GTA V (Entering Military base Undetected) SECRET ENTRANCE

How to get into military base without detection from authorities. And steal jet without being killed by AA. WARNING: one rocket can cause your jet to stall or shut off minutes later, if your hit. All aerial vehicles are can stall from minimum damage so fly smart. Also jets can't outrun manpads.

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Автор Casey Jones ( назад)
drive the fire truck in they won't know till you get out. ;)

Автор BadBaru ( назад)
wow, a camera... not even a good one.... welfare stamps not cover a capture
card? hahaha jk , but seriously, ur poor and suck

Автор Bernardo Vinci ( назад)
Shit player you are a nabz

Автор allen Saccocci ( назад)
dude this is horrible you suck at gta5

Автор TheDct88 ( назад)
had to laugh at the marker pen cross-hairs on the screen

Автор Tavish ( назад)
Oh shut up.

Автор Filip Galaxy ( назад)
Whats that a 23pixel tv?

Автор Vinnie Smith ( назад)
Use a screen recorder clean your tv and don't sound like a 500yr old

Автор Charlie Rivett ( назад)

Автор Charlie Rivett ( назад)
You sound like a fucking 500 year old hill billy

Автор TheFlamingpants dept ( назад)
fucking noob he said wanted level

Автор TheMrLaime ( назад)
thumbs up if you tried scratching the dirt off your screen, then realised
it's this guys nasty ass screen.

Автор demolisher Benn ( назад)
All ways do it as franklin if your gonna do it In story mode

Автор Diego Blanco ( назад)
Ikr the screen

Автор Bayonet ( назад)
its cracked

Автор RTO41 ( назад)
Those four...symbols? at the center of the screen are... Illuminatti?

Автор YellowInferno ( назад)

Автор Vinny Herzog ( назад)
I did it as Michael and stole the jet

Автор bubbahuskerfan ( назад)
this sucks. i cant even here u

Автор TomasellaA01 ( назад)
There's something on hes tv

Автор BadBeat Bri ( назад)
Anyway, the BEST way to steal anything from the base is to just use
Franklin and a fast car with his special ability. Just crash through the
west gate full speed, immediately use his special ability, and you can get
all the way to the jet or C-130 without ANY stars!

Автор BadBeat Bri ( назад)
And also because you can't save the C-130 in your hangar. If you try to
save it there (at the main airport) and then leave the area, when you
return it explodes inside your hangar for no reason whatsoever. It's one of
those stupid glitches that the bitch-ass programmers didn't catch or left
in on purpose.

Автор Kyle Buckley ( назад)
Use x to switch mill soles. An dats how to stole a jet fwum da militawy
base. Haha

Автор law wal ( назад)
cool thanks dud

Автор Steven Aponte ( назад)
Is obligate why Trevor or not

Автор Joe howes ( назад)
because the cargo plane is big and slow which makes an easy target and the
jet is small and fast think about it

Автор Endless Photography & Videography ( назад)
He did this in real life.

Автор A fudgy apple ( назад)
This tv is used for planning and mapping there just so happens to be a xbox
connected to it. So many men in this world are born whining bitches
complaining like women about irrelevant stuff. Those are dots in x's at
center of screen. The same men on here complaining are the same men who
don't take jobs like logging custruction or any real work job cause its to
hard on them it might ruin there fragile hands, and they just can't handle

Автор Ben Robertson ( назад)
this guy cant fly for shit

Автор Michael Wilson ( назад)
nice video but u can also use a monster truck car tht has hydrolics also
works too while climbing on top of it

Автор Bridget Gaudreau ( назад)

Автор ThatKid Hani Gharaibeh ( назад)
so much boogers in the middle of the tv

Автор dtdude123 ( назад)
it looks like u recorded it with a potato

Автор BananaGaming ( назад)
Still good for a BlackBerry. LoL

Автор robert roncali ( назад)
(Turn as sharp as possible.)

Автор robert roncali ( назад)
To avoid missile you simply as sharp as possible. Simple as that.

Автор Berend Simons ( назад)
They wouldn't shut down the channel -_- YouTube would just remove the video
and warn you.

Автор pokechat8978 ( назад)
You do realize that you're not allowed to have music from GTA V in the
background, and if Rockstar found out, they would shut down this channel?

Автор Artemcast Productions ( назад)
How I would do it: Get a Jumbo Jet and fly extremely high over the military
base. Then, (at night) I would parachute out and land in a place with low
security. Then I'd go into sneak mode and with suppressed weapons, I get
whatever I needed from the base. I don't have GTA V because I'm broke as
hell, But somebody could try it.

Автор Brandon Mathis ( назад)
Just get a car, after u get off the bridge go to the left or right, and
jump the gate where ever it is sloping downward, much faster and easier.
plus it makes it easier to still a tank

Автор Michael Cicutto ( назад)
Amature... grab a regular helicopter land it next to the jet get into it
quick take off and make a sharp left the missle misses you and then ur good

Автор Tasty Windows ( назад)

Автор 200130769 ( назад)
you know your way is much faster if you go to the other entrance and then
follow the fence

Автор dr33d 2453 ( назад)
that's a lie because when i was using the jet(forgot the name) anyways i
flew lower then the buildings until i was over the ocean and they didn't
shoot at me at all

Автор Kieran Walkington ( назад)
Blackberry.. Says it all

Автор kyzology ( назад)
looks like a nokia

Автор Justin Marais ( назад)
They arent AA missiles, its just another jet chasing / shooting rockets at
you. Theres a glitch where as soon as you get in the jet and take off, just
fly straight up and you wont have any missiles trying to crawl up your

Автор Alex Nebytov ( назад)

Автор Sean B ( назад)
Was this filmed with a potato?

Автор blehblehbleh86 ( назад)
Sure... YouTube screwed up... Riiiiight.....

Автор Asylum TempzZ ( назад)
is dat blue tac on ur screen

Автор João Ricardo Souza Vieira ( назад)
Hey Fudy, have a Tv on your Dead Pixel lol

Автор A fudgy apple ( назад)
The video was film from a blackberry tablet in between pillows to keep from
falling. YouTube screw the video quality when I took their advice on

Автор SirJohn Productions ( назад)
is that jizz on the screen? 0.o

Автор chaseinyourface87 ( назад)
terrible -_-

Автор shinryohji ( назад)
GTA V, in super potato-vision.

Автор MrWalker8800 ( назад)
yo dude lil tip, if youtube tells you to fix the video never do it this
happens to it all the shaking n stuff

Автор Lawrence Choksondik ( назад)
filming a tv with a bad camera never looks ok

Автор TheFightmouse ( назад)
With a xbox/ps3 ? *facepalm*

Автор Liam S ( назад)

Автор SpiderMikeReborn ( назад)
The time it takes to drive around and do what you did, I could have stolen
2 jets with a bike and skill. But well done, you!

Автор Steven Barbaric ( назад)
Shit nigga ur tv is garbage

Автор Voltic_HD ( назад)

Автор Bryce Johns ( назад)

Автор adam tucker ( назад)
The back half is called a trailer

Автор showmealltheevidence ( назад)
Undetected Not really.

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