How to Fix your PSP not turning on! :)

This tutorial is pretty simple
Difficulty: 3/10

If you dont know where the Fuse is exactly here
is the picture but it is a TA-082. My psp seen here is a TA-079 and is in the same location so if you dont see a "TD" on the chip its a TA-079 and is in the same location roughly

Tools Needed:

1 Whacked out PSP motherboard
1 Soldering Iron
1 Case of 0.5 OZ Electrical Solder (Rosin Core)

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Автор PenGz Eric ( назад)
somebody help I have a psp that when I try to turn it on it goes green for
5 seconds and the green goes away I wanna play it and it won't turn on can
somebody help?

Автор Adhil Don ( назад)
My is 3100

Автор Nicolas Fontanarrosa ( назад)
THANKS MAN!!!!!!! you seve my psp

Автор ziga gugule ( назад)
pls help me when i turn charge in psp it be a orange light after a few
second it disipeard orange light and i cant turn on psp with and without
charge pls help

Автор albert gonzales ( назад)
Somebody help me please cause my siblings always use my psp and then when i
open it,it has a gray blank screen😭what should i do?please help me😭😭😭🙏

Автор BRAM STOKER ( назад)
nossa mais é pequeno demais esse fusível td

Автор Steven Monge ( назад)
mi psp esta igual q la tuya la conecto ala electrcidad y no ase nd

Автор The Real FBM 11 ( назад)
hi bro my psp is not turning on so what i should do

Автор GetYourGameOn ( назад)
putting that stuff on the soder tip burns the flux right out of that shit

Автор trese meneli ( назад)
just change the battery then it will work

Автор fahad rangaig ( назад)
friend can you make a video how to fix a psp 2000 charging fuse or how to
replace a charging fuse ^^ please ^^ thanks

Автор fahad rangaig ( назад)
friend can you make a video how to fix a charging fuse or how to replace a
charging fuse ^^ please ^^ thanks

Автор Acid4Blood ( назад)
Probably the worse video ever...how Not to use a soldering iron lol

Автор Dub Monster ( назад)
and is that 2000 or 3000

Автор Dub Monster ( назад)
is it TB fuse or what

Автор douglas silva ( назад)
I was taking the screen and just ripping that little piece of the lower
flat assistance to and friend.

Автор SBr0k3r SP ( назад)
+Dominoes282 Please do anathor video whit voice and explaine to use thnks

Автор Nasro Daif ( назад)
i don't think i found more than 5 tutorials that actually works in

Автор I AM TITANGOD ( назад)
Lol i did this but didnt have a solder so i tapped the white box and it

Автор Alfonso Sintjago ( назад)
Add voice over on your next tutorial bud, it helps a lot with video.

Автор Vyn Alexithymia ( назад)
Pretty shoddy degree of soldering. Then again I'll say "if it works, who
cares about semantics?" Overall the process isn't hard, there's no real
tutorial here however. This would be no different than me soldering charge
ports on iPad Mini's or Airs, without talking over it. If you're
demonstrating that's one thing. However you claim this is a tutorial.

You also fail to point out the complete list of tools you'll need, you
pointed only a basic soldering iron, gauge of solder. There's nothing
specifying the screw type needed to open the unit or the procedure
accessing it.

There's quite a bit detail you're skipping over. I'm simply trying to offer
you some constructive criticism seeing as how you're young and you are
doing your best to help the YouTube community with your knowledge. Just
make sure you're ready for people who will judge your attempts.

It's great you can handle solder, but learn about oxidization and tinning
first, before you go instructing people on how to solder points on a pcb.
That's all, if you've any questions comment back.

Автор Anime is The best ( назад)
Halp my screws are rusted and now I can't get them out what shall I do

Автор I’m Lonly ( назад)
thank u very much
it’s work finally 

Автор Arthur Miranda ( назад)
do not use while charging ... bakayarou

Автор just asking ( назад)
Its fucked up dude!

Автор Zib Zoolander ( назад)
I waited 3 days , tried a pandora battery and it turned back on lol

Автор FookyFooky GMania ( назад)
I know that feel, when you fix something but you also cause some other

Автор krishu101 ( назад)
it is not working ;.( THATS THE BOTTEM LINE)

Автор Zay Bion ( назад)
This is a fucked up video man now that shit really don't work

Автор Worship Freak ( назад)
Took all the screws out but can't get the cover off where the power supply
is located. I don't want to force it because it may break. Got any

Автор Mind Of Virtuoso ( назад)
wtf my dream is a psp and you make it like that

Автор jacob kiser ( назад)
@HNkN you did it not him, therefore you are responsible for damaging your
PSP. You probably over soldered and damaged the chip because of
inexperience with a soldering iron. 

