How To Bypass Web Surveys [The EASY Way]


I am aware that this method is somewhat outdated, and other tools have likely been created to solve this same issue. However, this method does still work for some sites; you just have to play around with it a bit.

This is my tutorial on how to get past those awful web surveys that seem to be everywhere. It's simple, it involves only one button basically, and it works with all browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) on all operating systems (Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, etc.).

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Автор John Smith (1 день)

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now they have automatic ones :P

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How many times

Автор SHADOWKINGPlayZ (1 месяц)
Doss it work?

Автор Golden Soul (2 месяца)
Imagine if people showing genorators that have passwords have links to the
password instead of this survey bullshit

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i love you no homo..

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at least your survey options are MUCH better than mines

Автор Gaming Freak (3 месяца)
Yo there is a survey to remove the survey WTF.

Автор TheMinecraftGameR0 (3 месяца)
Why i don't have a gift code in minecraft :( :( :(...? 

Автор Arctic JD (6 месяцев)
can you try and tell me why it doesnt work for TopFiles? cause it just
pops up with the survey

Автор noisy bee (3 месяца)
WTF a survey to get the SURVEY REMOVER (you are the biggest JACK@$$ i have
ever seen you stupid @$$ HOL*

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i dont even know why this has many likes then if its fake,, you filty as

Автор Leet Coder (3 месяца)
hey guys here is a way to bypass sharcecash and surveys like that! enjoy
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can u bypass a survey in tf2 hat generator pls 

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Автор Ákos Tóth (4 месяца)
so: i click on download,comes out the survey,click out of its box and
survey disappeares

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Wow…really!? Of course this method doesnt work….
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Could really use a good Filelce survey skipper.

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i don't understand it really, why the fuck they made surveys!? to get

Автор eurossocial (4 месяца)
That works only with some websites.
anyway, thank you for sharing this tip.

Автор Brandon Collymore (8 месяцев)
IT WORKS! If anyone needs help, message me and i'll do it for you.

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Does this work with hack tools??

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Cleary not real….too bad.
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you have to do the survey to do the survey?????!!!!! please help

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A program to remove surveys but has a survey to download it... freaking
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