GTA SA Iron Man

Iron Man w San Andreas

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Автор Chuck Norris (4 года)
Nice soundtrak from iron man movie only sucks that it's different language!

Автор bluetooth718 (5 лет)
all cool, except suit. it looks too blurry.

Автор rapper1000000 (5 лет)
you cant on ps2 it are mods and only works on pc

Автор MrWolverine95 (5 лет)
what is the code?

Автор PrittsBmx (4 года)
@NZrs125 its a mod. he made it

Автор UnBobleavable (4 года)
@ironwar12 i think ozzy's is the original version.

Автор deadguy1011 (4 года)

Автор vixcristo (4 года)
2:21 XD camina en el aire

Автор ultimaterobloxian (5 лет)
it makes you fly and has super powers

Автор gamedude092 (4 года)
the song is by black sabbath. Nice video though.

Автор Louster34 (5 лет)
u cant thats the point its a mod for the pc version!

Автор fdsvffs (5 лет)
it's a mod...

Автор 00pmax (4 года)

Автор miguel angel garza (4 года)
que mierda es esa

Автор FabioGNR (4 года)
Uhm isnt this originally from black sabbath??? 0.o well lke that version
better :D

Автор pottzay (4 года)
the only shit thng is that u can only get mods on pc

Автор Chunkz Nz (4 года)
how do you do this on gta? can someone tell me

Автор B3R1xMETIN2 (3 года)
@TheNarutoSeeker download

Автор AdventureWorldsBoy (4 года)
I dont belive its working

Автор 1jtwallace1 (5 лет)
here should be a mod that leaves a trail of smoke behind him

Автор Blazebone360 (4 года)
awesome 5/5

Автор jpeg64 (4 года)
Tottally amazing

Автор 12pogonyuto (4 года)
como se llama la song

Автор wiiboy34 (5 лет)
plz send me a download link for this mod plz

Автор Circuit (3 года)
need to fix one mod problem...he is suppose to have afterburners making
thrust come from his palms and feet.

Автор JonnyBoyTellEmSODMG (5 лет)
sucky ass computer....

Автор clorky839092 (5 лет)
is this for ps2

Автор MrMooras (4 года)
write in fucking POLISH!!

Автор Frooz4 (4 года)
Hacker and Modder. :P > Cheater.

Автор 49180723 (4 года)
Iron man by black sabat!!! great!!!! \m/

Автор YvesGhzWong (3 года)
you`re iron man, im the f22 raptor pilot, let have a dog fight, :)

Автор MegaSam777 (5 лет)
Go ozzie!

Автор 97alesh (4 года)
i play as super man :P

Автор youngsoldier93 (4 года)
looks like his cloth is too big XD

Автор tenkaichi36 (4 года)
2:15 was still cool even tho thers a mess up

Автор luipaard10 (5 лет)
jo is dit een coilmpjede of zo mag ik hem dan van het filmpje GTA SA Iron

Автор MeanMeal9 (5 лет)
WTF!!! Thats Not The Real Iron Man Song!!! Thats Not the Black Sabbath

Автор falley11 (5 лет)
umm....awesome maybe...

Автор qwazi559 (5 лет)

Автор dogg1377 (5 лет)
da bckground should b da desert

Автор Kyo Kuza (5 лет)
enough with this plss dont send it it not real ok that my opinion

Автор ggwoj007 (4 года)
a jest może ten nowy iron man bo ten stary mi sie nie podoba za to
uwielbiam nowego

Автор GTA4Playa1 (5 лет)
Cool mod

Автор 7crazykool (4 года)
@Blizard1794 no i think its flying!! joke

Автор Matteo Piredda (5 лет)
this skin makes me puke

Автор hazamukara (4 года)
1:28 IRON MAN GOT A MOTORCYCLE usually he just flys around the city

Автор rensus escondo (4 года)
its a mod

Автор Roland M. (3 года)
3:50 plane falls but when it hits the ground it bounces WTF???

Автор marlowe2k (4 года)
how do u do it

Автор ultimaterobloxian (5 лет)
ummm....im not sure..... i don't waste them -.-

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