Trying To Pet a 13" Flower Horn That Will Kill You

This thing looks like Sloth from the Goonies in Fish Form. Can it be tamed? My good buddy Nirun tries. There are several sure things about this fish:

Yes, this fish is insane.
Yes, it is a beast.
Yes, he does want to eat your face.
Yes, Nirun is insane for trying to pet it.
Yes, I want one.

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Автор mary rodrigues ( назад)
wt do u feed your fh ????
pls reply

Автор SAVAGE308SNIPER ( назад)
Naw naw naw

Автор phb2911 ( назад)
It looks like it has something written in Japanese on its sides...

Автор Serrasalmus Rhombeus ( назад)
You should try putting your nut sac instead of your hand and then let the
flower horn go for it. lol

Автор Abdelkrim Beddiaf ( назад)
very nice flower

Автор Jaime Fernandez ( назад)
that was lagittness!!!😅😅😅

Автор stuart boam ( назад)
It is very cruel to keep a fish this intelligent in a tank so small. No
wonder he wants to bite you. Climb into your wardrobe and stay in there
for a few years whilst your wife feeds you by her hand for a couple of
years and hope you don't bite her hand off fool.

Автор millionaire tan ( назад)
What size did u first get him? And how long it took to grew till this size?

Автор eric holder (714 года назад)
They sell baby flowerhorn cichlids near my house for 30 dollars each

Автор Todd Laurette ( назад)
The fish was looking for more pellets, I would say. He looks just like
mine. And I had two, and I used to do the same thing ru doing with one of
them, he was very aggressive, but it taught him to jump out of the tank, I
came home one day and my beautiful fish was laying on my floor, (Fish need
water to live!) lol, jk, Anyway, he was gone, I lost him, and he was my
favorite fish! Just saying be careful, I would hate for anyone to have to
go thru that, especially if u love ur fish as much as I do mine. Peace.

Автор flo green ( назад)
So cool! 

Автор akshay sawant ( назад)
This awesome one

Автор Ciara Sheahen ( назад)
Is that an adult flower horn?

Автор Djordje Bozovic ( назад)
Isn't the tank too small for such big fish?! 

Автор venusb81 ( назад)
Lovely fish !! Annoying men... 

Автор jj coolj ( назад)
is that Rihanna?

Автор MrJotman356 ( назад)
Awesome fh. Make sum more vids please

Автор doggiesarus ( назад)
Isn't it a red dragon? There are many colors. Flower horns are awesome! 

Автор Jakendrick WatkinsTv ( назад)
Look like the fish have a tattoo on the side.

Автор anka77 ( назад)
Kaka stupidplay

Автор I'm Alive ( назад)
Why would it kill you?

Автор 97 Cummins ( назад)
Need a bigger tank

Автор nick j ( назад)
Beautiful fish man

Автор hoxhaj1 ( назад)
Camera guy almost jumped out of the room........hahaha

Автор Kennnny77 ( назад)
LMAO....best reaction ever.

Автор grettagrids ( назад)
I have a large angelfish that attacks when changing water or adding new
fish. bites and pokes the shit out of my hand :(

Автор ibrahim YILMAZ ( назад)
Yes u can.But must be the same size

Автор Fish Worlds ( назад)
Nice Fish. I have a Tiger Oscar can i put Flower horn in my Tank.

Автор sparklle0913 ( назад)
He is beautiful!

Автор jocel seguera ( назад)
its friendly fish if you care to it good,if you can show to the fish that
you will not harm to them...me i had one bigger than that,but im lucky
enough that i can held it to my hands and touch anytime i wanted to touch
the fish..

Автор Jah Light ( назад)
Sweet ....

Автор GazaBawnBad666 ( назад)
not a bad video but clearly he wants more food and he's being teased. my
flowerhorn is about 12 inches and I can put my hand in the tank. check out
my channel

Автор Robert Grundler ( назад)
Hi, I have a flowerhorn of this seize too. But maybe the guy who made the
video did not care for his fish so much. I can catch mine with my bare
hands. It even does not try to bite my hand if I put into the aquarium.

