Dragon Age Origins - The Gauntlet - Bridge Puzzle

You may get frustrated figuring this puzzle out and it took me awhile before i figured it out. So i show you how to get across with this video.


Right 2
Left 3
Left 6
Move extra character to second platform
move Left 3 -Right 4
move Right 2 - Left 1
move extra character to 3rd platform
move Left 6 - Right 5
move Right 4 - Left 4
Then you are finished.

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Автор Jack Donnelly (4 месяца)
I have this for console and Pc the console was easier, once a section
solidified it stayed like that the pc didn't, in fact the PC version is
much much harder.

Автор Haydn Coleman (1 месяц)
you saved me from breaking things

Автор Andrejko H. (19 дней)

Автор morgoth952 (3 месяца)
thank you, you saved my life, friend... :-)

Автор yasir al saidi (1 месяц)
ty ty

Автор Dima zalypa (2 месяца)

Автор Robert Paulson (1 месяц)
Like zhangvict already stated this puzzle was SO easy I totally didn't have
to come here to look it up either.

Автор ptus920 (3 месяца)
Thanks alot <3

Автор zhangvict (1 год)
This was such an easy puzzle I did it in 5 minutes first time. All you
needed to know is that some of the white tiles create half-real ghost
bridges in certain places. You just need to remember which tiles create
which ghost bridges combine two half-real bridges to make a solid one.

Автор sushanalone (2 года)
TY vm for the resolution, this puzzle is its like feeding puke to a person
dyinf of starvation...

Автор XvxBERSERKxvX (3 года)
Hands down, the stupidest part of the game.

Автор LazyDudeSHOW (2 года)
thnx a lot dude

Автор Chandra Goertzen (10 месяцев)
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Автор HelloMrHell (9 месяцев)
Other than the Fade, which lasts 5 fucking hours (if you just start and
don't know what to do)!

Автор Lafs Sylvo (2 года)
tyvm, okay I really like Bioware but I certainly don't play this game to
solve puzzles.

Автор boxOhobo (1 год)
Thank you very much.

Автор CapnHolic (3 года)
thanks bro.

Автор XvxBERSERKxvX (2 года)
The first time I did this I completed it under a minute by LUCK, here I
thought it was easy until I did it the second time and realized by minute
TEN that I needed to look up a walkthrough lol

Автор RuiCrash (2 года)
Ma quale diavolo sarebbe la logica che permette di capire questo puzzle? :|
Ci ho provato per mezz'ora ma niente da fare... Grazie del video! :D

Автор smartbro678 (2 года)
Thanks for the tip

Автор assassainsblood (2 года)
how do you bring 4 people with you?? i just broght the game help plz

Автор Tyler Cole (3 года)
@analogmarz Thanks SOOOOOO much man =D! Favorited!

Автор 14LunaStar (2 года)
thank you

Автор TheVegetableTrio (2 года)
it acutully helped me a lot

Автор Mtvbella (2 года)
dude gg with video it was very nice :X i tried 1 hour before watching this
. and 2 min :X

Автор Yelena Istmal (1 год)
Thank you! You be mah hero XD

Автор Сергей Лоховсон (1 год)
ага спс америкос

Автор Carrie Smith (2 года)

Автор Aeolia Shenberg (2 года)
@XFreeStyleZX yeps i was thinking the same, Knight of the Old Republic has
one of the toughest puzzle riddle

Автор LastSighAMV (8 месяцев)
I'm proud i made this without help or saving :D

Автор SheperdAC (1 год)

Автор Poppy Reid (1 год)
Thank you!!!

Автор future20954 (1 год)
what or which is that armor

Автор Skrimpish (2 года)
It's a shitty puzzle because it's trial and error

Автор StormShadow1995 (2 года)
This is the 3rd time I finish the game, although the first to times I got
the puzzle in less than 5 minutes this time I 've been all over it for over
45 minutes!!!! Freaking frustrated.

Автор [HW] Hellsperfectange (10 месяцев)

Автор Barbarous Llama (1 год)
Haha, the trick is to find the invisible blocks that overlap each other.

Автор Cowpath3 (2 года)

Автор GeneralSpikes (1 год)
i cant beleive i killed the old mage woman right when i got the chance to,
but at least i saved the templar that was stuck in the tower!!

Автор lawlestest (3 года)
easiest puzzle ever, i wouldnt even call it that.. took me 2 mins to get
across, put chars on hold position and just stand on em till they get
white.. easy stuff roflmao, cant understand why all teh naabs in the
comments got stuck on this... simple minds eh?

Автор Santiago Lopez (1 год)
You get a few pieces in the tower of the circle (chest & helmet) if you
play on pc, there are a few mods that add gloves and boots.

Автор HelloMrHell (5 месяцев)
Three months... THREE MONTHS!!!!!

Автор martha marthopoulou (1 год)

Автор lolwowsc2forever (7 месяцев)
helmet drops on a dead templar in mage tower and armor on the charmed
templar in mage tower but u have to kill him BEFORE you kill the desire
demon who charmed him or helgo green after i think

Автор TheSiegelayer (5 месяцев)
Just had to figure this out, too. I wrote it down and then hoped it would
be the same next playthrough. :P I numbered them 1 thru 12, starting from
the top left and going counter clockwise. Yours has one less step than mine
did, so, it's: 1,4,8 (leave) -4 (go to) -->10, -8 -->6, -1 -->11, -10 -->3.

Автор Xxandrew01 (2 года)
Ok to get this right party 1 slot 2 right side part 2 slot 3 left side
party 3 slot 6 left side part 2 slot 4 right side party1 slot 1 right side
party 3 slot 5 right side party 2 slot 4 left side right?

Автор Michael Sanders (1 год)
Her name is Wynne and she is found at the Mage's Tower :)

Автор archibaldbunker9999 (2 года)
thanksabunch! :D this puzzle was givin' me a headache and every where else
seems to omit spoilers lmfao if we didn't want the answer to be spoiled, we
wouldn't be looking for it! lol

Автор robotcow28 . (2 года)
@Narut0NineTailed The Xbox version is so fucking easy a blind one armed
mentally disabled child could do it.

Автор Virus (2 года)
Thank god

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