Inside Paris Hiltons home

inside Paris Hilton access hollywood

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Автор Wade White ( назад)
Yes I am real!

Автор Wade White ( назад)
That might be it in a nut shell. too much a like, hmm!

Автор Wade White ( назад)
At times people are too much a like.

Автор raduthebest1001 ( назад)
No one is special,she is made from the same shit as everybody else,she has
2 eyes,2 legs,2 arms,so why is she special?because of all the money?that
makes you special?Wake up!

Автор raduthebest1001 ( назад)
if you are serious about this,you are dead.but i'm going to help you,you
don't need this,screw money,screw material possesions.

Автор cat77one ( назад)
I agree. Why doesnt she give some of that stuff that she can not take with
her to the poor. She could give about 1/2 of that shoe closet to a sales
person and donate that to the poor. Jesus help her. I pray that He opens
her eyes to see that it is not necessary to have all of that. No one is
saying being wealthy is wrong but to just have to that excess is definitely
wrong. And that is not my judgement that comes from Jesus.

Автор Aruzhan Akhylbekova (1762 года назад)
Oh god she is so spoiled.....

Автор joanne grande ( назад)
she has so many shoes because she is so rich! has she ever dreamed how is
to to be poor? i don't think so!!!

Автор Lumen Lumeno ( назад)
Nice otherwise, but who puts their own pictures on the wall? 

Автор iben ( назад)
omg, i would give everything for a house that...

Автор GodessOfTheForest (1133 года назад)

Автор Aon Lazio ( назад)
Who is this bitch? She seems stupid. 

Автор mufffin777 ( назад)
pictures of herself al over her room...creepy LOL

Автор hotlatinjock ( назад)
@oldladynumber3 With the education in the world, no one will ever have a
more awesome life then hers, so get your education and have a boring life
:)~ LOL 

Автор Jessi L3Tt3 ( назад)
What? I love shoes. Lol

Автор MultiBrados ( назад)
@Proudmommi2011 ??

Автор iamcrazziee ( назад)
@oldladynumber3 i agree what if for some reason one day she loses
everything her money, her reputation, and home? What would she do? She
might as well get a decent education right now while she can. I know she
can afford it. 

Автор oldladynumber3 ( назад)
she ought to focus on things money cannot buy such as an education and good
reputation like her cousin Farrah. Wisdom is priceless. All that junk is
going to fade away as well as her young dormant looking face. Sadly time
will not shrink her size 11 feet those are hers forever. Never too late for
a positive turn. Wake up Paris1!

Автор oldladynumber3 ( назад)
dosent sound like royal feet,sounds more like Cinderellas step sisters

Автор baldev sood ( назад)
good interests but one

Автор Jessi L3Tt3 ( назад)
Mmmmmm shoeeees.

Автор Natasha Newman ( назад)
i just dyed inside! love!!! <3

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