The X-Factor :Simon Gets Punked

Just wait the end. Please comment!

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Автор Gagi Eritsyan ( назад)
I think she had an alright voice. Edna wasn't necessary. She could've
worked on her voice a bit, and she'd be good!

Автор MadPanda99 ( назад)
Who thinks she's an angry gran?

Автор TheVlogging Gamer ( назад)
"He's not even good looking" well I think he's more good looking then you

Автор Ivan Ernest ( назад)
I love how when Simon says sorry there is a bunch people saying hallelujah

Автор Bear Gaming ( назад)
look at simon haha

Автор Emma Young ( назад)
i re can she was a realy good singer

Автор AshClawProductions ( назад)
She sang good but Edna, Edna man she scary asf

Автор person ( назад)
Does anyone else think that Loraine was a million times scarier than Edna?

Автор Ben Doughty ( назад)
She was actually pretty good.

Автор Lianna Rivera ( назад)
her singing is beautiful

Автор Joey Alvin Bayona ( назад)
one question. is granny Edna still alive?

Автор lps soda ( назад)
Lps soda

Автор Alice Pellham ( назад)
at least she sang better than some other really bad people at least

Автор Devin Holocker ( назад)
she wasnt even THAT badd

Автор SlippyDaGod ( назад)

Автор Emmanuel Martinez ( назад)
Hooray for EDNA!!! EDNA!!! EDNA!!!

Автор Skillica (423 года назад)

Автор Tokyoheidi ( назад)
The jaws theme is priceless

Автор skillerboi8 (301 год назад)
Edna would be 95-96 now, not sure is she is still alive. this was

Автор HardyPartyGaming ( назад)
fk u for quality

Автор Angelia Mohammed ( назад)
"why these girls scream over him, he's not even goodlooking, he hasn't even
got his own teeth." LOL LOL LOL. I'm weeeeaaaakkkk

Автор . “xxCatxx” ( назад)
Omg this Old Lady is so cute and supporting and than this......😢😯

Автор selvakumaran velupillai ( назад)
Well done Eknah, Simon looks tiny as peanut.

Автор Ask Me ( назад)
She sang very well.

Автор JaggedBrace ( назад)
I kinda feel bad for her. I don't think she was terrible, just a bit dry. 

Автор Amanda Palato ( назад)
The lady had nice singing definitely. Maybe not for the xfactor, but for
other things. I liked it. But honestly the mother is awesome 😂😂

Автор Iridescent_x (666 лет назад)

Автор Iridescent_x (725 лет назад)
Haha I you, grandma xD

Автор Jacob Hatley ( назад)
I didn't think she sang that bad

Автор tegaridorf ( назад)

Автор tegaridorf ( назад)
Edna is awesome ther3 should be more people like edna in this world 

Автор Heidi Drake ( назад)
Really funny old lady. Is it me or does Lorraine strongly resemble the
serial killer Rose West? 

Автор Lillie Monsky ( назад)
I find Simon's rudeness very entertaining. XD

Автор Eli Hardy ( назад)
Apply cold water to sizzling burn.

Автор Thor Stark ( назад)
Secsiest and most baddass granny ever.

Автор Maynard Melody ( назад)
Elle fait flipper la vioc

Автор Nina Jan ( назад)
how did she do that teach me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Zakey Najimi ( назад)
Your victim simom

Автор haben brhane Nani ( назад)
Hhhaaaaa lol

Автор diether delos reyes ( назад)
I got to say, I really hate SIMON COWELL. He lacks HUMILITY. I don't like
how he treat people that way. So rude...

Автор Callie Wilkins ( назад)
Oh my God. 😂😂

Автор Zoya Zia ( назад)
Edna is my spirit animal

Автор suvarna gunachandaran ( назад)
Her singing was actually awesome.He told her that she was 'terrible'. He
should have been nicer. Serves him right. I just wish she would have
insulted him more. With words like 'arrogant' and 'demeaning'.

Автор NerdInGreen ___ ( назад)
Her face and the music!!! I'm dead

Автор Fabliha Zubaida Alam ( назад)
That old lady is really brave!!!Who could've thought that a 86 year old
lady could made simon apologise

Автор Bella Garcia ( назад)
Hmm, I like like the mother-in-law she's my style

Автор IITCHYDWNSOUF T ( назад)
Ohhhhhhh get rekt scrub

Автор BOT Bob ( назад)
she have very good talent ;D

Автор Kezzi Rose Morris ( назад)
This is hilarious.

