education in America without
addressing the Teachers Unions that has caused much of the problem.

Автор Thomas Leszczynski ( назад)
No Child Left Behind is not irony, it's Orwellian Double-Speak. think
Patriot Act, the department of defense, defense spending, etc

Автор Kevin Kordes ( назад)
Most Americans are so used to being pushed around by the State that they
don't even question so-called "Public Education" (government/fascist
Hey, people...there is an alternative to fascist education. It's called the
Just imagine the arguments we'd have if grocery stores were to be
government supported and regulated....Would you want to be FORCED to eat
vegan food??? Would vegans want to be forced to eat animal products??? Of
course not!!!!
Let's get government out of the education business....NOW!!!

Автор Manikanta Reddy ( назад)
Don't make children learn, make children want to learn.

Автор Mr. Spin ( назад)
Sir Ken Robinson is God.

Автор sam dietterich ( назад)
This guy is great

Автор Ricardo Zwietisch ( назад)
Although I agree with his core message of creating an environment which
supports growth and creative learning, or as he puts it "climate control",
I utterly disagree with his mention of Hong Kong being "successful" with
education because of investment towards the support of teachers. Hong Kong
is exactly what it says in the title of this video, "Education's Death
Valley". Teachers in Hong Kong are overworked, underpaid, underrated and
controlled by an authoritarian model. The model of education in Hong Kong
is the epitome of the very same model he is actually criticizing (totally
test and marks based while being completely opposed to creativity). It is
an absolutely horrific situation, with an alarming suicide rate among
students - as young as 11 years old. Hong Kong's education "success" is
only measured in terms of "data" (or the manipulation of data) and not at
all in real life achievements, and therefore totally opposed to his core
message. Sadly, drop-out in Hong Kong means that children are actually
dropping dead. In fact he could not possibly draw a comparison between the
success story of Finland and the grinding and authoritarian education model
of Asian countries, in particular China.

Автор Jake Alden ( назад)
Be careful here. He is engaging and funny, and has some good ideas.
However, there is an agenda here to lower standards and make learning fun
all the time. Sometimes learning is hard, and should be hard. Every single
lesson cannot be fun time. We must maintain rigor and standards.

Автор Kaylem Tyler ( назад)
thank the universe for this man.

Автор x munki ( назад)
Schools... Hijacking ppl's bodies and minds, throughout their most
promising years.
The way i see it, the so-called "schools" of today are nothing but the
relics of the past, relics of old ways, legacy of limited minds of old
times, obviously in need of a MAJOR modern upgrade.

Автор Matthew Coleman ( назад)
Can I get a transcript of this?

Автор minieyke ( назад)
You know that comment about valuing teachers in the United States? I just
thought that it would be a good idea if teachers tended to make the median
income for the nation - looked up the median income for the US population
and some places listing avg teacher salaries showed that teachers do tend
to make the median income of the US or more

Автор Robert M ( назад)
Someone should put this guy in a proper pair of pants.

Автор Namlee Jo ( назад)
I'm still watching you video dang it's been over a month educations study
OK haters gonna hate their hater gonna hate damn OK educations I know it's
annoying bit educations study come on educations is the key.

Автор Aqil Rashidi ( назад)
its a good one

Автор happy842655 ( назад)
Unfortunately, HONG KONG is probably the worst example that you can give
for anything remotely related to creativity. It's not called a 'cultural
desert' for no reason.

Автор Namlee Jo ( назад)

Автор Namlee Jo ( назад)

Автор Sebas Tian ( назад)
He manages to excite the audience (to the point they often interrupted him
with all that clapping) and also deliver a clear and thoughtful message.
Many people would only do one or the other, most would do neither, he does
both. Brilliant.

Автор FeebleSounds ( назад)
This guy should be a political comedian

Автор talha tariq ( назад)
I completely agree with you, except, I'm pretty sure I have no talents at
all. Soooo... yh.

Автор vai b ( назад)
Revolutionizing thinking

Автор Namlee Jo ( назад)
Educarions yes

Автор Paul Ramos ( назад)
those who went to school works for the people who left school like Bill
Gates and Mark Zuckerberg

Автор Kaleb Sagehorn ( назад)
There will be no movement. Unions and politics will make sure of it.

Автор Kaleb Sagehorn ( назад)
And here we get to the problem. Federal Government is the problem with
schools, and their control is detrimental to education.

Автор Apollonia Kageaki ( назад)
that guy is hilarious, his jokes are the best :'D

Автор sipo70 ( назад)
This gentleman is a great speaker and has funny comments.

Автор Arjen Francke ( назад)
i'm still waiting for the class: "stuff you will need to know when you are
an adult". just teach cooking 7 different meals for each day of the week,
changing a tire, what to say at a job interview, that kind of lessons. it
bothers me how many people in school don't know stuff like that.

Автор Heart Mountain Counseling ( назад)
he's an important voice. but he gets millions of views when john taylor
gatto - a true elder and one of the greatest intellects of our time - gets
hundreds, or in the lower thousands, because ken doesn't get political.
like, the powers that be don't want to help the masses become interested in
learning. like, there's no room in the system for the masses to succeed.
like, over many of the masses' dead bodies will it ever be allowed.

Автор Namlee Jo ( назад)
No more start count차랭

Автор Namlee Jo ( назад)
No more stern what should I do

Автор Amrit Gyawali ( назад)
Wow. Such a inspiring talks. Salute you

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