Franz Josef Glacier freezing pool swim

Taking the plunge in a glacial pool on the Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand. Temperature is approx 2°C

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Автор TheSunflowerer ( назад)
Yea glacial pool swim and sucked in by a crevice vacuum that could appear
any time.

Автор Alex Bevan ( назад)
Before: 8===D After: 8=D

Автор Area Qapaaq ( назад)
@juliuslagerlf Sweden is Awesomesause.

Автор Survivorguy74800 ( назад)
That was tough :D I know how these waters are cold, you are tough :D

Автор 24onepiece ( назад)
lol thats like -50 C

Автор factipul ( назад)
That must be damn cold!

Автор Lev Khay ( назад)
thought first it was a thermal source or something but then.. crazy xD

Автор onthetableproduction ( назад)
and now the hypothermia comes in then kills you!

Автор MastaRikta ( назад)
Meh, not that cold.

Автор hmoobsoldier95 ( назад)
nice dude

Автор Taylor Shirriffs ( назад)

Автор Paul Lajos ( назад)
That takes guts! How old were U? paul

Автор Jolinator ( назад)
"Yeh Bro Its Fucking Cold!"

Автор AJC7099 ( назад)
this is stupid ?? duhhhh?? ♥ byeee ??? ♥

Автор rupaht ( назад)
nice thats so cool !!

Автор Muz (562 года назад)
i get cold looking at this lol

Автор kenhomhotwok ( назад)
that's more than i could handle - i just got someone to hold my legs and
went for the head plunge. nothing better to help cool off! awesome fun.

Автор kenhomhotwok ( назад)
ever heard of a warm, dry change of clothes in a tourist trap?

Автор kenhomhotwok ( назад)
crampons, idiot. it's not easy walking on ice...

Автор Superman516 (182 года назад)
that wont kill ya i see em do it all the time on discovery channel

Автор wweholics ( назад)
lmao boots?

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