SP Balasubramaniam - sivashtakam -


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Автор Ven M ( назад)
Hey its not SP. Balasubrahmanyam.
But whoever you are?! great job!!! you mimicked very close to SPB

Автор Nagesh Mohiddin ( назад)

Автор Subraya B ( назад)
naise bhakthigan

Автор Chava Muralikrishna ( назад)

Автор Veeru K ( назад)

Автор Santosh Kalyan (857 лет назад)

Автор spandana B ( назад)

Автор Balu Swamy ( назад)

Автор Shanthi Kalidas ( назад)
very pieceful and i got full energy

Автор Pandurang Parwatikar ( назад)
Om Namah Shivay...
Happy Mahashivaratri

Автор Rajan Kodakkal ( назад)
I'm very interested to hear this all songs thanks

Автор Sukanya Madan Mohan ( назад)
I am badly searchig for kalabhairavastakam sung by SPB sir in shiva
stuthi... can someone upload it?

Автор AMRU THA ( назад)

Автор Shashikala Shan ( назад)

Автор Balakrishna S ( назад)
Shivaya nama ohm

Автор smitha holagi ( назад)

Автор kandula babu ( назад)
its mind tonic

Автор Senthil Kumar ( назад)
i will listen it every day after my college to restore my energy..........

Автор nageshkvb ( назад)
Dear All , to my knowledge goes this is rendered by Mr.Ramu ( of course
very well ). But not by Sri S P Balasubramaniam - as mentioned in the
video. I request the video uploader to kindly correct the name for the
benefit of all viewers and listeners

Автор Sreekanth Krishnagiri ( назад)
Hey guys this not SPB voice pls upload original one.......don't bluff

Автор DR.SUVARNALATHA M.C ( назад)

Автор mallik0018 ( назад)
Great Stotram of Lord Shiva..... All Time HIt of SPB

Автор Pusparaj Kharel ( назад)
SHivastakam is reallu a peaceful bhajan. Jaya Mrityunjaya Mahadev

Автор Murali v ( назад)
very peaceful ! ! !

Автор venu gopal ( назад)
Hara hara mahadev

Автор Mangalam Ramanadhan ( назад)
Both visuals and the rendering are beautiful

Автор Anil Kumar ( назад)
Hara Hara Mahadeva Shambo Shankara

Автор Jagadesan E P ( назад)
hara hara mahadeva

Автор AppaRao Venkata Vinjamuri ( назад)
ప్రభుం ప్రాణనాథం విభుం విశ్వనాథం జగన్నాథ నాథం సదానంద భాజాం భవద్భవ్య
భూతేశ్వరం భూతనాథం, శివం శంకరం శంభు మీశానమీడే | గళే రుండమాలం తనౌ సర్పజాలం
మహాకాల కాలం గణేశాది పాలం జటాజూట గంగోత్తరంగై ర్విశాలం, శివం శంకరం శంభు
మీశానమీడే |

Автор Aruna K N ( назад)
om nama shivaya.......

Автор SOMU SUT ( назад)

Автор praveenraj p ( назад)

Автор Srinath Reddy ( назад)

Автор Kishan Mirajkar Rao ( назад)
Very true.. Agree with you...

Автор Kalyan k ( назад)
telugu once produced a great music, Sp balasubramaniam and Ghantasala are

Автор basanta bhattarai ( назад)
Super like

Автор jel kumari ( назад)

Автор L.Navaneeth reddy ( назад)
Om Nama shiva

Автор Ila Thapa ( назад)
i like this bhajan of lord Shiva

Автор Ramakanth Advertising ( назад)
thank you...lord Shiva bless you all.........

Автор Vishal Sathyan ( назад)
Om Namah Shivaya!

Автор siva krishna ( назад)
Thanks a lot for this beautiful song.

