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Compare a FAKE Chinese ES 355 to a REAL Chinese Epi ES 339 ULTRA
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A DIRECT comparison from Chord to Chord ONE Right after the Other...First the 355 E then the 339 E and so on and so on..I think this may surprise...
Chinese Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty
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Ebony fretboard
Gibson ES-335 Copy testdrive
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SOLD! This is another video of a guitar that I'm selling right now. Plays great, looks great, sounds great but hey there's only so much you can...
Chinese Gibson Les Paul Standard Video Review #2 Follow-Up & Upgrades
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Review of a fake Gibson Les Paul Gold Top from "Dave" on the site TradeTang
Re-Creating A Legend: The Eric Clapton Crossroads Gibson 335
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I found this video from here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4764707652331081865 Not intending to plagiarize! I just couldn't believe...
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From time-to-time I take these replicas out of circulation. As always, I make the guitar very interesting for my customer. This particular guitar...
www.guitarrasdachina.com.br Gibson ES 335 Cherry replica chinesa vermelha
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www.guitarrasdachina.com.br .... Encontre esse modelo e diversos outros mais Só Aqui você compra com 100% de segurança, não caia em golpes de sites...
Gibson LP 58 Custom China drive
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Gibson les paul Slash made in China demo_0001.wmv
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Video de demonstração da guitarra gibson les paul slash signature made in china, detalhes de construção, acabamento e timbres clean e drive.
Chinese PRS Copy Clone Fake vs USA PRS vs SE PRS vs Dean Hardtail Shootout!
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In this video I take a Chinese PRS Custom 24 replica vs USA PRS Blue Crab Blue Custom 24 vs PRS SE Custom 24 vs a Dean USA Hardtail. For the clean...
Chinese Replica Fender Stratocaster
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*Note: Don't bother being an idiot and getting into flame wars on here, since no one will ever see it before it's removed. I've already had to...
Chinese TradeTang Gretsch White Falcon / Brian Setzer 6120 Style Guitar
Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг РейтингРейтинг
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Pics of how the Gretsch style guitar arrived, a short video clip of Mike Tarr, from Ebbw Vale, maker of hand made guitars, playing it unplugged...
Gibson Les Paul China Walkways
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Two Gibson Les Paul chinese replica , the Jimi Page signature and the Slash signature, with no modifications .. I don´t change anything... the...
The Doug and Pat Show compare Gibson ES 335's
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Doug and Pat take time out of their busy lives to compare four Gibson ES 335's ranging from 1959 to 2006. Per usual, a chock full of tone, wit and...
Gibson L5 Custom Made in China
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Mimosa by Mantr
A Chinese Gibson copy plugged in guitar solo Vol 3 - new pickups JB & Jazz
Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг 
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Download a copy of the song at http://www.davidgoodland.net (backing track also now available on my site) Unboxing video -...
Martin D45 China Test
Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг 
Просмотров: 105733
this is only a little test of Martin D45 China Replica. I used the neumann tlm 103 with mr816 by steinberg no equalizer, no compression , only a...
gibson les paul from china
Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг 
Просмотров: 7888
this is the guitar from china originaly withe .... I changed all parts , they are now all original from gibson shops . I changed the pickups they...
TESTING MY NEW ES-335 CLONE (#2) ( I cant believe it is not a Gibson!) Andres Aybar Master
Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг 
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With this backing track i am testing the sound for playing Carlos Santana tunes. This time with the instrumental song "EUROPA". This guitar gives...
Epiphone with Burstbuckers; the cheaper Gibson?!
Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг 
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One of the recurring points made in the comments on the Epi vs Gibson Les Paul video is that you can take an Epiphone Les Paul, replace the pickups...
Gibson LP Supreme (China)
Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг 
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Копия Gibson LP Supreme, усилитель GSV клон JCM800. Играет А. Пассек
Max Guitar - Flametone Classic '59 vs Burstbucker Pickups
Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг 
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Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maxguitarstore Flametone Pickups:...
How to spot a fake Gibson Les Paul guitar
Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг 
Просмотров: 51050
How to spot a fake Gibson Les Paul guitar. Some of the fakes are pretty good quality and are fraction of the normal price.
2009 Gibson ES-355 Custom Shop Part1
Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг 
Просмотров: 16549
Korg Pitch-Black Tuner Okko Diablo Z-Cat Delay-Reverb (Reverb off) Amp: 1963 Fender Vibroverb (original vintage amp) www.gregorhilden.de Backing...
Gibson vs China Gibsun
Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг Рейтинг 
Просмотров: 54721

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