How To Bypass Web Surveys [The EASY Way]


I am aware that this method is somewhat outdated, and other tools have likely been created to solve this same issue. However, this method does still work for some sites; you just have to play around with it a bit.

This is my tutorial on how to get past those awful web surveys that seem to be everywhere. It's simple, it involves only one button basically, and it works with all browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) on all operating systems (Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, etc.).

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Tab, Tab, Tab, Tab,Tab, Tab,Tab, Tab,Tab, Tab,Tab, Tab,Tab, Tab,Tab,
Tab,Tab, Tab,Tab, Tab,Tab, Tab,Tab, Tab..... Tab, Tab, Tab, Tab and Tab.
Got it!

Автор Phlebiac Clown (3 месяца)
This guide was horrible no joke

Автор Foxy The Pirate Fox (1 месяц)
some surveys detect if there key-logger is installed. on youre pc so every
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Автор eurossocial (9 месяцев)
That works only with some websites.
anyway, thank you for sharing this tip.

Автор Starmanstriker (6 месяцев)
now they have automatic ones :P

Автор Farri Jones (6 месяцев)

Автор xxNightAngel1xx (1 год)
Why don't you skip the surveys to get a real screen recorder...

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at least your survey options are MUCH better than mines

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so: i click on download,comes out the survey,click out of its box and
survey disappeares

Автор bryan Yin (11 месяцев)
works great man! thx

Автор SHADOWKINGPlayZ (6 месяцев)
Doss it work?

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