Pepper's Ghost Box

This is an explanation of the Pepper's Ghost illusion, the same basic effect used to project a "hologram" (really a 2-D image) of Tupac on stage at Coachella in April 2012.

Thumb me if it made it easier to understand the illusion.

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Автор Nick G ( назад)
I really appreciate how clearly you communicated everything! Very clear and
easy to understand, and the pepper's ghost box turned out great. I might do
something similar to this on my own soon!

Автор Scot Douglas Campbell ( назад)
Very informative, thanks for creating this.

Автор trombone7 ( назад)
My friend predicts this would work with any prince or princess. I don't
know what he's even talking about. Please explain again.

Автор Len H ( назад)
Wonderful presentation.

Автор Semblance OfSanity ( назад)
This guy sounds like he has a transatlantic accent. He could probably do
awesome imitations of movie actors from films made in the 40's.

Автор rodrigo_vda ( назад)
Cool, but if you make it vertically instead of horizontally, you can make
the box smaller, saving a lot of space. It's a huge box for such a small
window. But it's still awesome, I've never built one :D

Автор Teresa Roberts ( назад)
Hi thanks for this tutorial. My 3rd and 4th grader are doing a joint Disney
report so they can get credit for or trip to Disney. What and how many LEDs
did you use. You box made really beautiful effect that they want to make.
I've got some super bright 3mm but wasn't sure if they would be too bright.
Thanks for the info in advance!

Автор Larry Wilkes ( назад)
Good, clear explanation of Pepper's Ghost.
I used plexiglass successfully for a theatre production, it's safer to
handle than a large sheet of glass!

Автор Edward Kalina ( назад)
Could i use plexiglass???

Автор opsimathics ( назад)

Автор Phoenix540 ( назад)
is the same effect capable with 2 LCD displays and a pane of glass?

Автор Elmerstudd ( назад)
Will say, the second circuit is overly complicated and I think you should
have simply gone with a modified ballerina music box that already has a
turntable and a music box incorporated, that way all you have to do is wind
up the box and turn on the lights and you're done. But that being said very
good job, you are what is lost in this day of age and that is the old
fashioned romantic... well done sir.

Автор RyanCSGamer ( назад)
I miss the old hitch hiking ghosts :( Anyway nice video I am making a
peppers ghost with my legos today!!! :D

Автор Workshopshed ( назад)
I made a simple one of these from a tea box and a torch, I like your
version though the background scene adds a lot.

Автор Holobrine ( назад)
This effect is used in Disney's Haunted Mansion in the ballroom. Many
people wonder about that, now you know.

Автор Andrew Brown (drusepth) ( назад)
Oh wow, I totally want to make one of these now.

Автор za zui ( назад)
Amazing... Thank you :)

Автор Genius Music ( назад)
wait how was this uploaded in 2011 but it talks about Coachella 2012

Автор Asian Guy ( назад)
Man, your gf is high maintenance. Mine just wants the D.

Автор OfficeBear IMBACKURMAD ( назад)
lmao you look like x-jaws you fucking faggot

Автор LSweet2007 ( назад)
You talk like a broomstick is stuck and broken off up your ass. 

Автор Bill Page ( назад)
Cool thanks

Автор fnaf is best 2006 im toy checa lol ( назад)
man thats so cool :)

Автор Rae1777 ( назад)
Best boyfriend ever. How many guys would make this for their lady?

Автор Jon Marshall ( назад)
Well done! 

Автор grimlok626 ( назад)
Great job explaining!

Автор gemini16th ( назад)
It sacred the hell out of people back in the 1800's("Pepper's Ghost") when
it was first performed- with LIVE actors, not robots- on stage in dramatic
performances. You can see a simplified display of the effect while standing
before a glass door when the lighting is equal on both sides(natural
outdoor & electric indoor light)- you can appear to be a ghost yourself!

Автор cristian ramos ( назад)
That's awesome, man.

Автор Randy Vogel ( назад)
I can't believe I watched the whole thing...

Автор Michael Ashley ( назад)
thank you. I'll be referring to your video in an upcoming paper on the
archaeology of light. And I thought your prep and cadence were just great.

Автор Karstens Creations ( назад)

VERY nice...
I've created a similar 'miniature' effect utilizing real footage of
'ghosts' (multiple projections) plus miniature animated backgrounds/walls
in my 'Haunted Nursery' video on my channel...(I plan to create an entire
original dark ride experience)...lemme know what you think...maybe we could
team up for a project?

Автор joe yancey ( назад)
im not a magician or a lighting expert, but can you use a variable resister
on the ghost room so as to adjust the opacity of the reflection of the
ghost in the main scene?

Автор BAVideography ( назад)
Agreed; the way he speaks makes it nearly unwatchable.

Автор David Bondar ( назад)
That's so cool! I really wanted to know how this works! Thanks for shiwing.

Автор Jupiter9099 ( назад)
The Haunted Mansion's ballroom holds the record of the world's largest
Pepper's Ghost display.

Автор Mike Wang ( назад)
good job! i love it

Автор Albert J. Nguyễn ( назад)
You should mass produce your box.

Автор JennsHaunts Smith ( назад)
Great work!!

Автор outsidersTexas ( назад)
Very well done. Thank you.

Автор Caity Raindrop ( назад)
I know this is old but just thought I'd mention, Plexiglass is typically
the best to use with this experiment. Slightly mirrored plexiglass is even

Автор Zak Holder ( назад)
Just a head's up. The Hitchhiking Ghosts were not a Pepper's Ghost
illusion. They were accomplished by back lighting a two way mirror. While
the effect is somewhat similar, the only Pepper's Ghost illusion in the
Haunted Mansion is in the ballroom. The only reason I can verify this is
that I used to work in the Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom. Great work on
the gift and keep up the video work!

Автор Sofi Bobs ( назад)
this is brilliant!

Автор Scarlet Serenade ( назад)
Awesome. I showed my mom and sister the video about the mechanics of the
original Sleeping Beauty Castle which had amazing use of Pepper's Ghost
everywhere and now my sister wants to use this as her science project. My
only question is this: where did you get the glass? Does it have to be a
glass with any sort of tint to it or will any glass pane work fine?

Автор ComputersAreRealCool ( назад)
Best tutorial (and only good one) on this subject on youtube! Also, I may
build a big version of this for my kitchen door ready for next halloween.

Автор Carmen Muresan ( назад)
Your video is the best about this subject! Thanks very match!

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