Dragon Age Origins - The Gauntlet - Bridge Puzzle

You may get frustrated figuring this puzzle out and it took me awhile before i figured it out. So i show you how to get across with this video.


Right 2
Left 3
Left 6
Move extra character to second platform
move Left 3 -Right 4
move Right 2 - Left 1
move extra character to 3rd platform
move Left 6 - Right 5
move Right 4 - Left 4
Then you are finished.

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Автор Rick Boon ( назад)
dude, slow down

Автор Metal Fyre ( назад)
Thnx a lot for this man. I suck at these kinda puzzles. I wanna move
forward, not get stuck figuring things out :P ;)

Автор HUNRUSPWNZ ( назад)
i fucking hate this "puzzle"

Автор Ripleysfacehugger ( назад)
Would have enjoyed the satisfaction of doing this myself but was pulling my
hair out, thanks dude :)

Автор MrDrozo ( назад)
thank you, great video

Автор Landis963 ( назад)
Why doesn't, say, Morrigan levitate everyone over the gap? Or cheat it
with shapeshifting?

Автор DrHouse146 ( назад)
Thanks brother.

Автор Luxona ( назад)
The puzzle isn't that bad if you sit and think about it. There are four
blocks to make the bridge. In order to make a block solid, you need three
power sources. Some buttons make two bridge pieces, each with one power.
Some buttons only make one bridge piece, but give it two power. So, in
order to solidify a piece, you need to have both a button that makes two
pieces, and a button that makes one piece. Not that bad.

Автор hisxmark ( назад)
I agree that this "puzzle" is just a roll of fifty twenty sided dice. It
doesn't make the game more fun, it is just annoying.

Here is the simplest way I found to get through:

Автор Kocurro (346 лет назад)
Thanks, helped a lot ;)

Автор King Possum ( назад)
big thanks for the video. I will no doubt watch it in my next play through.

Автор Galli Games ( назад)
Gostei do vídeo! Da uma passada no meu canal, vamos ser parceiros!

Автор Huntas Chaos ( назад)
omg thanks man, it took me a full Half hour before i gave up and went to

Автор Anthony1324576890 ( назад)
Thank you. Frankly without the internet I'd have had to type down the
patterns since I couldn't memorize them. That puzzle was worth cheating on
in my view.

Автор william aguiar ( назад)
how did u solve this ?

Автор David Joyce ( назад)
350k views. Kinda feel a little better now.

Автор Julius CaesarII ( назад)
Fuck. If i would have just been patient, taken a deep breath and though
about it i would of figured it out 20 minutes ago. Instead i have to be
impatient, i swear to god i would have just blown the god damn temple up. 

Автор Ghost Dreams ( назад)
thxs worked like a charm

Автор Gonk ( назад)
Ty you're a life saver if u ever need a BJ gimmie a call u deserve one :)

Автор Farkasvezer ( назад)
Thank u soo much.

Автор Bieseger ( назад)
Thanks! I just can't see the patern... i hate this puzzle so much!

Автор heinrich dhyanarealms ( назад)
I still cant do it even with the video. fuck

Автор killy2626 ( назад)
haleluiaaa, thank you:)

Автор Alfred Aaaja (1084 года назад)
Really thankful for this video dude

Автор Lorretta Lewis (1164 года назад)
wow thanks so much! this puzzle was doing my head in big time!!! 

Автор Zion Zix ( назад)
Thank you yet again

Автор Kyle Henry (Kayo-san) ( назад)
Ty for the video but What fucking annoying puzzle for gods sake

Автор David Snow ( назад)
Most fucking retarded puzzle I have ever seen in a video game. I have been
coming to this puzzle at least once a year for 5 years, because I do a
playthrough of DAO at least once a year. I cannot even begin to fucking
fathom what the morons at Bioware were thinking when they made this puzzle
with no rhyme or reason or hints or fucking anything to make any sort of
logic work with this stupid test

Автор Rik Vargard ( назад)
Thanks! What's the logic behind that puzzle?

Автор GokuPilgrim (1167 лет назад)
I understood the puzzle, but I just don't have the patience to solve it
myself. Thanks. 

Автор Nyan Fish:3 ( назад)
Ty bro 

Автор Vic Kwong ( назад)
thank you very much!

Автор Cale Dt ( назад)
Damn.. Thx a lot ! :D

Автор Vlad Hintiu ( назад)
verry annoyin puzzzle

t verry much
thumb up

Автор Creator of a small world ( назад)
Thank you SO much XD I felt like I was turning insane for a second haha

Автор ArchBishop ( назад)
Thank you so very much!

Автор JudgeDredd35 ( назад)
Thanks for the help!

Автор RedPillSociety ( назад)

Автор RedPillSociety ( назад)

Автор LORD Webby ( назад)
Thank you

Автор Nhatale Bieber-Davies ( назад)
I kept moving Wynne and Liliana in the wrong places xD

Автор Nhatale Bieber-Davies ( назад)
Thank you! :D 

Автор Titouf ( назад)
Thanks a lot ! 

Автор Heitor Segadas ( назад)
Aleluia, me salvou!! Obrigado

Автор Andrej H. ( назад)

Автор Robert Paulson ( назад)
Like zhangvict already stated this puzzle was SO easy I totally didn't have
to come here to look it up either.

