Minecraft Water Trick

Some new tricks!!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5oAe9j33JA&feature=plcp

It doesn't work anymore! In the "new" Minecraft the sand just remove the fokkin water.
100k views 07.04.2011

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Автор Izzy Williamson ( назад)
How do you do videos like that with no otger electronic! 

Автор lucielle miyuki Lusica ( назад)
Can this work on the mc pocket edition?

Автор Cathleen Appleton ( назад)
Witch website do you play that version of minecraft classic?

Автор Guilty_SlayerJin ( назад)
Can i get the name of this song?

Автор SADFAIC ( назад)
it is a server, servers did exist in minecraft classic

Автор Dope And General Studios ( назад)
no this is patrick

Автор Eli Armstrong ( назад)
who just got banned for water greif

Автор Darkstar5379 (375 лет назад)
First of all, its not a damn server, second, pay attenrion to the fucking
version -.-

Автор Darkstar5379 (413 года назад)
-.- Thats cuz its an old ass version

Автор Candy ( назад)
thats awesome does it work on different servers o only on urs

Автор Kanchana Mekkrua ( назад)
I thought it's only a water slide haha if you do that none stop it will be
flood all over the place

Автор Star Hopper ( назад)
you should call this "how to flood minecraft" instead

Автор Jazz8888100 ( назад)
Lol run for your life

Автор phillips1012 ( назад)
And that's why water has physics now. (this is obviously classic)

Автор clubpenguin580 (1334 года назад)
This is classic.

Автор jmpower2012 ( назад)

Автор Wayne Lau ( назад)
So this is alpha!

Автор Sinancem3 ( назад)
and u are banned :D

Автор techtoast ( назад)
@GihanGanno, God patched that glitch.

Автор Autophobicat Wears Socks ( назад)
Song name is "Omen" by The Prodigy.

Автор Senia Pitaykin ( назад)
songs name please!

Автор Owen Anderson ( назад)

Автор Kevin32001 ( назад)
@ScratchMyAnchor Ah yeah I gotcha :P

Автор ScratchMyAnchor ( назад)
@Kevin32001 I mean because part of the definition of nigger is ignorant. e_e

Автор Kevin32001 ( назад)
@ScratchMyAnchor Q_Q

Автор ScratchMyAnchor ( назад)
@Kevin32001 Ignorant nigger is redundant.

Автор dominik8736 ( назад)

Автор Jiliovec Jil ( назад)
omg XD

Автор Benjamin G ( назад)
Im glad this doesnt work. I would have with no problem, screwed up
EVERYTHING ive built xD

Автор young chillionaire ( назад)
now i know where atlantis is

Автор Protanopic Midget ( назад)
@aznboy3213 Touche.

Автор Sun Shine ( назад)
@Power2thePwnage It'll be one less asshole in the internet

Автор Protanopic Midget ( назад)
@aznboy3213 Yes, I am childish and stupid. The difference between me and
most other retards is that I know it, don't deny it, and, above all, don't
really care. Now tell me: Are you really going to bother to try to talk
some sense into a random smart-ass on the internet?

Автор Sun Shine ( назад)
@Power2thePwnage Making fun of it doesn't make you better or "cool". In our
current society it's considered childish and stupid.

Автор Vibing Matter ( назад)
i am so glad u chose that song not enuff people listen to prodigy anymore

Автор Grimlord17 ( назад)
@Power2thePwnage why isnt this top comment ??? O_o

Автор dubstepschnitzel ( назад)
whats the first music name?

Автор MasterXcon ( назад)
did this work with lava?

Автор ferahh987 (925 лет назад)
I'm listenig to "the Prodigy" too if I'm playing Minecraft :D

Автор 8VideoMaker8 (761 год назад)
du willst es doch auch!

Автор stopeatingthepizza ( назад)
@Sgtswifteh What do you think?

Автор THE AMAZING GAMER ( назад)
so YOUR the douche who sank my battleship! :D

Автор Blinky1337 ( назад)
best griefer

Автор GauntletsofRai ( назад)
And thus, Waterworld.

