The X-Factor :Simon Gets Punked

Just wait the end. Please comment!

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nuff said


Автор Admiral Percy (4 месяца)
"Punked" means "pranked". Your video title is a lie.

Автор ChurBro (2 месяца)
she talks like that plasticine character Wallace and Gromit.

Автор Eric L (6 дней)

Автор kimhodgdon88 (16 часов)
You put this video up on my 6th birthday!!!:)

Автор Rohit Singh (1 день)
Good job granny You showed that idot Simon his worth

Автор Jae Chen (6 дней)
lol >,<

Автор Dcu Sdmaster (5 дней)
Fokin grandmas m80s

Автор Matthew Steel (11 дней)
i like how he says sorry then it goes hallelujah

Автор TheOllieO23 (14 дней)
i was waiting for her to pull off a mask and her to be ashton kutcker

Автор silverstartrucker (15 дней)
Once again...the contestants need an accompaniment, of course they will
sound mundane...

Автор AllyDoesRealLifeGaming (3 месяца)
That's all whats Simon needed. A great embarrassment

Автор OhhKillerZxD (17 дней)

Автор BlackclawGames (1 месяц)
You can say no but not be a total jerk about it.

Автор 0reaver01 (1 месяц)
lol i remember this

Автор MrAlejandrohb (1 месяц)
He wasn't even sorry for laughing XD he just said that because she's old,
if anything, he feels sorry for her.

Автор Joshua Lozarita (1 месяц)
That granda was right but she came too far, Also simon.

Автор Brandon Bateman (3 месяца)
Simon: Would you buy her record?
Edna: Yes
Simon (in a whisper): A bit biased.
hahaha xD

Автор Bruce Wayne (1 месяц)

Автор Emily Glenn (2 месяца)
Finally someone told him off

Автор lisanna strauss (6 месяцев)
im on simon's team . The grandma kinda went too far

Автор Eric Bray (2 месяца)
He such an asshole and she was awesome.

Автор MediHusky (3 месяца)
Im at the 2.30 mark. With all this musical buildup and the edgy effect
cutaways if that old lady doesn't lay simon flat out on his back and slap
him silly im going to be pissed.

Автор milla J (1 день)
I don't care what punked means. I love granny. Hallelujah :D

Автор scarygary5678 (6 месяцев)
He fucked her after the show. Simon fucked Edna.

Автор Rod Meskell (7 дней)
I thought the younger lady was a prank and the old lady was gonna sing
cause of the title. But I think Simon chose the best way to handle the
situation. I have no clue why the security or whoever allowed the old lady
into the room, but pretending to be apologetic was definitely the best way
to avoid prolonged confrontation

Автор MrIceIceland (6 дней)
its like he is 6 years old boy and was not nice for a good friend of
grandma xD

Автор joshzelmer (3 дня)
lolol the music... it makes it THAT much better..

Автор Jakenbake 98 (9 дней)
3:13 lololol!!

Автор Francesca Elul (2 месяца)

Автор L Mortis (14 дней)
imagine if she pulled out a knife lol xD

Автор Scott Hall (6 дней)
I say good job grandma put him in his place.

Автор Arath Montero (3 месяца)
Thanks grandma mama

Автор idekneo (13 дней)
lmfao he said "a bit baised"

Автор Mikaela Manlapid (18 дней)
Wow she is rude as i wanna freaking punch her in the face 

Автор Jody Mathis (4 месяца)
I thought she sounded good. The only reason they kicked her was because of
her looks. Fucking superficial bastards. 

Автор Nancy Smeltzer (17 дней)
She is good at singing 

Автор Bodyskillz2011 (3 месяца)
lost 3:53 min of my life thats a lot

Автор Christobanistan (4 месяца)
That woman couldn't sing one iota. There's supportive love, then there's
the tough love that tells you "sorry honey, but you can't sing, don't do
this." The super-granny clearly was too supportive.

Автор Daniel Moore (16 дней)
Simon got told by an old lady (OMG) I laughed my flippen head off

Автор TheJamiebroom123 (23 дня)
Yeah, punked means pranked, did you get that information from wikipedia?

Автор sportster1988 (22 дня)
Limeys, what a bunch of screwed up people!

Автор Fabrizzio C (27 дней)
Kinda hard to FAP to this video But not Impossible

Автор Emily B (1 месяц)

Автор Sophia Michael (24 дня)

Автор Sony Perez (25 дней)
hahahaha well than !!!!!!!!!!

Автор Ray Noiro (1 месяц)
In Simon's defense, he's a pretty good judge of ability, and it's extremely
hard to give each person the same level of attention when he listens to
thousands of people.

Автор Sylvia Nazarian (26 дней)
No offense but I think that Simon is kinda mean!!!

Автор Aliah Carson (23 дня)
I dont care what the haters say simon was the one who went to far and then
laughed at her singing counted that's the grandma daughter i would go of on
him too

Автор Hafiz Eberhardie (4 месяца)
wait what is simon famous for again?

Автор Warveen Othman (4 месяца)

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