Josh Groban and Ellen Sing "Total Eclipse of the Heart!"

I just found this video, it's hysterical! I love Ellen!

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Автор winnie mochache ( назад)
ellen sounds great!!!

Автор cristina rodriguez ( назад)
I love the voices man omg lolXD

Автор cristina rodriguez ( назад)
nice soooooo nice

Автор Verena Kaus ( назад)
Hillarious 😂😂😂

Автор Marie Ginette Regis ( назад)
omg they are so funny

Автор TheSolo83 ( назад)
Ellen sounds amazing

Автор Jackson Missisipi ( назад)
i want to sing too😎

Автор Poppy What? ( назад)
Ellen is actually pretty good!!

Автор A. Nikolaidou ( назад)
Not bad at all.....sometimes people who are funny, try to show their other
hidden passions by just, being funny. hahahahahahahahahahaha

Автор NALTIC Global Headquarters ( назад)
Maybe she is not gay.

Автор Jess 洁丝 ( назад)

Автор bonnie benini ( назад)
I love her! so real!

Автор Jane Bowlin ( назад)
APPLAUSE!! Too funny!!!!!! <3

Автор lolita self ( назад)
her voice is horrible,I'm just saying.

Автор Lolita Morris ( назад)
Ellen was good.

Автор littleripper312 ( назад)
Ellen has some major guts, that would be so hard to do.

Автор gail jones ( назад)
Wow Ellan!!!!!!! Beautiful voice:) what the hell. Some people have it

Автор K Duff ( назад)
Probably my favourite video! :)

Автор Maria Criselda Maceda ( назад)
ellen rocks..

Автор Christian MARRERO (1430 лет назад)
turn around

Автор Regina Cury ( назад)
fantastic!!!!! glad I found this video

Автор MizKitty1122 ( назад)
I think Ellen did a wonderful job! OK She's not a vocalist (so give her a
break!) It takes true courage to sing with a huge voice like Josh.

Автор Van Rathbun Jr. ( назад)
She is actually pretty good, surprisingly.

Автор Miss Baby Bambi ( назад)
jesus this is amazing lmao

Автор Carina Pan ( назад)
they are the worst duet ever.😥😦😧😤

Автор Magda Eiler ( назад)

Автор Radha Vasam ( назад)
Ellen is good, and she is funny and can sing too, Wow

Автор minnie129 ( назад)
Love this, Ellen can sing!

Автор Shanice Donaldson ( назад)

Автор Chris Ropa ( назад)
ellen has an awesome voice

Автор Татьяна Бортенкова ( назад)
Я в восторге!!!! Ребята супер!

Автор Ada Amobi ( назад)
Awesome.. 🤓

Автор Dreambro1 ( назад)
Josh is definately not a pop singer..... He should stick with theatre and

Автор Libuse Karich ( назад)
Fabulous! She is so much fun and Josh just blows me away.

Автор Dean Bowden ( назад)
So good haha ok so many levels

Автор CyThCy Osborne ( назад)
LOL, Ellen is a fool, loved it.

Автор Brenda Altman ( назад)
That was great.

Автор Natalie Berrisford ( назад)
I didn't know that Ellen could sing!!!

Автор Oracle411 ( назад)
*casually whips out microphone* "Ok."

josh groban is such a HAM i love it :D

Автор Valeria ლMɨรɑкเლ ( назад)
omg!!! Ghosts! 2:52

Автор Richard Shaw ( назад)
This is a cute duet with Josh Groban and Ellen, who can actually sing.

Автор redher ( назад)
that last note is awesome!!!!

Автор Sindy Ana ( назад)
Aced it!

Автор lesyayandfilksongs ( назад)
She really does have bright eyes : )

Автор Danny30011980 ( назад)
She's a born comedian hahahahaha

Автор haiyan dong ( назад)
can not imarge how many people like ellen, from different country different
color person.

Автор gee ags ( назад)

Автор Jane Joanny ( назад)
it's fun to watch too

Автор Gristle Von Raben ( назад)
she was pretty good.

