Pokemon Shiny Gold X - How to get Mudkip

This is how to get a Mudkip in Pokemon Shiny Gold X.

They appear on the second floor of Union Cave and are very, VERY, rare to run into.

Music: Kazham
Game: Final Fantasy XI

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Автор future ( назад)
My union cave doesn't have any encounters other than the water

Автор Daniel Kisyov ( назад)

Автор A Steve (1969 лет назад)
Is there an easier way to catch one

Автор A Steve (1993 года назад)
Why is it level 1

Автор CHAD DUFFNEY ( назад)
What cave

Автор Victor12 ( назад)
any help wich are the starring pokemon i can catch or get like charmender
and squirtle u guys now right help plz only have a quilava

Автор iMattv323 ( назад)
Check my channel ill have a video up in a few hours

Автор Jason Derp ( назад)
Where can I find this game?

Автор sixteen9ner47 mcallister ( назад)
this was very intense cause i only have 1 pokeball left and i just caught
it and was just like....FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор D4rkWizard01 ( назад)

Автор idonthaveanyfilms ( назад)
i found a mawile

Автор legoboy52302 ( назад)
When I finally found a mudkip I was cheering all around I sent out
togepi(He just hatched and was the only one weak enough to match) I had
togepi use Metronome (Only offensive move) Out of all the pokemon moves
Metronome changed into Sheer Cold......

Автор epicnoodles1 ( назад)
where is "here"

Автор Sortel (34 года назад)
How did you get the running shoes!!!!!!!!

Автор munchingred1800 ( назад)
Thank u

Автор Barraiya ( назад)
I just found 2 in a row!!

Автор legitchinese2 ( назад)
i foundone like a second ago and i couldn't catch it it was so hard :(

what's the name of the song and who made it?

Автор Arthur deOliveira ( назад)
1:15 Or you can catch them on the first try with a Pokeball like I did. :P

Автор TagReloads ( назад)
i see where you think it is shiny because its really dark but to tell if
its shiny, you would see stars coming from the pokemon

Автор SkiBaBopDiBop ( назад)
i didn;t find it until I started to watch the video...

Автор gallent86 ( назад)
so did i then my file got erased so now i have to find it again T.T

Автор blackopsowns4eva ( назад)
not shiny

Автор CaptainStarz ( назад)
hey u ran from shiny sandshrew

Автор reidex21300 ( назад)
level 1 xd

Автор reidex21300 ( назад)
yo m lo encontre en el primer piso

Автор Binkusu ( назад)
I liek Mudkipz. And you?

Автор eugeneneverwins ( назад)
i found it on the 1st floor

Автор KingLoop13 ( назад)
i found a mawile, and i beat the shit out of it. Is it really hard to find
cause then im gonna be sad

Автор Gianluca Poerio ( назад)
I just ran around here for so long looking for a mudkip, that my egg

Автор branden mathieson ( назад)
@Dragonslayer10203040 i believe so

Автор FarCritical ( назад)
I found a mawile in REGULAR Shiny Gold (NOT sgX). So can i get a mudkip too?

Автор Nicon Pecio ( назад)
will this work in shiny gold (not X) too?

Автор sharonvinco ( назад)
which cave is this on?

Автор forosmade ( назад)
@ChilloaSummonMaster HAHAHA, damn you told his dumbass off, thats why he
didnt comment back.

Автор ShadowZero ( назад)
@theMattintheHat64 WRONG!!

Автор asianmaster3 ( назад)
where is the cave

Автор BFBC2fan11 ( назад)
ty your teh best, I got me a le Mudkip!

Автор PWNvideogames117 ( назад)
this is real!!!!i found a mudkip but a suckish lv1 shit

Автор emperorsenshi ( назад)
i found one on my way out the door. i named it 'u liek me'

Автор PikaMewPokeTrainer ( назад)
Others say your team sucks. I don't think so! I have enough to get
Charmander, but it says So you want Charmander? then I say yes, and it just
sits there. If I press a button after that it says Wich prize would you

Автор TheShaqDukes ! ( назад)
@ChilloaSummonMaster I bet they trollin

Автор TheShaqDukes ! ( назад)
@jeffrevin No shit sherlock ever heard of rom hack

Автор TheShaqDukes ! ( назад)
@hornmatthew Does the pokemon party really matter in the fucking vid. Gosh
fail trollz theese days

Автор GSNSmashFan3 ( назад)
They actually appear on the first floor, too. I would know. I was playing
one day, and I just used my last Poke Ball on a Sandshrew, when I ran into
a Mudkip. My mind at that moment: FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU

Автор Güney ( назад)
How do you use the speed up toggle?

