PS2 Memory Card Mod

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Автор born 2 biscuit (2 года)
Do you realize how nasally and whiney your voice is. Stop it.

Автор joemdoo454 (2 года)
Its stupid to put a game system in a closed area like that. it damages it.
it needs to vent. take care of your ps2 or give me it and i will find it a
loving home >=(

Автор TMNT39 (4 года)
i did that like a year ago lol. its a fun little thing 2 do anyways :)

Автор mariothehedgehog100 (2 года)

Автор guam beast (2 года)
your a gayass fag u know that showoff

Автор Hamzzzy Osborn (1 год)
dont waste my fucking precious time ..A HOLE ...and dont waste yours son of
a ................

Автор AnthonyTheAwesome500 (2 года)
pointless video. serves no purpose. delete it -__-

Автор TheLameTechGuy (1 год)
wow because a ps2 is so expensive and gets so hot. Let me touch it. Oh shit
its on fire.

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