Автор Greg Poutine ( назад)
beautiful fish

Автор chris magnuson ( назад)
1:05 lol

Автор Daniel Gamboa ( назад)
Really pretty fish!

Автор namezryan ( назад)
How many gallons is this??

Автор george benish ( назад)
amazing flowerhorn....

Автор Leah Carhsinrav ( назад)
Hes just hungry LOL my jack dempsey does that all the time

Автор Beryillium32 ( назад)
Cool epic

Автор Hariharan Sasv ( назад)
Dude, what do u feed ur flowerhorn ?

Автор patdown007 ( назад)
Couple of pussies right here. I put my hand in my FH tanks all the time
even the agressive ones, I just pust it away.

Автор kyle benson ( назад)
Did you give the fish a tattoo

Автор Luiz Eduardo ( назад)
Monster!!! Very beautiful!

Автор Jose Rivera ( назад)
stick...stick your dick in it

Автор Shantanu Kelaskar ( назад)
Dude can u jst make more videos of ur flowerhorn ?????

Автор scott davies ( назад)
so greatly taking care of that BOSS FISH good jod most coolest ive seen!!

Автор ABANDON chicago ( назад)
He got you now Bitch bahahah

Автор Alejandro Rodriguez ( назад)
haha no i think ill buy a 75 gallon for it....but im trying to get a nice
flower horn thai silk but they're kinda rare where i live :P

Автор Jarell Angell ( назад)
how bigs tank? lookin good!

Автор Tatsumi972 ( назад)
Dude that fish is awesome and the guy that gave it to you was gonna get rid
of it?

Автор michael auld ( назад)
how can they kill u ?

Автор lmodel2011 ( назад)
I have a flowerhorn at home and it tried to kill my female flowerhorn

Автор PeachButt ( назад)
"He got you, Bitch" "You just showed him who Daddy is" Lmfaoooooooooo!!! :D

Автор Maninder Singh ( назад)
At 0:52,Flowerhorn- U asshole u touched me!! dont dare it again!

Автор Keinne Beltran ( назад)
hahaha.. flowerhorns dsn't attack..it avoids when you touch it... f.y.i.p

Автор Alejandro Rodriguez ( назад)
yea man well i just got a little 3 inch FH like 3 days ago and i have him
in a 55 gallon with a 4 inch oscar i also got like 3 days ago and they seem
to get along just fine i hope they get along like this when they get
bigger.....thanks for the help though

Автор karen dx ( назад)
the best dude....

Автор Razor10207 ( назад)
ok but i really don't know which flower horn breed I am having n i can see
a lil bit of humpy on his forehead

Автор alessandro faina ( назад)
Your FH is very beautiful. A good colour. And i don't understand why... You
are a dumbell to keep a 13" fish (that worth a lot of money) in a ...
what's the width of that aquarium? I think is no more than the fish

Автор karen dx ( назад)
hi razor, actually i have the same prob, after discuss with the breeders in
thailand the said feeder fish is the best choice for the growth of the
whole flowerhorn, it includes the hump but dont overfeed.

Автор ElemenohpeeHD ( назад)
my friends flowerhorn is 13 inches and it lets him pet it lol maybe because
his tank is wider so the fish is not straight up n down when eating, u
gotta pet it from the back and if it starts to looks like its turning
around take ur hand out lol

Автор karen dx ( назад)
the best *****FH***** viD everrrr... i love ur fish dude

Автор platnumn4 ( назад)
I'm no expert but I do not think you are able to have a FH in the tank with
any other fish. This fish is territorial, and therefore can be aggressive
toward tankmates. Just be careful choosing tankmates, stay away from less
aggressive fish that will not stick up for itself, particularly smaller
ones. Be prepared for fights if you mix other cichlids with them,no matter
what the tank size is. A 300gal tank would allow you to mix in a good
amount of other fish without problems

Автор karen dx ( назад)
i really love Ur fish platinum...

