small block chevy 350 open headers

w open headers
holley carb
edelbrock intake
full length hooker headers
crane blue printed cam
choppy idle
turbo 350 trans w/ shift kit
many secrets i cant give out that info.

but it is a bad ass truck

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Автор Tazz M ( назад)

Автор cameron Hughes ( назад)
Sounds like crap

Автор Daniel Gaytan Mascote (490 лет назад)
beautiful sound

Автор Kellin Ramirez ( назад)
I have a 350 small block it came out of an 87 chevy silverado all stock i
took the original heads off the block some old spark plugs wouldn't come
out i got vortex heads though for it

Автор Ethan Sanders ( назад)
What all of you guys are hearing is a high performance camshaft making
it.sound like that and it sounds good especially since he put thoose long
headers instead of the short headers

Автор Christopher Olague ( назад)
This gave me a headache

Автор Christian Arends ( назад)
What headers do you have in that car?

Автор James7796ify ( назад)
jee zuss

Автор James Reid ( назад)
What size rims and tires do you have?

Автор Aman dutt ( назад)
Dude I bet you neighbors love you lol

Автор Piece of ( назад)
Sounds sooo juicy

Автор brian helmig ( назад)
sounds pretty good to me.

Автор Tyler Gutstein ( назад)
sounds like a kid banging on the side of your car with sticks more than an

Автор mfgunit ( назад)
Im with the other guy... sounds like SHIT

Автор byGiacobbe ( назад)
is that right side drive lol?

Автор ty fletcher ( назад)
Your truck has a miss in it

Автор Ruby Febriandi ( назад)
So fuck'n cool !!!!!! Beast !!!!!

Автор Ruby Febriandi ( назад)
So fuck'n cool !!!!!! Beast !!!!!

Автор Stewart Sanford ( назад)
this engine sounds like shit 

Автор Lost child ( назад)
I have a '69 c10 like that and I was wondering if you got yours painted and
if so, how much was it?

Автор Randall Wyatt ( назад)
i think your camera is fucked up

Автор bighardballs ( назад)
sweet rims glad u went with a hot rod look.

Автор Kyler Tutt ( назад)
A cam does to give your vehicle more performanc it opens your valves higher
for more intake and exhaust therefor more horsepower

Автор Martin Ramirez ( назад)
She's a beauty

Автор jc C ( назад)
It's a Chevy retard, Chevys aren't foreign

Автор Kole Powell ( назад)
Is that truck foreign? You got in the wrong side lol

Автор Mason Nicko ( назад)
Performance cams. A lot of people like the Mutha Thumpr cam but all that
cam does is just make it thump, but not that much like he has. The Mutha
Thumpr cam really is to just sound cool, not give your car/truck any

Автор bighardballs ( назад)
I like the wheels

Автор flashes94 ( назад)
Sound freakin great

Автор walkerdr23 ( назад)
I want my truck to idle similar to this one.. do u know the specs for a

Автор BOXCHEVYBOY350 ( назад)
Nice Slab homes I bet that supercharger 502 is so raw.

Автор MrMSA90 ( назад)
they look like those pacer wheels 15X10 cause i got some JUST like them

Автор MrMSA90 ( назад)
long bed???

Автор Sam Johnson ( назад)
what wheels are on this truck?

Автор DeltaBluesClassics ( назад)
it did, i wrote it all down. thanks for taking the time to reply me man.

Автор brody gilliard ( назад)
UPDATE!!! hey guys we got great news my uncle came into some hard times, we
have the truck back it is now silver and black still has the bullet holes
all the panels doors windows etc has been fixed has cold a/c new
windshields that motor was takin out but came with the truck we're gonna
keep it for a back up, it now has a 502 crate with a twin-screw
supercharger on it, we will post videos whenever i get a better camera!

Автор brody gilliard ( назад)
its a lunati voodoo blueprinted cam,, 480/510 are the specs, and the cfm
for the carb was a two pieced into one 650 4 barrel, took off the vacumm
and secondary the bowls were off a old style carb back when they made them
out of copper and the center is a newer holley, hope this helped you man,

Автор DeltaBluesClassics ( назад)
what cam is that? and what CFM is that holly?

Автор Colton Coffman ( назад)
Thank you. I just put a 355 japer in my truck

Автор brody gilliard ( назад)
get a cam, ill look up the specs for the cam in the morning look back for
my reply

Автор Colton Coffman ( назад)
Can anyone please tell me how to get a 350 to idle that low? I love the
sound it makes and I don't know how to do it please tell me!

