Top 20 Disturbing Moments in Kid Shows

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A lot of cartoons I grew up with were great, they were funny, exciting, and even really smart. However every now and then, even the simplest of cartoons can have that one dark moment, that one moment that had you and your friends traumatized and talking about it the next day. There are disturbing cartoons, then there are normal cartoons with disturbing moments. Today, I'm going to countdown the most disturbing moments in kid shows. Keep in mind that this is all opinion based and that I havent seen every episode of every kids show, so there might be a few that I've left out. With that being said, here are the top 20 disturbing moments in kid shows.

Cartoon Network is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner. The channel airs mainly animated programming, ranging from action to animated comedy. It was launched on October 1, 1992.

It is primarily aimed at children and teenagers between the ages of 7–15, and also targets older teens and adults with mature content during its late night daypart Adult Swim, which is treated as a separate entity for promotional purposes and as a separate channel by Nielsen for ratings purposes.[1] A Spanish language audio track for select programs is accessible via SAP; some cable and satellite companies offer the Spanish feed as a separate channel.

As of August 2013, Cartoon Network is available to approximately 98,671,000 pay television households (86.4% of households with television) in the United States

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Автор Amadeus Teti ( назад)
it's the words through the transition

Автор Amadeus Teti ( назад)
your not perfect

Автор King of fallout 3 ( назад)
well that was disturbing

Автор omegaXXIV ( назад)
I remember seeing those episodes of Billy and Mandy and Spongebob and I thought they were hilarious. That's what a butterfly actually looks like, after all! Now that episode of Dragonball on the other hand, that was the first time I've seen it and I definitely found it disturbing.

Автор Sir Potato ( назад)
that spy cat show where the spy cat goy eaten by a squid

Автор P̷͚̕a̵͓̐n̴̤͛c̶͙͋ä̸́͜k̷̪̚e̴̻͠ P̴̹͝ǫ̶̆w̵̝̆e̴̼͌ŕ̷̝ ( назад)
Those filters are so fucking annoying.

Автор HeavyWeaponsBellic ( назад)
This is trying so hard to be creepy its fucking cringe

Автор Melanie Delgado ( назад)
we probably didn't think it was creepy because at the time we were like 10 but for 2 year olds is creepy and scary

Автор Yui Rio Pinkamena ( назад)
As soon as I heard Cupcakes my instant reaction, "NOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Автор owen veon ( назад)
4-kids they can have people be green and show red bones but guns in anime NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Автор Cybotic Grid ( назад)
If You Put Captions The Character with the countdown It's Like "if Your Finally" And It's Says The Name Backwords.

Автор Owenboy360 ( назад)
This is the video that made me a Brony, somehow?

Автор Nap Stablook ( назад)
Sleep is for the weak

Автор BiGGBoi500 0 ( назад)
2:10-2:15 Vietnam flashbacks

Автор Monday's Suck ( назад)
How tf was the spongebob episode "Wormy" disturbing it was actually funny for me as a kid😂😂

Автор Evan Bozick ( назад)

Автор Kamakazi Pig ( назад)
There's a theory that Arnold's grandparents are actually his parents.

Автор Marlon Torres ( назад)
The dummy thing is stupid but the rest of the video is awesome

Автор Jaden Thompson ( назад)
When I saw the party of one episode written by Meghan McCarthy I freaked out

Автор Dreams Factory ( назад)
Anyone remember the Mr. Meaty episode when a girl lost her nose and Parker and Josh burn the nose, and this nose look so nasty and real?