Автор karen dx ( назад)
hi dude, i hv 1 already, mine is 5inch, can u giv me tips to make it bigger.

Автор Alejandro Rodriguez (1278 лет назад)
hey i've been thinking about geting a flowerhorn but im worried that it
wont get along with my other fish i got 2 oscars a gator gar and a red tail
cat fish i have a 200 gallon tank at the moment but im hoping to get a 300
or 400 by april

Автор karen dx ( назад)
Hi dude, i love ur fish man... i wanna have 1 too

Автор Razor10207 ( назад)
dude i have the same color flowerhorn that what u have in this video but
the only thing is my flowerhorn is not that humpy like this... what should
i do to get this big hump... ? plz help

Автор Gegit05 ( назад)
I'm sorry, I must be missing something. Is this somehow relevant to this
video? Could you please indicate the tattooed fish in some way? You're
absolutely right, it is a terrible practice. But I'm missing the
significance here. That's a typically-coloured flowerhorn hybrid.

Автор taite micallef ( назад)
wont let me copy link for some reason just search "new flower horn video 1"

Автор taite micallef ( назад)
"new flower horn video 1" for some reason wont let m post a link

Автор platnumn4 ( назад)
Yeah please do, and send me the link!!

Автор taite micallef ( назад)
Cant wait till my fish gets to that size just uploaded a video of mine

Автор TheDeafAquariumWorld ( назад)
you are so retard . that fish is a hybrid and came out with natural colour

Автор tristan castaneda ( назад)
can anybody tell me what type of flowerhorn that is

Автор platnumn4 ( назад)
just a fish man!

Автор platnumn4 ( назад)
well hello

Автор anil kumar ( назад)

Автор anil kumar ( назад)
What is the price of this size fish

Автор Scouse Lad ( назад)
Sick fish bro. Nice tank size aswell.

Автор unlockwall ( назад)

Автор SpacejamsPR ( назад)
Niceeeee i have a 4 inc and does the same shit lol

Автор bart griffin (504 года назад)
holy fuck balls ....hope my flowerhorn gets that big .....how many gallons
is that tank?

Автор gusfish1 ( назад)
nice kok

Автор ManInTheMoon ( назад)
All flowerhorn will attack u thats y i want one but afraid of changing water

Автор jdmej1707 ( назад)
Bruh thats super clean im a first timmer at raising some flowerhorns what
were u feeding him?

Автор thegreatMSG ( назад)
Actually I don't like 花罗汉 (flower horn) because of the "bump" on their head
that makes the fish looks extremely ugly...

Автор SAVAGE _ O.G ( назад)
Red dragon????

Автор ethaneveraldo (609 лет назад)
It looks like he has chinese signs written on his sides...

Автор Rebeccabecca Lynn ( назад)
I should also add flower horns are a hybrid fish, the colour is natural ,
some are brighter then others due to genetics...

Автор Rebeccabecca Lynn ( назад)
@ZappyProductions112 He didn't buy the fish, he chose to keep it...

Автор Bhas kii ( назад)
nice healthy fish!!!!!!!!!

Автор jimmy nguyen ( назад)

Автор ZappyProductions112 ( назад)
Tattooing fish is really dangerous and cruel. Fish that are coloured like
your fish often die and are mistreated very cruelly in the process. Please
Please do not support tattooed fish!!

Автор platnumn4 ( назад)
Word I do kind of sound like shaggy, thanks.

Автор batterballz1 ( назад)
ha the cameraman does sound like shaggy lmfao

Автор xijnnijx ( назад)
He looks like he has Japanese symbols on his side! really cool.

Автор mulgar ( назад)
Try stick yer pecker in there. L.O.L.

Автор moormandrm ( назад)
@Z0MB1EMESSIAH shggy at 52

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