Автор Haydn Coleman ( назад)
you saved me from breaking things

Автор yasir al saidi ( назад)
ty ty

Автор Chris England ( назад)
Thanks didnt feel like wasting a bunch of time on this, vid was very

Автор Dima zalypa ( назад)

Автор Tamerlein ( назад)
thank you, you saved my life, friend... :-)

Автор ptus920 ( назад)
Thanks alot <3

Автор James Scott ( назад)
I have this for console and Pc the console was easier, once a section
solidified it stayed like that the pc didn't, in fact the PC version is
much much harder.

Автор okdanhe ( назад)
ye this was fun when i entered that room with party of 2

Автор HelloMrHell ( назад)
Three months... THREE MONTHS!!!!!

Автор TheSiegelayer ( назад)
Luckily someone made a "Skip the Fade" mod that also gives you all of the
xp and stats as if you played through it.

Автор TheSiegelayer ( назад)
Just had to figure this out, too. I wrote it down and then hoped it would
be the same next playthrough. :P I numbered them 1 thru 12, starting from
the top left and going counter clockwise. Yours has one less step than mine
did, so, it's: 1,4,8 (leave) -4 (go to) -->10, -8 -->6, -1 -->11, -10 -->3.

Автор Antares A ( назад)
Nice tutorial.

Автор Brenda Montemayor ( назад)
i was stuck in this part for a while then i decided to cheat and look for
the answer here..... I face palmed myself for not getting this right away.

Автор lolwowsc2forever ( назад)
helmet drops on a dead templar in mage tower and armor on the charmed
templar in mage tower but u have to kill him BEFORE you kill the desire
demon who charmed him or helgo green after i think

Автор StormKat2035 ( назад)
Traditional outfits in these type of games? Such nonsense. Show some
creativity for a change. This isn't Dungeons and Dragons.

Автор LastSighAMV ( назад)
I'm proud i made this without help or saving :D

Автор Ralph Wiggum ( назад)
I agree, but one of the things I really enjoyed in that part of the game,
was the challenge of finding all the attribute fonts.

Автор HelloMrHell ( назад)
I'm not saying I didn't like it, but it can be very long

Автор Ralph Wiggum ( назад)
I actually rather enjoyed the Fade part in this game.

Автор Ralph Wiggum ( назад)
Why'd they have to make the mage hats so ugly. I'd love to use the one that
gives mana regeneration in combat, but it's so ugly.

Автор Marcus Carlzén ( назад)
how do you get that armor for alister?

Автор HelloMrHell ( назад)
Other than the Fade, which lasts 5 fucking hours (if you just start and
don't know what to do)!

Автор Daniel Bäckebo ( назад)
3 years later I still go to this video for help, cheers bro <3

Автор [HW] Hellsperfectange ( назад)

Автор Chandra Goertzen ( назад)
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Автор TheViper823x ( назад)
Most annoying part in the game

Автор Denise Gilbert ( назад)
Thanks alot

Автор mithrandirjedi ( назад)
thanks man

Автор Shane Trevanion ( назад)
:p i hear you, 3rd time on the same youtube video lol

Автор Artemis Campbell ( назад)
Thanks :D

Автор Juyas ( назад)
thanks bro. :)

Автор Irvin Allymohamed ( назад)
Pissed me off that on my first play through I managed it like a walk in the
park, then on my second play through it absolutely mind fucked me..

Автор josh mccooey ( назад)
why didnt you just build one peice at a time?, i always do it by moving 2
characters, seperatly to the peices that build the bridge, beucase if the
peice is formed it wont vanish, the peice behind your character always
vanishes beucase you have wynne on the none complete bridge.

Автор Poppy Reid ( назад)
Thank you!!!

Автор cathynsmama ( назад)
helped tons thanks!!

Автор Michael Sanders ( назад)
Her name is Wynne and she is found at the Mage's Tower :)

Автор j0hnX44 ( назад)
can you please tell me where did you get the healer?

Автор Sun Bit ( назад)
You get a few pieces in the tower of the circle (chest & helmet) if you
play on pc, there are a few mods that add gloves and boots.

Автор Shockwave ( назад)
how do you get templar set ? plz reply

Автор seryu 322 ( назад)
ага спс америкос

Автор hahagirl727TV ( назад)
Thank you!! Seriously this helps so much, funny thing is that I have the
exact same team with me :)

Автор Lizwi Mgobhozi ( назад)
thank you so much man

Автор KevinRokam ( назад)
thank you :)

Автор Knight Acidhawke ( назад)
Teehee, I love how Alistair had an idea of what to do when he's the idiot
on the team. X)

Автор Yelena Istmal ( назад)
Thank you! You be mah hero XD

Автор tobasco224 ( назад)
thank you very much you are really help me !

Автор boxOhobo ( назад)
Thank you very much.

Автор Andromeda Shepard ( назад)
Thank you!!!

Автор Barbarous Llama ( назад)
Maker's breath! This was hard but there is logic to it! When I saw the
first few seconds of this video I got the tricked and conquered it! You
have to use the blocks that overlap each other :P

Автор Barbarous Llama ( назад)
Haha, the trick is to find the invisible blocks that overlap each other.

Автор dystopiadream ( назад)
THANK YOU. I could literally feel my IQ dropping while trying to solve

Автор flamingsunshine ( назад)
thanks so much for this video, you are a life saver, it made the puzzle so
much either to work out, I had been stuck on this puzzle for ages, thank

Автор sajurix14 ( назад)
ma serannas shemlen.

Автор Marz ( назад)
use the hold command them move them individually.

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