Автор Checho ( назад)
Just did this and my PSP is working now! Thanks a lot!!

Автор Yusuf Acin ( назад)
me too

Автор Aditya Jayaprakash ( назад)
At least you showed what does it look like inside our PSP's.

Автор Ники Иванов ( назад)

Автор jadenspades1 ( назад)
doesnt use words doednt explasin wat to look 4 doesnt explain exactly wat
he is soldering ....

Автор Ismail Bukhari ( назад)
Im having the same problem

Автор Naqib Amin ( назад)
where can i buy the solder ? pls reply !!

Автор luis salgado ( назад)

Автор MrJ0mmy ( назад)
psp sucks

Автор spiderbox123 ( назад)
Hey my PSP fell during a system software and now it won't turn on. Do you
know of this can help it ?

Автор Kratos Marmolejo -HD- ( назад)
y no en españñol daa

Автор Kratos Marmolejo -HD- ( назад)
fredi el que creo el video no te entiende por que habla en ingles 

Автор you tuber ( назад)
can u fix mine ill email u

Автор RedMage 70 ( назад)

Автор bertyodi ( назад)
I went to a shop and tested a new battery and a new charger, neither worked

Автор bertyodi ( назад)
nope, I tried what the guy said, just getting it open and the screen
removed and everything else I stripped I think 3 different screws, even
using the write screwdriver that I bought just to do this. They are really
tight, I don't know how you can get them unscrewed if you've had it for as
long as I did. Anyway, I ended up just throwing it away. I still have the
games though, not sure what to do with them, maybe sell them on ebay...

Автор Harambe ( назад)
did you find a way to fix it? im wondering cause im having the same problem

Автор Nikola Stanojevic ( назад)
same for me.

Автор Armandas Kelmelis ( назад)
Your psp is bricked, so watch tutorials and try to unbrick it :)

Автор Brooke Lynn ( назад)
You poop head.:{

Автор Makalon102 ( назад)
i remember my psp wouldent turn on/charge a year later i bought a new one
and then i realised it was the charger that wasnt working

Автор Jaheda Akhter ( назад)
mines tooo

Автор Jesse Supetran (TheBreadedChicken) ( назад)
I need help. my psp wont turn on but the green light works and the

Автор Coby Musclestone ( назад)
i acc. scaned you. 

Автор Tyusama ( назад)
Dude, thats really rude. He's just trying to help those who aren't sure how
to repair their PSP fuse. Hate yourself for making the choice to follow.

Автор millena calazans ( назад)
voce fala portugues

Автор Arif Bau ( назад)
hi, i bought new PSP E1004. its not turning on....plz help me. how can i
start......only pressing on start button. or somethingelse? thanks.

Автор IshakIRG ( назад)
That happend to me. Had not used for a while and when i want to play psp,
it doesn't turn on, does not charge. In my casethe problem was de power
fuse. It was "broken". Thow some copper on that fuse trying to make contact
in both metal ends. Then try to buy the same fuse and replace it. I haven't
done it and my psp is functional. Sorry for my english.

Автор Amadeus Ramirez ( назад)
I hate you stupid guy!!! Wasted like ...... hate you!! 

Автор Chris28 ( назад)
I've tried to do a similar thing using a 1.5 volt battery instead of the
welder and the psp has turned on but green led light hasn't, now it just
remains on the date and hour setting display, button x doesn't work to go
on any suggestion??

Автор tremendoforever2007 ( назад)
Where are the screws? 

Автор SportsFan1281 ( назад)
Stupid auto correct I meant without the charger when I said sound

Автор SportsFan1281 ( назад)
Ok everyone can someone help me my psp will not turn on unless I put the
charger in (does not the to be plugged in) the i have to bend the charger
that's connected to the psp but without sound will not turn on but it does
charge just no orange light.

Автор Gylve Fenris Nagel ( назад)
yesterday i was playing svr 09 on my modded psp and i selected rey mysterio
vs lance cade and then at the begining of the match the psp turned black no
light i have a 3004 psp from 2008 what should i do 

Автор Baxter Cannell ( назад)
My psp turns on but I have to hold the switch up for awhile do you know how
to fix this? 

