Trying To Pet a 13" Flower Horn That Will Kill You

This thing looks like Sloth from the Goonies in Fish Form. Can it be tamed? My good buddy Nirun tries. There are several sure things about this fish:

Yes, this fish is insane.
Yes, it is a beast.
Yes, he does want to eat your face.
Yes, Nirun is insane for trying to pet it.
Yes, I want one.

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Автор LegacyEvoAce ( назад)
try that with a 13 inch black P

Автор CΞNK ΞLMAS ( назад)
you are f**kin stupids poor fish

Автор Pug Life ( назад)
He's like "GOTCHA BITCH" meme XD.. Wait was that on purpose

Автор XxShinyStarxX Blue ( назад)
your really stupid you know that right RIGHT!

Автор rinokaz ( назад)
Next time tell them that it is a brain. I m talking about that thing on the

Автор Mark Roe ( назад)
Why torment the poor thing and risk it jumping out???!!

Автор Lanceivan Quijano ( назад)
nice fish dude i like it thats my dream pet fish

Автор Kali Wolfe ( назад)
nice fish

Автор Juan Winner ( назад)
I thought the fish had the chinese menu written on the side of him.. Nice

Автор Garett Reyes ( назад)
How will dose things kill u can someone plz tell me

Автор Tyler Kemp ( назад)
did he bite you

Автор Jonathon Lastname ( назад)
Are flower heads venomous?

Автор perfecttrunks2000 ( назад)
your fingers are just the right snack size for fish

Автор salvattore69 ( назад)
It seems he has Chinese characters written on his sides. A friend had one
that was very tame and came to you and liked to have his head gently
scratched. Beautiful animals. I didn't know they can be aggressive because
my friend's fish was so friendly.

Автор Tim G ( назад)
Just put your hand in the water. It ain't that hard

Автор Bolo Molo Mobile Gaming ( назад)
What the f I hate the attitude of these guys

Автор V ( назад)

Автор Galactic Miku ( назад)
this scared the crap out of me

Автор Wizardgirl21393 ( назад)
yes you can train him

Автор Wu Enchen ( назад)
evelyn vela your nine?! ME TOO!!!!!

Автор Saikat Sengupta ( назад)
But flowerhorn is usually very affectionate to their owners

Автор Gaurav Bhagat ( назад)

Автор Ei Pi ( назад)
kool fish ! thxs for upload

Автор Mike ANGEL ( назад)
that's a beautiful Monster flowerhorn it's funny I'm watching that video
and cracking up because your own pet flowerhorn cichlid won't let you pet
him that's funny..stuff 😂 I love the colors I love the size that's a
beautiful cichlid 😄

Автор Shaun Ulaszko ( назад)
phb1911 i immediatly thought the same thing

Автор Christina Carpenter ( назад)
That fish is so cool!!! I would of kept him to. He would be happy in my 155
gallon lol

Автор DarkAceLord ( назад)
the trick to petting a flowerhorn is to show him who is scared of who.

Автор Relish The_Moment17 ( назад)
Flowerhorns won't kill you they will just bite stupid

Автор Clint Grainger ( назад)
nice fish

Автор masen masensanimalchanel ( назад)
your really stupid.you could have died

Автор bibi beauty (220 лет назад)
so pretty but so deadly

oh you thought I was talking about the fish no I was talking about me on my

Автор Alyssa Mejia ( назад)

Автор SouthernGirl In hijab ( назад)
It looks like some type of cichlid.

Автор Rogue Nugget ( назад)
lol I bet the fish got those tattoos thinking it said "honor" or "shark
ninja" but the Japanese dude that did the tattoos was a dick and put
"stupid fish" instead XD

Автор Richard Rico ( назад)
Commentary = 👌👌👍👍

Автор Ostravia ( назад)
Just because a fish is born in captivity does not mean it will not suffer
in a confined environment. I'm not sure how anyone could think otherwise.

Автор GETREAL! ( назад)
Sweet fish in hands of the beast human being....So sad to see these such
pretty fish suffer like that!

Автор Moon Flare ( назад)
When you least expect it he will break the glass and go to live on land and
train with rocky just to come back to you when you have a lovely wife and
two kids one is a little boy named John he is 5 and the other child is
Marry your little 3 year old girl, think fast there's a giant fish kicking
down your door with the arms and legs of Arnold Schwarznegger and a katana
in its hands what do you do? This future forseeing is sponsored by Kill

Автор Al Cantar ( назад)
there should be licenses issued for people to own pets..... poor fish. It
clearly needs a bigger tank.

Автор ChefSam ( назад)
You have to slowly introduce your hands as they grow up, you can't just
start when they are a full grown adult, they will only think your hands and
anything else are a source of food and will not know any better.

Автор Dresden Tulip ( назад)
"You just showed him who daddy was" Lmaooooooo

Автор Andy Mixalot (592 года назад)
is that shaggy

Автор Sniper the Hedgehog ( назад)
Is the fish poisonous

Автор Tyra Neptune ( назад)
No wonder he wants to bite you!!! CUZ U KEEP HIM IN SUCH A SMALL CAGE. Keep
calm and bite on.

Автор crungen5 ( назад)
try taking a shit in the tank!