Автор TheWajinator ( назад)
Fuck the system

Автор Chris Thorpe ( назад)
@DudeThatIsImpossible Omen by Prodigy

Автор cjwolfer ( назад)
wait so you mean in classic this doesnt work anymore? cause obviously it
wouldnt work in beta

Автор Throstfridd Odinson ( назад)
@pat20105 lol. Best reply I've ever seen to such a comment :)

Автор dreadernightkiller ( назад)
i wonder why notch made water stop doing that :P

Автор CallOfQuebec ( назад)
@SuperDrunkdog LOL

Автор Magnus Volvo ( назад)
minecraft haiti

Автор xxbeatboxerkexx (354 года назад)

Автор Katy Viau ( назад)

Автор pepopulo ( назад)

Автор TheMasterFran ( назад)
and thats how you make an underwater world

Автор WarHeadNuke ( назад)

Автор Desmond Torrez ( назад)
@gorkem911 read the description, it's right underneath the "likes &

Автор gorkem911 (996 лет назад)
songggg????? :-D

Автор MrJacobgamache ( назад)
LOL if you do this Whit lava you gonna kill all our world Man. This look
like a good explosion !!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор madrytteam ( назад)
lol You're just a sponge is not enough for trich because none of the mods

Автор Agent2609 ( назад)
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA dick move man dick move

Автор UniversalVision ( назад)
Grievers are what caused Waterworld.

Автор KAP11189 ( назад)
Did the same thing happen with lava?

Автор Protanopic Midget ( назад)
@TrumpetRed114 Well, whining about it won't bring them back. Besides, being
a dick is fun :D

Автор TrumpetRed114 ( назад)
@Power2thePwnage I happen to live there and a lot of people died because of
that.... You sir are a dick.

Автор Random Artist ( назад)
Does it work on beta?

Автор xavier Derpington (1309 лет назад)
u spelled "fucking" wrong griefer

Автор Carpwny ( назад)
Tsunami & the House was Fukushima^^

Автор FILOJ26 ( назад)
hehe dobre ;] , tsunami

Автор Alexander Hansen ( назад)
Holy FuckShit :o

Автор Nick Costa ( назад)
tsunami !!!!

Автор Ville Strengell ( назад)
this deosn't work anymore? or did i do something wrong?

Автор AwesomeMunkey1 ( назад)
Where u can get sponges and where u use them ?

Автор lalapakkie ( назад)

Автор TheTreyVidz ( назад)

Автор Whativedone BUL ( назад)
niceeeeeeeeeeeeee :D:D:D:D::D:D:D

Автор JohnMclaine22 ( назад)
Is there a way to do this in Singleplayer?

Автор Logan Snyder ( назад)
Lol i bet people got pizzed

Автор MalpaPL ( назад)

Автор Nebuli2 ( назад)
You should have used lava.

Автор monmarfori ( назад)
its like the 2012 tsunami

Автор michal1029PL ( назад)
tsunami: Haha!

Автор TheSoldierCore ( назад)
this vid must be: how to make rapture

Автор grassy ( назад)
lol XD

Автор nikesb538 ( назад)
@bringbackjericho oops my b lol thats the only way ik the song haha

Автор bringbackjericho ( назад)
@nikesb538 That's not dubstep...

Автор HighSchoolHair ( назад)
@oXDesdinovaXo Omen by The Prodigy. Only one of the best bands in the world.

Автор kiuba22 ( назад)
give download this version

Автор nikesb538 ( назад)
@oXDesdinovaXo omen by idk just type in omen dubstep

Автор RoadlessEnt ( назад)
Fuck physics

Автор stranger1324 ( назад)
well thats 1 way to ruin a server

Автор CanadianStormTrooper ( назад)
lolz first i thought it was the music i was like :0

Автор Helmerz ( назад)

Автор Zan kin ( назад)
what's the name of the techno sounding song?

Автор a Subscriber ( назад)
where i can get this minecraft version, it looks so cool!

Автор Taylor Ward ( назад)
hey, nasa wants their computer back

Автор stupidcombatarmsvids ( назад)
Well i kinda just listening for the song.

Автор Hollanderizer ( назад)
People must be griefing Japan by creating tsunamis with this trick.

Автор PokeKid5000 ( назад)
@BluttiFlutti thx :)

Автор BluttiFlutti ( назад)
@PokeKid5000 its The Prodigy - Omen

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