The X-Factor :Simon Gets Punked

Just wait the end. Please comment!

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Автор Lianna Rivera ( назад)
her singing is beautiful

Автор Joey Alvin Bayona ( назад)
one question. is granny Edna still alive?

Автор lps soda ( назад)
Lps soda

Автор Alice Pellham ( назад)
at least she sang better than some other really bad people at least

Автор Devin Holocker ( назад)
she wasnt even THAT badd

Автор SlippyDaGod ( назад)

Автор Emmanuel Martinez ( назад)
Hooray for EDNA!!! EDNA!!! EDNA!!!

Автор Skillica (423 года назад)

Автор Tokyoheidi ( назад)
The jaws theme is priceless

Автор skillerboi8 (301 год назад)
Edna would be 95-96 now, not sure is she is still alive. this was

Автор HardyPartyGaming ( назад)
fk u for quality

Автор Angelia Mohammed ( назад)
"why these girls scream over him, he's not even goodlooking, he hasn't even
got his own teeth." LOL LOL LOL. I'm weeeeaaaakkkk

Автор . “xxCatxx” ( назад)
Omg this Old Lady is so cute and supporting and than this......😢😯

Автор selvakumaran velupillai ( назад)
Well done Eknah, Simon looks tiny as peanut.

Автор Ask Me ( назад)
She sang very well.

Автор JaggedBrace ( назад)
I kinda feel bad for her. I don't think she was terrible, just a bit dry. 

Автор Amanda Palato ( назад)
The lady had nice singing definitely. Maybe not for the xfactor, but for
other things. I liked it. But honestly the mother is awesome 😂😂

Автор Iridescent_x (666 лет назад)

Автор Iridescent_x (726 лет назад)
Haha I you, grandma xD

Автор Jacob Hatley ( назад)
I didn't think she sang that bad

Автор tegaridorf ( назад)

Автор tegaridorf ( назад)
Edna is awesome ther3 should be more people like edna in this world 

Автор Heidi Drake ( назад)
Really funny old lady. Is it me or does Lorraine strongly resemble the
serial killer Rose West? 

Автор Lillie Monsky ( назад)
I find Simon's rudeness very entertaining. XD

Автор Eli Hardy ( назад)
Apply cold water to sizzling burn.

Автор Thor Stark ( назад)
Secsiest and most baddass granny ever.

Автор Maynard Melody ( назад)
Elle fait flipper la vioc

Автор Nina Jan ( назад)
how did she do that teach me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Zakey Najimi ( назад)
Your victim simom

Автор haben brhane Nani ( назад)
Hhhaaaaa lol

Автор diether delos reyes ( назад)
I got to say, I really hate SIMON COWELL. He lacks HUMILITY. I don't like
how he treat people that way. So rude...

Автор Callie Wilkins ( назад)
Oh my God. 😂😂

Автор Zoya Zia ( назад)
Edna is my spirit animal

Автор suvarna gunachandaran ( назад)
Her singing was actually awesome.He told her that she was 'terrible'. He
should have been nicer. Serves him right. I just wish she would have
insulted him more. With words like 'arrogant' and 'demeaning'.

Автор NerdInGreen ___ ( назад)
Her face and the music!!! I'm dead

Автор Fabliha Zubaida Alam ( назад)
That old lady is really brave!!!Who could've thought that a 86 year old
lady could made simon apologise

Автор Bella Garcia ( назад)
Hmm, I like like the mother-in-law she's my style

Автор IITCHYDWNSOUF T ( назад)
Ohhhhhhh get rekt scrub

Автор BOT Bob ( назад)
she have very good talent ;D

Автор Kezzi Rose Morris ( назад)
This is hilarious.

Автор vevohoeyo ( назад)
stupid old bitch needs a garden rake to wipe the scowl off her hideous face

Автор Matt Luciaja ( назад)
She's like my aunt

Автор Casey Daniel ( назад)
Her faces scared me 

Автор Fariko Seahawk ( назад)
he deserves it. the poor lady was trying to sing (which wasnt bad) and he
laughed!! hes souch a doushebag

Автор Agit Baris ( назад)

Автор Martina Calt ( назад)
Badass gramma incoming . . Simon ?!?! What have you done ? XD you can feel
its not going to be good for Simon 

Автор Rebecca Jennings ( назад)
Mother in laws face when Simon laughed 😂😂

Автор Kaii Wong ( назад)
simon says that because he is a gentleman n he respect older woman.. well,
he is just giving in the the old woman and dun create trouble with older

Автор da frak ( назад)
Actually he is Will Ferrell dressed as an old woman.

