Ace Combat 6 Main Theme Mix - Fires Of Liberation

One of my personal gold-pieces in Game-Soundtrack history
The beatiful (main) Theme of Ace Combat 6, played during the happenings around Gracemeria.
I decided to cut together only the parts of exactly the same theme in all it's different tracks to create this remix.
The two original tracks are named "Invasion of Gracemeria" and "The Liberation of Gracemeria".

Enjoy this new listening experience.

@ 3:23 - 4:23, i personally feel free like a bird. What about you?


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Автор Aaron Stallings ( назад)
Let's do this Shamrock. Dance with the angels.

Автор Super Totoor ( назад)
faite qu'il fasse un ace combat 6 sur d'autre console ....

Автор Anthony Levi ( назад)
Well I guess it's time to fire up that old F-22 jet now.

Автор Cipher ( назад)
Cipher as the Thumbnail... Ace Combat 8: Fires of Zero confirmed. [bad joke
and name]

Автор Legion XIII ( назад)
Nice to see people nostalgic about AC6, I for one, hadn't known about AC6
until this beautiful track. Personally, I think it's one of the best games
from that era of gaming.

Автор osasunaitor ( назад)
It's amazing how one videogame can have such an extraordinary and powerful
soundtrack!! It's probably the most inspirational piece of music I've ever
heard; after listening to it, I would be almost ready to give even my life
for my homeland if necessary...

Thanks for creating this awesome remix! :)

Автор Project PS4 ( назад)
Ace combat 7 might be a thing, its only a rurom though.

Автор Thomas Davis ( назад)
I always used the f-15c chiper

Автор toxicglitter7 ( назад)
Having beat every mission in the
F/A 18 superhornet this brings back memories.

Автор Lene Kinsey ( назад)
After I beat this game once I started playing it again and I used the F-22
Raptor for almost every mission. :)

Автор Vespillo12 ( назад)
This sounds a bit similar to the Swordland song from Sword Art Online.

Автор Nikolai Lyons ( назад)
AC6 kinda left a bad taste in my mouth after doing the ace missions and the
attack faithful medal sooooooo many years ago. Thanks to this I'm tempted
to beat the game in my good ol' SU-33.

Автор Just Some Guy ( назад)
Damn, I'm going to have to dig up AC6 now :P

Автор Sierra-117 John ( назад)
I just wanna be in an F-15 Eagle cause of this, or an F-22 Raptor

Автор Guardia de Carrera Blanca ( назад)
I love this game!!!!

Автор Jano Vithd ( назад)
Ace combat never disappointed us, gameplay, music, story, graphics, amazing

Автор Hyperion's Stuff ( назад)

Автор The Two Harlings ( назад)

Автор MatthewGames1 ( назад)
out of context (for this AC-6 not the series though)

When history witnesses a great change Razgriz reveals itself
First as a dark demon, as a demon it uses its powers to rain death upon the
then it dies
However, after a period of slumber, Razgriz returns
this time as a great hero

Автор Andreas Nottelmann ( назад)
Would fit nicely for a military movie

Автор TheRealDeal ( назад)
Awesome song!

Автор TSRevolution ( назад)
4:29 was a pretty cool twisted transition but I actually like what you had

Автор CaptainBeatDown ( назад)
Ace combat FTW

Автор XinKotetsu ( назад)
High quality MP3 please?

Автор C7 Phreedm Trayn ( назад)
A brilliant and very beautiful composition. Very emotional music. I like
the chorus version in the game menu as well. I love what you did with it!!

Автор cat ( назад)
F22 attack 

Автор Bryce Sweeney ( назад)
And I proceeded to try to kill all my teammates.

Автор Bryce Sweeney ( назад)
On my first Expert play through on Chandelier I was shot so many times but
when I finally destroyed all but one normal cooling unit the Chandelier
fired for like the tenth time and right when I fired the killing blow for a
new checkpoint all I hear is "Gracemeria's been destroyed!" and everyone
being depressed and it says Mission Failed. I was so angry 

Автор Bryce Sweeney ( назад)
"Prepare Stratos for launch. Initiate loading."

