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Автор Ghita Lah ( назад)
I appreacite your video thank you

Автор Fab13 ( назад)
CAN you please share it in English. Thank you .

Автор Anna Vogt ( назад)
Can we get this in English?

Автор Blank blank (Gym rat) ( назад)
What's her name? She's so pretty.

Автор skippy smith ( назад)

Автор S De Boef ( назад)

Автор Savita Maheshwari ( назад)
Is this aerobics face yoga do everyday...if yes then twice in a day...plz

Автор Edith Alavez ( назад)
cuantas beses por semana

Автор Dirty Harry ( назад)
This is a sincere intention to assist others. Svetlana facials can still be
found on youtube because their intention was genuine not like facial
workout Tal Heinhart who is doing massive sales and quick ads. You can know
the genuine ones!!! You go Svetlana when you have something to sell yo will
get many takers. I promise you

Автор Eren İldem ( назад)
dear svetlana,

Can you please share at least the step durations and repetitions

Автор Semra Can ( назад)

Автор Judy Johnson ( назад)
Thorough !!! Thanks

Автор Huyen Tran ( назад)
beautiful girl

Автор Amanda Souza ( назад)
que rosto lindo.

Автор Gloria Acosta ( назад)
Ver y good

Автор Gloria Acosta ( назад)
Ver y good

Автор Gunay Selcuk ( назад)
Kızın adını soyadını bulana helâlinden 1000 lira 

Автор poletto06 ( назад)

Автор texas1852 ( назад)
Your model is stunning! Can you post this video again with an English
translation? PLEASE?? =)

Автор Rocio Bonilla ( назад)
Я написал это с переводчиком, я хотел бы кто-то положил его в испанской

Автор moe pz ( назад)
Damm girl u so pretty!!

Автор Admiral Pukanis ( назад)
у меня лицо лопнуло

Автор Cindy Lombardo ( назад)
Wish it was in English

Автор camille slipknot ( назад)
elle est malade o quoi wtf 

Автор Luís Felipe ( назад)
Jennifer Lawrence is amazing

Автор zinowor ( назад)
wow what a natural beauty this model is

Автор Sano22n ( назад)
plz whats the model name ? 

Автор Alexandr Crasnosan ( назад)
Дуть обязательно? :)

Автор sepideh daliliyazdi ( назад)
good video

Автор Marian Mana ( назад)
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Автор James Smith ( назад)
Amazing looking girl ! 

Автор Acouline ( назад)
You can find detailed descriptions in English if you google for Caroll
Maggio. As I understand, this video illustrates her excersises on facial

Автор Santos Maharjan ( назад)
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Автор Frank7G ( назад)
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secret food items to kill our jelly belly. i found it here

Автор RoseMoore58 ( назад)
Svetlana can you please please translate into english! Although we can see
what the model is doing it would be much better to hear you either talking
in english or have subtitles to what you are saying. Tnxs.

Автор Heidi White ( назад)
You are right. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing
was coming. Listen to this I heard that most of the celebrities used to
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Автор nacho9010 ( назад)
Great. What a beautiful face!!!

Автор tignac marti ( назад)
the software realplayer or downloadhelper on mozilla

Автор ASAFYY ( назад)
fuck you

Автор SummerRain368 ( назад)
Beautiful ... Can we get this translated into English please? Thank you!

Автор Julie Bayaraa ( назад)
how can i download this video please help me out people 

Автор Ali Arif ( назад)
she is soooooooooooo beautiful, damn.!

Автор canadian dylan ( назад)
sure is right. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing
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Автор sumibhandari21 ( назад)
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Автор Tasyaugie Baraqbah ( назад)
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Автор Eldon Bks ( назад)
Nice movie clip. Appreciate Youtube due to this kind of content! My buddy
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Автор VanityVain1 ( назад)
Great video! Do u have it in English ?

Автор Elaine Gomes ( назад)
ñ entendi porra nenhuma !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Автор drea lim ( назад)
Awesome! :) Anyway, she's really pretty :> Sooo pwetttteeeyyyy

Автор sahithi sri ( назад)
Iam thin and weigh 54 kgs and my height is 5.4 . My body looks thin but my
face looks. Very fat.. If I do these excercise my problem will be solved .
Plz give me reply...

Автор sahithi sri ( назад)

Автор LovingAtlanta ( назад)
I wish I knew exactly what she was saying AND use an older person so we can
see results (a before & after pic would be nice).....oh wait this person is
really 65 years old but looks 25 years old!!! LOL

Автор joeblowthehot ( назад)
why not show an older woman who has had success with this program instead
of a very young girl.

Автор Le Na ( назад)
Yes, it is facercise by Carole Maggio. Very effective. I've been doing it
for 2 years. People who haven't seen me a while ask if i have done an
aesthetic operation.

Автор EricaYE6 ( назад)
Gorgeous face.

Автор ramos he ( назад)
Exercise #3: (The exercise prevents wrinkles on the forehead and smoothes
them). Place the index fingers of both hands on the middle of the forehead.
Pull your fingers down to the eyebrows and hold them in this position.
Point the view on the forehead. start pushing eyebrows up. Push them up and
relax 10 times. Remove your fingers, lift the eyebrows and Press down on
the eyebrows with your fingers. Do small pushes up to as long as you feel a
burning sensation or pressure. 

