~Gibson ES 355 replica, China

350.00 w case.

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Автор joe guy ( назад)
got it on I-offer if that helps. don't remember the supplier. took about
three weeks to arrive.

Автор BeatlemaniaPAUL ( назад)
Joe, which supplier and white site had this. Let me know. Looking for a
cherry 355 copy to give mine a break. 

Автор joe guy ( назад)
it certainly doesn't resemble a genuine '59 kieth Richard model, however,
it does look like the Gibson 2011 reissue. and a lot like the new epiphone
model. the bigsby is crappy; won't last long, i'll replace it with the real
deal. but after over a year; I have no complaints about the instrument for
the price. of course, i'd rather have a heritage guitar- who wouldn't. I
still recommend these for novice or comeback players.

Автор Harry Dickus ( назад)
Actually, there are many give aways it's a fake. When you own a real one
you know. The serial number is not that predominant on a real one, the
Bigsby is not a real Bigsby.

Автор rian settles ( назад)
no shit bro.im so sick of people saying these things are on par with
gibsons.its ridiculous.these guitars are made for posers that bitch about
gibson prices.so the solution is to buy a piece of crap counterfiet and
pretend they have a real gibson.bitch about gibson but you just have to
have that logo.just as good as the real ones my ass

Автор rian settles ( назад)
no doubt.sick of these fuckin fakes turning up.they suck.once the novelty
wears off you realize how crappy these things are

Автор joe guy (1615 лет назад)
I think the newer ones have a 2 screw truss rod cover. I am satisfied with
the instrument. I got it through, 'I-offer.'

Автор lynton3 ( назад)
I am thinking of buying one of these. How does it play & sound? Would I
need to change the pick ups & any other stuff. It looks a great copy, the
only give away is the 3 screws on the trussrod cover as apposed to two on
the genuine Gibson. Also is there a trussrod in there at all. I've heard
that some don't even have one. I have been also looking at the 1960 Black
Beauty Les Paul they make too. Are these from China through DHGate website?
From Beijing guitars ?

Автор lynton3 ( назад)
Are you asthmatic or is this a dirty video for guitarists? 

Автор Em Alaihem ( назад)
Which supplier did you get this one from? Thinking of having one.

Автор TrekToTrango ( назад)
if I could buy a beautiful USA Gibson LP Supreme for $1500......would I
have even looked at buying a fake? The answer is no, I would have just
saved longer, but it's really down to these being very difficult times for
a lot of people....not just me....it would have taken me years to save
$4000 for Gibson USA.....sorry that is just a fact!

Автор TrekToTrango ( назад)
The same Gibson LP Supreme Cherry Sunburst made in USA is $4000 dollars,
yes I have to spend $200 more on pickups and pots on the China made
Gibson----ok--- so now I'm at $600 for my stellar supreme....let's see
$4000-$600= $3400 is Gibsons USA guitar worth 7 more of China's fake
Gibson's.....not just no----but hell no!

Автор TrekToTrango ( назад)
Because of Gibson (like many USA manufactures) because of sheer greed have
completely priced me out of their market, the LP Supreme I bought from
China is highly figured wood----Gibson USA for their cost of $40 more in a
figured wood upgrade want to charge $2000 more.....is that
greedy....yes....it's taking advantage because of their famous brand....so
go ahead keep buying from China cuz only then will the blood sucking USA
Gibson finally get their prices down to where we can afford it!

Автор TrekToTrango ( назад)
It's just a question of dollars and cents....I bought a Chinese Gibson LP
Supreme Cherry sunburst with a hard-shell case for $400 shipped to my door,
have I bought real USA Gibsons before, yes twice and my 1979 Gibson Les
Paul Custom Cherry Sunburst's neck fell out of the set slot 2 weeks after I
bought it, all the gold wore off the bridge, tailpiece, tuners pickup
covers in a matter of months, the reality is I have wanted another Les Paul
for 25years but freaking Gibson and their greed!

Автор Paul Evans ( назад)
I can't believe so many people want to buy fakes. You are sending money to
criminals who dont just fake guitars but smuggle drugs and are involved in
child prostitution. The people who sell these fakes don't just stick to one
crime. I would spot that as a fake a mile away. The scratchplate shouldnt
have a screw in it. OMG How thick is that binding. I know Gibsons cost a
lot but they have one piece necks and are quality. Buy an Epiphone. Made in
China or Korea legally. DONT FUND CRIME

Автор joe guy ( назад)
this is really a copy of a gibson 2011, 1955 es355 reissue, which appears
on their website for 4500.00, i think. the 1959 headstock was like a les
paul custom, but, a genuine 1959 es 355 had a heavier bigsby tremelo, which
can be seen on keith richard's personal model.

Автор Squazzoo68 ( назад)
Do it! i just got one and its awesome! The only thig you'll probably have
to change out will be the pickups and maybe the tuners. otherwise, mine is
a really well built guitar. i show the people the pic of the real Slash
appetite Les Paul and they can't belive it! Alos is it customary for a 355
to come with a LP custom style headstock? I dont know I'm not familiar

Автор joe guy ( назад)
it appears on the genuine Gibson ES355 reissue. This is a very good copy.
I've played the ax for a year now; with no complaints. Of course; I'd
rather have the real deal, who wouldn't? But, pricewise, you will not find
a better one at any of the big music houses.

