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Автор Arthur Miranda (3 месяца)
do not use while charging ... bakayarou

Автор Γιώργος Παπαφίλιψ (6 месяцев)
I know that feel, when you fix something but you also cause some other

Автор libraoct02 (4 месяца)
Its fucked up dude!

Автор Zib Zoolander (5 месяцев)
I waited 3 days , tried a pandora battery and it turned back on lol

Автор I’m Lonly (2 месяца)
thank u very much
it’s work finally 

Автор alex celifie (6 месяцев)
well my psp 3001 had a accident i put my psp in my backpack and when i put
two watter bottle in my backpack with my psp togaether . some reason one
waterbottle . led was not screw all the way . somehow it leak all over my
backpack and my psp hot really wet so i try it so well work . so it did
some how the screen was acting weird . and it shut off .so i try to start
agin and wont trun on . :( so i gave the psp to my job coach . so what she
did she shake the psp to get the water out and bang it on her hand to get
the water out . so when she gave me my psp back it work agin . so I can't
coach told me to take it outside in the sun to get dryed . but i did not
tske outside . i take to the bathroom to a handdryer to dry the psp and and
when it did that . it did not work agin :( the light wont come on . so i
thank i bride it :(

Автор Zay Bion (10 месяцев)
This is a fucked up video man now that shit really don't work

Автор krishu101 (9 месяцев)
it is not working ;.( THATS THE BOTTEM LINE)

Автор Misher name (1 год)
wtf my dream is a psp and you make it like that

Автор Ники Иванов (1 год)

Автор Andrew Auman (11 месяцев)
Took all the screws out but can't get the cover off where the power supply
is located. I don't want to force it because it may break. Got any

Автор EddyDa MinionLuver (1 год)
At least you showed what does it look like inside our PSP's.

Автор checho4life (1 год)
Just did this and my PSP is working now! Thanks a lot!!

Автор jacob kiser (1 год)
@HNkN you did it not him, therefore you are responsible for damaging your
PSP. You probably over soldered and damaged the chip because of
inexperience with a soldering iron. 

Автор ProTektWar (dot) com (1 год)

Автор Ismail Bukhari (1 год)
Im having the same problem

Автор jadenspades1 (1 год)
doesnt use words doednt explasin wat to look 4 doesnt explain exactly wat
he is soldering ....

Автор Yusuf Acin (1 год)
me too

Автор luis salgado (1 год)

Автор Naqib Amin (1 год)
where can i buy the solder ? pls reply !!

Автор MrJ0mmy (1 год)
psp sucks

Автор Jaheda Akhter (1 год)
mines tooo

Автор EverythingJailbreak Pro (2 года)
Habla English pendejo

Автор th3b3stn1kKa (2 года)
well i actually depends what model of psp he has

Автор Louloudito (3 года)
It worked, thnx mate! Now I got to disassemble and reassemble it as the
buttons are not working...

Автор Daniel Floyd (2 года)
You need to remove the battery and find a way to check its voltage. check
the simple things first before major surgury. I have fix alot of BROKEN
game systems and 75% most are human error or something simply as a battery
that was just a crappy battery.MOF Made On a Friday.

Автор Alan Garcia (1 год)
Lol the psp works and the screen does not haha

Автор My gamertag is (1 год)
did you find a way to fix it? im wondering cause im having the same problem

Автор Edge Reaper (2 года)
Took more then half the entire video time just to disassemble and assemble
it.. wtf!

Автор lindevo (2 года)
Wow what a great job you did getting it to partially work and posting it.
But an even worse part is the comments below, saying to just buy a new PSP.
Why buy another if it can be fixed for very little? But for those who can't
work with these small parts, I'd recommend taking it to someone who can do
the repair correctly. The ribbon cable for the backlight can be difficult
to replace correctly. And there's a fuse for the backlight as well. I work
in a repair shop so I know what to do correctly.

Автор 89gallant (2 года)
Lol I used a heat gun on my psp 2001 and it completely demolished it in
less than a minute :( it melted soooo badly I was so angry at my self I
punched myself in the head like 4 times

Автор Sameul Frrattss (2 года)
i cracked my one and now it doesn't even turn on even though i charge

Автор IshakIRG (1 год)
That happend to me. Had not used for a while and when i want to play psp,
it doesn't turn on, does not charge. In my casethe problem was de power
fuse. It was "broken". Thow some copper on that fuse trying to make contact
in both metal ends. Then try to buy the same fuse and replace it. I haven't
done it and my psp is functional. Sorry for my english.

Автор Curt Badiola (3 года)
You guys are just lazy to buy PSP's!

Автор tremendoforever2007 (1 год)
Where are the screws?

Автор Juan Mata (2 года)
I would trash mine but its the God Of War Chains Of Olympus Limited Edition
and I can't do that :l

Автор John Watts (2 года)
That is not a fuse its a resistor....wow resist not jump

Автор Blargenheimlich (3 года)
Thats a keyboard O_O

Автор Tyusama (1 год)
Dude, thats really rude. He's just trying to help those who aren't sure how
to repair their PSP fuse. Hate yourself for making the choice to follow.

Автор Aldicione Fagundes (2 года)
amigo meu psp nao da sinal de vida apenas com o carregador conectado ele
acende uma luz meio laranja e fica intermitente, será que este tutorial ira
resolver ou vc pode me ajudar neste caso?

Автор Collin Caluag (2 года)
my psp is weird.....when I plug it in the battery icon blinks abd the
orange light is on but it never charges but...I can start my psp up when
the cord is in...then I play a game! After some time playing the? game it
freezes and shuts off.....full shut off and takes forever to get back on
(it's never in the same place in the game either). What's wrong? msg me for
reply pls

Автор thecripmaster1611 (2 года)
.....to the guy that made this film... ur an idiot

Автор biser uzunov (3 года)
hello my psp does not want to turn wanted to know how much the repair would
cost me

Автор Samuel Coleman (2 года)
With a soldering iron. You're no younger than the rest of us when we

Автор millena calazans (1 год)
voce fala portugues

Автор MyNameIs nothing (3 года)
I always wanted to see the back of the screen :/

Автор Jesse Supetran (1 год)
I need help. my psp wont turn on but the green light works and the

Автор Kratos Marmolejo (1 год)
y no en españñol daa

Автор Gio Antoine (2 года)
dude we cant see jack

Автор Aaron Reale (2 года)
5 ounces isnt 14 grams lol. 0.5ounces is 14 grams. hate to see u as a drug

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