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Автор Horwich Lad (1 год)
God they're soooooo long!

Автор da1on2 (2 года)
lmao this has a million views why?

Автор fairman1952 (4 года)

Автор mjcaboose666 (4 года)
@dukeljk wtf lol why?

Автор 7waterknight7 (4 года)
even in jeans she was my favorite G4 host for this reason

Автор xenophobe76 (3 года)
@KapCom001 lmao your spelling is so shitty.

Автор ArmedWithACamera (4 года)
Why does she have that chair if she barely ever sits in it?

Автор mouser485 (4 года)
She's a former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader

Автор Михаил Патрикеев (3 года)
we are not gays, we loves Jess Chobot ))

Автор Mr. K (5 лет)
@komradkolonel She works for USA mainly now, though. Doing some kind of
"Characters Welcome" mini segments before commercials. She should stick
with G4, in my opinion.

Автор whosh0tu (4 года)
why are her clothes on..

Автор myfeeling4you (4 года)
The power of show producers, they offer some spunk a job on tv and get all
the sex they want for a year, maybe even more !!

Автор DeathAdder83 (2 года)
oh grow up.

Автор semjb (2 года)
what song is this

Автор Ritualero Poniente (5 лет)
hablen en español pendejos gringos

Автор thedude5000 (5 лет)
Haha I used to watch this show. She was hot on the episode with Halo 2.

Автор Ogi Bear (3 года)
damm.. those are great legs:-)))

Автор phatmatt7898 (4 года)
fuck my waist, wrap them around my head

Автор Mr Magnificent $$ (4 года)
Damn she sexy I would love to get between her legs.

Автор DeathAdder83 (2 года)
Cheats would have been a better show to have done in the late 80's/early
90's back when games actually had cheat codes...........but who gives a
shit, we all just watched this show to check out those legs....fuck!

Автор Ridley the pirate (3 года)
@pinkypimpalicous That's what Youtube is for.

Автор Kristin Nicole Adams (HOLT) "FAN PAGE" (3 года)
the 81 dislikes are gays!

Автор Bekerelek (3 года)
So sexy...

Автор asalistics (5 лет)
she has legs but jade looks better

Автор chinesecaoboy (5 лет)
@TheLostDrifterVan she did get married to Daniel Adams

Автор The7legacy . (4 года)
Yeah, she can wrap & lock her legs around my waist anytime.

Автор Daehawk (2 года)
fap fap fap fap fap

Автор Edware Leonard (4 года)
She is knocked up now

Автор 1RadicalDreamer (4 года)
i remember jerking off to her all the time.

Автор C00LiIce (4 года)
i can see boobs at 0:11

Автор Shawn Bateman (4 года)
oh how I miss the fuck out of her. I miss waking up and watching Cheat! and
now she's pretty much gone. Got married, became Kristin Adams and no more
Cheat!, no more legs of perfection, no more being able to see my perfect
woman. Life sucks hard sometimes.

Автор peruface (4 года)
give me 4 minutes........maybe even 3.... she be wanting to marry a nigga

Автор FasterThanYou321 (5 лет)
@beyoncefan999 - do you like to eat fried chicken?

Автор mumkai (4 года)
legs legs legs legs legs legs legs legs legs legs

Автор alwaysopen (4 года)
Those legs go all the way up and make an ass out of themselves.

Автор KaraLVRogueLZ (5 лет)
i had no idea kristin got married cool her husband is a lucky dude. idk if
Kristin Adams suits her though.

Автор DAS603 (2 года)
She's begging me to come sit in her lap.

Автор roberto Rodriguez (4 года)
maras mas loas

Автор Bejinariu Alexandru (4 года)
JEsus crisis! blasfemy I HATE THIS WAMAN

Автор alwaysopen (4 года)
@lazyhorse22 Ted Williams?

Автор God hand Mishima (4 года)
man i remember her from G4,man she was hot.i always thought she had perfect
legs and that she was hot all around.i later found out she was on American
Idol which was neat...

Автор Cartr1dgeBased (4 года)

Автор Tony Garza (5 лет)
Great song, who sings it?

Автор Nanogrip (5 лет)
Her last name sounds like what I shout out after an orgasm. "HOOOOOLLLTT!!!"

Автор RyanW 456 (5 лет)

Автор Adam Bradford (4 года)
Nice firm, round butt trumps legs any day.

Автор deadspace1111 (5 лет)
lmao whos watching the legs damn there nice and oil up mmmmm

Автор Wardawg (5 лет)
wheres her sexy ass voice

Автор bilbo389 (4 года)
not sure who this lovely lady is but she is gorgeous!

Автор wstone2010 (2 года)
I've fapped to those legs many a time back in the day. Jesus fucking fuck.

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