Автор blake glenn (249 лет назад)
what size cam was in it and brand? Im restoring my 85 chevy and just put a
new motor in it. many upgrades yet to come

Автор 238haden ( назад)
Sounds just like my truck. I can't start the thing without pissing off the
neighbors. What year is it?

Автор Shane Mcquade ( назад)
music to my ears love it

Автор brody gilliard ( назад)
hey guys brody here, me an my dad has sold the truck but will be glad to
give yall any info you may want on the motor specs etc, its still in the
family my uncle wanted it for years we sold it to him he has since painted
it an did a frame off restoration, this truck is now silver and black an is
in car shows across mississippi and alabama.

Автор Heath Sams ( назад)
for sale

Автор 77zhawk ( назад)
Have u sold it yet I'm interested

Автор Ricky Small ( назад)
She sounds great! Is it just me or does it kind of sound like the drum
intro on Van Haylens hot for teacher? I was just waiting for Eddie to rip
off with the guitar. Very Nice Truck. Hope you didn't have to part with it!

Автор 87301Rjay ( назад)
i did that to my 69 and man was it loud but no back pressure and lost alot
of power

Автор sledheadchris (997 лет назад)
please!! inbox info on what all you did! i love the sound!!!

Автор brody gilliard ( назад)
hey thanks guys. dad said he appreciates the comments. we're selling the
truck due to hard times. 4 thousand. or best offer. if anybodys interested
we're located in south georgia

Автор paint5700 ( назад)
that's one sweet truck you've got there, well done

Автор MrRexable ( назад)
i just had an eargasm.

Автор brody gilliard ( назад)
@silverado271 bro if it does sound like a tractor thats one bad ass
tractor. idk if i can take that as an insult or a compliment lol.

Автор brody gilliard ( назад)
there 15x10's replying to blue chevy cowboy

Автор bluechevycowboy ( назад)
what wheels do you have on there, brother?

Автор brody gilliard ( назад)
rpms. its at about 2000 then drops to 1800.. .....lmao thanks
punnkypo.....actually we just do the uncaps for the vids an the track we
have turbo mufflers we run on it too ride around with........the cam wont
give you that sound. but its just a blue printed crane cam... if you need
the number let me know........heads. its got aluminum 500 horse heads.

Автор lucasorcorey ( назад)
how many RPMs is it idling?

Автор punnkypo ( назад)
daaaamn thats choppy, better feed honda man hahaha sounds real good though

Автор bubbajeasy1 ( назад)
look the open headers thing sounds awesome and can piss off some neighbors
but the back pressure cant be good for that engine..

Автор JLEmery524 ( назад)
what cam is in this? im lookin for a good lopy cam to put in my 350

Автор c10chevyify ( назад)
nice truck, my c10 is an 80' custom deluxe still have alot of years of work
to put in it though, what size tires and rims do you have.

Автор XXXblacklavenderXXX ( назад)
what heads you got on that bitch, sounds good!!

Автор brody gilliard ( назад)
@dougiels42 hey man thanks. an yea it took along time to get it where it is

Автор dougiels42 ( назад)
that thing CHOPPIN'

Автор brody gilliard ( назад)
reply to deanschool. its just the cam. its the next to the biggest without
havin to change the heads. the lift an comp is bigger then what you'd put
in a big block say 454 or 396. we just put it in an set the timing just
right. its a lunati voodoo cam. i can get the numbers for ya if you need

Автор deanschool ( назад)
how did you get that choppy idle?

Автор brody gilliard ( назад)
reply to brandonc0123. man thanks very much. i appreciate it. we try it's
my dads daily driver around town. i love driving it to dairy queen an
pullin to the drive thru with them uncapped its like heaven. lol. any ?S or
if you wanna sub to me you can. check other vids. later man.

Автор brandonc0123 ( назад)
beautiful sounding truck, very nice

Автор Casey Billings ( назад)
nice check mine out.

Автор brody gilliard ( назад)
hey man reply too UWONTcatchMeClean: the laptop that i sit on my deck its a
webcam an idk why it does the reverse angle thing but u actually see the
passenger side of the truck an its really like that but it confuses some
ppl its just how the porch an angle of the truck was set up

Автор UWontcatchMeClean ( назад)
Sounds good, but why did u get in on the right side? lol. ill have vids of
mine up soon.

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