The X-Factor :Simon Gets Punked

Just wait the end. Please comment!

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Автор Adam - Madslien ( назад)
That wasn't even the first verse of the song

Автор Emily Nobs ( назад)
The problem with Lorraine's singing was that she was off pitch and there
was no passion behind it. Although Simon was right, he was rude as usual.
Edna gave him what was coming to him, though compared to other contestants,
what he said to Lorraine was pretty tame.

Автор DaisyIshHere Xx ( назад)
She's quite good...

Автор Noreen Akhtar ( назад)
The shark is coming nooo

Автор Broken Doll ( назад)
I love Edna!

Автор Kimberly Ramsey ( назад)
she's good

Автор Lily Smith ( назад)
"He hasn't even got his own teeth" neither have you

Автор Jirako ( назад)
Her singing was so quite nice

Автор wethechhh ( назад)
give the guy that thought to add jaws music a raise

Автор Tori_ Rsanv21 ( назад)
The dramatic music and that staring. I couldn't hold the humor in.
Narrator: Simon faces his worst nightmare. Edna.
Simon: what did I do?
Edna: you laughed
Simon: Really nigga?
Edna: u laughed!
Simon: is it too late now to say sorry?
Edna: sorry?! Sorry?! Listen here Simon I'm going t- *gets a stroke*
Simon: d-did I kill her?
Lou: *stares at Edna for a while* SHE NEEDS SOME MILK!!!

Автор mrnewton86 ( назад)
I have to agree with Simon, it was lifeless and was a bit on the dull
Maybe Lorraine should just stick to her Sunday morning church coffee

Автор Coconut Weather ( назад)
It’s British English! It’s Jaws Music! AWESOME.

Автор Emma Harding ( назад)
HAHA😂😂😂😆3.51 He isn't alone Edna😂😂😂😁😂

Автор B. Lonewolf ( назад)
To start with, I'll just say that I have no doubts as to Simon's
qualifications as a judge. I fully believe he has an eye (ear?) for talent
and knows what he's talking about. That said, I think he does sometimes go
too far -- even if you take the "entertainment" aspect into account -- so
it is satisfying to see him have the occasional slice of humble pie! :-)

Автор Bravy Dwika ( назад)
I had nightmares after watching this

Автор Mika kamp ( назад)

Автор AMLD TV ( назад)

Автор F.T.GPlays ( назад)
the music was too much 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор F.T.GPlays ( назад)

Автор Wild Animal Girls ( назад)
HE SAID SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор The_amazing _muffin_man ( назад)
Goon on her!

Автор Lissjeex dols ( назад)
I have respect for that old woman 

Автор Smelly fart guy ( назад)
Edna is a sweet lady, but I have to say that she makes me think of the
witch in hansel and Gretel.

Автор Meleisha Mckinnie ( назад)
that is good bit the words need to be arranged

Автор xxrhiannon_noraxx Hello youtube ( назад)
Ha aha aha ah

Автор martmart1 ( назад)
it was unjust. and stupid from Simon

Автор Seanerica Jordan ( назад)

Автор Paul J ( назад)
This is absolutely hilarious. No wonder Simon laughed, I laughed too.

Автор Fay Gz (R5) ( назад)

Автор XxxPoppyMadeItXxx D.I.Y and Crafts ( назад)
it's when she said "he hasn't even got his own teeth"
me and my mum couldn't stop laughing......Angry gran attack👵👵👵

Автор Mister 5 ( назад)
Watch in 2X speed. XD

Автор Mister 5 ( назад)
0:52 is where I thought Louie was dying of laugher.

Автор Mister 5 ( назад)
That laugh on 1:13 tho.

Автор Roxy Fernandez ( назад)
IM DONE 😹😹😹😹😹💯💯💩

Автор Angel Patel ( назад)
I died with the edited sounds especially when the hallelujah music played

Автор Mai Chamma ( назад)
to be honest her singing was quite nice

Автор Gwen Perrison ( назад)
She sang well but i don't think he should laugh at her

Автор Llamas Love Mandarins ( назад)
If i was one of the judges up there, then i would have probably been
laughing as well, not because of the singing (the singing was alright) but
because Edna's face is just hilarious and terrifying at the same time....
"Because you laughed" I'm even cracking up now. Honestly this is one of the
only things that has made me laugh on youtube... Thankyou for the jaws
music too and thanks for posting this.

Автор Sophie Berkeley ( назад)
I thought is was ok 🤓🤓

Автор Purple Guy ( назад)
6/8. Oh sh*t Simon made teh granny mad now! Ruuuun!!!

Автор Nsncy Osorio (520 лет назад)
the mother and law is scary

Автор Corbin Burdette ( назад)
I don't understand why Simon is apparently rude. First of all, he laughs
commonly, and secondly, he's honest. If you are competing in this
competition, expect the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts. Sorry granny!

Автор zatten drummer ( назад)
Who would guess Dobby was into crossdressing

Автор Katie Rose ( назад)
He respects his elders.