Автор unknown Wonder ( назад)
Most of these are kinda creepy just because of editing. I'm not impressed.😤

Автор McKayla Your average EMT ( назад)
I was too scared to put this video in full screen!! It's 2:30 am

Автор Zebra Boy ( назад)
Top 20 Scariest blameitonjorge Videos

Автор FnafCraft 17 ( назад)
7:12 reminds me of the same thing Ennard did to Michal in Sister Location

Автор LiquidFox ( назад)
At the Ren and Stimpy part, right after "That's what I'm gonna do", I had to pause the video, and I went to hit the button on my earbuds to play it, and megalovania 8-bit started playing 😂

Автор Lonley Emo ( назад)
TAWOG The Grieving

Автор The Misguided Angel of Death ( назад)
The future episode with Him was far more disturbing then Tough Love

Автор Diaper Fang ( назад)
in the transitions what is he saying

Автор Jack The furry wolf ( назад)
The weird reverse on the count downs sounds like we're for finally. That's disturbing

Автор TappedOut Videos ( назад)
i used to watch flapjack when i was a kid

Автор Keke Gymnast ( назад)

Автор Rainbow Crash ( назад)
That's my favorite MLP episode!!!

Автор Sean Miguel ( назад)
What's the name of the song in the beginning when Emmett fredy is talking

Автор Derpy Hooves ( назад)
IM SO ANGRY aka ren and stimpy was my favorite and I love it
Also it's kunuckles but spelled knuckles
Also who let the cat out the old bags house is scary to I agree

Автор King Damien ( назад)
The transition sounds like "Ever finally'' to me

Автор Ethan Helms ( назад)
I'm not Tommy isn't scary at all...

Автор Maricela Tobon ( назад)
I watched party of one and almost all of my childhood got ruined

Автор carlos sorto ( назад)
that cat is creepy

Автор Ken Burns ( назад)
Honestly, Ive never been entirely convinced that Ren and Stimpy is supposed to be a kids cartoon. Ren's breakdowns when stimpy does something stupid tend to be a little too raw and visceral to appeal to kids, and WAY too many of the jokes have a decidedly adult target audience. There's the infamous episode where they're door to door rubber nipple salesmen, and a guy asks if they have any rubber walrus protectors, then pulls out his walrus, who begs Ren and Stimpy to call the police. There's so many layers of wrong to that one, and a kid would miss every one.

Автор Aidan Davenport ( назад)
max and ruby 0004

Автор The Otaku Bitch ( назад)
Ren and Stimpy...this is my favorite episode

Автор Dragonclaw 2001 ( назад)
I literally pissed myself after I saw the Imperfect Cell scene when it first aired. Nice going, Japan. You ruined my childhood.

Автор Julie Hibbard ( назад)
#### you i like pokemon

Автор angeligaming123 8 ( назад)
what was that when it transitioned numbers

Автор Grace Beattie ( назад)
spongebob! creepy? r u kidding me?
spongebob is just annoying.

Автор Carlene Cargill ( назад)
I wish he didn't static the whole video

Автор epic amazing shocking covers ( назад)
calm down with the effects

Автор Special Agent Washing Tub ( назад)
Also, why are people hating on the choice of MLP in this? It's a kid's show, like every other show on this list!

Автор Special Agent Washing Tub ( назад)
As of 18, I'm starting to think you'd make a good voice actor.

Автор //Mar Mar\\ ( назад)
I fucking love Candle Cove
Does anyone remember that show?


Автор shrek green ( назад)
leave a like if u think shrek is beast

Автор Bryce Bayles ( назад)
whos whaching this 2017

Автор GoldenAlly2019 ( назад)
the only thing really giving me chills is that damn puppet every transition to the next topic.

Автор Onyx ! ( назад)
I'm not scared yolo

Автор Mashy PolarZ ( назад)
the billy and mandy one was not scary
it was hot

Автор Koopa troopa original ( назад)
My little pony my little pony
Skinny and Bonney
Tripped on a wire
Fell in a fire
No little pony today yay!!

Автор Sora655 ( назад)
the only disturbing thing about this list is the effects

Автор Tim G ( назад)
after the faces started floating from goosebumps...my door wobbled a little from the wind coming from the window...i literally thought it was them...coming to get me...i almost had a heart attack...

Автор RedCreeper ( назад)
whos watching this s a kid?