Автор vevohoeyo ( назад)
stupid old bitch needs a garden rake to wipe the scowl off her hideous face

Автор Matt Luciaja ( назад)
She's like my aunt

Автор Casey Daniel ( назад)
Her faces scared me 

Автор Fariko Seahawk ( назад)
he deserves it. the poor lady was trying to sing (which wasnt bad) and he
laughed!! hes souch a doushebag

Автор Agit Baris ( назад)

Автор Martina Calt ( назад)
Badass gramma incoming . . Simon ?!?! What have you done ? XD you can feel
its not going to be good for Simon 

Автор Rebecca Jennings ( назад)
Mother in laws face when Simon laughed 😂😂

Автор Kaii Wong ( назад)
simon says that because he is a gentleman n he respect older woman.. well,
he is just giving in the the old woman and dun create trouble with older

Автор da frak ( назад)
Actually he is Will Ferrell dressed as an old woman.

Автор ardvarkkkkk1 ( назад)
Someone helps her with the door, there is no security and the camera was
fallowing her. This and people still believe that this was not staged.

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Who else is reminded of the claymation of the short skits of the sheep?

Автор 0001 1001 1001 0011 ( назад)
Edna is fucking terrifying.

Автор Emily Anderson ( назад)
Wow what a cranky old lady, I thought she was gonna do something else like
hurt him, if she can make Simon say sorry then that is one BRAVE women to
do that

Автор martmart1 ( назад)
this singing was good. pure.

Автор Lilly Speight ( назад)
Lorraine actually did a good job!

Автор CrunchyDogFood CDF ( назад)
If I had a dollar for every like this comment gets, i'de have...well you
tell me :)

Автор fallenxXxangel23 ( назад)
Eyyy!!! Get it Edna!!! They're the bomb!

Автор Doctor Intelligent ( назад)
"He hasn't even got his own teeth." Bwah ha ha ha... 

Автор Dragonfest ( назад)
Simon is actually really good looking.

Автор Cindy M ( назад)

Автор yarol thygod ( назад)
that was so beautiful ;) 

Автор M. Strain Jr. ( назад)
The Grandma had to have her Pops.
(jaws theme)

Автор May maiken ( назад)
Was I the only one thinking of Totoro when I heard the music at the start
of the video?

Автор Ann Sullins ( назад)
Simon just knew he had better have apologized or go out and get his own
switch because Nana was gonna get ! LMAO 

Автор Zhen Hong Li ( назад)
creepy old women xD

Автор Kay Drake ( назад)
Haha omg

Автор PiggyPin ( назад)
her singing was good, its old fashioned. Simon...you ass hole

Автор Jeffrey Olson ( назад)
This is not a punk

Автор Only Me ( назад)
Whoever had the genius idea of using the Jaws music, is simply brilliant

Автор Playful Fruit ( назад)
Lorain wasn't that bad.

Автор Renee Weber ( назад)
lol creepy lady

Автор Ty Doyle ( назад)
Thug life granny

Автор queentrinity28 ( назад)
Take that Simon 

Автор ian poole ( назад)
Wallace and grommet theme song

Автор MrKappaBeta ( назад)

Автор caroline williams ( назад)
That granny scares the shut out of me 😂😂😂

Автор Blake Sorenson ( назад)
duh dun

Автор Jermesha Johnson ( назад)
He is not one of the powerful man in music lol

Автор h82bu223 ( назад)
id knock him out

Автор Headshotkilla- HD ( назад)
Jaws. Watch out

Автор ShazapzTV ( назад)

Автор Sérgio Morbiolo ( назад)
Simon said sorry? And the world isn't over? How is it possible?

Автор Spawn Works ( назад)
don't look her in the eyes!

Автор Kimberleigh Holloway ( назад)
She is not that bad

Автор Bad Jaeaux ( назад)
don't mess with God Mother the Queen of the mob

Автор Liam Colby Abellana ( назад)

Автор Kronk the Kaveman ( назад)
Hahahahahaha! XD You go, Edna!

Автор Stop eating my kind link Ngo ( назад)
i loved this! GO EDNA!

Автор kouhai nico ( назад)
I thought the woman was actually pretty sweet and good at singing. That was
so rude of Simon.

Автор amol palkar ( назад)
very funny...

Автор Antoine7000 ( назад)
She looked like she was gonna 360 NOSCOPE him in the ass

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