Автор ramos he ( назад)
Exercise #3: (The continuation!) Continue to hold the eyebrows But push
fingers down (30 seconds). Relax and massage your eyebrows. This allows the
muscles to relax and get the best result of the exercise. I'm sorry for the

Автор ramos he ( назад)
Exercise #2: (Exercise also strengthens the lower eyelids). Place the
middle fingers on the outer corner of the eyes. Put your middle fingers on
the inner corners of the eyes. (Gentle pressure!). Point the view on the
forehead. Begin to screw up one's eyes (10 times). Look up and don't stop
screwing up one's eyes, as if you have something to ponder. (40 seconds).
Relax and blow through the mouth. I'm sorry for the mistakes!

Автор ramos he ( назад)
Exercise #1: "The Increase of the eyes". (Exercise strengthens the upper
and lower eyelids; reduces the swelling under the eyes; eyes become
more...) Put your middle fingers between the eyebrows above the bridge of
the nose. Place your index finger at the lower corners of the eyes. Gentle
pressure! Point the view on the forehead. Begin to screw up one's eyes (10
times). Close your eyes and don't stop screwing up one's eyes (40 seconds).
Blow air through the mouth. I'm sorry for the mistakes! 

Автор Farah Afiqah ( назад)
she's hot!

Автор Juned Saprul ( назад)
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Автор qasimawan1000 ( назад)
Have you tried Mimmu Fat Blast? (Google it) It is a quick and easy way to
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Автор Ivan Porto ( назад)
Would you marry me... 

Автор Emil Samuel ( назад)
@riykoiq i know what you mean. there are foods that you should never eat.
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Автор Andrea Costa ( назад)
vou fazer para ficar mas bonita!!kkk 

Автор deepak ratna ( назад)
russia is difficult to understand speak in english

Автор 2012Madagascar ( назад)
This is Facercise by Carole Maggio only not performed very well. You can
look up the original and learn how to perform these exercises properly.

Автор Delia Dance ( назад)
FitStrongand50: great point, couldn't agree with you more!

Автор Zhak7 ( назад)
hehe lol same here ^^

Автор MolecularMoonlight ( назад)
She's so pretty, healthy and young - kind of makes me hate myself.

Автор inga cox ( назад)
It's Russian

Автор Warriors Of The Night ( назад)
Your Welcome.

Автор Antonio Banderas ( назад)
So if I repeat those exercises daily when will I start looking like her?

Автор starbucksghost ( назад)
wish it was in English. A girl who looks like this can probably get
anything she wants by just smiling lol

Автор HansKroll ( назад)
Usually I get lost in the cats videos on youtube. But this... this is a
whole new part I never been before.

Автор alis arz ( назад)
esta exelente este video muy efectivo...estaria bien una traduccion al
ingles.gracias por compartirlo . this video is exelent congratulations its
very efective ,should make a traduccions or bubtitulate it to english
langage.thanks for share it. 

Автор Hovno Hezke ( назад)
Slysel jsem ze smrdis :)

Автор Monnie Val ( назад)
does this work?? 

Автор farmec77 ( назад)
thank you for sharing, the girl is also wonderful, I wish I look like her

Автор anlel anu (333 года назад)
English please

Автор Laura Q ( назад)
This girl has no chubby cheeks at all, I'm so jealous!! My goal is to have
a slim face like hers

Автор AKLd95 ( назад)

Автор Tennessee ( назад)
Well, how is it gong? :D

Автор shriphrah zemog ( назад)
any english subtitle????pls 

Автор t4msync ( назад)

Автор Katerina Kakaosporos ( назад)
like if you looked like a fish!

Автор BewitchedFae ( назад)
it won't let me post links, anyway the name of the site is

Автор BewitchedFae ( назад)
thank you for the upload! Here's a link just in case you would want to give
it subtitles. All you have to do is type it in and it waits for you while
you type. It has instructions on how to use it. Very easy really. It could
be for this video or future ones you put it if you like. Cheers! 

Автор Shamili Kadali (66 лет назад)
thank u somuch i vl try this nd u r awesome

Автор dakitsu luna (1357 лет назад)
what a lovely girl, I cant stop staring at those pretty eyes of hers x'D

Автор Val Montecino ( назад)
I'd like to have the english version of this video..loved it!

Автор WkedAthena ( назад)
Are these the exercises shown by Carole Maggio? - I checked her book years
ago,...these are very similar or the same. But thanks for putting them on
video. :P

Автор 96ecstasy ( назад)
thank you. Its a beautiful language.

Автор mottie77ful ( назад)
She is really beautiful.

Автор David Obregon ( назад)
por favor necesito la traduccion a español. gracias 

Автор Christina Thomas ( назад)
i wish to look like her after a month of doing this..hahaha..she is so

Автор Shevly Paul ( назад)
does this reduce fat in cheeks?? 

Автор cody johnson ( назад)
how much is she?

Автор Amazonka327 ( назад)
просто супер;спасибо огромное

Автор Jan DeRosset (668 лет назад)
I love this video! How can i get an english version?

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