Sexy Legs: Kristen Holt

Kristen Holt has it all. GREAT LEGS!!

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Автор Giga Man ( назад)
Up Up Down Down
Leg Right Leg Right
B A Fap

Автор The Big Black Creep ( назад)

Автор JamaicaQueens1984 ( назад)
Women's legs are shapely luscious and have a somewhat gorgeous sensual
appeal, when their bare legs stick out from their skirts, their long legs
are attractive in some kind of sensual way, seductive and sexy looking.
Every part of a woman's legs is very attractive just like her stomach, her
back and her neck. It just happens that a woman's legs (women's legs in
general) are more noticeable to where men and young boys for that matter
can't stop staring, even at an early age boys in kindergarten like how
smooth shapely and toned women's legs are and they don't necessarily think
sexually, it's just one of the things that makes boys attracted to the
opposite gender, they couldn't think sexually because they're too young,
even when they get older some of them don't necessarily think sexually like
a beast. Women in general are very slender and have a strong sensual and
sexual appeal, not quite exactly in a pornographic way, but in a way where
a man (men in general) would be breathless and want to caress and kiss her
all over for maybe an hour, two hours three hours or more. A man (men in
general) wants to kiss a woman's neck (women's necks in general) like
crazy, they want to kiss their shoulders like crazy, they want to kiss all
over their sexy toned backs passionately, they want to kiss all over their
sexy toned flat stomachs passionately and they definitely want to kiss all
over their beautiful long luscious shapely slender smooth toned lovely legs
passionately because they can't stop staring at or resist their sexy
shapely lovely necks, they can't stop staring at or resist their sexy
shapely lovely looking shoulders nor can they stop staring at or resist
their toned lovely thighs or their toned sexy looking knees because women's
necks, shoulders and legs are beautiful with a strong sensual and
seductive when their necks are not covered with a scarf, when
their shoulders are exposed and when their bare legs are shown in mini
skirts or bikinis. Women's faces and bare skin textures are femininely sexy
and gorgeous.

Автор JamaicaQueens1984 ( назад)
D.L.B. Desirable Leggy Beauty

Автор Horwich Lad ( назад)
God they're soooooo long!

Автор Skeletonwitharaygun ( назад)
This is the only reason I watched that show.haha Her legs were a cheat
code..for instant and massive boner.

Автор omw2fuqurbitch ( назад)

Автор mzimba1963 ( назад)

Автор da1on2 ( назад)
lmao this has a million views why?

Автор Arthur Compean ( назад)
This song is Strawberry Letter 23 by the Brothers Johnson. 

Автор Mark Srisourath ( назад)
Kristen Holt...I miss those sexy legs of her....

Автор omw2fuqurbitch ( назад)
what song is this

Автор DAS603 ( назад)
She's begging me to come sit in her lap.

Автор wstone2010 ( назад)
I've fapped to those legs many a time back in the day. Jesus fucking fuck.

Автор Kristin Nicole Adams (HOLT) "FAN PAGE" ( назад)
I like this song! 

Автор Relativisticism ( назад)
an i think they are thumbing down because of the song, but some good
advice, mute it, and it's great.

Автор Joe Byrne ( назад)
Get a life DeathAdder83 and shut it!

Автор spocksbeard76 (90 лет назад)
I'd Tap That!

Автор Death Adder ( назад)
oh grow up.

Автор Death Adder ( назад)
Cheats would have been a better show to have done in the late 80's/early
90's back when games actually had cheat codes...........but who gives a
shit, we all just watched this show to check out those legs....fuck!

Автор Terry L Jones Jr ( назад)

Автор Joe Byrne ( назад)
Her legs aren't all that, they're ok, too thin for my taste, more muscular
definition is needed.

Автор Nizum Riaa ( назад)
Yo, have you thought about this thing called the Fat Blast Lifestyle?
(google it). My mom says it helps people feel great. Is that possible?

Автор Nikolov Borce ( назад)
Yo, have you seen this program called the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (google it).
My father in law says it helps people get thinner. What do you think?

Автор i dust ( назад)
the lazy eye is kinda a turn off but shes still fine

Автор Kristin Nicole Adams (HOLT) "FAN PAGE" ( назад)
5 years ago this video was posted? that's crazy! I moved away from the
gehtto that time and I am 23 -18=5 years ago. crazy I cant remember what I
did 5yrs ago. oh yeah! I jerked off too this. :D

Автор fthis1234567 ( назад)
by far one of the hottest chicks on g4...no questions asked.

Автор Deriviado ( назад)
gorgeous legs can has lot of men there

Автор fthis1234567 ( назад)
by far the hottest g4 host. Drop dead gorgeous.

Автор DAS603 ( назад)
I work hard everyday. And I'd like to spend some of that money on you. 

Автор rbx22 ( назад)
whats the songs name please 

Автор claudedoubon4 ( назад)
@1RadicalDreamer she has made me cum like a crazy horse!

Автор oneslyder ( назад)
Marry me!

Автор Mabbio ( назад)
wow i remember watching this 4 years ago

Автор Wurmo ( назад)
I actually approve of you removing the original audio.

Автор Kristin Nicole Adams (HOLT) "FAN PAGE" ( назад)

Автор Bekerelek ( назад)
So sexy...

Автор Михаил Патрикеев ( назад)
we are not gays, we loves Jess Chobot ))

Автор Ogi Bear ( назад)
damm.. those are great legs:-))) 

Автор Kristin Nicole Adams (HOLT) "FAN PAGE" ( назад)
damn it. I broke my joystick! 

