The X-Factor :Simon Gets Punked

Just wait the end. Please comment!

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Автор Antoine7000 (2 месяца)
She looked like she was gonna 360 NOSCOPE him in the ass

Автор nuke clear (4 месяца)
if i got one dollar every pixel in this video i would have 0.50 cents

Автор AquaX107 (2 месяца)
Her face in the beginning scares the shit out of me

Автор Kevin Zheng (3 месяца)
Lol her singing was nice but the part I laughed at was the mother in laws
face xD it was so funny when she got mad 

Автор Only Me (1 месяц)
Whoever had the genius idea of using the Jaws music, is simply brilliant

Автор da ba (3 месяца)
Don't think she can talk about Simon not having real teeth

Автор Loralee Simpson (4 месяца)
I was hoping the "punked" was going to be the old lady blowing them away
with her voice. What a let down :/

Автор Brandon Bateman (8 месяцев)
Simon: Would you buy her record?
Edna: Yes
Simon (in a whisper): A bit biased.
hahaha xD

Автор Emily Anderson (27 дней)
Wow what a cranky old lady, I thought she was gonna do something else like
hurt him, if she can make Simon say sorry then that is one BRAVE women to
do that

Автор Livin4Skating (3 месяца)

Автор M. Strain Jr. (1 месяц)
The Grandma had to have her Pops.
(jaws theme)

Автор Bella Garcia (6 часов)
Hmm, I like like the mother-in-law she's my style

Автор Cranberry X (Old) (2 месяца)
Oh my gosh, when Simon said sorry! XD Great job Edna, I'm so proud of you!

Автор BOT Bob (22 часа)
she have very good talent ;D

Автор caroline williams (1 месяц)
That granny scares the shut out of me 😂😂😂

Автор Bad Jaeaux (2 месяца)
don't mess with God Mother the Queen of the mob

Автор Gpod Joe (3 месяца)
lol simon gets owned by grandma rotfl lmfao

Автор Abigail Sawyers (1 месяц)
Poor Simon. Edna is worse then Jaws, she's a toothless granny. 

Автор Cindy M (1 месяц)

Автор Don Barracuda (2 месяца)
The jaws soundtrack! Hahaha..

Автор Agit Baris (14 дней)

Автор AlexGaming (2 месяца)
3:50 He hasn't even got his own teeth! So true

Автор yarol thygod (1 месяц)
that was so beautiful ;) 

Автор Playful Fruit (1 месяц)
Lorain wasn't that bad.

Автор J (2 месяца)

Автор The Faded Colors (14 дней)
he deserves it. the poor lady was trying to sing (which wasnt bad) and he
laughed!! hes souch a doushebag

Автор amol palkar (2 месяца)
very funny...

Автор IITCHYDWNSOUF T (21 час)
Ohhhhhhh get rekt scrub

Автор Kaii Wong (18 дней)
simon says that because he is a gentleman n he respect older woman.. well,
he is just giving in the the old woman and dun create trouble with older

Автор Admiral Percy (9 месяцев)
"Punked" means "pranked". Your video title is a lie.

Автор iammaexoticss (3 месяца)
The dramatic music suits well 

Автор Bill Gates (5 месяцев)
My last name is punk and i'm punk, and i'm being offended ._.

Автор Rohit Singh (5 месяцев)
Good job granny You showed that idot Simon his worth

Автор MrKappaBeta (1 месяц)

Автор Martina Calt (15 дней)
Badass gramma incoming . . Simon ?!?! What have you done ? XD you can feel
its not going to be good for Simon 

Автор aimee louise (3 месяца)
Haha I love her 😂😂

Автор Hello22uuu (5 месяцев)
Am I the ONLY person who can see that this is totally staged, overproduced
with fake reaction shots that should be illegal?

Автор Rebecca Jennings (16 дней)
Mother in laws face when Simon laughed 😂😂

Автор Casey Daniel (13 дней)
Her faces scared me 

Автор Sérgio Morbiolo (1 месяц)
Simon said sorry? And the world isn't over? How is it possible?

Автор ShazapzTV (1 месяц)

Автор HeadShot KillaGaming (1 месяц)
Jaws. Watch out

Автор Renee Weber (1 месяц)
lol creepy lady

Автор Aussie Chip (2 месяца)
"You thinks you is better than anyone"
Hes worth so much money that he can do whatever he wants every day for the
rest of his life and he runs TV shows for his own amusement.
Pretty sure he is better than most people, especially this stupid old

Автор fallenxXxangel23 (1 месяц)
Eyyy!!! Get it Edna!!! They're the bomb!

Автор Blake Sorenson (1 месяц)
duh dun

Автор Miguel Ramos (2 месяца)
Which pixel is Simon?

Автор A You2be Dumpling (28 дней)
If I had a dollar for every like this comment gets, i'de have...well you
tell me :)

Автор PiggyPin (1 месяц)
her singing was good, its old fashioned. Simon...you ass hole

Автор ardvarkkkkk1 (21 день)
Someone helps her with the door, there is no security and the camera was
fallowing her. This and people still believe that this was not staged.

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