Автор CheekySwag ( назад)
xD sorry, Simon Cow's hardest word to say xD!

Автор scf85 ( назад)
This reminds me of the Sandra and Raif Patterson sketches on Little
Britain. So funny

Автор Zharia Selman ( назад)
I think she did great YOU GO GRANDMA

Автор The Crafty Butterfly ( назад)

Автор Mary Bell ( назад)
She honestly wasn't that bad of a singer. Lorraine was respectful and took
Simon's rudeness gracefully.

Автор Anna Gaydos (248 лет назад)
This video is amazing XD the jaw music, all of the people saying
hallelujah, and the sound effects. XD I just love this

Автор Sissel Os ( назад)
She looks like Erik Lassard in Police Academy when watching the judges :D

Автор Frog Jesus ( назад)
she actually sang good I HATE THE JUDGES

Автор Natally Mondragon ( назад)

Автор Thomas Varughese ( назад)
wow No words

Автор Maxxie ( назад)
old miserable cunt

Автор Gagi Eritsyan ( назад)
I think she had an alright voice. Edna wasn't necessary. She could've
worked on her voice a bit, and she'd be good!

Автор MadPanda99 ( назад)
Who thinks she's an angry gran?

Автор Olivia LeopardCat ( назад)
"He's not even good looking" well I think he's more good looking then you

Автор Ivan Ernest ( назад)
I love how when Simon says sorry there is a bunch people saying hallelujah

Автор Bear Gaming ( назад)
look at simon haha

Автор Emma Young ( назад)
i re can she was a realy good singer

Автор AshClawProductions ( назад)
She sang good but Edna, Edna man she scary asf

Автор person ( назад)
Does anyone else think that Loraine was a million times scarier than Edna?

Автор Ben Doughty ( назад)
She was actually pretty good.

Автор Lianna Rivera ( назад)
her singing is beautiful

Автор Jay Super ( назад)
one question. is granny Edna still alive?

Автор lps soda ( назад)
Lps soda

Автор Alice Pellham ( назад)
at least she sang better than some other really bad people at least

Автор SlippyInfinite ( назад)

Автор Emmanuel Martinez ( назад)
Hooray for EDNA!!! EDNA!!! EDNA!!!

Автор Skillica (424 года назад)

Автор Tokyoheidi ( назад)
The jaws theme is priceless

Автор skillerboi8 (302 года назад)
Edna would be 95-96 now, not sure is she is still alive. this was

Автор HardyPartyGaming ( назад)
fk u for quality

Автор Angelia Mohammed ( назад)
"why these girls scream over him, he's not even goodlooking, he hasn't even
got his own teeth." LOL LOL LOL. I'm weeeeaaaakkkk

Автор . “xxCatxx” ( назад)
Omg this Old Lady is so cute and supporting and than this......😢😯

Автор selvakumaran velupillai ( назад)
Well done Eknah, Simon looks tiny as peanut.

Автор Ask Me ( назад)
She sang very well.

Автор JaggedBrace ( назад)
I kinda feel bad for her. I don't think she was terrible, just a bit dry. 

Автор Amanda Palato ( назад)
The lady had nice singing definitely. Maybe not for the xfactor, but for
other things. I liked it. But honestly the mother is awesome 😂😂

Автор Iridescent_x (667 лет назад)

Автор Iridescent_x (727 лет назад)
Haha I you, grandma xD

Автор Jacob Hatley ( назад)
I didn't think she sang that bad

Автор tegaridorf ( назад)

Автор tegaridorf ( назад)
Edna is awesome ther3 should be more people like edna in this world 

Автор Heidi Drake ( назад)
Really funny old lady. Is it me or does Lorraine strongly resemble the
serial killer Rose West? 

Автор Lillie Monsky ( назад)
I find Simon's rudeness very entertaining. XD

Автор Eli Hardy ( назад)
Apply cold water to sizzling burn.

Автор Thor Stark ( назад)
Secsiest and most baddass granny ever.

Автор Maynard Melody ( назад)
Elle fait flipper la vioc

Автор Nina Jan ( назад)
how did she do that teach me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Zakey Najimi ( назад)
Your victim simom

Автор haben brhane Nani ( назад)
Hhhaaaaa lol

Автор diether delos reyes ( назад)
I got to say, I really hate SIMON COWELL. He lacks HUMILITY. I don't like
how he treat people that way. So rude...

Автор callie sykes ( назад)
Oh my God. 😂😂

Автор Zoya Zia ( назад)
Edna is my spirit animal

Автор suvarna gunachandaran ( назад)
Her singing was actually awesome.He told her that she was 'terrible'. He
should have been nicer. Serves him right. I just wish she would have
insulted him more. With words like 'arrogant' and 'demeaning'.

Автор NerdInGreen ___ ( назад)
Her face and the music!!! I'm dead

Автор Fabliha Zubaida Alam ( назад)
That old lady is really brave!!!Who could've thought that a 86 year old
lady could made simon apologise

Автор Bella Garcia ( назад)
Hmm, I like like the mother-in-law she's my style

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