Bushmaster XM-15 Carbine M4 Review

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The Bushmaster XM-15 Carbine. The top selling AR-15 Rifle in the U.S. since 2003. There are a lot of great companies producing the AR-15 Rifle but the Bushmaster is Tried and true.

Thanks for Watching!

Bushmaster Website http://www.bushmaster.com/

Gun Broker Website http://www.gunbroker.com/

Guns America Website https://www.gunsamerica.com/Default.htm

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Автор starwarsraul13 ( назад)
I love your videos man, but what's up with the bad video quality?

Автор Mike Mike ( назад)
sootch00, why do you like the 1:9 twist?

Автор Mike Mike ( назад)
I owned a bushmaster xm15 e2s. The quality and workmanship was awesome. I
didn't like the rifle because it was a post-ban, which had a muzzle brake
and non-adjustable buttstock, so I sold it. I am in the market again and
am looking at bushmaster. Their website has been under construction for a
long time. Are they still selling AR's and do they make the barrels and if
not, who makes them?

Автор Jeremy Shuck ( назад)
I got the m4a2 version with a heavy barrel. Whats your thoughts on that

Автор Richie Reeves (1578 лет назад)
bought my current bushmaster m4 in 2007 before that I had a preban
bushmaster (no flashhider or bayonet lug) shot around 10,000 rounds between
both guns never any failures,very accurate also,pricing is cheaper now
around $600 I paid about $1,100 in 2007 can't remember what I paid for the
preban in the late 90's ,about the same I think, no longer own it

Автор Mr. Man ( назад)
whats the gas black size?

Автор Luis Castillo ( назад)
is it mil-spec?

Автор Mr Bigggs ( назад)
I really enjoyed the video. Thanks for all the info.

Автор stewman65 ( назад)
My Bushmaster XM15-E2S came from Ilion, NY... They must have opened a new
factory since this video was posted... Very informative video, good job..

Автор BIGBADWOOD ( назад)
5 stars Great Video ! 

Автор caleb530e ( назад)
But In Vietnam they issued them and a lot of troops where told you would
not need to clean them they actually started giving out comic books with a
girl on it showing you how to clean it. 

Автор brett brandenburg ( назад)
I got my bushmaster orc for $550 out the door!

Автор Leadjunkie ( назад)
I bought one 6 months ago against what the salesperson told me, its fired
almost 4000 rounds without a single malfunction, not one. I got the moe m4
version and i really like it.

Автор Douglas Peters ( назад)
All ive heard is crap on bushys but mine works amazing! Ive had it for
going on 2 years, Mine has never had a jam yet, even with tula and wolf.

Автор Tierra Corta ( назад)
this gun is cute but with 16 inch barrel its weak. this ar 15 is not
designed for this barrel. stop showing it. 

Автор TheMetalHeaD256 (1686 лет назад)
So is Bushmaster still a viable company even with it being bought by
Remington? What about DPMS? I've not gotten a CLEAR answer on this

Автор Michael Hodges ( назад)
I've got two Bushmasters. One A-2 Patrolman 16in., and one A-3 HBAR 16in..
NOT ONE jam in either rifle from years of shooting. I always use standard
GI magazines. No plastic. Bushmasters from Windham, Maine are great AR's!!

Автор Leon Barnard ( назад)
Do anyone know how reliable the CM15 Series is? I live in Ukraine and i
might use this weapon for real application. I want to order one but there's
so many people that say it jams or loses it accuracy after 10 rounds
because of the barrel that heats up. I need something reliable and would
not fail me in a bad situation. Because i import this weapon it will cost
me a pretty penny 

Автор Johnny Boy ( назад)
i agree one hundred percent with this video. i have one and it is unreal.