Автор Game Katz ( назад)

Автор Madison Powers ( назад)

Автор Mangle ( назад)
how do thy kill you?

Автор Ercan Baştürk ( назад)
Dump your penis in that tank

Автор kitten MAN 301 ( назад)
whats so deadly about that

Автор Shy Money ( назад)
What type of food u give him

Автор Michael Wells ( назад)
I didn't know they are that aggressive....although the fact that you can
touch it like that is really cool. There are people on You Tube petting
these fish without any harm done to them. I don't think he was trying to
harm you dude. He probably thought you had something to eat in your hand.
He wasn't trying to harm you.

Автор mary rodrigues ( назад)
wt do u feed your fh ????
pls reply

Автор SAVAGE308SNIPER ( назад)
Naw naw naw

Автор phb2911 ( назад)
It looks like it has something written in Japanese on its sides...

Автор Serrasalmus Rhombeus ( назад)
You should try putting your nut sac instead of your hand and then let the
flower horn go for it. lol

Автор Abdelkrim Beddiaf ( назад)
very nice flower

Автор Jaime Fernandez ( назад)
that was lagittness!!!😅😅😅

Автор Ostravia ( назад)
It is very cruel to keep a fish this intelligent in a tank so small. No
wonder he wants to bite you. Climb into your wardrobe and stay in there
for a few years whilst your wife feeds you by her hand for a couple of
years and hope you don't bite her hand off fool.

Автор millionaire tan ( назад)
What size did u first get him? And how long it took to grew till this size?

Автор eric holder (715 лет назад)
They sell baby flowerhorn cichlids near my house for 30 dollars each

Автор ReviewCam ( назад)
If he got the tat from an Asian breeder...fuck that breeder

Автор ReviewCam ( назад)
Why does he have a tattoo?

Автор Todd Laurette ( назад)
The fish was looking for more pellets, I would say. He looks just like
mine. And I had two, and I used to do the same thing ru doing with one of
them, he was very aggressive, but it taught him to jump out of the tank, I
came home one day and my beautiful fish was laying on my floor, (Fish need
water to live!) lol, jk, Anyway, he was gone, I lost him, and he was my
favorite fish! Just saying be careful, I would hate for anyone to have to
go thru that, especially if u love ur fish as much as I do mine. Peace.

Автор flo green ( назад)
So cool! 

Автор akshay sawant ( назад)
This awesome one

Автор Ciara Sheahen ( назад)
Is that an adult flower horn?

Автор Djordje Bozovic ( назад)
Isn't the tank too small for such big fish?! 

Автор venusb81 ( назад)
Lovely fish !! Annoying men... 

Автор jj coolj ( назад)
is that Rihanna?

Автор MrJotman356 ( назад)
Awesome fh. Make sum more vids please

Автор doggiesarus ( назад)
Isn't it a red dragon? There are many colors. Flower horns are awesome! 

Автор Jakendrick WatkinsTv ( назад)
Look like the fish have a tattoo on the side.

Автор anka77 ( назад)
Kaka stupidplay

Автор I'm Alive ( назад)
Why would it kill you?

Автор 97 Cummins ( назад)
Need a bigger tank

Автор hoxhaj1 ( назад)
Camera guy almost jumped out of the room........hahaha

Автор Kennnny77 ( назад)
LMAO....best reaction ever.

Автор MrKaikeo ( назад)
What the size of your tank?

Автор MonsterFishLife ( назад)
at 55 seconds that guy sounds like shaggy from scooby doo lol

Автор Chris Chan ( назад)
we have one too , i got bitten once.... didnt hurt but i just got shocked.

Автор Zayn Malik ( назад)
Ashley Bradley, this thing is NOT JUST a fish. Its a FLOWERHORN. This thing
is crazy dangerous! :P

Автор Shane Roehrig ( назад)
LMAO....Awesome fish.

Автор TheAngry Fishman ( назад)

Автор saurabh rai ( назад)
hey dude wat do u feed your flowerhorn....mine is also same color pigments
but color is not that so dark

Автор Daniel Kaleidoscope ( назад)
If you let him bite you, and do not take your hand away, do not flinch,
etc, he will come to respect you. and in time he will not bite you again,
may even let him pet you. But if you flinch and pull your hand away, he
will be proud that he has won and continue to bite you, because it is fun
to scare the people : )

Автор Matthew Cool ( назад)
that thing would definitely kill you

Автор Matthew Thomas ( назад)
Have red devil same size.

Автор Ashley Babee ( назад)
Lol you guys are scared of a fish xD

Автор grettagrids ( назад)
I have a large angelfish that attacks when changing water or adding new
fish. bites and pokes the shit out of my hand :(

Автор ibrahim YILMAZ ( назад)
Yes u can.But must be the same size 

Автор Fish Worlds ( назад)
Nice Fish. I have a Tiger Oscar can i put Flower horn in my Tank.

Автор sparklle0913 ( назад)
He is beautiful!

Автор jocel seguera ( назад)
its friendly fish if you care to it good,if you can show to the fish that
you will not harm to them...me i had one bigger than that,but im lucky
enough that i can held it to my hands and touch anytime i wanted to touch
the fish.. 

Автор Jah Light ( назад)
Sweet ....

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