Автор Kristin Nicole Adams (HOLT) "FAN PAGE" ( назад)
@CPORet2009 I totally agree. 

Автор Kristin Nicole Adams (HOLT) "FAN PAGE" ( назад)
the 81 dislikes are gays! 

Автор xenophobe76 (562 года назад)
@KapCom001 lmao your spelling is so shitty. 

Автор CPORet2009 ( назад)
They need to have her back on G4 more. What a goddess.

Автор Ta Dz ( назад)
Those legs are better than porn

Автор yuoke ( назад)
@pinkypimpalicous That's what Youtube is for.

Автор Jack Keesee ( назад)
Very pretty but too thin!

Автор losersneverwin999 ( назад)
that chair will never have better days again....

Автор Bejinariu Alexandru ( назад)
JEsus crisis! blasfemy I HATE THIS WAMAN

Автор MassRelay ( назад)
The music makes this video hilarious to me, what a perfect choice!

Автор mumkai ( назад)
legs legs legs legs legs legs legs legs legs legs

Автор PsychoticButcher ( назад)
LOL at the porno music

Автор ChrisRoseTravel ( назад)
she wins the legs award in my book... WOW!

Автор RTWU ROTTS ( назад)

Автор bwsofly ( назад)
WTF!!! but they are.

Автор Adam Bradford ( назад)
Nice firm, round butt trumps legs any day.

Автор Shawn Bateman ( назад)
oh how I miss the fuck out of her. I miss waking up and watching Cheat! and
now she's pretty much gone. Got married, became Kristin Adams and no more
Cheat!, no more legs of perfection, no more being able to see my perfect
woman. Life sucks hard sometimes.

Автор spartanx97 ( назад)
@SpartanXable i did say halo 2 :), best episode in my opinion

Автор SpartanXable ( назад)
@spartanx97 did you say halo2?:D

Автор spartanx97 ( назад)
you forgot the Halo 2 episode =<

Автор myk4bz ( назад)
mm mm mm mm mm very nice legs!!!!! I dunno what she's saying and I don't
care... THOSE are some killer legs!!!!! wanna see some more Great Legs?
check my channel! 

Автор mouser485 ( назад)
She's a former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader

Автор myfeeling4you ( назад)
The power of show producers, they offer some spunk a job on tv and get all
the sex they want for a year, maybe even more !!

Автор Julian Nikolay Krogh-Fredriksen ( назад)
@7waterknight7 Sexy legs are even sexier in jeans!

Автор Julian Nikolay Krogh-Fredriksen ( назад)
i love long toned legs

Автор john iorio ( назад)
Not bad, but hear that her IQ is 43

Автор 7waterknight7 ( назад)
even in jeans she was my favorite G4 host for this reason

Автор LaPersonaNonGrata ( назад)
South Central Cartel - It's A S.C.C. Thang ft. Chi-Lites 

Автор Rick Palomo ( назад)
I wish her last name was still Holt.

Автор DimebagVision (416 лет назад)
Kristen Holt was the reason to watch G4TV on mute and masturbate till your
cock comes off

Автор whosh0tu ( назад)
why are her clothes on..

Автор fibreoptik ( назад)
Gee I wonder why she got pregnant... :p 

Автор samgod ( назад)
Ugh. This torture is all over the news. 

Автор Pixel3 ( назад)
I could have sex with just her legs!

Автор God hand “SpinDoctor91” Mishima ( назад)
man i remember her from G4,man she was hot.i always thought she had perfect
legs and that she was hot all around.i later found out she was on American
Idol which was neat...

Автор Jacob Reid ( назад)
@favordoer78 She had a kid. She was pregnant when she was on G4.

Автор roberto Rodriguez ( назад)

Автор roberto Rodriguez ( назад)
maras mas loas

Автор komradkolonel ( назад)
@favordoer78 She does The Feed now.

Автор 1RadicalDreamer ( назад)
i remember jerking off to her all the time.

Автор GothamzJoker ( назад)
@favordoer78 I think she's doing porn now. 

Автор Steelsheen11b ( назад)

Автор bilbo389 ( назад)
not sure who this lovely lady is but she is gorgeous!

Автор poptopia1 ( назад)
those legs would look even better if they were wrapped around my neck !

Автор alwaysopen ( назад)
@lazyhorse22 Ted Williams?

Автор alwaysopen ( назад)
Those legs go all the way up and make an ass out of themselves.

Автор Alton Grimes ( назад)
Gorgeous girl

Автор GothamzJoker ( назад)
fap fap fap

Автор Mr Magnificent $$ ( назад)
Damn she sexy I would love to get between her legs.

Автор Chuck Lambert (Collard Green) ( назад)
Very nice!!!!!!!

Автор s0nnyburnett ( назад)
@Heto107 I think you mean the rise of Spike 2.

Автор Heto107 ( назад)
and people wonder where the decline of G4 started

Автор John T ( назад)
is she a talk show host or what?

Автор FCA1975 ( назад)
Incredible legs yes, but she has a pretty face also.

Автор C00LiIce ( назад)
i can see boobs at 0:11

Автор jraybay ( назад)
@kristonholt ...lol

Автор md1980s ( назад)
i can smell that pregnant pussy from here!

Автор Edware Leonard ( назад)
She is knocked up now

Автор CubanFury ( назад)
once a cheat, always a cheat.

Автор Lindsay erickson ( назад)
Great Legs. We would love to see her Modeling types of silky Pantyhose!
Pretty good song too. Sounds like early 'Toto'.

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