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Автор Vivian Sarpong (5 месяцев)
Ahhh...love dis

Автор Daniel Asante (7 месяцев)
Amen. thanks Nana you let me remember what Jesus Christ done for me

Автор Frank Boakye Yiadom (1 год)
Nana is just awesome!

Автор fk kado (1 год)
It sounds like swahili language.Jesus Christ ==Yesu kristo in swahili.tHE

Автор nana akwasi asafo-adjei (1 год)
This makes me remember the days I was growing up as a boy

Автор Felixander Ntiamoah (1 год)

Автор Vivian Sarpong (10 месяцев)
I love this song. It makes me cry. I am so happy Jesus saved my life.

Автор Vivian Sarpong (11 месяцев)
O my husband told me what they're singing. They are praising G-d for the
gift of Salvation, how the Lord loved him despite he was living in the
world of sin. He doesn't know what to do to thank G-d for this gift He has
given him. So everybody should praise the Lord for this gift of Salvation.
O where the Lord has brought him from Ebenezar. He didn't know how much
Jesus loved him. Emmanuel G-d is with him. I love this song. Praise The
Lord Jesus Christ for the gift of Salvation Father U have brought me a long
way. Amen Hallelujah

Автор Vivian Sarpong (11 месяцев)
Ooooh Ebenezer, where the Lord has brought us from. Amen.. A mighty long
way.. Love this.

Автор pontonash (6 лет)
oooo yea thats him, soo sad God bless his soul nd may he RIP

Автор ybgold (5 лет)
Maameri1, I'm sorry to inform you that Bro Philip (the one backing Nana
Yaw) has indeed passed away. May his soul rest in peace.

Автор Kojo Kojor (4 года)
ooooooh,that is Brother Philip dancing beside him...may his soul rest in

Автор Justin AM (4 года)
@kwabenagd Amen, I'm glad to hear that

Автор Mariam Mayrees (5 лет)
ponto nqsh what do u mean god rest his soul?? nobody has died

Автор Naomi nketiah (1 год)
great song

Автор wonderboy4d (6 лет)
That's Brother Philip next to Nana Yaw..=0...he made dat 1 song

Автор Kwabena Kay (4 года)
I'm really touched watching and listening to this wonderful piece from Nana
Yaw Asare.

Автор adwoalove (6 лет)
YESU mo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор SuperJarko85 (3 года)
this is music :) Ma yenkye eka no :P

Автор thedogxx (4 года)
Omega - Tu Si Quieres Tu No Quieres

Автор Justin AM (5 лет)
Yes he has many more

Автор BlkRose (4 года)
they are jamming like they in a club

Автор roberta opoku (2 года)

Автор Dennis Peprah (1 год)
great music

Автор Kwabena Kay (3 года)
@1234ballinin Thanks to God for his annointing and blessings through Spirit
filling GOSPEL Music. God bless Us All too and Sustain Us to Remain in Him
forever in Jesus' name Amen (Ben, UK)

Автор Tisha (3 года)
@adwoalove yes

Автор Annalee Billings (2 года)
am saying the same thing too...Sassy..ENGLISH PLEASE...Pleasssseee

Автор ibeblunt (6 лет)
I thought "he" was a woman..wow!!!

Автор sassy7777 C-O-G (2 года)
This song is beautiful......can somebody translate to English for me?

Автор Ghanamaame527 (3 года)
does anyone no the name of this song btw?

Автор Angelina5498 (4 года)

Автор Tisha (3 года)
@Ghanamaame527 me 2

Автор Claudciara (6 лет)
i love nana yaw asare so much..gud job!!

Автор Annie Ankamah (2 года)
the guy behind is Brother Philip late gospel musician .. RIP

Автор Ghanamaame527 (3 года)
i havent heard this song in forever and now i cant stop listenin to it ! i
love it soo much

Автор Kwame Nsor (3 года)
Grt song by all standards

Автор Steffi Ghana (4 года)
nyame en shriau

Автор Claire Menzies (5 лет)
WOW Luv it. Has he got anymore gospel songs?

Автор africanplaya3 (6 лет)
very beautiful

Автор thedogxx (4 года)
Omega - Tu Si Quieres Tu No Quieres

Автор KDubRollerblader (5 лет)
i love reggae

Автор Fes Tus (6 лет)
an adorable masterpiece; just loving it!!!

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