Playing with Nitrocellulose

Here I demonstrate the ignition of nitrocellulose. Nitrocellulose is some fun stuff, pretty easy to make too. I used sulfuric acid drain opener and potassium nitrate as the nitrating solution, although using real nitric acid would yield better results. There are a bunch of good videos on YouTube on making this stuff, so I won't be making a how-to video for guncotton.

Here is a how to on making nitrocellulose, skip down on the page to the hexanitrate:

Thanks to ChemXu for giving me the idea to make this stuff, check out his chemistry/pyro videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ChemXu

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Автор dc2008242 ( назад)
"Nitrocellulose looks and feels exactly like cotton"
........that's because it is cotton..... just with some nitro XD
there's a reason they call it "guncotton"

Автор antiswattt3 ( назад)
about the KNO3: thats false.. it was because you lacked the nitration time
and / or the proper conditions (temperature, covering of beaker preferably)

Автор Mitchell Stitt ( назад)
yeah, this stuff rocks. 

Автор Guru of Random ( назад)
You ever burn yourself?

Автор Іван Яковів ( назад)
You can also try to do it with Vodka !lol!

Автор Kyogre790 ( назад)
@HowToHacks90 All combustion reactions yield H2O and CO2

Автор Mike Mattera ( назад)
@styropyro What gas does it turn into? CO2, N2, O2?

Автор g3ov4n12 ( назад)
The reason because it leaved residue is because its not fully nitrated.
Nitric acid is better, but KNO3 will nitrate too. You must had leaved it
more time or adjusted the ratio.

Автор mewrox99 ( назад)
@mewrox99 I ment flash paper a.k.a nitrocellulose not flash powder

Автор mewrox99 ( назад)
@wtfdood25 A true 5mW laser cannot light flash powder. If your laser can
light strike anyware matches then it probably can light it

Автор lithiumw ( назад)
You can do much better with KNO3 ! I've tried with fuming nitric
acid/sulfuric acid, nitric acid/suluric acid, fuming nitric acid/ fuming
sulfuric acid, but KNO3 was the best after fuming HNO3/fuming H2SO4.

Автор ThePoliceUT3 ( назад)
that is sick... lol :D

Автор JaiNobesIsARat ( назад)
Probably Carbon Dioxide, water vapour and Nitrogen.

Автор john lightfoot ( назад)
nice one, styro

Автор mastermakerhacker ( назад)
Awsome ^_^ I would try synthesizing this stuff with ammonium nitrate and
sulfuric acid, but i have none of the nessesary equipment :\

Автор Sinter7777 ( назад)
Oh man thats sweet

Автор ChemXu ( назад)
thanks! :D

Автор Johnathon Selstad ( назад)
The "fire" that you see is actually burning gases and particles which emit
light. I suppose they oxidize into some invisible gas.

Автор styropyro ( назад)
thanks man!

Автор styropyro ( назад)
it turns into gas

Автор Lichael Mai ( назад)
lol that was pretty cool it got so shiny and bright :D

Автор styropyro ( назад)
ill give that a shot next time i make it. btw thanks for the idea of making
this stuff, i linked to your channel in the description of this video

Автор ChemXu ( назад)
i prefer using ammonium nitrate, the results are cleaner, burns faster, and
the nitrating solution is more liquid, so it takes less time to nitrate

Автор Johnny Appleseed ( назад)
replace the cotton with glycerin then you got a liquid explosive o:

Автор Alastair Senior ( назад)
Nitrocellulose - isnt that what they use as the propellant for rimfire

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