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Автор alex centofanti (4 дня)
He felt like saying sorry granny

Автор Jess Ie (1 месяц)
OHHHHHH SNAP....She pwned him at the end!

Автор Ivana Parti (1 месяц)
Best mother-in-law on the face of the earth 

Автор bwsofly (2 месяца)
I didn't talk back to my grandma...when se spoke I lessoned! Simon didn't
have a good grandmother did he? cause...why is he talking back to someone

Автор giveagoodsong (1 месяц)
hes not even that good looking he doesnt even have his own teeth!

oh god britain ppl on british stereotypes! holy shit grandma

Автор Imogen James (3 месяца)
2.37 so funny

Автор imani paynter (3 месяца)
U got that right lady 

Автор Bob Judd (1 месяц)
She was right on about the bridge in Simon's mouth. 

Автор xOnYourScreen (18 часов)
He doesn't even has his own teeth HAHAHAHAHHAHA

Автор barricade27 (4 дня)
Haha! Granny pwnd Simon! Hey Simon, sorry 😂😂

Автор Karla The hedgehog (3 дня)
she scares the crap out of me now! 0_0;

Автор Katharine Erskine (5 дней)
I LOVE YOU EDNA!! Reminds me of my gran, sweet as pie, but don't cross her
or you'd get the very same look/talking to! God Bless you darlin!

Автор nate cox (12 дней)
love the shark music she looked like she wanted to pull out a switch blade
on simon

Автор gabby meh (13 дней)
She has a nice voice!

Автор Irwan Karmo (20 дней)
I almost peed in my pants..

Автор Cecily Lent (2 месяца)
It was not right fro Simon to laugh but he is honest when its comes to
peoples singing talents.

Автор Sunny Singh (3 месяца)
Like the music

Автор Beawulfa afluwaeB (4 месяца)
You win, Granny!!!!!

Автор David Lopez (1 месяц)
I laughed too hard at this omg

Автор jac yoder (4 месяца)
Shits fake

Автор Lena Darwish (1 месяц)
Go granny woop

Автор Barney Fife (2 месяца)
Go Granny ! Put that uppity boring brat in his place . You go, girl !

Автор AlcatrazSniper (5 месяцев)
Drunk Irish broad.

Автор Erika Dorsey (20 дней)
Why these girls scream over him hes nit even good lookin lmfao

Автор Kandice Golding (1 месяц)
wish she was my mother in law

Автор DevilPrincess223 (4 месяца)
That old woman looks stupid!!! is she insane???

Автор rkrkrk31 (3 месяца)
What is Simon Cowell ?
Answer - Something that is not good looking and doesnt even have its own
teeth is called simon cowell :D

Автор Alyssa Breckow (1 месяц)
Daaaang, that granny got issues. If I saw her, RUN FOR IT!!

Автор BUBBLEBOY129161 (1 месяц)
Simon is a fckn bitch i really haye him that is so rude. What a dick

Автор LeeAshen (4 месяца)
Haha. Sometimes he goes too far. It should be enough to say they lack
something or they're not good enough, but he often has to go the extra mile
to wound. I don't mind when he does it to obnoxious people, but he could
just thank this lady for coming and tell her she is unfortunately not the
star they are looking for instead of that.

Автор Mayo Bral (4 месяца)

Автор goggy (2 месяца)

Автор jstark95 (29 дней)
Never thought I'd hear simon say that 

Автор Cuddlesfr3ak (2 месяца)
Fucking finally he said Sorry

Автор Moriatik Saunders (23 дня)
right on, granny! you tell him! hehehe

Автор Andrew Mills (20 дней)
She wasn't even that bad 

Автор racheal montana (3 месяца)
Poor Simon

Автор LittleMissSimmer .GamesAndMore (3 месяца)
'Dun Dun'

Автор jim english (1 месяц)
nobody talks back to Nan

Автор NORATlX (3 месяца)
Her face though LOL.

Автор Xavier Rose (3 месяца)
"You was very ignorant." Yorkshire slang <3

Автор Arianna Hafer (4 месяца)
I was a laughin te whole time!!!

Автор BunnyAnimeGirl6185 (26 дней)
So funny watch the full video

Автор Brian mutwa (3 месяца)
simon is a smart guy,he know what he is doing.he respect old people.

Автор Bailee Quinn (3 месяца)
LOL...she wasn't playing around. She was like, "LISSSTEN SSSIMON!!" She
sounded like a snake.

Автор hadokyu (19 дней)
nice going!! heads down !!

Автор Annic Pattiwael (5 месяцев)

Автор horsepower! ! (1 месяц)

Автор Killerkudman Bodner (5 месяцев)
Fuck off you old hag

Автор Michael Krueger (20 дней)
Wow this old ladys got the balls to talk back to Simon. Lol 2 thumbs up

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