Fallout 3 Hilarious Glitch

just a hilarious glitch you can do with the Mesmetron gun in Fallout 3 (one of MANY!)

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Автор PitaPez PlayZgames ( назад)
That is not a glitch

Автор James Houseman ( назад)

Tenpenny screams like a bitch then pulls off nice headshot after the 4th

Автор capsuleboy ( назад)
I told the sheriff about the stranger, and the sheriff got killed in the
but if I try to kill the stranger the sheriff is my enemy for life, so
basically the sheriff dies anyway.

Автор Joey Crank ( назад)
Not a glitch it's a mesmatron

Автор Kasey Meacham ( назад)
not a glitch BUT IS HILARIOUS

Автор Fabio Jimenez ( назад)

Автор The questioning Velociraptor ( назад)
Hahahahahaha NOT BITCH -_-NOGLITCH

Автор Miguel Covar ( назад)
That can happen its not a glitch

Автор judy flynn ( назад)
that is no glich ! 

Автор dallzerz ( назад)
"Investigate the nearby town of megaton for information about dad" -

Автор mcphatty11red ( назад)
His name is mr tenpenny and he doesn't have a unique sniper rifle :P

Автор jeremy priban ( назад)
does that one guy with the sniper rifle have a unique sniper rifle? because
then ill just kill him :/....i for got his name but he was the guy who
killed mr burke

Автор Manguy352 ( назад)
Thats not a glich. The mezzer has a %50 chance to mezz people, %30 chance
for people to go bezerk and try to kill everyone, and a %20 chance that
after a few seconds, their head will explode. The guy in the video just
went bezerk.

Автор numbah190 ( назад)
That's how you get your money back on a cheap DEAL! FUCK U MORAITY!!!

Автор Steven Santana ( назад)
Cause Mr Burk made mass murder fun.

Автор xxCapitolACExx (848 лет назад)
He failed the mission but still blew up the city

Автор MrRandomness3334 ( назад)
Its not a glitch ? 

Автор PerryThePlatypoos ( назад)
"Any moment now.." -Blows up-

Автор Fallout3sFinest ( назад)
@EddyB0616 why not blow up the town? 

Автор rapsis2x2 ( назад)
@BlueBoyX4 IT'S NOT EVEN RETARDED AI. If you read the "Mesmetron" manual in
Fallout 3, you can see "Side effects" in which one is " INCREASED
AGGRESSION. It's supposed ti happen.

Автор deathhound7 ( назад)
@herosortof7529 I've gotta try that shit. Fallout three, if only for the
glitches, has to be one of the most entertainingly unpredicatble games,

Автор Blakemartn ( назад)
Rig the bomb to explode Continue your search for your dad in the nearby
town of megaton (optional) Nevermind. 

Автор Theodore TV ( назад)
And now you dont get paid :)

Автор crazychainsaw ( назад)
@herosortof7529 ......i gave them all fat mans and one guy a mirv everyone
with power armor ......i lagged so bad i dont have pc

Автор CJOLL4 ( назад)
That's not a glitch... the Mesmetron has a 30% chance of making an NPC go
berserk. (80% chance for non-enslavable characters like Mr. Burke.)

Автор daniel robles ( назад)
What gun is that

Автор overlord1998 ( назад)
First time using vats im so proud 

Автор Boris Johnson ( назад)
@killer1772 go to megaton, talk to Burke, rig the bomb got to tempenny

Автор anth0nyislive ( назад)
You must be upset that you went all that way just to fail a quest

Автор timothy twogood ( назад)
@BobLeeSwaggaa beast!!

Автор sourpatchalex1 ( назад)

Автор Wannabe180sx ( назад)
@Killer1772 you have to go to moriarty's bar in megaton and in the corner
to the right of the entrance will be mr burke, he will give you something
to rig the bomb to explode and leave, you rig the bomb and then go to
tenpenny tower to watch the fireworks

Автор Jose Alvarez ( назад)
How to u explode megaton I was on that tower and noone was on it except mr
tempeny help

Автор hemicharger94 ( назад)
oops, there's been a misunderstanding........lol

Автор yeah twice ( назад)
not a glitch

Автор Malimeezy ( назад)
is there another one of the mesetrons i sold mine <(((<

Автор bieberhater99 ( назад)
@Pain0rDeath go to paradise falls. use minigun to kill every bastard there
(except for slaves(if you want to save them)) . dont forget the gaurds
outside. pick pocket every slaver until you find an item called the

Автор SharpsAndFlats ( назад)
how did u get that mind control weapon!?!?!?!?

Автор Logan Beck ( назад)
Well, now that thats over.... BOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!! dum da dum. 

Автор Vanboneio \ | The gamer with oldschool wheels | / ( назад)
and if you kill or somone kills mister burke you won't get payed for
desroying megaton

Автор TheVijaytuber ( назад)

Автор Daven Lannister ( назад)
@Infectiousshroomkid good call, you're funny

Автор HotOnYourTrail ( назад)
Wow, this video goes so well with the new 1911 button!

Автор There's a Good Chance I Won't Read This ( назад)
@killer8479394 Not to downplay the serious nature of piracy *snicker* but
whats manlyhood? Is that like manhood with extra letters or does it mean
something? Also punctuation and proper spelling help a lot in not sounding
like your retarded, unless you like girls like that too...