Автор ardvarkkkkk1 ( назад)
Someone helps her with the door, there is no security and the camera was
fallowing her. This and people still believe that this was not staged.

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Who else is reminded of the claymation of the short skits of the sheep?

Автор Taco Wiggans ( назад)
Edna is fucking terrifying.

Автор Emily Anderson ( назад)
Wow what a cranky old lady, I thought she was gonna do something else like
hurt him, if she can make Simon say sorry then that is one BRAVE women to
do that

Автор martpast1 ( назад)
this singing was good. pure.

Автор Lilly Speight ( назад)
Lorraine actually did a good job!

Автор CrunchyDogFood CDF ( назад)
If I had a dollar for every like this comment gets, i'de have...well you
tell me :)

Автор fallenxXxangel23 ( назад)
Eyyy!!! Get it Edna!!! They're the bomb!

Автор Doctor Intelligent ( назад)
"He hasn't even got his own teeth." Bwah ha ha ha... 

Автор Dragonfest ( назад)
Simon is actually really good looking.

Автор Cindy M ( назад)

Автор yarol thygod ( назад)
that was so beautiful ;) 

Автор M. Strain Jr. ( назад)
The Grandma had to have her Pops.
(jaws theme)

Автор May maiken ( назад)
Was I the only one thinking of Totoro when I heard the music at the start
of the video?

Автор Ann Sullins ( назад)
Simon just knew he had better have apologized or go out and get his own
switch because Nana was gonna get ! LMAO 

Автор Zhen Hong Li ( назад)
creepy old women xD

Автор Kay Drake ( назад)
Haha omg

Автор PiggyPin ( назад)
her singing was good, its old fashioned. Simon...you ass hole

Автор Jeffrey Olson ( назад)
This is not a punk

Автор Only Me ( назад)
Whoever had the genius idea of using the Jaws music, is simply brilliant

Автор Playful Fruit ( назад)
Lorain wasn't that bad.

Автор Renee Weber ( назад)
lol creepy lady

Автор Ty Doyle ( назад)
Thug life granny

Автор queentrinity28 ( назад)
Take that Simon 

Автор ian poole ( назад)
Wallace and grommet theme song

Автор MrKappaBeta ( назад)

Автор caroline williams ( назад)
That granny scares the shut out of me 😂😂😂

Автор Blake Sorenson ( назад)
duh dun

Автор Jermesha Johnson ( назад)
He is not one of the powerful man in music lol

Автор h82bu223 ( назад)
id knock him out

Автор Headshotkilla- HD ( назад)
Jaws. Watch out

Автор ShazapzTV ( назад)

Автор Sérgio Morbiolo ( назад)
Simon said sorry? And the world isn't over? How is it possible?

Автор Spawn Works ( назад)
don't look her in the eyes!

Автор Kimberleigh Holloway ( назад)
She is not that bad

Автор Bad Jaeaux ( назад)
don't mess with God Mother the Queen of the mob

Автор Liam Colby Abellana ( назад)

Автор Kronk the Kaveman ( назад)
Hahahahahaha! XD You go, Edna!

Автор Stop eating my kind link Ngo ( назад)
i loved this! GO EDNA!

Автор kouhai nico ( назад)
I thought the woman was actually pretty sweet and good at singing. That was
so rude of Simon.

Автор amol palkar ( назад)
very funny...

Автор Antoine7000 ( назад)
She looked like she was gonna 360 NOSCOPE him in the ass

Автор Nicole Wilson ( назад)
It's the Wallace and Gromit music. That just took me back to a million
years ago. Hahahaha 

Автор Don Barracuda ( назад)
The jaws soundtrack! Hahaha..

Автор J ( назад)

Автор Aussie Chip ( назад)
"You thinks you is better than anyone"
Hes worth so much money that he can do whatever he wants every day for the
rest of his life and he runs TV shows for his own amusement.
Pretty sure he is better than most people, especially this stupid old

Автор AlexGaming ( назад)
3:50 He hasn't even got his own teeth! So true

Автор RandomlyAli :3 ( назад)
Way to go granny!!!

Автор samantha blume ( назад)
I LOVE that grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Cranberry X (Old) ( назад)
Oh my gosh, when Simon said sorry! XD Great job Edna, I'm so proud of you!

Автор ItsSky ( назад)

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