Автор gwugluud 77 ( назад)
Some even put that Custom diamond on a Flying V ! xD...I've got the BB King
reissue in purple. All I had to do was take it in and have the rod tweaked
for minor fret buzz. Best deal I ever made!

Автор Joshua Hawkins ( назад)
You breath heavily but the Guitar is nice for a copy

Автор joe guy ( назад)
if that happens; i'll replace the tailpiece. i hardly use it. mostly in the
off position.

Автор Davesintexas ( назад)
Hey, Just be aware that their Bigsbys are very prone to pull right out of
the body of the guitar...I mean pull right out when your playing. I was
warned by the guy I buiy from over there to stay away from those for
sure..Course he then turned around and sent me a real junker.,You might
want to check the setup on yours carefully before it may happen. 

Автор joe guy ( назад)
i agree. a copy of a 59 es355 ifor 350.00 is a lot to ask. But, they
delivered an instrument that is worth the 150.00 upgrade to artist pickups.
I still say; you will not find a better 335 or 355 copy at this price from
the big music houses. I am considering buing their Slash les paul appetie
for destruction model.

Автор heinzdziurowitz ( назад)
Traded for a 335 fibson on craigslist. Guy brought it over and was really
surprised at how nice it was, ice tea sunburst, '59 style dot neck. Needed
a fret level and new pickups (the epi pickups in it didn't sound bad but
the neck was a little muddy) but was easy to make it into a real player.
With what I traded plus new pickups it's a very nice $350 investment. I do
own 3 real Gibsons, this fake isn't near the quality but is something I can
gig with without worry. 

Автор joe guy ( назад)
the tremolo is the weakest part of the instrument. although it resembles
the ones used on the 2011 reissue; it doesn't compare to the original 59
bigsby. nonetheless; it serves the purpose well. i'm not a big vibrato guy;
so i hardly use it. i got it because it came with the es355 model; and was
cheaper than putting one on later. also; the gold on the hardware is
staying on- a good sign. i have no regrets or complaints.

Автор PixxyLixxx ( назад)
Looks great! How's the tremolo been for you? I would think adding a roller
bridge would go a long way in making the trem stay in tune.

Автор Paul ( назад)
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(to whom)))) interesting, the address. Through me You get the good
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Автор joe guy ( назад)
@brooksvilleguy look- i'm not trying, in any way, to suggest these Chink
knockoffs approach the original. however, i will say. they are hard to beat
fror the price. it does satisfy my urge. whatever you may think.

Автор joe guy ( назад)
@beatlespaz no, it has a slim neck. feels like a 60's melody maker; very

Автор Robbie Cadwell ( назад)
Does this have the fat neck? I just got mine yesterday and its got the fat
neck on it and I love it. 

Автор besamemucho5 ( назад)
@daviegarden you could be mean if you wanted too huh?...but give the
chinese a few years and they will make gibsons just as good as the ones we
make here except cheaper ...and they will sell them at wal-mart.....look
around and see how many things you have are made in china....even the
american flag is made in china ...just look at the label!!!...as we speak
the gibson co. is looking at the possibility of making the guitars in china
...can you imagine the profit? sell a $200 guitar for $2500

Автор joe guy ( назад)
@daviegarden i'm sorry, i'm really a trumpet player, and i own a 1973
getzen eterna 900s, doc severinsen model, in brand new condition, i've had
it refurbished by getxen over the years. i never felt a need for a new one.
i can't believe the scarcety of band instruments, or even guitars and
drums, made in usa, chalk it off to the nafta trade agreement.

Автор joe guy ( назад)
@daviegarden i'm glad i choose a black one; though. i seen a tobacco burst
that did look cheap.

Автор joe guy ( назад)
@daviegarden To my mind; Gibson Les Pauls, or even ES models, was already
an antiquated technology, much like Poloroid cmeras, even before they were
released. The Les Paul model was not successfull upon it's immediate
release, and certainly not until the, 'burst,' model. There were only about
3000 Les Pauls made between 1956=60; and production was shut down. These
are the truly, 'collectable,". The finish on the old models were a work of
art. Even the Nashville models don't compare. 

Автор joe guy ( назад)
@daviegarden I got stung on a Chinese trumpet a couple years ago; which
looked good in pictures; but had valve springs to thin to be playable. I
would have been the last one to try these. But, there really is no Gibson
guitar anymore; and these old designs are mostly of antique value. The old
guys from Kalamazoo have either died or retired. There are now other makers
of archtops; but not in this price range. exceeds expectations.

Автор joe guy ( назад)
@daviegarden Dave, I've always enjoyed your playing, and you certainly know
guitars better than I; but do you really not think this is pretty decent at
this price? Of course it's not a genuine 59 ES355; but I think it's as good
as the current Epi dot, or Epi Casino; and less expensive than the bottom
line at the big music houses. The neck is slim; the pickups are Epiphone.
The three truss rod screws indicate this is probably ean Epiphone guitar;
with a modified headstock. Comments?

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