Автор Jeff Rickabaugh ( назад)
I own a Pair of Target Bushmasters and just ordered a 90289 Patromans
carbine. I keep Bushmasters for fun guns, I WOULD NEVER USE ONE FOR A
COMBAT SENERIO. As US MARINE, I carried a Colt Sporter ( I own 2 Colt AR
15s 6720 and 21). I like Bushmaster Rifles POST 2007 and PRE 2002 in
Between, I wouldn't buy one for any reason, the QC failed miserably. AS fro
Bushmasters Carbon Models, They are JUNK. If you are in the market for a
great AR 15, Buy a NEW ILION Bushmaster and enjoy, the author of this video
is very thorough and complete and knowlegable, However a proper review
includes the GOOD AND BAD, of which Bushmaster has a lot of both. If you
life is dependent upon the AR 15 you purchase, Make sure its a Mil_Spec
Colt, LMT, DD or Other. Bushmaster is a great sporter, but NOT MIL-SPEC in
about any capacity. Thanks for the video, I enjoy my Bushmaster Rifles,
Just suggest Mil Spec when I offer an opinion... regards, Jeff

Автор 360Freakoutkid ( назад)

Автор NaoTheFox ( назад)
Does the Bushmaster ORC shoot 5.56 also?

Автор Politically Incorrect ( назад)
I wish they were still $700

Автор Silver buyer ( назад)
What is the price of the heavy barrelled rifle? Is that a good rifle as a
first AR? How much would it cost to put a collapsible stock on it and a
quad rail? Thanks in advance

Автор Silver buyer ( назад)
Couple of question for you.

Автор Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Iustinianus Augustus ( назад)
I am so jealous of you Americans. I can only dream of owning an AR-15 here
in the socialist states of Europe.

Автор Di Comm ( назад)
polymer actually.

Автор Tim D ( назад)
I believe it means plastic magazine. Please don't scream at me if Im

Автор Briathos1 ( назад)
Sorry thus us an E2S, what classifies an xm-15 as an e2s model because I
can't find e2s on their website

Автор Briathos1 ( назад)
What's the difference between thus and an e2s?

Автор vetryder ( назад)
fyi- I'm a soldier and veteran and its my understanding that the Vietnam
era M-16 reliability issues were traced to an issue with the ammo. they
changed the load chemistry and used a different powder or loading
pressure/bullet weight or something like that and fixed the problem. 

Автор Inferno976 ( назад)
only in some states, and in those states the licenses required to own fully
auto guns are very expensive, and probably time consuming.

Автор 2011Awaken ( назад)
Love my Bushmaster XM15!! Thanks for the review!!

Автор GM_Skidjit ( назад)
I watched this video this morning and ended up putting my A2 stock back on
my XM15E2S. I have no idea why but the rifle handles and is more ergonomic
to me with a fixed stock vice the standard M4 style.

Автор Henry Nguyen ( назад)
are people allowed to get full auto guns

Автор misael ( назад)
Why is Arizona your hero state?

Автор Luger718 ( назад)
have you tried the 6.8mm version? what are your though on 5.56 vs 6.8mm?

Автор jeffrey ng ( назад)
How much u pay?

Автор Austin Mack ( назад)
@ImWatchinTheTube well i was sayong he just looked like him not acted, and
personaly i like John Stuart, but you know that is just my opinion.

Автор Austin Mack ( назад)
you kind of look like John stuart

Автор cjhyde78 ( назад)
what are your thoughts on the AK Carbine with the 14.5"HBAR with the
AK-74(1.5") brake to bring it up to the CIVVY 16"

Автор MrBlister1972 ( назад)
I just picked upthe XM15-E2S and it jams like a mutha with Winchester ammo.
I'm hoping it's the crappy stock mag, which is far from smooth to load and
cycle rounds. I ordered some Magpul flat earth with window. Bonus! I'm
going to be trying Remington ammo next! I appreciate the video, as it has
been YEARS since I broke down that M-16 in the Army. I know my Bushmaster
will outlast me & I hope it is a joy to shoot for just as long. Thank you,

Автор cokeman2423 ( назад)
@weaverguy yup, i havent run much ammo through it though, but the ammo i
did run through it was cheap russian surplus. and once again no problems

Автор Niel ( назад)
@cokeman2423 six years no prob? F*ck the warranty!!!

Автор cokeman2423 ( назад)
i've had my bushy for 6 years and never had any prob out of it, i hear ppl
talk bad about them, but i love mine. only thing i dont like about them is
their crap warranty only 1 year. 

