Perpetual Motion Generator Applied To Car! Uses NO Gasoline!

The Wheel, Its time has come.

This prototype power generation wheel is put in motion by a common car battery. It then begins to generate electricity to power the automobile as well as recharge the battery that started the wheel in motion. The ingenious design allows the car to run without any gasoline or oil of any kind. No outside energy is required to maintain the generation of electricity. This model is designed for cars, however the same principle will be used for home power generation.

Those interested in helping promote the further research and development of this green energy source should contact K and M Engineering by email at kandmengineering@yahoo.com for further information.

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Автор ThomasTheSailor Chubby (5 месяцев)
Anytime they ask for donations, You know it's a scam. If it was real, You
wouldn't need donations. You just make one, sell it for a profit. Use
the profit to make two and sell them for a profit. and so on. In one
month you will be in full production and making a ton of money. DONATIONS
?? How about sell me that one ??

Автор Kyle Sund (5 месяцев)
Speedometer shot was done on a dynamo, not on the road. Cheeze.

Автор timm2020 (1 год)
I had a prototype for a perpetual motion car over five years ago. It can be
done, and has. However there are draw backs.

Автор Ricangal (2 года)
Is this man still alive? Scary what has happened to inventors who tried to
buck the system, you know?

Автор Anton Chigurh (1 год)
Yeah I have no plans to become rich from the idea. I just want to power my
own home. I have seen some stuff with monopole magnets. I will probably try
those out first.

Автор Robert Hunt IV (1 год)
i didn't do it, telsa did. it is a working hypothesis, but it has been
broken, so its not absolute. perpetual motion machines of the second kind
are being made, soon to be introduced to the public. i don't take the
burden of proof because i don't care if you believe me, i won't cite
anything, i'm just letting you know. you'll believe it when your neighbors
have free energy generators in their homes and cars won't you?

Автор supersizeme007 (2 года)
if you are telling the truth then what I have stated above will apply to
you also. dont let the media know, and dont patent it. the minute you do
everyone in the world will know and you wont be able to sell them. build
them and sell them in secret, dont give out your name, only sell them out
of state, and warn those who buy them to keep it secret. or give it to the
public for free, or sell the plans how to build one. you can make money you
just have to do it in secret. Jesus is God comming soon

Автор Frankiarmz (3 года)
That car requires over 100hp. This is a joke. His perpetual motion
generator will never supply 200volts and 48amp, that requires a lot of
torque.Good for a laugh!

Автор Robert Hunt IV (1 год)
like...? im doing serious research on perpetual motion/free energy, so if
you have any thing to aid me in it please reply and or send me a pm.

Автор Anton Chigurh (2 года)
I want to build one for personal use to power my home. Know anyone who will
teach me how to do it? when you are ready to tell, I want to know. Please.

Автор supersizeme007 (2 года)
Great another awsome free energy device invented that will never be allowed
on the market. Hello, dont you get it? the energy cartels, oil companies
and governments dont allow free energy devices to be mass produced or sold
to the public. I am sure you are finding this out by now. having problems
getting patents? encountering road blocks in your quest to get this
produced? there is only one way to get your product to the public, dont let
the media know, or anyone working for governmet.

Автор Tim Gentz (1 год)
your gas light is on, better get some gas! LOL

Автор LiamXaoh (2 года)
What brand of toaster was used to film this crap?

Автор JunonReeve (2 года)
... its called a patent... you should probably see about getting investors

Автор Anton Chigurh (1 год)
I am sorry that I am not as smart as you buddy. I am YouTube taught, blame

Автор supersizeme007 (1 год)
part 2 stan myer kept his invention to himself for the most part as no one
seems to have been able to re-create it. there are only three things that
can happen to the inventor who has something that would threaten the gas
fuel industry. you sell out and no one can reproduce it becaust of the
patent, your rich but we remain a slave to oil. you stop what you are doing
and give up on producing it out of fear of death. or you end up dead. no
one is going to be able to stop the greed. continued

Автор timm2020 (1 год)
I am still in research myself. I built a small mock up car to see if it
could be done. What I noticed is you would have to go at very high speeds
to get enough energy to charge batteries. I am now working on a new way of
making energy at slower speeds. I believe it can be done, I just have to
figure a way.

Автор RetardedBMXSyndrome (1 год)
fuck off lair

Автор nathan wimer (2 года)
$10 battery ??? I wanna know where hes buying his batteries damn it lol

Автор travis ryan (1 год)
this is mad old, throw that motor in a fiat instead of a 4000 lb steel
chasis and I bet it would work fine

Автор Nuno Penim (1 год)
I don't understand so much that subject, but I guess if you connect an
alternator to the transmission or to a wheel, you can generate energy at
slow speeds. BMW has a dynamic brake that charges the batery when you brake
(it will be aplied on BMW i3)

Автор jhanthony2 (1 год)
The best I can do is advise you to read a 10th grade physics book. Just the
first three chapters. It will keep you from wasting your time.

Автор jhanthony2 (1 год)
It's amazing that anyone ever falls for this horse crap.

