Mig-29 fulcrum music video

Mig 29 music video, using the offspring music. (Mig-29 fulcrum)

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Автор At oZ ( назад)
Don't fuck with the Fulcrum.

Автор theliner ( назад)
Wown me too ! How cool is that !?

Автор harris3693 ( назад)
@alfteck man, they created the visual lock on tech in the 70s when the USA
was still using direct line lock systems, read a book man!!

Автор Highice007 ( назад)
Awesome plane, and expensive. North Korea can only afford 12.

Автор Roly Wiener ( назад)
@Johnnythemonkey26728 EXACTLY

Автор taggermen ( назад)
the russians were allways more advanced look at them now Su-47 beautiful
fighter, Su-27,37,33, and so on btw video rocks dude

Автор sona kun ( назад)
that not smart,that stealing

Автор Alf Cara ( назад)
The chinese are smart about this. Rather then spend billions in
developement, they get most of their stuff just stealing this. As far as
Russians, it will be 20n years before they are ready to develope their own
Hi tech stuff.

Автор Alf Cara ( назад)
the performance of indevidual as pects varies, but "systems integration" is
where they have always been weak. Americans are just better at this
generaly, almost without intention. Presnetly western military science is
going leaps and bounds inrobotics /military integration and materials

Автор Juraj Hablák ( назад)
and? When the U.S. were comparing radar capabilities of their radar in F-16
and in MIG29 they've found that MiG-29's rarad can acquire lock far earlier
than in F-16 although is older and not so modern "in papers". More, the
russian and Czechoslovakian ground radars are able to see the U.S. Stealt
planes (F117,B2,F22)

Автор Alf Cara ( назад)
well I am a telecommunication specialist, and you have to know some of the
history behind the developement of Large scale integrated circuits. the
Soviets were with us fo a while , maybe the 70s. After that they did little
to upgrade their technologies. alot went into the hard nuts and bolts of
warfare but little into ivvesting into real development.

Автор Juraj Hablák ( назад)
How do you come to that decision? Is that because there are analog gauges
not displays? Of course digital watch are more pretty than classis old
watch, but doesn't matter if you wan't know what's the time. Same in
planes, if you want to know your altitude, doesn't matter if it is analog
gauge or display :)

Автор MichalOMNGB ( назад)
he don´t understand it.... F*** him and all others

Автор alistairmartins ( назад)
I don't think you have seen the Mig 35s cockpit :)

Автор Alf Cara ( назад)
Fact is Russiab intergrated electronics and weapons system are still 10
years behind the time. Good for bombing georgia, buts that it. AC

Автор Walter BerriosKnives ( назад)
mig-29 ,the best !

Автор theliner ( назад)
Thanks, actually it has some sync problems due to youtube. I uploaded a
better-synced version on google video (with same title).

Автор theliner ( назад)
I really have to say that I agree with you.

Автор J26728 ( назад)
Americans make American jets tailored for American purposes. Russians make
Russian jets tailored for Russian purposes. Same for ANY other country.
Comparing them is like comparing an F-4 to an A-6. Apples and oranges.

Автор hapookooma ( назад)
its nice video but da music is fucket,,,

Автор Linus Johansson ( назад)

Автор Linus Johansson ( назад)
jas 39 gripen ROCK FUCK THE MIG 29

Автор Syed Ali ( назад)
fuck off all americans russian planes are the bestttttt the american
airplanes are so bad that they crash in wtc lmfao eat that motherfuckers
russia rocks!!!!

Автор Tuning3434 ( назад)
So wrong.. The new Mig 29 engine upgrade make it a 5th generation craft,
comparable with the F22 Raptor and F35 Lightning II. And better than a
Eurofighter (4.5th generation)

Автор drfizzi ( назад)
ur a retard sweetwool. and so are you 25 jozo. the the SU-34 is a BOMBER
sweetwool and it was made in the early 80s. and the SU-37 the one with
thrust vectoring is not even in production. the F-22 has thrust vectoring,
stealth and we can afford to make them.

Автор soldier7799 ( назад)
why this stupid music?!clip is good

Автор theliner ( назад)
Thanks a lot :) ! -sorry for replying 2 months later-

Автор chimoy1 ( назад)

Автор theliner ( назад)
Thanks a lot. I put some work on this video.

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