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Автор A fudgy apple (1 год)
I Agree it may not be the best tutorial but i still made $42,000 off of
it.... lol

Автор TheDct88 (3 месяца)
had to laugh at the marker pen cross-hairs on the screen

Автор A fudgy apple (1 год)
Where do I get a game capture.??

Автор allen Saccocci (3 месяца)
dude this is horrible you suck at gta5

Автор A fudgy apple (1 год)

Автор supercyberfunk (1 год)
Wasn't exactly undetected... but at least you did what you aimed to do.

Автор Xenomorph Drone (1 год)
ok look you guys wanna know how to get in completely undetected. heres the
blow by blow. start the second cletus mission with trevor which is the
tutorial on how to kill elk not the mission with cletus in which you shoot
out tires but the one which he shows you how to hunt elk. now once you
start going over to the woods some words at the bottom of the screen are
going to say kill the elk. thats when you plant a sticky bomb by coletus'es
feet then turn around and go to the road in the opposite direction you were
going get a car and go to the military base. then you can just walk through
the front gate no stars whatsoever. now whatever you want a jet a titan a
tank or a buzzard you take it fly or drive away then detonate the sticky
bombs which will cause mission failure and you should still be driving or
flying your vehicle. now if you could FUCKING SUSCRIBE TO ME OR AT LEAST

Автор Peter MLGx (4 месяца)
what screen recorder do you use?

Автор Makoto Mikami (1 год)
Dude no offense, but your strategy is as bad as your video quality, it's a
LOT easier and faster to parachute into the base and into the opened
hangar, where a jet awaits, not only will the hangar give you cover, but
with some luck, the police won't know where you are for a moment as they'll
go into search mode.

Автор Blury Bury (7 месяцев)
good entrance. .. tough exit.. had u not left fire engine in da way u would
have had cleaner exit and probably managed to avoid the Anti aircraft
missle... remember to roll out next time you hear them locking in or
incoming missle alert. ive managed to get the jet a few times. tried
several ways to get in closer to jet before being detected... always
something to goof up the plan. liked your approach though over wall to the
fire truck and zoom over to the jet ... nice gonna try that. last time i
ditched a plane and parachuted to top of the roof of a hanger. managed to
get out of hanger with jet till i lost the wings and my ass too lol

Автор Maxim Houston (10 месяцев)
Dude , Your Exact Profile Pic Was My Same Exact Profile Pic On FB , IG , &
Twitter A Few Months Ago

Автор AversaS (1 год)
Fun fact. If your jet is damaged after you get away (and once you lose
your wanted level). If you switch between the characters, you'll still
have your jet when you switch back and it will be in mint shape.

Автор John Power (1 год)
achoooooooooooo sorry im allergic to shity screens!

Автор reg egerger (1 год)
thats not undetected, u fool

Автор Alex Moreno (1 год)
You suck

Автор DaOne WitReason (1 год)
all that and u left ur landing gear down nyways

Автор Steven North (1 год)
why do you record with a potato?

Автор Jun Zhi Chew (11 месяцев)
Dude, this is the same strategy used in GTA Vice city to get acroos the
islands early. I know. I played it

Автор ForthRight Cape (1 год)
Best Ripp-Off bar none!!

Автор Kristóf Hajzer (1 год)

Автор Dawn Ramsay (1 год)
Dude l know way more things than you do but it's a video which you can't
stop plus l stole a titan off the runway pro yo

Автор Gabe Wood (1 год)
That did not show me how to get into a military base with out being spotted

Автор DRgaming (1 год)
+dedlyawesome13 I got mine for 20 bucks.

Автор EP Washere (1 год)
i think u got spoted ;P

Автор Tommy B (1 год)
what are those black lines and marks on the screen?

Автор GoombaPilot (1 год)
Shit on his screen

Автор skyrimwodelf13 (1 год)

Автор Shaun Bradford (1 год)
he would be killed by Grammar Nazi if not by the military.

Автор Mike Swangler (1 год)
Next video... try it without the hip hop music in the back covering your

Автор AvengeTriage | Avenged Sniping Overall (1 год)
of this information is WRONG only thing right is about the wall

Автор koks kikis (1 год)
HD 1080p XD

Автор nick hayes (1 год)
why is everyone hating google plus?

Автор Luis Cortez (1 год)
When the missiles come at you just pull up and the missle won't get you 

Автор BEST N LUCK (1 год)
Srsly man!!!! buy a better mic and a better camera. Buy a game capture!

Автор surajrko1 (1 год)
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over youtube
/ \ so he can take over and take down Google+

Автор Duana Martinez (1 год)

Автор Zombie and Skely playmc+other (1 год)

Автор Adrian Disen (1 год)
Surreeee undetected man sureeeee

Автор Awoken Dreams X9 (1 год)
just fly below radar with a small plane and land on the airfield and steal
what u need 

Автор Jackson Brigham (1 год)

Автор tyler king (1 год)

Автор athaskillz (1 год)
Clean your screen before making a video seriously

Автор Dun Dun (1 год)
The sloppiest tutorial i have ever seen, low quality, bad comentary.

Автор Glory (1 год)
Just activate a mission fly in and take something fly out

Автор Rode_Draak (1 год)
bad screen

Автор damn son (1 год)
Did he kill a fly on his tv

Автор Pig Josh (1 год)
everything came up millhouse

Автор Zombie and Skely playmc+other (1 год)

Автор Sam Fuchs (1 год)
2:26 it is wobbly

Автор george S lego (1 год)

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