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Class XII Physics Class room lecture by Pradeep Kshetrapal. Chapter : Electro Magnetic Induction. Topic : Self Induction and Mutual Induction. Language : Hindi and English mixed.

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Автор Laxmi Ranjan ( назад)
sir, why do we take one cross sectionally larger coil and one smaller

Автор Mohd Dilnawaz ( назад)
thnk you so much sir its hlp me alot

Автор Devendra Agarwal ( назад)
sir ur ma god..

Автор haresh jivani ( назад)
If we consider the gauss law then the net flux is zero then how we consider
net flux=B.A in self inductance linked with the coil

Автор King Of Kings ( назад)
great teacher sirji....best teacher I have seen👍😊

Автор iiZZ Khan (523 года назад)
i really lik ur lecture sir

Автор Iqrar Ahmed ( назад)
good sir

Автор shubham sharma ( назад)
sir can we say that current inside the coil or in overall circuit increases
because when we switch on the battery current start flowing thus this is an
one amount and by self inductance property of the coil emf produces this
emf is the 2 form of current so it means their is extra current introduced
in the circuit and by which amount of current inside the circuit
is it right sir??

Автор Prabhakar asewar ( назад)
at 30.26

Автор prasanjeet ghosh ( назад)
sir you are my hero....you explain every topic brilliantly...

Автор Morris Melwyn ( назад)
thank sir for nice video

Автор Morris Melwyn ( назад)
sir very nice videos and very easy to understand

Автор Abhijeet b patil ( назад)
These are the best physics lecture's by you sir , i have ever listened in
my life!!
Thank you for the Videos Sir!!!

Автор Shikhar Arora ( назад)
thank you sir !

Автор Ashutosh Shrivastava ( назад)
sir when mutual induction takes place then is self induction also takes
place in frst coil with it ????

Автор Mir Muneer Hussain " I am a Change " ( назад)
Awesome !!!..... Simple and Straight to the point..

Автор Prateek Kumawat ( назад)
sir. is there any difference between the faraday's first law and the
definition of mutual induction?

Автор varun sahni ( назад)
and one more doubt ki M21 toh exist karegi as humne baatery coil 1 mein
lagayi hai and current usme se jaayega and coil 2 par coil 1 ki magnetic
field se hone wala fluc change hoga but for M12 how can M12 exist -2 mein
toh battery connect hee nahi hai toh coil 2 mein toh koi current hee nahi
jaaayega and then M12 will have no meaning as coil 1 mein toh coil 2 ki
wajah se induction hoga hee nahi as 2 mein battery hee nahi connect so
willl there be no emf induced in coil 1 with respect to coil 2
plz reply

Автор varun sahni ( назад)
sir ek baat puchni thi ki bade area mein bhi toh magnetic field hoga as
chote area waale solenoid ke bahar bhi toh magnetic field lines hoti hai
toh voh line bade area se jaayengi and hum bada area phir bhi kyon nahi

Автор Preeja Ravindran ( назад)
sir,when we consider the mutual inductance of two coils of different
lenghts,why do we take the longer length in our expresssion. 

Автор Surbhi Chauhan ( назад)
Thank u so much for these videos Sir

Автор trishla pareek ( назад)
what is difination for 1 henry in self nd mutual induction ?

Автор sai krishna ( назад)
sir in which current is greater: self inductance induced current or mutual
inductance induced current?? and how can we convert a utually induced
circuit or a self induced circuit into a circuit as in that of current

Автор shoaib salmani ( назад)
Sir I m a Mumbai based student....whenever I have doubts I switch to your
lecture as they r too good sir but after a while ur video sound detour
badly sir plz help me as to how can I over come this problem!!! Plz sir

Автор smita roy ( назад)
thnk you sir!

Автор smita roy ( назад)
sir can u plzz tell sme important derivations nd defination in AC chapter!
as i will have my hlf yearly after 4 days.. nd till nw this chap is nt been
cmpleted in our skul.. bt sir said he will give question.. cn u plz guide
me...for this... 

Автор Pradeep Kshetrapal ( назад)
Self Inductance is property of coil (noun) . Self Induction is process of
having self inductance.

Автор smita roy ( назад)
sir self inductance and self induction are the same thng???

Автор Pranav Nahal ( назад)
sir , i thank you for your efforts , wish you a very happy teacher's day ,
and a small request - please improve the audio quality because at times you
are not audible regards pranav nahal 

Автор nikhil thapa ( назад)
can u send me the notes ( nikhilthapa12@gmail.com ) 

Автор Pradeep Kshetrapal ( назад)
the magnitude of emf is 1. -ve sign shows that it is in direction opposite
to change of flux. So emf 1 or -1 is same except for direction, and that
does not matter for us. we are concerned with potential difference.