Автор Bryce Sweeney ( назад)
Thanks for any answers anyone can give me.

Автор Bryce Sweeney ( назад)
I am getting annoyed with my Ace Combat 6 because the ace on Heavy Command
Cruiser won't spawn (yes I'm playing on expert) I've gone through the
mission about 10 times all on expert and he won't spawn. The first time he
did spawn but when he was taking off asshole Shamrock had to shoot him down
so I immediately quit and now he won't spawn at all. Someone please tell me
what to do I am considering deleting all my Ace Combat 6 data but I'd
rather not unless it's hopeless.

Автор Nova 11249 4 4 396 ( назад)
any one want to dance with the angels? if you have live.

Автор Elijah Bakke ( назад)
I always get something like a tear in my heart. This speaks of many
emotions displayed through AC6. I got rid of AC6, but this theme compelled
me to buy it again for the good fun this game brought.

Автор Nick Scheffler ( назад)
The story lines of all the games in the Ace Combat series that I have
played are gripping and very powerful. and I feel the same way everytime I
pick up that game

Автор YTLyricsMaker ( назад)
The Japanese tend to be more fond of putting an effort on soundtracks more
than western game developers/or anything else, usually (from my POV). The
old Ace Combat games, beautiful soundtracks. Hell, even Assault Horizon had
a fair amount of them. I'm not an anime fan, but most of the ones I've
watched (not many) have pretty amazing soundtracks as well. hopefully devs
start to realize that soundtrack makes a large portion of a game as well,
as AC games have proven.

Автор YTLyricsMaker ( назад)
Well, the indie game and F2P front wasn't exactly bright on the 360 either.
Guess I better lower my expectations on F2P and indie games in the Xbox One
then. thanks for the info

Автор SlyCooperFan1 ( назад)
Supposedly, they're going to be improving on their F2P policy along with
their indie game policy. But everything we've seen of the Xbox One has
shown that they're not improving matters with indie games much, so don't
expect anything good from the F2P game front either. Not to sound like
another Sony fanboy, but it's true that a lot of F2P games have released
and are set to release on the PS3 and PS4, and as for indie games... well
that goes without saying.

Автор YTLyricsMaker ( назад)
Xbox has a policy on F2P games? Man, so many things I haven't even
read/heard of yet. makes my decision on buying the One harder the more I

Автор SlyCooperFan1 ( назад)
AC6 came out on the Xbox 360 because by the time the PS3 had gone out, it
was too late in development for them to switch consoles. They were
developing it as a 360 exclusive from the start because the PS3 wasn't
available to them. Infinity is on the PS3 likely because of Xbox's
restrictive policies on F2P games.

Автор chris redfield ( назад)
dance with the angel >>>> ✈ 

Автор YTLyricsMaker ( назад)
when I heard "Ace Combat Infinity," my hopes had gone up... yet, after
reading about the F2P, the setting being in the real world, and being a PS3
exclusive bothered me. I dislike on how they keep on changing consoles. I
had the ps2, and then the Xbox360 for AC6. Now I have to change to the Play
Station once more to play the next ace combat? come on... I do have some
hope though, as the soundtrack sounds amazing and the visuals do too. Just
hope they don't screw it up as they did with AH. 

Автор YTLyricsMaker ( назад)
the feelings given by the old Ace Combat games are simply amazing. The
nostalgia... Every single Ace Combat game I've played (the old ones) have
all given me the chills, and a mixture of feelings of joy, sadness,
desperation, hope...and the soundtracks just made it so much more better.
BF3 is a different game, so I don't think it's fair to compare...but I can
definitely agree that the AC games are simply fantastic, and do a wonderful
job at telling a story worth playing :)

Автор RoyalLemonade ( назад)
Today We will take Gracemeria BACK!!