Автор Rechie Pabelona ( назад)
I have one dream that someday, i can see this woman personally... 

Автор Ben B. ( назад)

Автор Legolas Cage ( назад)
wow Ellen

Автор Patricia Kulic ( назад)
Oh yes! I just Fall in Love with this version. Thank You Ellen

Автор Jieru Hong ( назад)
Actually, Josh was trying to harmonize as well as complimenting her voice
since it is her show.....just saying :p

Автор Viv TobLain ( назад)
cutes!! :3

Автор Peter J. Mery ( назад)
Ellen looks Like A tramp Discusting !

Автор Huy Lê ( назад)
her voice was great!!

Автор Lupita Serrano ( назад)
Favolous both....Well done !!!

Автор Cindy Jane ( назад)
Just great

Автор dragon143143 ( назад)

Автор dragon143143 ( назад)
hey ellen's singing isn't bad wow

Автор Ana Castro ( назад)
oooohhh my God she can't sing!!! she got no voice neither good rhythm.

Автор l.xtasy ( назад)
omg everytime i think this woman has no surprises left for me here's comes
the shocker :D love u ellen u're the best

Wow!! This was actually good!!

Автор Grace Mikolavich ( назад)

Автор OlivTwist (629 лет назад)
I love this so much! It was beautiful.

Автор Denise Marie ( назад)
Two of my favorites! Charming!

Автор lilian jhulianes ( назад)
nossa esta Ellen não canta nada. caramba

Автор Phabian Holman ( назад)
Ellen had the hardest part. I love it.

Автор Dirce Pais ( назад)
Eu também cantava com Josh Groban, rsrsrsrs

Автор songinmyheart67 ( назад)
Loved it, looked like they were having a lot of fun!

Автор Rakely Bezerra Ribeiro ( назад)
Well... Ellen is not so bad as I thought! :) 

Автор Lorraine Goodchild ( назад)

Автор warmfreeze ( назад)
Why does ellen not have a record? 

Автор SethenTheFirst ( назад)
holy shit... Ellen.... >:O.................... that was crazy Good in a
funny way!! >:D!!!

Автор miku hatsune ( назад)
what a beautiful song

Автор miku hatsune ( назад)
i dident know ellen was a good singer! kodos to her

Автор hemetas ( назад)

Автор Hannah Consiglio ( назад)
Why doesn't Josh have his glasses on here doesn't he need them all the

Автор rexel666 ( назад)
Her voice is not bad, actually.

Автор heimo oprsal ( назад)

Автор Mariah Fyock-Williams ( назад)
Ellen starts singing and an instant smile on my face! 

Автор Yvonne Mckay ( назад)
It was fun.

Автор Noel Paillant ( назад)
Wow Ellen, fun or not, that was good.

Автор Marianne Alba ( назад)
Ellen is beautiful!

Автор missmiley78 ( назад)
god I'm blown away there both amazing they should duet more Ellen and Josh
wow amazing Ellen just shows she can sing by this epic performance shes
not that bad of a singer trust me seen worst singers who truly cant sing
but shes not all that bad shes good 

Автор Aaron Jones ( назад)
This is the first time I've heard Ellen truly sing and I have to say she's
not half bad :)

Автор Ernie Guzman ( назад)
if Ellen had better breath control, she could have easily nailed that
song... I'm impressed

Автор Sari Sarmas ( назад)
Laulu on elämän ilo!

Автор Kristen Courchene ( назад)
Ellen doesnt sound that bad actaully shes better than me 

Автор Maryam Kouchaki ( назад)

Автор Gloria Law ( назад)
I love to sing this Song. My favorites professional people making us so
happy. I am so proud of you. I am so happy joining you to sing LOL. :)

Автор Rinna Rokudo ( назад)

Автор What-If Machine ( назад)
Worst/best final note ever.

Автор Alex Hicks ( назад)
That's a pro he can still stands out I love you josh xx 

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