Lady In Red by Chris De Burgh (guitar cover)

Hi there, here is my cover of this beautiful song from Chris De Burgh.

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Автор Delaney ( назад)
Feel it out, apply yourself. If you take the
down-down--down-up-down-up-down-up-down approach because someone told you
that is how it's suppose to be your going to play like a robot. To play
this song, you could just strike the chord down once every 4 beats if you
wanted. The important thing about making this song beautiful, is "The Vocal
Pattern" Try it, sound the chord only once. It's your vocal pattern that is
the star of the song really, not the instrument.

Автор Fakhry A. Mostafa ( назад)
cool..please check out my cover..

Автор Jack Black ( назад)
can i have the chords??

Автор LayLowish1 ( назад)
Nice cover. I like how you keep a solid good rhythm and your voice very
secure. Good job my friend.

Автор Venkat Kota ( назад)
Hi, nicely done! could you please give me the strumming pattern. I can play
all the chords but I am not able to get the proper strumming pattern. The
pattern remains the same throughout the song or do you change it in
between. Thanks for your help.

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