Автор InsertGun ( назад)
Thanks what do you think of the bushmaster m4a3 compared to the m4a3
patrolman carbine

Автор InsertGun ( назад)
What do you think of bushmaster compared to like dpms panther. Reply with
what you think

Автор MrDrummer1992 ( назад)
whats really cool is that i have the milling spec lower receiver prints so
i can milling out my own receivers..but i dont 

Автор sondreus24 ( назад)
Orc? now where have i heard that before

Автор Alphalug ( назад)
He shoots with a very relaxed style. Not saying he is unsafe, just calm. 

Автор fixdeluxe1 ( назад)
16 in New Zealand for most Sporting Rifles and Sporting handguns,18 for
Military-Style Semi-Automatics. The NZ Police Armed Offenders Squad uses
this firearm.

Автор Josh Ebersole ( назад)
@capkill2005 They give soldiers who are 18 rifles. They give soldiers who
are 18 machineguns. They wouldn't if they didn't trust them. I'll be
joining either the Army or Marines in 4 months anyway.

Автор Aestoc ( назад)
@Protoplayer9217 imo is very iresponsible to give to a 18yo kid any kind of
gun, in europe if you dont have 25 you cant even go to the shooting range,
at least is the italian law, dunno other EU countrys

Автор Josh Ebersole ( назад)
@capkill2005 Because I like guns... why else?

Автор Aestoc ( назад)
@Protoplayer9217 why the hell you need a rifle at that age ? i think 18
years so to few to have a permit for a rifle

Автор Michael ( назад)
@johnnyray54: I know sootch is busy, getting together those TNP meet-up
vids for us! So I'll just quickly say that the chambers for the two rounds
are slightly differently sized. The .223 has a slightly shorter 'leade' or
throat area, slightly shorter headspace, and the .223 round itself is
loaded to lower pressures and velocities than a 5.56 NATO spec-d round.
Only thing to really remember is: .223 is safe to shoot in 5.56 weapon,
however 5.56 is NOT safe to shoot in .223 chambered weapon :)

Автор datzitteezy ( назад)
I have to agree with you. I own a bushy ORC. I have had for about 3 years.
I made several upgrades to it. It is very reliable and the point of aim
point impact at distance is amazing. Great vid.

Автор SouthernComfort ( назад)
The Bushy's have good pricing but I've got my eye on Colt's new 6940
carbine. I've been very impressed with the accuracy testing of this rifle.
NRA testing of this baby shows consistent sub moa groupings and a 7lbs 1oz
it is light enough. Plus 1in 7 twist rate allow you to shoot the heavier
bullets accurately. I've got a Robarm XCR now in heavy configuration with
an 18.6 in barrel so I'm looking for something lighter and a little more

Автор richard thatcher ( назад)
That was very informative. Thanks for the buying links.

Автор hinckleypoland ( назад)
nice review. Be safe out there!

Автор Ocyris4 ( назад)
Many years ago I picked up a Bushmaster A2 at a gunshow and was unimpressed
because It had so much barrel weight until I relized they were putting
heavy barrels on nearly all them and not the G.I. profile barrels I think
it's a turnoff to potential customers who think that's the only way they
come. I currently have an m16a1 I built using a nodak lower and a complete
m16a1 upper and it's super light and simply a dream to carry.

Автор sarsattacks ( назад)
My dad had that rifle before California banned it. It was a carry handle
style A2. Super old school style! Not mod friendly like a flat top and was
heavier than today's ARs, but has that cool factor to it

Автор Josh Ebersole ( назад)
@sootch00 Thanks :)

Автор Jesse Sisolack ( назад)
@Protoplayer9217 That depends a lot on were you live. In many states in the
USA, 18 is old enough. Some strange states require you to be 21. Other
parts of the world may ban firearms all together.

Автор JoeDurobot ( назад)
Are you taking it to your TNP meeting?

Автор ccap3211 ( назад)
Bcm lmt and noveske are great choices for di guns.

Автор ccap3211 ( назад)
I would not suggest bushmaster.

Автор veritasfiles ( назад)
Great review and explanation of a basic breakdown of the gun.

Автор USNERDOC ( назад)
Great video Sootch! I like my Bushmaster quite a bit.

Автор Josh Ebersole ( назад)
How old do you have to be to own a rifle like this? I turn 18 in 4 months
and I'm thinking about buying one of these.

