The X-Factor :Simon Gets Punked

Just wait the end. Please comment!

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Автор nuke clear (1 месяц)
if i got one dollar every pixel in this video i would have 0.50 cents

Автор Admiral Percy (6 месяцев)
"Punked" means "pranked". Your video title is a lie.

Автор ChurBro (5 месяцев)
she talks like that plasticine character Wallace and Gromit.

Автор Brandon Bateman (6 месяцев)
Simon: Would you buy her record?
Edna: Yes
Simon (in a whisper): A bit biased.
hahaha xD

Автор char Mario (1 день)
She isn't that bad at all, but there is no energy at all!
Simon could be less harsh!

Автор Kevin Zheng (2 дня)
Lol her singing was nice but the part I laughed at was the mother in laws
face xD it was so funny when she got mad 

Автор AquaX107 (1 день)
Her face in the beginning scares the shit out of me

Автор Rod Meskell (2 месяца)
I thought the younger lady was a prank and the old lady was gonna sing
cause of the title. But I think Simon chose the best way to handle the
situation. I have no clue why the security or whoever allowed the old lady
into the room, but pretending to be apologetic was definitely the best way
to avoid prolonged confrontation

Автор aimee louise (6 дней)
Haha I love her 😂😂

Автор WILSON ROSA (11 часов)
Watch out grama is mad

Автор da ba (17 дней)
Don't think she can talk about Simon not having real teeth

Автор iammaexoticss (1 месяц)
The dramatic music suits well 

Автор Boston Hatch (20 дней)
How did the main character on Flushed Away get on the show?

Автор Gpod Joe (19 дней)
lol simon gets owned by grandma rotfl lmfao

Автор Livin4Skating (14 дней)

Автор Jack Trolled You (29 дней)
A JUDGE EVEN THEY LAUGHED I mean seriously other contestants dont do what
she did I hope when shes 6 ft from the ground she will realize her daughter

Автор Hello22uuu (2 месяца)
Am I the ONLY person who can see that this is totally staged, overproduced
with fake reaction shots that should be illegal?

Автор Jason nsaif (2 месяца)
My last name is punk and i'm punk, and i'm being offended ._.

Автор Autim (1 месяц)
Best grandma ever! Edna is love - Edna is Life 

Автор Jordan M (20 дней)
Thank you granny. the news should of seen this. XD

Автор Nic_ (17 дней)
I love Edna but her daughter-in-law really was bad. her voice is nice

Автор alan ireland (25 дней)
Too right he should feel guilty, the over payed smarmy non musical poncy
shit sac!

Автор Rohit Singh (2 месяца)
Good job granny You showed that idot Simon his worth

Автор Dzeividz (5 дней)
Simon got rekt.

Автор Warveen Othman (6 месяцев)

Автор silverstartrucker (2 месяца)
Once again...the contestants need an accompaniment, of course they will
sound mundane...

Автор kimhodgdon88 (2 месяца)
You put this video up on my 6th birthday!!!:)

Автор Olzme (25 дней)
And they say, that Simon's small heart grew three sizes that day.

Автор Reckless King (1 месяц)
Felt good to finally watch Simon get told. Yet he says it's embarrassing
for him when he gets owned but yet he embarrasses other people real bad

Автор puppylover1928 (16 дней)
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh simon got burned bye a
granny XD

Автор Loralee Simpson (1 месяц)
I was hoping the "punked" was going to be the old lady blowing them away
with her voice. What a let down :/

Автор TheOllieO23 (2 месяца)
i was waiting for her to pull off a mask and her to be ashton kutcker

Автор Sm0k4bl3 (1 месяц)
The grandma's facial expressions are hilarious but fucking creepy at the
same time.

Автор Mostly Sane (1 месяц)
Downvoted for misleading title.

Автор Matthew Steel (2 месяца)
i like how he says sorry then it goes hallelujah

Автор MrAlejandrohb (3 месяца)
He wasn't even sorry for laughing XD he just said that because she's old,
if anything, he feels sorry for her.

Автор Sierra Whisky (29 дней)
Pause at exactly 2:53. The women's face is so creepy

Автор DANO 69 (1 месяц)
old lady is so stupid and delusional. Who the fuck brings their mom to an
audition anyways?

Автор AtomicRobot (1 месяц)
This is some seriously bad editing.

Автор veix15 (14 дней)
240p we meet again..

Автор Dcu Sdmaster (2 месяца)
Fokin grandmas m80s

Автор monsur moshood (23 дня)
i think he deserved that

Автор 360nosoap (1 месяц)
I love that she's named lorraine, like the quiche.
Like they knew she was going to be fat

Автор xXBlue ChaosXx (1 месяц)
Um. I'd be scared too, that old lady was scary looking as fuck. The shark
music didn't help xD

Автор Peanut Butter (1 месяц)
Stupid old lady. And I can't believe Simon acted like a little wimp.

Автор BlackclawGames (3 месяца)
You can say no but not be a total jerk about it.

Автор Michael Jordan (1 месяц)
whats with the Wallace and Gromit theme?

Автор Alma Noce (28 дней)
L o v e h e r!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор milla J (2 месяца)
I don't care what punked means. I love granny. Hallelujah :D

Автор MrIceIceland (2 месяца)
its like he is 6 years old boy and was not nice for a good friend of
grandma xD

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