Автор Seth Miller (Pedro's Adventures) ( назад)
Those we've lost gave their lives to bring the morning light, living this
day to the fullest is the highest tribute we can offer to their memory. Now
come on let's get back home! 

Автор Jesus Abrams JJ ( назад)

Автор Brad Lauk ( назад)
I totally agree. In most games you're dropped in as a faceless drone or an
already battle hardened vet. In AC and it's sequels you start as a nobody
and through your hard work and accomplishments by the end of the games you
can rally your allies and break your enemies just by appearing in a battle.
"You're not going to believe this Jean-Louis. All of them have ribbon

Автор Brad Lauk ( назад)
and aren't we all excited about Ace Combat Infinity? Free to play, set in
the real world, but with planes and superweapons from Strangereal. AND it's
PS3 exclusive. What a fantastic idea, right guys? Guys?

Автор Specimin6 ( назад)
Though I've always joked with my friends the reason I love Ace Combat games
is because of the badass feeling it gives me, I've always loved the
emotional and personal relationships I develop with the games and
characters. My least favorite mission in AC6 is Gracemaria Patrol, or the
14th mission, just because of what happened to Shamrock. Ace Combat will
always be one of the greatest game series to me simply because of how
beautifully the story is always done.

Автор Eldrad Ulthran ( назад)
i hope you aren't considering Assault Horizon as AC7, it doesn't deserve to
be considered part of the franchise

Автор LiangHuBBB ( назад)
love this theme <3 thx for uploading

Автор James Helliwell ( назад)
ive noticed ace combat 7 mixed this in with all their like arab music and
themes. but only the main section. 

Автор Tom Akers ( назад)
Absolutley! I've played this game 1,000 times and still, every time I hear
Ghost Eye say 'We're taking back Gracemeria today' I get chills. 

Автор RoyalLemonade ( назад)
Or Mario and Steet Fighter ;D

Автор RoyalLemonade ( назад)
I m On Mission 12 and i dont know how too succes it :( 

Автор RoyalLemonade ( назад)
Not ever Like Skyrim or Battlefield but Battlefield never rly changed his
or hers idk :D theme :D

Автор RazgrizOne ( назад)
most themes today has guitars, dubstep, or rap remixed in. 

Автор William O'Connor ( назад)
and I think that most zelda games in the retro days had great soundtrack 

Автор Daniel De Villa (FieldsOfFire) ( назад)
I Agree

Автор RoyalLemonade ( назад)
You are 100% right

Автор jacob peraino ( назад)
i played this game,i loved the music as i fought

Автор FalconAlpaca ( назад)
"We're going to take back Gracemeria today!" Motherfucking CHILLS. 

Автор Lavalambtron ( назад)

Автор andrew shepherd ( назад)
the cockpit canopy does look long enough for a two seatr, and witht he
glare on the top, you cant see the back, but it does bear a very strong
resemblance to the F-15c 

Автор Михаил Акотмий ( назад)
The picture is from Ace Combat Zero tho :P 

Автор Михаил Акотмий ( назад)
Yup this F-15C was seen in Ace Combat Zero, Galm 1 I think

Автор Zenomex ( назад)
02:00 Anyone else get that great shuddery feeling when the cymbals strikes?

Автор Christian Daher ( назад)
There are some obvious exceptions, but the original statement generally
holds true.

Автор StrikeNoir105E ( назад)
Mike McCann and his work on Deus Ex: Human Revolution and XCOM: Enemy
Unknown would like to disagree. 

Автор SaltyWaffles ( назад)
Look up "Icarus" for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and tell me that isn't an
amazing theme. I agree about the frequency of that quality, though; modern
games with great themes are surprisingly uncommon by comparison.

Автор Darth Revan ( назад)
so its the F-15C not the strike eagle

Автор rofllcats ( назад)
the actual original battlefield song is an epic song the remix of the song
put in battlefield 3 is crap

Автор D1no87 ( назад)
repeat... again.. and again.. !! :) 

Автор Olli Koskinen ( назад)
I have great memories with the series. I started with Air Combat, then few
years passed and then I found the Squadron Leader/Unsung War. I played that
game like dozens of hours.