Автор Crossyluke ( назад)
yes i liek mudkipz

Автор MrToonlinkfan ( назад)
@LosLocoLatinoHeat26 tha same that i say whith river7505 shiny gold is a
hack rom made whit fire red as base room is like a remake of gold version a
hack remake basically is a pokemon game whit the history of gold version
but whit sprites and grafics of GBA

Автор MrToonlinkfan ( назад)
@river7505 shiny gold is a hack rom made whit fire red as base room is like
a remake of gold version a hack remake basically is a pokemon game whit the
history of gold version but whit sprites and grafics of GBA

Автор MrToonlinkfan ( назад)
i found a mudkip et the ENTRACE of the CAVE AND I CATCH IT but i my brother
just want one and he just close the game BEFORE I

Автор superaziz14 ( назад)
@river7505 you can search it on google...

Автор tntcows ( назад)
what cave

Автор river7505 ( назад)
wts shiny gold?

Автор quicksilver2055 ( назад)
shiny gold? i never heard of this game o.0

Автор LosLocoLatinoHeat26 ( назад)
@jeffrevin oh no itz real itz damreal but i almost caught it but ran out of

Автор kelp234 ( назад)
dude wtf. i found 1 and used a net ball on it but i didn't catch it! =[

Автор piplup2009 ( назад)
do you liek mudkipz?

Автор Jaywolf213 ( назад)
yes just caught one!!!! hahah it was crazy as soon as i eneterd the cave it
showed up! i used a great ball to catch him but i went through like 5 balls

Автор Jaywolf213 ( назад)
i ran into one and accidently killed it... im such a dumbass

Автор Anish Limbu ( назад)
@ChilloaSummonMaster lol. Forget about him, Thanks of the guide!

Автор AllRockYou ( назад)
I can't find mudkip. help!

Автор Luis Santos ( назад)
but i have a question.. does it only appears one time?

Автор shineysucune ( назад)
i found one on the 1st floor

Автор KaaeruSenpai ( назад)
lol, the firat pokemon i battled in there was a mudkip XD

Автор SomethingReallyG ( назад)

Автор KanonServant ( назад)
mmhm,but your gonna have to search for it for a while

Автор SomethingReallyG ( назад)
so what should i search shiny gold beta 5 rom?

Автор KanonServant ( назад)
I would but I downloaded my beta 5 so long ago that I forgot where I
downloaded it from, but you can google and search for it if your willing to
search long enough

Автор SomethingReallyG ( назад)
can you send me a link please

Автор SomethingReallyG ( назад)
cydia store

Автор KanonServant ( назад)
Simply download it for the visual boy advance, although this means you'll
have to start a new game

Автор SomethingReallyG ( назад)
so when the new beta is released, how do i get it onto my emulator

Автор KanonServant ( назад)
Thats because you have a lower version of it, the new Beta 5 lets you go as
far as Pewter City and beyond when you get pass the elite 4, Beta 6 should
have everything done when its released

Автор Chimcharstar ( назад)
How did you get an emulator on iPod touch

Автор SomethingReallyG ( назад)
uch yo it sucks the rom i have of shiny gold on the emulator on my ipod
touch doesnt go that far enough it has giant boulders blocking the ways to
important towns is there any way to get an updated version/download?

Автор shaygonnagon ( назад)
@SomethingReallyG yea but only in kanto

Автор kingheracross ( назад)
me too

Автор kingheracross ( назад)
in the casino

Автор thedarkprince456 ( назад)
I found a mudkip on the first floor

Автор Poikilometes ( назад)
You have to have a Fire Red ROM. Then Google for "Shiny Gold hack" and "IPS
patcher". I will assume you can figure out what to do from here.

Автор SomethingReallyG ( назад)
also dude where do you get charmander?

Автор SomethingReallyG ( назад)
lol any way to get the frie pokemon starter from saphire and ruby? cuz u
can get mudkip and treeko

Автор lllol12 ( назад)
Where you have shiny gold rom buy?

Автор george141312 ( назад)
wtf i found one in that cave that takes you to azalea,that was when i just
started and i was even expecting it,was just passing throught

Автор Chilloa ( назад)
So glad you saw the point of the video.

Автор hornmatthew ( назад)
lol your party sucks

Автор devvydev343 ( назад)
in union cave?

Автор bacufun ( назад)
lol... i remember coming there, i found a mudkip on my second or third step
in the cave at lvl 1, lawl

Автор gatana1 ( назад)
seriously? a level 28 togepi?

Автор Imstillkindacool ( назад)
Yeah, I know. It just seemed like the perfect time to dig it back up and
slap it on youtube.

Автор Rhotuka12 ( назад)
Fail dude. old meme.

Автор Darkmessiah121 ( назад)

Автор datpoint ( назад)
i seen 2 of em

Автор Darkmessiah121 ( назад)
me to. but can u only catch him once or always there

Автор Imstillkindacool ( назад)

Автор jcmscooby ( назад)
wheere do u get a horsea at

Автор datpoint ( назад)
they arent always found on the second floor i found one on the first floor

Автор nrtoking4729 ( назад)
oh i didnt notice

Автор dodgersr4ever ( назад)
read the title lol

Автор nrtoking4729 (1003 года назад)
does this work for shiny gold???????????????

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