Chael Sonnen: I Will Not Be Grappling Jon Jones, Luke Rockhold Likely Grappling Jon Jones

Chael Sonnen details dealing with Jon Jones for Submission Underground 2 against Dan Henderson. Also says he will not be grappling Jon Jones, instead Luke Rockhold is likely to grapple Jon Jones.
From You're Welcome podcast.

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Автор Aryan Khan ( назад)
This Submission Underground is full of JUICEHEAD pussies, All the failed UFC JUICEHEAD fighters go there.Even the promoter is the biggest JUICEHEAD in the history of UFC.

Автор maverick mangion ( назад)
Did he fought cheal ?

Автор Ramon.V ( назад)
I know Luke rockhold is a Black belt in BJJ, but what is Jon Jones level or belt in BJJ? anyone?

Автор GOD OF GODS ( назад)
before Rockhold lost to bisping I thought him vs Jones would be an amazing super fight! so if this happens I'll be so happy!

Автор Kabir Orakzai ( назад)
Apparently Rockhold trains with Khabib and DC?

Автор Brandon Fletcher ( назад)
lol Jones only belt summison underground

Автор sirbrad4 ( назад)
Chael knows he is all mouth and would just get fucking destroyed and humiliated again.

Автор sunnibird ( назад)
The other guy shouldn't talk... ever... ever.

Автор Rich Piana UFC 5% NATURAL FIGHTER ( назад)
I love listening to Chael but this video starts at 10:00

Автор Arch Gloom ( назад)
Werdum vs Jon Jones make it happen

Автор C Rizzy ( назад)
Shocker!!! Jones going against his 5th MW? No way!!! Amazing how this dude as a giant LHW keeps matching MWs. Never a HW, just MWs

Автор soniCh22 ( назад)
rockhold is a motherfucker when it comes to grappling

Автор Ron McDon ( назад)
damn jon looks fat in that pic. metabolism done caught up since those days we saw him at 23 lol

Автор Zachary Baker ( назад)
your a fucking idiot ik people in the pharmaceutical industry and this shit happens they also tested the same substance and found a trace in them so get your shit straight

Автор Matt Appleton ( назад)
Chael is a great salesman, but he will be remembered as a great SALESMAN. His shit is all fluff.

Автор Colton W ( назад)
Jon should wrestle Yoel Romero.

Автор Mitch Conner ( назад)
jessica eye better looking

Автор Mitch Conner ( назад)
lol jones got mad haters

Автор Jaqen H'ghar ( назад)
He is so full of shit! That place gets louder for local bands than it did for Jones!

Автор TYLG LacedGod ( назад)
jones vs werdum

Автор Col Conno ( назад)
Rockhold is gonna regret this big time.

Автор Lobo S-C-F ( назад)
Jon "coke eye poke illegal oblique kick" Jones only grappling middleweights.Get a bigger body in there BROCK LESNAR.

Автор Bolo4D ( назад)
If Luke Rockhold grapples Jon Jones, Rockhold is absolutely going to win that shit. His BJJ is REALLY good, very unorthodox style which is not common in BJJ at all, as well as Jones isn't a great BJJ grappler. If this were MMA I'd pick Jones all day, but he is stepping into Rockhold's world here.

Автор Jozua86 ( назад)
Frank Mir says he is interested, but Jones will probably duck him.

Автор Tt T ( назад)
e-40 was there lol

Автор Greg Michaels ( назад)
Chael and Dan Henderson would be awesome. Jon Jones vs Rockhold be awesome.

Автор Demetrious The Goat Johnson ( назад)
could have skipped to 10:00 if I already had enough of his podcast for today

Автор They Live We Sleep ( назад)
Jon (It was the boner pills) Jones

Автор David Ashman ( назад)
Chael needs to stop taking everything literally, if he's "at the bar" doesn't means he's literally holding on to the fucking bar or got his cock out on it, fucking annoying cunt .

Автор Brenson ( назад)
Chael is the absolute master of unnecessarily drawn out stories

Автор Carlos Villalvazo ( назад)
In a real fight Jones would obviously obliterate Rockhold but in grappling idk...Luke has shown a great ground game in his fights

Автор Ricky T.P.B ( назад)
Why is Jon grappling middleweights. First Hendo, now Rockhold? Jon is bigger than those guys. Seems kinda unfair.

Автор FreeeeBeer ( назад)
Jones is awesome. He will submit Rockhold and will make it look easy.

Автор 11bravo1789 ( назад)
Thats not even a fair match jesus. Jones at heavyweight vs 190lb Henso

Автор Zachary Baker ( назад)
also not like he knew it was a pregnant lady. I bet you have been in an accident you don't just know who the damn person is. not saying it's okay but they make it sound worse and throw in that she was pregnant like he knew

Автор Zachary Baker ( назад)
he tested for an estrogen blocker because he was dumb and took a dick pill. that doesn't take away from his fights and skills

Автор Murray Herts ( назад)
Jones got in shape? he had a belly and looked soft

Автор Steve Carmen ( назад)
Fuck jon jones. he's such a POS and a major dueche. still can't get over the fact that even has fans left. even after testing positive, and ruining SEVERAL UFC events, costing the company millions, and on top of it all, hits a pregnant lady so hard it breaks her arm and he flees the scene. could've killed that poor ladies child and he doesn't even give a fuck. his apology was such BS.

Автор Ou7TLAwz ( назад)
Don't be surprised if rockhold wins..he's got the skills

Автор Daniel G ( назад)
Jones vs Rockhold gunna be a match for the ages.

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