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Brood War Cinematics / ingame vids.
Diablo 3: Cinematic Trailer HD
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Blizzard's cinematic trailer for the new Diablo III class, the Demon Hunter.


Автор Keiz Hardy (16 дней)
Looks more like the Bounty Hunter game.

Автор Georg Wilde (2 месяца)
Yes i see. The gift of the warrior is nice bubble butt :-)))

Автор ChrizManiac (1 день)

Автор Joshua DelaCruz (12 дней)
It's a shame that this never been released :/

Автор Captain Harris (23 дня)
"Coming 2003..." over ten years later.............

Автор MrMason (3 месяца)
Hey if you dont mind im going to link this vid in my video Ill be putting
up soon about SC: Ghost. Id love if you checked it out and gave it a

Автор Manuel Diaz (2 месяца)
Really dont lie to me,you clicked on the video by the big ass in the image

Автор adventfear (3 месяца)
I REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLY hope they take a look at what they could
have had and make the damn game.

Автор max zou (1 месяц)
wow wierd how i have never herd of this game

Автор TheD736 (4 месяца)
i dont understand why they didnt make this. did they just not want profits?

Автор Sabre Epsilon (1 месяц)
Since when did Optimus Prime become a Terran ?

Автор sinanr86 (24 дня)
The only game that Blizzard failed at.

Автор Antonio Golubovic (1 месяц)
balance is a fool's master 

Автор Sivertop (3 месяца)
they dont want to continue this project because its to bad for
blizzard-games and i dont think this one will come out in the next 12 years
too its just outdated and when they rework on it this will be to expensive
for such an project

Автор Lucky Tangle (4 месяца)

Автор Jarrin Derricks (1 месяц)
Should say "Coming Fucking NEVER"

Автор Redfox Bennaton (2 месяца)
It looks like metroid.

Автор Christopher Hanssen (18 дней)
That is Peter Cullen doing the narrating. Well it's been 11 and the game is
not out. I wish it did came out. I will be playing it.

Автор Formiga Gamer (4 месяца)

Автор Niru-Kun (1 месяц)
I don't want to be a Ghost. I want to be an SCV.

Автор Alice Oncler (4 месяца)
can't wait for 2003

Автор Navhkrin (9 месяцев)
Crysis 3 was nice one. Also get brains, this is a cancelled project from

Автор LuiBei1994 (9 месяцев)
the gameplay looks pretty poor

Автор Ghidorah co (11 месяцев)
They cancelled it because blizzard had so many games to work on like I
think they were doing a WOW update A new Diablo game at the time Plus there
was Starcraft 2

Автор jeff wei (9 месяцев)
I can't wait until this game comes out in 2003!

Автор Ensar Meco (10 месяцев)
This game would own games released nowadays.... FFS blizzard release the
big shit

Автор garles75 (10 месяцев)
Everybody came for that ass.

Автор Ran Xie (1 год)
Wouldn't be surprised to see someone recreate StarCraft Ghost using the Map
Editor of SC2. Could work.

Автор MalzraAirwynn (1 год)
Well, at least we got a couple of good novels and a manga series out of it,
and Nova's appearances in SC 2 at least show they haven't totally forgotten
about her.

Автор Jacpac (11 месяцев)
Well for a game 10 years old it doesn't

Автор Black Mammoth (11 месяцев)
"Coming 2003 from Blizzard Entertainment..." ...And two years after that is
the time period for Transformers: The Movie (1987)! LULZ!

Автор Le Tuan Nghia (6 месяцев)

Автор Roman S (9 месяцев)
Let me guess, you like games like crysis 3, far cry 3 and other

Автор Roman S (9 месяцев)
Re-read the commented post please. And no, all modern fps are the same,
especially if multi platformed. Nothing really new.

Автор Navhkrin (9 месяцев)
If you ask me its fine for 2002

Автор PANZERDRIVER1 (11 месяцев)
Wish they would remake this can and put it out.

Автор Станислав Николаев (10 месяцев)
tomb raider...

Автор RoamingCreations (1 год)
They aren't daggers

Автор Lazoo23 (10 месяцев)
The game just didn't look fun at all. Looked very generic even for it's
time. I remember seeing video with my copy of WoW and I wasn't really blown
away by it. It looked like a 3D platformer with poor TPS combat. It's just
as well they "cancelled" it but Blizzard actually have it on hold. This is
most likely due to the pressure to make SC2 and have it tie in with the
lore of Ghosts after SC2 is finished(Including Nova). Also, it was for
consoles and not PC as far as I know which was a bad move.

Автор Robert Binary (11 месяцев)
One Blizzard game that I actually would have liked to play. Certainly not
bad graphics for that console era. The Xbox did pretty amazing stuff with
its 733MHz Pentium III and 64MB Nvidia. Completely blew away the
competition those days. Gameplay is where is matters most anyway but I'd
buy Ghost today even if it looked like this.

Автор Rocky Dang (1 год)
she got a nice butt..

Автор Andrea Drake (8 месяцев)
Hope someday we'll see this game

Автор DoubleRipple (10 месяцев)
I can hear Megatron screaming after watching the trailer. PRIIIIIIME!

Автор lilljoniz (11 месяцев)
but really it looked fantastic since it was from 2002

Автор Nahuel Pablo (9 месяцев)
starcraft ass trailer

Автор yg song (10 месяцев)
so why was it scrapped?

Автор Ramazan Tekin (1 год)
tomb raider in space... what the hell was blizzard thinking back then? btw
in 1:07, is she holding illidan's daggers?

Автор Charles Marques (6 месяцев)
I see, it is unplayable then. This explains a lot. So it doesn't matter if
I can find it, I won't have fun playing it... a pity. Well, thanks for

Автор Luke Weber (5 месяцев)

Автор gimilkhad16 (1 год)

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