The X-Factor :Simon Gets Punked

Just wait the end. Please comment!

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Автор AllyDoesGaming (25 дней)
That's all whats Simon needed. A great embarrassment

Автор MediHusky (22 дня)
Im at the 2.30 mark. With all this musical buildup and the edgy effect
cutaways if that old lady doesn't lay simon flat out on his back and slap
him silly im going to be pissed.

Автор Arath Montero (25 дней)
Thanks grandma mama

Автор Christobanistan (1 месяц)
That woman couldn't sing one iota. There's supportive love, then there's
the tough love that tells you "sorry honey, but you can't sing, don't do
this." The super-granny clearly was too supportive.

Автор Jody Mathis (1 месяц)
I thought she sounded good. The only reason they kicked her was because of
her looks. Fucking superficial bastards. 

Автор Hafiz Eberhardie (1 месяц)
wait what is simon famous for again?

Автор Sadie Coco (2 месяца)
I really don't like the grandma.she was only saying that because they got
all no`s

Автор Megan C. (2 месяца)
The shark music XD
Oh the grandma got him good

Автор lisanna strauss (3 месяца)
im on simon's team . The grandma kinda went too far

Автор scarygary5678 (3 месяца)
He fucked her after the show. Simon fucked Edna.

Автор Hafeeza Baksh (2 дня)
that facial expression though!!! xD

Автор ScreamsOutLoud123 (2 дня)
First i thought the grandma was an man, o.e sorry...

Автор ChurBro (2 дня)
she talks like that plasticine character Wallace and Gromit.

Автор amber-marie Cheale (3 дня)
I'm on the floor crying 😂😂😂😂

Автор Francesca Ellul (4 дня)

Автор XxFirefox DJxX (6 дней)
I go with her (shes not mine ) even though she is supported her and saw
simon laugh then went to simon and said..... ( he made simon said sorry
besides he needed embarrassment) watch if u agree that he needed
embarrassment it press the +1

Автор the pestilent (7 дней)
simon isa cool guy, but he deseved a litlle kick

Автор F1veDays (7 дней)
I hate when people say simon goes to hard on people, if he said everyone
was great we'd have a bunch of queers and coogers being the only thing on
the radio lol thank god simon exists

Автор nuhremy (8 дней)
It is not even being punked .btw gd one granny

Автор JoJo LaLa (10 дней)

Автор Lps Lover (11 дней)
He was crashing peoples dreams 

Автор Nathan Kent (12 дней)

Автор Bodyskillz2011 (13 дней)
lost 3:53 min of my life thats a lot

Автор Michael Stone (13 дней)
Oh my god that was hilarious!

Автор Aaron Milton (14 дней)
I thought it said "punched"

Автор Katelyn Natalie (4 месяца)
She was actually really good. <3 Just needs more coaching. (:

Автор bwsofly (6 месяцев)
I didn't talk back to my grandma...when se spoke I lessoned! Simon didn't
have a good grandmother did he? cause...why is he talking back to someone

Автор Sam Bramwell (18 дней)
I would have looked at her & said "Im a self made millionaire, you think i
care what you think?"

Автор seandeyoung01 (21 день)
I love Edna!

Автор Kimi Shinigami (21 день)
Oh, my gosh XD this is too funny

Автор amaris nieves (23 дня)
simons pretty mean but the step mother went a little too far lol

Автор Ryan McQuillan (23 дня)
"Yes you was ignorant, Simon."

Автор Becca Pro (23 дня)
Simon knows what he is talking about, he knows vocals and how to help
people be better at singing but, he has an issue with telling people who
aren't as talented as others straight up that they will have no life in the
industry of music. I understand he is only seperating emotion from work
but, he needs to understand some people can't do that and that can mentally
hurt someone who has thought they had been good enough for years.

Автор Ceci Zaros (24 дня)
is the woman's name eggnog?

Автор Sir Thomas (28 дней)
knew this was going downhill from the start.

Автор pavelito maler (1 месяц)
Edna, I love you! Can I hire you from time to time? :-)

Автор Brandon Bateman (1 месяц)
Simon: Would you buy her record?
Edna: Yes
Simon (in a whisper): A bit biased.
hahaha xD

Автор TrueRattlehead (1 месяц)
I totally thought that was an old man in a dress! Lololol

Автор NienkeJoe (1 месяц)
You go granny! Oh my, Simon felt so tiny. At first he laughed, but that
smile ran of his face as if the devil was chasing it.
Granny, you are one hell of a powerful woman! You must have raised a bunch
of boys, haven't you. They must be some fine men now. :-D

Автор Shailyn Holderbaum (1 месяц)
I'm on the grandma's team so.......yeah

Автор Glamourlicous (1 месяц)
Like if you sang along to the Wallace and gromit theme song

Автор Mirko Gavrilovic (1 месяц)
just imagine your self listening to bunch of bloopers for HOURS and HOURS
and then some nanny on steroids comes to you nagging like this.... I would
slapp her back to the graveyard.

Автор Cain (1 месяц)
Is that Dobby?

Автор Mebotron3000 (1 месяц)
Go Granny! Yeah!

Автор Johnny James (1 месяц)
We really didn't need the Jaws theme and build up. She didn't act that bad
towards him.

Автор Porfle Popnecker (1 месяц)
Simon should've kicked the old bag in the teeth.

Автор RobertsDigital (1 месяц)
That grandmudda was too distracting.....even the other lady could sing her
reaction was too distracting to the judges

Автор Jocelyn Larranaga (1 месяц)
best mother in law ever

Автор XxMVPxDawg (1 месяц)
Biased as fuck. Couldn't even tell if it was a man or a woman. 

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