Автор Nick87F ( назад)
This soundtrack gives me goosebumps every time. Amazing!

Автор RunninAroundTheWorld ( назад)
Ace Combat 5's story was the best. It made me cry. :)

Автор buechsenwurschd ( назад)
i complay with that. just listen to the battlefield 3 farting soundtrack.

Автор htalloush ( назад)
new bgm not bad at all. just don't come to the conclusion with a bias
towards the old vs new

Автор Wreckbeard ( назад)
Depends on the company, I tend to disagree. Many companies are just now
realizing how important music is to their game and are actually putting
effort and a decent budget into producing it.

Автор RazgrizOne ( назад)
This game had good gameplay, awesome missions, average storyline, and
cheesy lines ("dance with the angels" seriously?) but my favorite jet
fighting game for xbox does anyone know if the ace combat games are
available for ps3 as a download? 

Автор nicociri ( назад)
I strongly believe this and "zero" from ACZ to be by far the best theme
songs in videogame history. There are, of course, videogaming classics like
mario, zelda and the like, but in terms of empowerment, feelings,
strenght... i think there is no better than these two. I mean c'mon: don't
tell me you don't feel like hoping onto your nearest F15 and start shooting
everything on site when you hear this... And Zero: "we will survive galm
1!" c'mon! :D

Автор volclaire1 ( назад)
and moreover, it's cipher's

Автор Rimmy Justler ( назад)
is that an f-15?

Автор muffin man ( назад)
In my opinion ace combat 6 is one of the best storyline games out there.
From the music to the flying to the voice acting, it is all good. If i were
to pick game of the year it would be this one. Keep in mind this is my
opinion and not yours. 

Автор Brian Levesque ( назад)
it is the same theme, and it is supposed to be that way, it is the same in
morrowind, which is older.

Автор Leviathan ( назад)
Hmm its just how they remix mayhem with hostile fleet in ACAH...

Автор Wilson McDonald ( назад)
This song is a remix of Diapason from AC0. Witch is a appropriate since
that's the mission were you liberate the Ustio capitol.

Автор Wilson McDonald ( назад)
Agreed. Personally I think ACAH was just a big Beta test for the DFM. They
wanted to see how fans would react, so they made a half ass game. Now they
are going to look at what the fans say and then tweak the system so the
next game will be what we all now and love just with some awesome new
features. Also AC6 was good, it reminded me of AC4. Neither had the amazing
stories of AC5 and AC0, but they were fun, and that's what matters.

Автор noah “latex gryphon” N ( назад)
not to troll, but the skyrim theme is just a variation of oblivions theme 

Автор SCARRIOR ( назад)
The latest ace combat wasa total dissapointment... well it wasnt that bad
but fires of liberations was much better.

Автор Korbac ( назад)
every time i listen to this the nostalgic and melancholic feelings are way
too damn high...

Автор Jonas De Moor (jonasty123dm) ( назад)
Yes, I didn't say they're bad, they're also very good themes, but I just
like themes from older games more :-)

Автор Dillon Borges ( назад)
I have to disagree, the theme in Skyrim is amazing and then look at the
theme music for the Assassin's Creed series. They're both absolutely

Автор Shunski ( назад)
Amen to that This game is the best wish the would make another based off
AC6 instead of the crappy assault Horizon 

Автор Tomatoesaretasty ( назад)
This is HORRIBLE news D:

Автор Jarrett Basse ( назад)
Could not have said it better!

Автор ODSTMinecraft ( назад)
Don't you mean Garuda 1?

Автор Angry Crusader 39 ( назад)
they need too make a new one not like the last one but like Ace Combat
3,4,5 and 6.

Автор Jonas De Moor (jonasty123dm) ( назад)
Themes from "older" games (2005 - 2008) are MUCH better than the themes of
games nowadays 

Автор Lordvader34 ( назад)
''Fox 2 Engage''

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