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Автор orion game ( назад)
cekmese daha iyi

Автор Onur Atan ( назад)
Hesap makınesıylemı cektınız amına koyım

Автор ETTERBAL ( назад)
is there any way with the mod that you can put the hands away for a

Автор ETTERBAL ( назад)
boy there are no mods for ps2 stupid idoit!

Автор bryamt rodriguez ( назад)
no se como activarlo

Автор bryamt rodriguez ( назад)
yo creo que me enrede en lok es la instalacion

Автор yomayn123 ( назад)
Got swag huh?

Автор ThisIstMinecraft ( назад)
Do dupy ten mod !!!!!!!!! :(

Автор TheEndKing ( назад)
Wolverine's in bad shape, looks like.

Автор Alka Seltzer ( назад)

Автор BlackSpid3y ( назад)
@GBPeAcEGB does that really matter ? the point is when he record we can
still see the screen , i think your blind .

Автор Smokey Wolf ( назад)
@ZShanzzz only 25% of ppl on youtube read descrptions -.-"

Автор Danilo Novakovic ( назад)
LoL cool

Автор flashash2k9 ( назад)
@ZShanzzz 12 then

Автор ZShanzzz ( назад)
I'm skinny u know? and I'm old than 11 = =

Автор Josef Dietl ( назад)
I don't no why, But i think you not older than 11 and are Fat. WHO IS SO

Автор bEzLef016 ( назад)
can u tell me how to make wolverine's claws gone??

Автор TheAron961 ( назад)
man i cant figure it out how stupid are some people and ask

Автор Ak Heman ( назад)
change the katana for the claws

Автор Brandon Smith ( назад)
wow that is some shitty assed quality

Автор Jim8908 ( назад)
thats a gay mod

Автор AtGodtheUnstopabble ( назад)
its hard installation

Автор Amongoose06 ( назад)
bulk up

Автор thepivx ( назад)
lol waht gå och lägg din lila 7pa

Автор ZMONEY240 ( назад)
Try not to put words in my mouth

Автор thepivx ( назад)
lol stupid its a mod not a code! -.-

Автор ZMONEY240 ( назад)
there is no code!

Автор ZMONEY240 ( назад)

Автор ZMONEY240 ( назад)
Does his health regenerate?

Автор nabeel vengeance ( назад)
wait this is more better than the classic wolverine with yellow claws in
gta sa. this is the original one

Автор diezombie66 ( назад)
lol, weapon x has been set free

Автор Berglund17 ( назад)
Do you know the code on xbox?

Автор Darthy5 ( назад)

Автор THE4thTARDIS ( назад)
can u get that on ps2

Автор Sirlie08 ( назад)
Cool ♥_♥ ^^

Автор Nieve' Kitty ( назад)
Ahhh... Wolverine SOUNDS like CJ... lol :D

Автор Maxime ( назад)
i dont want ugly face i wont the wolverine wapon

Автор devilchr ( назад)

Автор Tzo TTR ( назад)
thanx man you are the best.Because my gta sa player.img crashed and yours
is perfect.5/5 rate

Автор UZI305 ( назад)
is this mod for ps2?

Автор Kimbo Ricco ( назад)
man when i finish replacing everything the hair dosent appear like youres
and the claws dont appear as well pls tell me how to do correct

Автор Kimbo Ricco ( назад)
dosent wrok the link

Автор shindogg ( назад)
does this replace the brass knuckles?? i dont want walk around with claws
all the time. thats stupid.

Автор Ibr1998 ( назад)
can their be this mod in ps2?

Автор Tyreso13545 ( назад)

Автор Leg0spar10 ( назад)
this shit is cool i feel like a asshole for getting this for the ps2

Автор ruub30000 ( назад)
does that mod include infinite health?

Автор ZShanzzz ( назад)
I've already wrote the download link at the description

Автор Gzim Kelmendi ( назад)
wow please tell my were can i download?

Автор CobertoGamingVideos ( назад)
r u blind blood was pooring out if he was smacking then no blood would come

Автор CobertoGamingVideos ( назад)
cool 5/5

Автор DarianTrevinoUndone ( назад)
dude nice mod. i just saw the new wolverine movie. check out my vids for a
tutorial on how to do it.

Автор linon3000 ( назад)
I didn't know William Stryker had a You Tube account. Peace.

Автор Yvening ( назад)
das wel nice :D

Автор windztan ( назад)
spiderMASK , i know why u no hair and claws . Did u find hands.dff and
head.dff ? u can't find it . u must find it urself in the archieve . i
found it myself , cos i try finding using the img tool find but they only
gave me cs_hands.dff . hope u know it . =]

Автор windztan ( назад)
spiderMASK , did u put all files in the correct folders ?

Автор deathjoker666 ( назад)
i hate super heroes of all types.

Автор specterkev (654 года назад)
no way man how can you dis the others..

Автор ZShanzzz ( назад)

Автор Lobo Diseña Locura ( назад)
hellow i have the mod i put in the game and the character not have the hair
and dont have the claws wath i do please helpppppppp

Автор Shark6DJ ( назад)
this mod is for pc or ps2 ?

Автор Hans Christian ( назад)

Автор deathjoker666 ( назад)
wolverine is the only x-man that deserves respect the others can just burn
in hell.

Автор UndercoverBr0tha ( назад)

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