Автор Murali Dharan ( назад)
Jai Mahadev, Ohm Nama Shivaya

Автор deepB78 ( назад)
You are wrong about the year...........one yug is approximately 3600 years.
Shiva is worshiped since Satyayug..... and this being kalyug.......the time
frame comes around 14500 years

Автор Koteswara Rao ( назад)
thank you for uploading such a lovely song om namah shivaya

Автор sree chaitanya ( назад)
jai namesh shivaya

Автор JAMES ANDERSON ( назад)
@ILoveYouNilda6 He is the one who killed Mara/Kama (the God of love) for
trying to disturb his meditation and allowed him to reborn in the hearts of
lovers as per the request of the Goddess Rathi, Kama's wife and made him
the one without death forever in this way! He decorates his body with
snakes, smears the ash of pyre on his forehead, holding "Chandra" (Moon)
and the holy river Ganga (Ganges) in the bun of his hair. He is deprived of
emotions(In Dhyana/Meditation) and blesses the whole world!

Автор JAMES ANDERSON ( назад)
@ILoveYouNilda6 gave half of his body to his beloved Sri Parvathy. (It is
often noted as an apt example for how we treated women with respect even
from the Vedic era - It's a pity that we lost that culture for a long time
and it took the wind feminism to set it alright at least to some extend)

Автор JAMES ANDERSON ( назад)
@kiranLal101 A word by word translation would be difficult for me, because
because it's Sanskrit, it's a long verse and I'm not that much expert in
Sanskrit! Please understand it's my modest try to explain the meaning: This
verse is in praise of Lord Siva - who is the god of death in Hinduism - and
the different qualities and attributes of Him. He is the master of the
Ganas (Bootha Ganas), the master of other Gods, the master of the Sun etc.
and the master of the entire world! He is the one who

Автор Kirtan Kiran lal ( назад)
can someone please explain this in simple english the meaning of this
beautiful prayer

Автор rajonenesslove ( назад)

Автор Lochan Sugguna ( назад)
Thank you so much for posting this. May god bless you.....

Автор luvifynavi ( назад)
luv this songggggggg...om namah sivaya.....

Автор Srinivas Siddarth (1643 года назад)
music and voice are gtreat! thanks!

Автор Dileep Me ( назад)
lord Shiva ,has been worshiped in India for more than 5000 years.A CLEAR

Автор carly denkins ( назад)

Автор mahesh venkata ( назад)
Thanks yaar, keep posting such a great songs

Автор Shashankdhar Vijayapuram ( назад)
@Aaron..Plz listen original SHIVATHUTHI n match this with dat...In this
there is a sneezing tone...not a wild use of vocal like SPB sir. Someone
had a impression tone 1% related 2 SPB.

Автор Aaron Nisanth ( назад)
hi ofcourse man its great sp

Автор Shashankdhar Vijayapuram ( назад)
Hii... This is not SPB song.PLZ check it out.It was sung by someother.
Thank u.

Автор Kocharlakota Chandrahas ( назад)
hara hara mahadeva shambho shankara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор armaanjoshi1 ( назад)
thought of sri arunanchaleswer liberates one from the cycle of birth and

Автор A.S. Ashoka ( назад)
Shambho Hara Mahadeva!

Автор varsha5667 ( назад)
hi, thank you for posting this video! :) do anyone know where i could find
the lyrics of this song?

Автор srt619 ( назад)
i need to get this.. pls help

Автор Devanshu Kashyap ( назад)
please watch my recently uploaded video. "chandrashekharashtakam" and
"ghazal" . I shall be highly grateful if you post your feedback.

Автор Sowmya K ( назад)
Lovely! Thank you! It is choppy at some places. Ripping problems?

Автор Rashmi Goswami ( назад)
very nice music...from which album is this... can i download mp3 version
from any website.

Автор goosedoodle (746 лет назад)
thanks a zillion for posting

Автор goosedoodle ( назад)
I was searching for this for sooooooo long. Thanks !

Автор Ramesh R ( назад)
Hello, Which album is this from? shivaarpanam?

Автор Sathish Kesavalu ( назад)
Great song..

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