Автор TheWarpedminds (2 года)
ive heard of hemp being used as a substitute for oil never really looked
into it all these things they could use instead of destroying our natural

Автор supersizeme007 (1 год)
you got it right

Автор anthony bucello (2 года)
Comment back when you have more of a scientific way for explaining that it
does not work. It was done before, and it is not in production because the
public will catch onto it thus decreasing supply and demand for the federal
government. Theres a reason why were in a war right now and its for the
oil. You live in fantasy world bro. Try looking behind closed doors.

Автор supersizeme007 (1 год)
part 5 most of us who study and experiment with magnets and pulsing coils
understand and believe this is the method to which free energy will be
acheived. every so often some one else gets someting to work and do we get
to use it ? sadly no. give it away now, to every one, tell us how to make
one, even if your not done yet. dont let the same thing happen to you. sure
get rich, but you can be the first to do what is right and allow the world
to have and use a new energy device. continued

Автор jhanthony2 (1 год)

Автор Robert Hunt IV (1 год)
how naive. since then i've made serious leaps and bounds in my research and
among some of the things i've learned, i've discovered that the 2nd law of
thermodynamics is not absolute and has been validly been refuted, among
other things, so my time has been anything but wasted. thank you for your
concern :)

Автор stuart meaden (2 года)
load of shit cant work we can all jack our cars off the floor and get them
up to speed and film the speedo the actual top speed was what you saw when
the car was setting off and it would only sustain that for a few hundred
yards. that is why you will never see this in production cos perpetual
motion cannot work unless there is no load on it at all

Автор Mickey Smith (2 года)
I have an electrical generator which has a 15,000 WATT output. It powers
itself. It doesn't need any type of fuel such as gasoline, diesel, propane,
natural gas, solar power, or aquatics. All it needs is an AC battery to
start it, and once it is started it keeps itself running. Most small houses
only need about 7,500 WATTS. My invention will power a whole house. The
applications are truly endless! I hope to one day to be able to give this
device to the poor not living near an electrical grid.

Автор Dv Kane (2 года)
now wait... you still have to buy the batteries right? and how do we charge
these batteries? by using fossil fuels usually. o.O

Автор lolahavasuaz (2 года)
manual powered exercise bike converted with a alternator to charge them ,
dumb ass ! what a f'n stupid comment . . . go away please

Автор Dv Kane (2 года)
um no that's actually not how we charge batteries you idiot. that's how we
COULD charge them.

Автор Michael Kaye (2 года)
Why is the suits face blocked out????

Автор jhanthony2 (1 год)
The YouTube education shows. There is no such thing as a monopole magnet.
It's a scam.

Автор ment2liv4mor (2 года)
I believe you. Way to go on this project. I'm trying to make the same
thing. Do you have a patent on it already that I can look up. I am truly
intrigued by your design.

Автор supersizeme007 (1 год)
I have seen it many times now, when some one actually gets something that
works, like lutec, humming bird, stan myer, and so on. stan was a believer
too but they killed him because he would not sell out to a oil company.
there is something we must and all inventors must understand, the
governments, oil companys, energy cartells, and even car manufactures are
all in bed together. buying all new energy tecknowledgies before they go on
the market. then it goes on a shelf in a valt some where.

Автор Adam Reeves (1 год)
10mph off a car battery is better than 60mph off a fueled car

Автор TheWarpedminds (2 года)
an interesting use of perpetual motion but really its electric car charged
by perpetual motion so in a way its not powered by perpetual motion at all.

Автор supersizeme007 (2 года)
just make them yourself or with trusted friends, and sell them one at a
time to people who dont know who you are. sell them in other states, under
a fake name, build them in a secret location, it all has to be kept hidden
from those who dont want it on the market. if you cant do that then your
only other choice is to give you design away to the public for free. or
sell the plans how to build one. we all want it but how can we get it? the
evil in the world wont allow it. I speek the truth.

Автор TheWarpedminds (2 года)
who cares

Автор supersizeme007 (1 год)
nothing is perpetual, even the stars eventually die. who cares if it is in
the catagory of perpetual motion. a battery turns the generator,and their
is enough power generated to push the vehicle and keep the battery charged,
what more would you want? dont have to by gas, use it to power your home
and dont have to buy electricity. clever? that's all you have to say?

Автор Anton Chigurh (1 год)

Автор jhanthony2 (1 год)
I'm naive? You are the naive one if you think I'm falling for your line of
bullshit for even one second. But like they say: one clumsy and ugly
demonstration will destroy any beautiful and elegant theory. So tell us all
about how you disproved law number 2. (I like my crow pie fresh, so I'm not
loading my shotgun until I see your proof.)

Автор yumri4 (1 год)
its just an electronic car those were invented by in the 19 teens but still
not perpetual energy. i do agree with him that it is "green energy" but not
infinite energy which perpetual energy means.

Автор kingmollohan (3 года)
This is amazing.

Автор supersizeme007 (1 год)
part 4 the only way the world will be able to bennifit from any new
inventions that takes money away from the rich is if it is shared as soon
as possible to all, it does not matter if it is patented or not. we must
all work on making these new energy devices that work and get them in use.
as of yet no one is willing to give their invention away, they wait to long
the evil that lives and rules in the minds of man once again prevents the
world from getting off oil.

Автор Tad Boulet (2 года)

Автор jhanthony2 (1 год)
Um-hm. Sounds to me like someone knows when his bluff has been called.

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