Автор 360steven ( назад)
thanks for the video sootch keep up the good work

Автор pirahna432 ( назад)
Nice little cover-up on the full auto. :)

Автор lugee ( назад)
I agree, I have a couple AR-15's in all sorts of set ups but I don't think
I can ever sell my Bushmaster 20" Gov. Profile AR. Even for a 20 inch
barrel, it is lighter than my LWRC 14.7", RRA, DPMS 16" AR's

Автор WALL45tech ( назад)
@sootch00 Correction. Carbean in the US. Carbine everywhere else... Kinda
like the imperial and metric systems... 

Автор Federalist306 ( назад)
I've got the E2-s myself, great gun really. Nice review. I actually want to
get the original style carbine like you had....

Автор BroPaul ( назад)
Great job as always! Thank you for sharing sir!

Автор LeftyLouis ( назад)
great vid a always.i love the xm-15!

Автор woohog1 ( назад)
at 4:42 is that the bianchi holster that you did a review on recently? 

Автор markstewis2coo ( назад)
Hey sootch00 thank you for the video! Love your channel! Im in the market
for something like this so thank you for the two websites you gave at the
end of the video for me to check out! Loved your Arizona shout out! God
Bless Jan Brewer and God Bless America! Thank you

Автор markstewis2coo ( назад)
Thanks for the video sootch00! Love your channel! Im in the market for
something like this so i appreciate the 2 websites you gave at the end for
me to check out. Loved your shout out to Arizona! God Bless Arizona and God
Bless America! Thank You

Автор Christopher Walken ( назад)
Can the bushmasters shoot Wolf ammo reliably?

Автор GRdeveny ( назад)
@IMakeOrWatchVideos Yeah, its Car-Bean in the US... Car-Bine in the
UK....Car-Bine-Eh in Canada, its the Car-refried-Bean in Mexico

Автор GRdeveny ( назад)
Nice review Sootch! Love the AZ shout out... BTW, say hello to Nutn on the

Автор Triggertime71 ( назад)
I have 3 ar's, all bushmaster, I wouldnt have it any other way. Never had
one problem with any of them as long as I run good mags.

Автор HeadTater ( назад)
@bladeimm by the logic by which Bushmaster got sued, GM should have gotten
sued too. The sniper used a Caprice.

Автор TheOtherEddie ( назад)
@bllw69 The pistol in Sootch's AR pistol reviews is an Oly platform. They
run great for me, but there are a few others out there that I would not
purchase. John 

Автор bladeimm ( назад)
It wasn't fair that Bushmaster had to pay because of the Beltway Snipers'
crimes. "Guns don't kill people. People kill people," as it goes. 

Автор Gunluver1 ( назад)
I prefer gunbroker because guns dont go for 3-400 dollars more then they
really are like on gunsamerica.

Автор 389Lee ( назад)
I love your videos Sootch. They are short, to the point, interesting and
very informative. I also like your music. I also like how you explain how
to field strip guns as in this video. Never know when you might need to
know something like this, even if you don't own a particular piece you are
demonstrating. Keep them coming and I will keep watching...a loyal viewer.

Автор baddogonline ( назад)
Yeah, Arizona!

Автор 4Ugrunt ( назад)
@sootch00 Tell him I would buy it. 

Автор berryjs140 ( назад)
the price was right for my dpms

Автор sharpie443 ( назад)
I want the ORC bad. I have the G3 mod:91 so I've already got the .308 in
stock. Wish I had the cash for it. 

Автор KASPLARFO ( назад)

Автор blackquiver ( назад)
yah i would like a bushie

Автор bigjune29 ( назад)
Nice reveiw Don!!! Thanx.

Автор WeaponLeaks ( назад)
what do you think about the magpul MBUS flip up sights? 

Автор Michael Chase ( назад)
You are amazing. Your videos are just insanely awesome and enjoyable to
watch. Keep up the great videos. You rock dude!

Автор Panagiwths Zaf ( назад)
@sootch00 what do you think about bereta m9 you think its a good gun?

Автор Johnny Pate ( назад)
Sootch, some comment on carbine, vs rifle, vs mid-length gas system please.

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