Автор Tushar Vig ( назад)
sir in your above video i had a confusion as we know emf=-l change in flux
per unit time.if change in flux per unit time is considered as 1.then emf
=-l but why u have wrote as emf=l

Автор Ravi Kaluva ( назад)
thanku sir for uploading this pls sir can u tell Are there other teachers
for CHEMISTRY in your knowledge who upload similar things like you in
similar manner ? 

Автор jitender yadav ( назад)
thanks sir.:) 

Автор NeverGiveUp NeverGiveUp ( назад)
can you please send me your notes of class 12 and 11

Автор Pradeep Kshetrapal ( назад)
N is total number of turns. the flux calculated is linked to each turn.
therefore total flux linked is N*flux. according to definition Inductance L
is Flux per unit current.therefore it is L=(N*Magnetic flux)/current

Автор malliukarjun muddhangula ( назад)
sir...... what about N (no of turns) in solenoid ? and what about this
equation L=(N*Magnetic flux)/current

Автор Angel Heaven ( назад)
thnks a lot sir,,,, nd my other questions r pending too....so do reply
sir.. vry thnkful to you!!!

Автор Pradeep Kshetrapal ( назад)
Imagine a spring made of conducting wire. It is Inductor.

Автор Angel Heaven ( назад)
do reply me sir....

Автор Angel Heaven ( назад)
why sir A1 is considered when magnetic field is produced by the secondary
coil....coz flux will cover both the areas...?? 

Автор Angel Heaven ( назад)
nd sir...why we r considering mutual induction same for both the coils
although it depends upon the dimensions nd properties of individual
coils.....their radii cross sectional area etc..

Автор Angel Heaven ( назад)
sir in case of mutual induction....we r considering indued emf in second
due to fst....but sir why we r not considering the self induction produced
in fst itself?? 

Автор Angel Heaven ( назад)
i know sir tht an induced emf will develop.....but what abt the actual emf
tht we r providing???? 

Автор Angel Heaven ( назад)
sir...can u plz tell me abt the physical meaning of inductor..i mean what
kind of component it is.......plz sir so tht i can clear out my
concept....do reply sir 

Автор Pradeep Kshetrapal ( назад)
If it is a purely resistive circuit and the current is changing, there is
no reaction from resistance. It is unlike inductor and capacitor which
react with changing current.

Автор pawan panjwani ( назад)
sir when we say that current is changing then it is correct that an emf is
induced in coil but if we say circuit means whether it is only a inductor
what if in a circuit there is a only a resistor and if current is changing
then what will happen sir please reply 

Автор Nikhil Shenoy ( назад)
Sir, have you made a video on growth and decay of current in an LR Circuit
. In case of its presence can you give the link of its video . You are an
excellent teacher

Автор vishaldad ( назад)
sir u can dictate ,at least i have no problem,

Автор Nakul Ratti ( назад)
Sir i think it is very convenient for the internet students . 

Автор Arid ( назад)
@Pradeep Kshetrapal sir we can always rewind and listen again if we didnt
get it first time so please do whichever is convenient to you. you already
are doing a great help by uploading these for free

Автор Pradeep Kshetrapal ( назад)
I write definition for convenience of internet students other wise for me
as well for my class, dictating is more convenient. What do you suggest?

Автор Arid ( назад)
Sir you are an excellent teacher but i have one suggestion. Start dictating
definitions to them instead of writing. Or in college they will have a
tough time :)

Автор anjana kumar ( назад)
Sir,is Lenz's Law important....????....

Автор Khushboo Bhatia ( назад)
this vedio really helped me alot sir ..thankyou so much sir. 

Автор Rakesh Roshan ( назад)
Thanks sir for such valuable lectures. Watever marks I will score in my pre
Board Exams , they will be only because of you. Sir , Are there other
teachers for CHEMISTRY in your knowledge who upload similar things like you
in similar manner ?

Автор Amartya ( назад)
is this derivation important sir?

Автор Debu Kc ( назад)
Thankyou very much sir for your help..U really are a godsent person..more
doubts coming up sir ..U have motivated me to work hard; thankyou again

Автор Pradeep Kshetrapal ( назад)
A force which move electrons is electromotive force. This was earlier
principle and the reason for nomenclature. Later with advancement of
science we learned that in fact force is derivative of energy w.r.t.
distance i.e. F= work/ displacement. So it is more logical to say that
source has an energy due to which force is applied on electrons to move. So
now it is ' work done', but no change is made in the classical name emf to
avoid any confusion. You can say it is misnomer.

Автор Debu Kc ( назад)
sir is there an easy way to explain what emf is and why is it said that it
is not a force,,something is unclear 

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