Автор andrea cortez ( назад)
im having a problem with mines its charging and everything but it turns on
for a bit and then it turns off again help ? or any videos that could help
with this problem P.S. the slider that turns it on wont slide back manually

Автор DW ( назад)
its not bricked 

Автор Yoshtastic ( назад)
The instructions weren't clear enough, now I got my dick stuck in a

Автор Alan Garcia ( назад)
Lol the psp works and the screen does not haha

Автор neil j ( назад)
did u test the charger before opening the psp??

Автор Dany Tavares ( назад)
you can't do a think! you can't repair something wet! it destroyed
everything inside of your psp! buy another one! it ain't expensive now!

Автор Pearl Brown ( назад)
My psp turn on but no Picture? 

Автор John Watts ( назад)
That is not a fuse its a resistor....wow resist not jump 

Автор Nasrul Haq ( назад)
Help Me! My PSP 2000 is having the same problem as this. I have taken it to
a repair shop and the guy tells me that he can't fix it. I am so devestated
when i heard him say that. I freaking don't know what happened. I gave it
to my cousin to play and then some kid gave it back to me saying that it
broke down. PLEASE HELP!!

Автор bertyodi ( назад)
My PSP wasn't used for awhile and after I tried again it won't turn on,
when it's plugged in the light on the bottom right doesn't do anything, no
orange or red or green, nothing. Is this the same problem you had?

Автор 89gallant ( назад)
Lol I used a heat gun on my psp 2001 and it completely demolished it in
less than a minute :( it melted soooo badly I was so angry at my self I
punched myself in the head like 4 times

Автор Cheetah00155 ( назад)
My psp is doing the same thing as yours and it's pissing me off! >.< so,
you need to do that to my psp because I'm to scared to o_o 

Автор meteopenguin123 ( назад)
Good to Know but so fucking boring

Автор El Mouhib Ali ( назад)
sa coute 90 euro 

Автор Carlos Hobbs ( назад)
i think i have a similar problem but i think my psp got wet someone please
help tell me what i can do or give me a clip on youtube how to fix wet psp

Автор Collin Caluag ( назад)
my psp is weird.....when I plug it in the battery icon blinks abd the
orange light is on but it never charges but...I can start my psp up when
the cord is in...then I play a game! After some time playing the? game it
freezes and shuts off.....full shut off and takes forever to get back on
(it's never in the same place in the game either). What's wrong? msg me for
reply pls

Автор videotutoriales byf ( назад)
pero si le pongo un cargador decomputadora lap que ago si se me apaga 

Автор pedro hernandez ( назад)
I have a problem with my psps 3000. It turns on when you put another
battery but it wont charge. Should I call Sony? Or just wait and buy
another one like the PS vita in the summer?

Автор Juan Mata ( назад)
I would trash mine but its the God Of War Chains Of Olympus Limited Edition
and I can't do that :l

Автор Sameul Frrattss ( назад)
i cracked my one and now it doesn't even turn on even though i charge

Автор TrueSolo1212 ( назад)
I really wanna fix my psp, but im just too clumsy, i know id mess it up 

Автор EverythingJailbreak Pro ( назад)
Habla English pendejo

Автор Aldicione Fagundes ( назад)
amigo meu psp nao da sinal de vida apenas com o carregador conectado ele
acende uma luz meio laranja e fica intermitente, será que este tutorial ira
resolver ou vc pode me ajudar neste caso? 

Автор george moliviatis ( назад)
hear what i say i took my lesson never mess or open a psp when you dont
know what to do never guess what it has and never open it i took out the
monitor of my psp 3004 and i cant put it back i guther some maney and my
parents agreed to help me on the money subject and now i just wait 

Автор william billy ( назад)
throw your psp on wasteland. and buy a new one

Автор denis xex ( назад)
i have a psp slim with same problem,can i fix it?

Автор Tyler Sweetman ( назад)
My psp will switch on then it will switch of i dont now how to fix it

Автор daewod1996 ( назад)
jajaja arreglo el encendido pero le daño la imagen jajaja 

Автор CodeBlank ( назад)
fck i totally fck up my psp when i do this... now my psp is now in the
trash can... :((

Автор Unlimited457 ( назад)
Can I make this on PSP 3004? But when I opend it, there is no "TD" it is
"TB" and I don't know what to do. Please help me ! :)))

Автор Tim ( назад)
Before doing this you can also try to format flash 1, 2, and 3 you can do
that with special programs or just with the computer. !!!IMPORTANT!!! If
you format flash 0 you will brick your psp! Do it at your own risk!!! Im
not responsible for any damage to your psp!!

Автор Pedro Rubens ( назад)
i have the same problem but i scary to break it

Автор andy domingo ( назад)
my psp got bricked too. i dont know whats wrong! plss. help!! 

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