Ace Combat 6 Main Theme Mix - Fires Of Liberation

One of my personal gold-pieces in Game-Soundtrack history
The beatiful (main) Theme of Ace Combat 6, played during the happenings around Gracemeria.
I decided to cut together only the parts of exactly the same theme in all it's different tracks to create this remix.
The two original tracks are named "Invasion of Gracemeria" and "The Liberation of Gracemeria".

Enjoy this new listening experience.

@ 3:23 - 4:23, i personally feel free like a bird. What about you?


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Автор Lucas Caruso (5 дней)
I love this game!!!!

Автор Andreas Nottelmann (3 месяца)
Would fit nicely for a military movie

Автор TheRealDeal (4 месяца)
Awesome song!

Автор Jano Vithd (2 месяца)
Ace combat never disappointed us, gameplay, music, story, graphics, amazing

Автор Bryce Sweeney (10 месяцев)
I am getting annoyed with my Ace Combat 6 because the ace on Heavy Command
Cruiser won't spawn (yes I'm playing on expert) I've gone through the
mission about 10 times all on expert and he won't spawn. The first time he
did spawn but when he was taking off asshole Shamrock had to shoot him down
so I immediately quit and now he won't spawn at all. Someone please tell me
what to do I am considering deleting all my Ace Combat 6 data but I'd
rather not unless it's hopeless.

Автор Jake Nethery (2 месяца)

Автор CapnKhater (3 месяца)

Автор XinKotetsu (7 месяцев)
High quality MP3 please?

Автор Rob Butler (5 месяцев)
Ace combat FTW

Автор Bryce Sweeney (9 месяцев)
"Prepare Stratos for launch. Initiate loading."

Автор Charlie Sevphen (7 месяцев)
A brilliant and very beautiful composition. Very emotional music. I like
the chorus version in the game menu as well. I love what you did with it!!

Автор cat (8 месяцев)
F22 attack 

Автор Jacob Baugher (11 месяцев)
The best theme ever for a fighter jet game

Автор MatthewGames1 (3 месяца)
out of context (for this AC-6 not the series though)

When history witnesses a great change Razgriz reveals itself
First as a dark demon, as a demon it uses its powers to rain death upon the
then it dies
However, after a period of slumber, Razgriz returns
this time as a great hero

Автор Spioszeq (9 месяцев)
Assault horizon is fun too but ace combat 6 was just epic. In addition of
good gameplay it had great story and music.

Автор Bryce Sweeney (9 месяцев)
And I proceeded to try to kill all my teammates.

Автор TSRevolution (5 месяцев)
4:29 was a pretty cool twisted transition but I actually like what you had

Автор Bryce Sweeney (9 месяцев)
On my first Expert play through on Chandelier I was shot so many times but
when I finally destroyed all but one normal cooling unit the Chandelier
fired for like the tenth time and right when I fired the killing blow for a
new checkpoint all I hear is "Gracemeria's been destroyed!" and everyone
being depressed and it says Mission Failed. I was so angry 

Автор Nova 11249 4 4 396 (10 месяцев)
any one want to dance with the angels? if you have live.

Автор James Runkat (10 месяцев)
everytime i play this game i always get carried away :') the story is so
beautiful tragic! 

Автор Bryce Sweeney (10 месяцев)
Thanks for any answers anyone can give me.

Автор Director Warren [SHIELD] Roblox (10 месяцев)
I always get something like a tear in my heart. This speaks of many
emotions displayed through AC6. I got rid of AC6, but this theme compelled
me to buy it again for the good fun this game brought.

Автор Daniel Brisson (1 год)
Best of video games music ! :)

Автор William O'Connor (1 год)
and I think that most zelda games in the retro days had great soundtrack

Автор RoyalLemonade (1 год)
Not ever Like Skyrim or Battlefield but Battlefield never rly changed his
or hers idk :D theme :D

Автор Abdul Fattah (2 года)
My hair stands by just listening to it.

Автор Wreckbeard (1 год)
Depends on the company, I tend to disagree. Many companies are just now
realizing how important music is to their game and are actually putting
effort and a decent budget into producing it.

Автор lkj802 (2 года)
best thing about ace combat is the music that suits the flying so well

Автор razgriz501 (1 год)
It could be the Cipher DLC for Ace 6, which would make it an F-15E. But I
think you're right. I only see one seat in the cockpit, so it probably is
an F-15C.

Автор JingleBerries (2 года)
dude, let them be, they children, they don't know what they're doing here...

Автор Freddy (2 года)
Yah, about a week after I posted my comment I figured out how to maneuver
well. In a 1000 ticket Conquest on Wake Island I spent most of the game in
a jet and completely suppressed the other team's vehicles. I even was able
to fly crazy low (under bridges and through hangars).

Автор noah Nordstrom (1 год)
not to troll, but the skyrim theme is just a variation of oblivions theme

Автор RunninAroundTheWorld (1 год)
Ace Combat 5's story was the best. It made me cry. :)

Автор volclaire1 (1 год)
and moreover, it's cipher's

Автор Jonas De Moor (1 год)
Themes from "older" games (2005 - 2008) are MUCH better than the themes of
games nowadays

Автор freedomfighter2578 (2 года)
I agree Ace Combat is hard as shit on the hardest difficulty

Автор mateo lacak (2 года)
This music reminds me to the heroic Croatian air force during the 90's.
NAMCO and Project Aces for life, Liberation of Gracemeria, The Unsung war,
Zero, Fire youngman and Megalith- Agnus Dei are the best songs for Ace

Автор Nicholas Burnett (2 года)
When the world is at its breaking point and is in need of a hero, I want to
be that hero. And I would play this to give people the hope they want and

Автор Wilson McDonald (1 год)
This song is a remix of Diapason from AC0. Witch is a appropriate since
that's the mission were you liberate the Ustio capitol.

Автор WondertacoGaming (2 года)
This song is so inspirational

Автор ArmoredCore SniperMech (2 года)
Human spirit 75% better.

Автор Zhanrae30 (2 года)
3 words: You don't say?

Автор Korger (2 года)
Ive been looking for something like this for a long time. Great work

Автор nicociri (1 год)
I strongly believe this and "zero" from ACZ to be by far the best theme
songs in videogame history. There are, of course, videogaming classics like
mario, zelda and the like, but in terms of empowerment, feelings,
strenght... i think there is no better than these two. I mean c'mon: don't
tell me you don't feel like hoping onto your nearest F15 and start shooting
everything on site when you hear this... And Zero: "we will survive galm
1!" c'mon! :D

Автор Nicholas Burnett (2 года)
I'm gonna go dance with the angels. Anyone care to join me?

Автор DaBombGoesBoom100 (1 год)
*continued from previous comment* as I flew off gleefully to my friends and
family, for I had danced with the angels, and I had give the people of my
country hope. Because even after the darkest nights, morning always comes.

Автор Shunski (1 год)
Amen to that This game is the best wish the would make another based off
AC6 instead of the crappy assault Horizon

Автор ChelseaLionFan (2 года)
You do realize it's still a game, correct? Not real aircraft...

Автор RoundenBrown (2 года)
Good, but nowhere near as good as the AC04 soundtrack.

Автор Tank Zealot (2 года)
Best Song eva.. Man tears all the time : ) For emmeria! :D

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