Автор Seth Briner ( назад)
@Reach3684 1.Get steam. 2.Install steam. 3.Look in store 4.Search Fallout 3
and click on fallout three. 5.Press add to cart AND FUCKING BUY IT YOU
CHEAP SON OF A BITCH!. Your welcome, and enjoy your game ^^

Автор mottor86 ( назад)
@ps3glitchers3 Lol wat mod? Have you ever been to Paradise Falls? The guy
explains that its meant to control the person though may sometimes make
them go beserk.....

Автор Flossy Bastard ( назад)
how is that funny?

Автор allmyself666 ( назад)
.....and that was funny how????

Автор B Dup ( назад)
Tenpenny is more stronger then burke , YEEEAAAHHH

Автор dovakin hernandez ( назад)
its not a glitch 

Автор J99Holland ( назад)
not glitch mesmetron used tenpenny dude if u kill him u get good karma so
when u used da memetron it made him kill tenpenny der!!

Автор Wayne Gorsuch ( назад)
its not a glitch i do it all the time

Автор Bthakilla4rilla ( назад)
@deddi12 bang it's on me

Автор dedris360 ( назад)
Thats not a glitch...

Автор Deddi Deddason ( назад)
0:17 Ewwwww....

Автор ItsTetrisTime679 ( назад)
i learned about this all by myself, but by mistake i killed that idiotic
power of atom preacher 

Автор James Houseman ( назад)
ok this is the funniest fucking clip i have ever seen OH MY GAAAWD Tenpenny
is such a queen when he's startled 

Автор Blagden Le Corbeau ( назад)

Автор folowuaroundperson12 ( назад)
not a glich its a mesmatron stupid 

Автор DizzyDoucheBag ( назад)
Help *shoot* help! *shoot* HEELP!!! *dead* Tenpenny: What, is it over?

Автор Bilash Hossain ( назад)
@hexed23 tenpenny tower

Автор Ritchie Perez ( назад)
were is that location 

Автор Jesse Batts ( назад)
thats not a glitch it works on everyone that doesnt go loopy

Автор Conner True ( назад)
Its completly natural lol

Автор Aleek91 ( назад)
not a glitch though..

Автор Thomas Robert Kelley ( назад)
Lol Look at 0:50!

Автор Hogarth Veranderfel ( назад)
OH yeah I used the Mesmertron On mr Tennpeny and guess what he Glitched
like mad No. 1 His fucking head instantly blew up No. 2 He fucking
teleported off the balcony and fell to his death Whats the Morale,
Tennpenny cant be mezzed

Автор mre132435 ( назад)
@eimon123 its not 4 damage its 4 tricking people into becoming slaves or to
give ou their stuff 

Автор mre132435 ( назад)
you are a fallout noob.

Автор Shawn Smith ( назад)
hah Burke got owned

Автор eimon123 ( назад)
OMG i just droped the gun caus i coulnt run it did like 5 dmg so i thought
it shit omg...

Автор Matt Lyman ( назад)
"any moment now...." (splat) FPS Doug says, "BOOM HEADSHOT!"

Автор fugurquim ( назад)
@fungastoes1 its not that, its that that he dosnt care about the bomb

Автор fugurquim ( назад)
epic headshot

Автор sk8ingthemystery ( назад)
how you get that gun? 

Автор Will Gems ( назад)
it also works whit a 10mm silenced pistol like mr brukes

Автор Bendetoma ( назад)
I love how Burke starts to shoot but still calls for help.

Автор Bendetoma ( назад)
@fungastoes1 It's a bug since you cant get a reward now, but the city still
is destroyed.

Автор thatrealycoolguy ( назад)
that's not a glitch.

Автор Buckledsafe ( назад)
@bmxking46 yes

Автор Shenron ( назад)
Mezzer makes people frenzy dude

Автор MrSkyfly1 ( назад)
@TheLizzard0 WW1

Автор gunoverheating ( назад)

Автор Leather Door Handle ( назад)
what is "glitch" that you say? is it that 10penny just sitting and say
nothing? or is it when burke goes crazy? IMO it is the first one

Автор bean420man ( назад)
not a glitch and definantly not funny in any way.

Автор Alex McCarthy ( назад)
it isnt a qlitch, it is a gun that changes what team npc's are on

Автор george77772moons ( назад)

Автор xXuknowhoitisXx ( назад)
@HyperRaiden73 no they changed the name of the fatboy to the nuke a

Автор sharki9876 ( назад)
@Fridabeekman meh, karma is laame i kinda miss my old character when three
dog always insulted me and called me a "scumbag"

Автор Jeroen Beekman (JebRandom) ( назад)
@sharki9876 karma sir, karma.

Автор ECHO1NINER ( назад)

Автор sharki9876 ( назад)
@PainlessTragedy not really, i personally like the tenpenny tower suite
more than the megaton house i kind of regret not blowing up megaton, not
much to do there anyway

Автор Manoncrack ( назад)
@Superdouchebag1231 ATOM GAVE HIM POWER

Автор Stuart0000X ( назад)
@HyperRaiden73 Think its more to do with the fact they had the A bombs
dropped on them in WW2.

Автор kiba19961996 ( назад)
what gun?

Автор Sky Ward ( назад)
@fungastoes1 I am pretty sure the joke in the video is the fact that
Tenpenny doesnt seem to care about Megaton being blown up. Not that its
funny at all but Im pretty sure thats the joke :P

Автор VonTavast ( назад)
''ouwh my, gohohod!''

Автор carsten ( назад)
i decapitated the guy with the hat, brought his head to the boss, and the
boss said something like "this is how you have fun" :D

Автор Jake M ( назад)
@HyperRaiden73 lol probuly becase we bombed them

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