Автор Dank meme Dealer ( назад)
Courage the couly dog gave me night mares

Автор Chief Wower ( назад)
When it switches and shows the numbers it sounds like it says "she'll never find a way"

Автор Golden Will ( назад)
the Tom and Jerry ending was actually the episode where they chase a baby 😡🐱

Автор A Lucky Feelin Punk ( назад)
You guys in the comments section need to realize it doesn't say, "Scary," it says, "Disturbing."

Автор llama girl01 ( назад)
lol remember all these shows and moments lol wish I was 5-6 6-7 agian but now I'm 19 omg

Автор Makavity Jr ( назад)
boi, ren & stimpy is disturbing af

Автор breadstick Alduin ( назад)
21:54 i really want to be cell now!!!!

Автор XxGalaxy DemonxX ( назад)
do they still show flapjakes
that scared the crap out of me

Автор HARAMBE ( назад)

Автор Minecraft Gaming - and more! ( назад)
Pinkie is sooooo cute to me

Автор Ashley Wright ( назад)
I saw that my little pony episode but I didn't get too scared

Автор Iron cat Gaming ( назад)
20 it was 10 wtf

Автор bartu yavuz ( назад)
please tell me the name of 0:49 PLEASE!!!!!! I've been searching it for years

Автор Nero Anims ( назад)
I cant figure out what that puppet is saying

Автор Mike The Magic Man ( назад)
I loved Mr. meaty.

Автор Desiree Santos ( назад)
I was terrified of that lobster thing in Power Puff Girls

Автор Canadian Soldier Mawakeesick ( назад)
More Like scary this scare's me

Автор Angry Chihuahua ( назад)
Usually these never scared me up as a kid but a few years ago I watched a rerun of Courage the Cowardly Dog (King Ramsey's Curse) and that MESSED ME UP.

Автор goldrangergaming reviews and playthroughs ( назад)
u forgot something dude. the captain from the SpongeBob Truth or Square opening sequence, which was in the nightmares of many ( myself included) for several years)

Автор Platy02 Platy02 ( назад)
I watch the Show with the dog(Nr 1) as i was 3 years old. Hard but true

Автор matty tee ( назад)
I mean did we really need to have Goosebumps in this list we already knew that  show was made to frighten people in all honesty though I really don't think that should've even been a kids in the first place

Автор The Baka Otaku ( назад)
16:03 is basically me dealing with ppl at school

Автор Anime Aj Lps Productions ( назад)
For number two my sister and I own a disk with the episode on it, ITS FREAKING WEIRD

Автор MrEpicFace ( назад)
#4 was personally the scariest in my opinion

Автор B K ( назад)
What's the music he used in the video?

Автор Candy 39 ( назад)
The fear finally

Автор Diamond Wolf Gamer ( назад)
....Finaly..... 😱😨😰😱😨😰

Автор Black Star ( назад)
It's Stay OUT OF the Basement and The HAUNTED Mask

Автор Fnafgirl 14 ( назад)
Tom and Jerry fucked me up bad I am one messed up teen thanks to that episode

Автор Mcintough ( назад)
The spongebob one was funny though! Shouldnt have been on is list. But hey! Still a good list otherwise

Автор Katelyn Productions Apmhau ( назад)
This ruined Tom and Jerry for me ;(

Автор Katelyn Productions Apmhau ( назад)
5:06 I have seen that episode on TV it was weird af

Автор Dylan Oh-Criner ( назад)
that cat gave me a fucking heart attack

Автор Team EKSO ( назад)
I love avatar the last air bender and mlp :(

Автор ImAVaultBoy ( назад)
What the crap was that

Автор Keshawn Morris ( назад)
when it changed numbers

Автор Willy.P ( назад)
my eyes

Автор Memes 4life ( назад)
The dragon ball z one he just added scary background theme

Автор Pastels Kitties ( назад)
OMG I LOVE SLAPPY SENPAI NOTICE ME!!!! he so kawaii...!!!!

Автор Henry Stanley ( назад)
And don't get me started on the Dark Ocean from Digimon...

Автор Henry Stanley ( назад)
The Lion and Bear from Teletubbies scarred me for life...

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