Goat Stanchion

This video shows how to build a goat stanchion out of lumber.

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Автор Scot Unotee ( назад)
cool video. i like the humor too. but the dimensions would be nice.

Автор Glenna Rose ( назад)
Hoping he will post a link to a downloadable pdf in the comments above.
Until he posts one, here a pdf that I created:
The plans, easy to build, are worth the extra effort. His building
instructions are excellent.

Автор Will can ( назад)
Josh, Not only was this video very intertaining and beautifuly done, it
contains the best plans I've seen so far. AWSOME!!! Thank you!!!

Автор DONNYHENSON206 ( назад)
Can I get the dimensions. I can't make them out in the video. Thanks

Автор djfreake ( назад)
hate to be another person to just ask for your pattern, but if you would
oblige it would be greatly appreciated. subbing you for thanks in advance

Автор Art Lyles ( назад)
hello Josh, could you send me a copy of this diagram? dimensions are not

Автор Rudy Gonzalez ( назад)
Hey Josh great video thanks for putting it together! I was wondering how I
can go about obtaining blueprints for this? Thanks again!

Автор Brandy Goggans ( назад)
How do u get the blueprints measurements?

Автор Vaughn Newman ( назад)
Hello Josh, I was wondering if you could email me a copy of the blueprints
or provide a download link for this goat stanchion? Thanks

Автор Elizabeth Steele ( назад)
your not supposed to use your hand as a hammer =)

Автор Ice Jones (Big Ice) ( назад)
Hi Josh , Is it possible you can send me i copy of this diagram? Thanks

Автор Steve James ( назад)
I used Josh's plans and instructions to make one of these it it turned out
brilliantly. It did not take our new goat long to get used to the feeding
routine and we started locking her head in place for short periods so that
when it came time to start milking her she was used to it. Thanks for
making this project so straightforward.

Автор Joanne Ricci ( назад)
Thanks Josh, gonna make this one.

Автор Denise Gingerich ( назад)
This is an excellent clip. Made the difference of creating a wobbly
stanchion with nails to a precise sturdy stanchion! YAY!

Автор Anthony DeGiulio ( назад)
I haven't found one :(

Автор Denise Gingerich ( назад)
I haven't seen a response to this question. Is there a downloadable sheet??

Автор Denise Gingerich ( назад)
Josh, How can I obtain the b;ueprints for this pattern to build a
stanchion? I am not a computer expert. Thank you

Автор Charlotte Briggs ( назад)
Thank you so much for sharing,great video

Автор ThePrivate EyeProject ( назад)
Thanks for posting this. Perfect for our pygmy.nigerian goats. I'm going to
weather proof it with stain so it can stay outside near the goat shed.

Автор Denise Gingerich ( назад)
Josh, II appreciate your expertice! thank you! 

Автор gbell12 ( назад)
Hi Josh - sorry to be a geek, but what bit of software did you use to plan
and/or draw out the plywood and stud cuts you show in the nice diagram at
the beginning? Just want to know your methods because they look so

Автор Josh Wood ( назад)
@kaisenji We use rubber mats on the stage area that way we can remove them
for cleaning, and since our stanchion lives inside the barn we don't find
it nessasary to seal it with anything. Thanks for the compliments I hope
yours turns out great. 

Автор kaisenji ( назад)
Josh: What do you use as a cover for the stanchion? I would think some kind
of rubber? Also I assume that you put a natural sealant on it too.
Excellent video *favorites*

Автор Josh Wood ( назад)
@maggiefranz Thanks! I was going for Bob Ross/Mr. T, but I'll accept Bob
Ross/Tim Taylor. 

Автор Maggie Franz ( назад)
Very professional video, Josh! I would say it's Tim the Toolman Taylor
meets Bob Ross. Meets awesome. But honestly. Very professional and

Автор Josh Wood ( назад)
@jveteran I use this stanchion as is for both our Nigerian Dwarfs and for
our full sized Nubian. My only worry with cutting a rounded slot for the
neck is that our smaller goats could possibly wiggle their heads out out.
One modification from the video that I made was to the key. I ended up
cutting it down so that one side opens the neck brace slightly more for our

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